Smyrna (Red)

"To the church of Smyrna, God said to teach illumination of self through faith, and they heard not."

The first church, Smyrna, is female in nature and as female it is intuitive. They possess the gift of teaching others to see the truth in themselves. The faith they call forth in others opens the door to insight. They know things without being told and have faith in what they know. They lead others to a better place in life, from darkness to light, where they go others follow. They are always being enlightened with God's love for them and others. The trap that is for them is made by themselves. They will listen to the lies of others about them and believe it so. They will lose union with their gift and sleep though they are awake. In this sleep they are truly lost for they cannot lead and they will not follow. For them to awaken they must listen to what God is telling them and know the power they are.

Smyrna takes the role of leader or a pathfinder. The way they do this is through the gifts that they are and their attributes. The attributes of Smyrna are illumination, faith, intuition and the balance between love and wisdom. They are truly ministers of justice and keepers of the peace. They are physical in nature, and know the true meaning of oneness and faith given to them in all that they do. Theirs is a driving force of courage and heroism. Their color is red and like the color red they stand out in a crowd. The day for this church is Sunday.

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