Laodicea (Violet)

"To the church of Laodicea, God said to teach compassion and tolerance, and they heard not."

The last of the seven churches is Laodicea. This church is female in nature and as female it is a mother to all. People of this church have a natural sense of nurturing. This gift is given to both men and women as a path in life and in teachings. They are the ones that care for others as their children. They solve conflicts, being understanding of both sides with compassion never making one or the other wrong. Tolerance is the teaching they share easily and people listen to them and learn to live and work together. They are merciful to those that have wronged them and do not seek revenge. The tenderness in their hearts lights the world.

There is a trap that those of this church must look for in the work they do. So caring are these people that they will not teach out of the fear they might hurt another's feelings. When this happens they themselves think they are unworthy to give the gift they were given. They become silent and take no action one-way or the other. They become poor in spirit and forget they are wrapped in God's love. They cannot see the gift they have been given and find no riches in what they do. The way to free themselves of this is to give to themselves the gift that they have been given. When this is done they will be a light to the world.

Laodicea is known as the church of the Saints. Those of this church are the most compassionate, tolerant and tender of all the churches. They show mercy and unconditional love to all. They are truly bringers of light and are divine love givers. They are the joyful ones and in spirit they are confidant and faithful, and bring about completion. Their color is violet and their day of the week is Saturday.

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