Pergamum (Yellow)

To the church of Pergamum, God said to teach consciousness of natural knowing, and they heard not."

Pergamum is the third church. This church is male in nature and seeks truth and knowledge to give to his children. Like a father will find light to guide the way for his children in the darkness, this church is the one that makes the maps. Into uncharted territory he will explore the best paths lest his children should come to harm. Of all the churches this church will find the truth in the most cunning of lies. The sum of all wisdom is at their beck and call and that which is true they will find. The trap for those of this church is lack of faith in themselves. It is their desire to be certain of what they say is true and that will be their undoing. They become internal and lose the reason for their work and their gift is lost to them. They will give bits and pieces of the truth until not even they can put them together again to make sense. The way out of this trap is for them to give themselves the gift of natural knowing, connect to their own consciousness and reason. That is their gift that will set them free.

Pergamum is the church of the higher mind or the intellect. Of this church come philosophers, conscious thought, natural knowing and seekers of truth. They are holders of great knowledge and will reason out any sums. This church is mental in nature and in their thinking lays divine creativity. Their color is yellow. Their day is Tuesday.

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