The Gate of Grace
Angelic Vortex

Joe Crane was given the placement of the stones that open up an angelic gate way called the Gate of Grace. This Gateway looks much like the Merkaba due to it being made up of two pyramids. However, the Merkaba is made up of two three sided pyramids known as a star tetrahedron and the Gate of Grace is made up of two four sided pyramids called a star octahedron. Both are creations of sacred geometrical forms and the star octahedron being the more advanced of the two. Over the years I have tried to explain how it works. The old saying of 'a picture is worth a thousand words' works well in explaining this as well.

Placing the eight gemstones in the eight places as Michael gave them creates the Gate of Grace. When these gemstones are set the Gate will activate itself. The grace energy starts in the place of the blue stone in the east moving through the gate to the blue stone in the west, moving to the yellow stone and next to the orange stone followed by it moving to the purple then to red over to green and next to violet and then to the blue stone in the east. As the grace energy flows two pyramids will form, one pyramid will point up and the other will point down. They intersect each other with the point of one the pyramids in the ground. The two pyramids start to rotate in different directions and will start moving faster and faster. When this happens they will start to form a geodesic ball and when the ball smoothes out it caves in at the top and bottom to form a tube or a vortex through which flows the breath of God or grace energy.

Gate Stones

The Gate of Grace: Here you can get a set of the 8 stones used to open an angelic gateway within a sacred geometrical formation. It can be used to assist in ones' healing and for angelic communication. All the instructions for putting it together are included. We assemble four different sets, all the stones are the same except the in position of Sardis (green). You can choose from a Fluorite Emerald set or an Kyanite set. All the stones are hand picked and placed together as a set. Sizes may vary.

Small Gate Set

Fluorite Gate Set

Emerald Gate Set

Kyanite Gate Set

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