Discovering your Giftedness


One of the first things someone may ask after they have been introduced to the teachings of Michael is "What is my Church Color" or What is my gift? The people that teach this tend to fondly refer to people as their gift's color. ie: Wow he/she is a Red or what ever color they may be. Discovering ones Gift can be very easy in some cases and some may be more challenging. This discovery page has been created for both.

You may ask. Q:Why would I want to find out my Gift? Possible A:To know your Gift is to know the deep essence of who you truly are.

One may ask. Can I be more than one Gift? Some feel they are more than one Gift, this is common and natural. We are so diversified that we can show up as having many Gifts. This is true, you do have many gifts, however in this description we are discovering what primary Color, Church, Tribe, Clan, Community, or Vibration you stand within. Michael described Seven. We see that you can swing to other Gifts, yet you have a place that you start and finish so to say.

I will use me in this part of the explanation. (Dave Savedra) I am as the Gift of Pergamum, or Yellow. I seek information to bring to people. I am very much an info junkie. I also can take charge, but that is not where I do best. I am able to fix things and create with my hands, I teach but more like a professor would. The main thing I do is think. I am always looking for new ways of doing things. I search my mind and what ever data to help bring my ideas into fruition. As I jokingly refer at times we are called Yellow because when we get it we are known to "yell OH"

Is one Gift bad or good? No, the Gifts are given that we may know and understand what we can create with. The Angels have only talked about what "is"� or what "is not"� they are really loving and bring your heart back to a space of peace and balance. That is where you truly stand.

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I hope you enjoy this journey of discovery and wonder, you are about to find the most sacred and holiest of humans on the planet. You! Click on the Videos to hear some of the songs we have found that speaks to each Gift. Please tell your friends and Pass this on!!

The Gift of the Red
~ Smyrna ~
People of the Red Vibration tend to be
Leaders, Pioneers, The boss.

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The Gift of the Orange
~ Ephesus ~
People of the Orange Vibration tend to be
Promoters, Comedians, Sales Oriented,
and very fun to be around

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The Gift of the Yellow
~ Pergamum ~
People of the Yellow Vibration tend to be
Philosophers, Thinkers, Researchers, and Invetors.

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The Gift of the Green ~ Sardis ~
People of the Green Vibration tend to be
Mechanics, Accountants, Fixers and Healers.

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The Gift of the Blue
~ Philadelphia ~
People of the Blue Vibration tend to be

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The Gift of the Purple
~ Thyatera ~
People of the Purple Vibration tend to be
Creative, Musicians, Artists.

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The Gift of the Violet
~ Laodicea ~
People of the Violet Vibration tend to be
Assistants, In Child Care, Nurses, or running the show.

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