Ephesus (Orange)

"To the church of Ephesus, God said teach divine love and grow in spirit, and they heard not."

The second church is that of Ephesus. This church is female in nature and is a mother to all. This church has been called the church of Mary. Like the mother of Jesus their gift is the uplifting of others. The men and women of this church are people of divine love. Their joy is giving of themselves for the happiness of others. They can see the divine light that shines in everyone and everything. They speak of it freely, wanting Gods children to play and find the joy of life. They will support others in their work and will defend the greatness of those they love.

There is a trap for them in their very nature that they must be watchful of. Their desire to lift everyone and every thing up to its true magnificence is the nectar of life for them. They may find themselves as a butterfly fluttering from one flower to the next being lost in the excitement of the flight. As an old bride to a new husband the fire of the moment burns with passion and the children are forgotten. They forget the gifts they are and look to what they do to make them worthy. This church thinks it has need to suffer and do penance if all does not go well. Their freedom rests in the gifts they are and only when they see this will they give to themselves. The gift to themselves opens their hearts to the divine love they hold.

Ephesus is the church of the advocator and is truly a defender of divine love. Through a motherly love it wants only the best for others. They are instructors of healthy living and experiencing the fullness of life. This church is emotional, generous, and forgiving. It embraces duality by being able to see both sides of anything. Their day of the week is Monday.

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