Sardis (Green)

"To the church of Sardis, God said to teach awareness and reason, and they heard not."

Sardis is the fourth church. This church is also male in nature and those of this church are drawn to cure things. That which is bent they will make straight and that which is broken they will mend. They are truly the healers of the churches in the works they do. Their work consumes them and is nourishment for them. The trap that they fall into is they begin to feed on the gift they have. They become their task and are lost in the drunkenness of their authority, only to find themselves empty and alone. The path out of this trap is to give from nothing save for the love of God. The power they have comes from God alone and no other can fill it. This is the gift they have and must give to themselves.

Sardis is known as the church of the healers. Those of this church are of a willingness to give of themselves to others. They teach awareness and divine wisdom. They bring enlightenment and insight. Their knowledge is mystical and can heal both physical and mechanical. They are at peace in the spiritual sense and are in touch with their five senses and through this they bring the health of all around. Green is the color of their vibrations and their day is Wednesday.

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