Standard Chakra Set

Standard Chakra Set

Description:Tuned to the vibrations of the chakras. The handles are color coded to make them easier to use in chakra alignments and acu-tuning. Each set comes with instructions on balancing the 12 chakras and a velvet pouch for their easy storage and carrying. $185.00

Tree of Life Tuning Forks

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Individual Sets: Archangel Set is composed of two sets. The first 7 forks are the Archangel set along with the 4 Archangel Forks. The 4 Archangel Forks can be purchased separately for $185.00. They are used for the 4 outer chakras in the place of using 2 forks from the Chakra Set, along with the specific qualities that they hold. Includes pouch for their easy storage and carrying.

Set of 4 Archangel Forks - $185.00View the enlarged image of the Angel Forks
Set of 7 Archangel Forks - $185.00View the enlarged image of the Archangel Forks

Sefirot Tuning Forks

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Description: The Sefirot tuning forks are a set of 11 forks that are used for attuning the angelic forks in the Archangel set. Each Sefirot has a frequency with a numerical value that equals three, six or nine the same as the Tree of Life set. Included are instructions for use and a velvet pouch for their easy storage and carrying. $385.00 Read More...

Psychic Forks

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Description:This awesome set includes the Psychic Fork Set. Includes the Kundalini, Third Eye, Total Knowing, P.S.I., and Change Matter forks. Designed to enhance your abilities in these areas. These brain waves range from 30 Hz to about 600 Hz where psychic events take place in the frontal lobes of the brain. The forks help to train your brain to open up to these frequencies. $315.00

Weighted Genesis Frequency

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Description:This fork is combined with the others to cause things to happen or to create things. It can be used alone or with the Gabriel fork to repair damaged portions of DNA. It can also be used alone or with the Shekinah fork to destroy cancer cells. It also will move bones and joints back into place when they are out of alignment. It will also repair and rebuild muscles and tissue.

These are just a few of the amazing things we are discovering about this frequency the possibilities are endless. $80.00

50hz Nerve Fork

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Description:A nerve fires at a frequency of 50 HZ carrying a message from the brain or to the brain. When some trauma to the body occurs, the nerve tells the brain something is out. The brain reacts to this process by correcting it. If the damage is too great for the brain to repair easily, it starts sending endorphins to ease the pain. If the damage is to the nerve, the frequency for information is hindered in the flow to the brain.

This tuning fork can be used to relive pain from pulled or strained muscles. It is also excellent fork for removing those knots that develop in the muscles. It will help in releasing the tightness of cramps so that the muscle will relax and the brain will send the endorphins to help with the pain. Place the end of the stem on the area where there is pain. You may also place the side of the stem in the same area. On the weighted end of the tuning fork pinch the two ends together and slide your fingers off quickly. Hitting the end of the fork on a hard rubber object is not needed to cause the maximum amount of vibration. $75.00

O3 Ozone Fork

View enlarged image of the O3 Ozone Fork

Description: O3 is the symbol for ozone, which means it has three molecules of oxygen. Many of us have experienced the smell in the air after a thunderstorm. This comes about because lightning striking will produce ozone, which is what gives everything that clean smell. Not only dose it make the air smell good; it also kills viruses and bacteria.

This is how ozone works: Ozone has three molecules of oxygen, which make it unstable as an element and in order for it to become stable by having only two molecules of oxygen it needs to throw one off. When there is a virus or bacteria present the extra oxygen molecule is attracted to it. When the molecule attaches to the virus or bacteria it explodes or dies.Ozone is being studied in the field of AIDS and cancer. The findings are when a someone is subjected to ozone the abnormal cells are prohibited from reproducing. When the cell can no longer able to reproduce, the person’s own immune system can attack the abnormal cell and destroy it. In Acupuncture, the practitioners are now injecting ozone in order to fight infections and cancer and AIDS.

The 03-zone fork runs a little over 78 Hz, which is a frequency well above the range to produce ozone in the body. This will enhance the production of ozone in the body at a local area. $105.00


Tree of Life Set

Khamael: This fork is the beginning of ‘force,’ holding that which is needed, and is the foundation of power of grace. Only will this vibration hold the regulation of order. Grace is as you call ‘raw energy’ without the order Khamael’s vibration holds. This is as the blood, which carries nourishment to the body. For all that comes from the food of grace must pass this way.”
Oil: Smyrna

Tzaphqiel: This fork is for building the fabric of the body.” The vibration aids in the body building new cells. Given the raw materials the body needs to heal there is a correlation with the emotional, mental and the physical effects in rebuilding cells. This fork works through the emotions allowing the mind to be at ease not interfering with the physical actions of rejuvenating old cells and building new ones.
Oil: Ephesus

Gabriel: His vibration can rejuvenate DNA or repair it, and is also good to slow down the aging process. The Gabriel’s oil made by one of the masters when mixed in with the vibration it will aid greatly to slow and repair the aging in your kind. Gabriel’s vibration with others will aid in the bearing of children.” “With two other vibrations, a woman that was without child may now conceive a child.” “This is so. Gabriel is the foundation on which the grace brings into being.” The other two angels are Michael and Haniel.
Oil: Pergamum &/or Gabriel’s oil

Raphael: This is the angel, which builds the temple that holds the seat of the soul. His vibration tunes the body that it may be in harmony with itself. In this, his vibration quickens healing of disease and wounds, easing pain. He gives the healing of bones of the body and other afflictions.”
Oil: Sardis.

Ratziel: bursts forth the power of grace to aid the immune system that the temple may be made whole. His vibration cools fevers brought on by sickness, or will raise it for the desired outcome to end the sickness.”
Oil: Philadelphia.

Haniel: sets in motion the vibrational harmony that gives the body the tenacity to overcome disease. His vibration goes to the source of disease that your kind may heal.”
Oil: Thyatira

Tzadqiel: brings the vibrational health to the four bodies of your kind. Her vibration is most powerful, for it is hers to leave one loose of thought should they receive more than is needed. So gentle and gratifying is her grace vibration none can stand in the way of her healing. Hers is the breaker of stress that plagues the body allowing disease to enter.”
Oil: Laodicea.

Metatron: is the sustenance of humankind being the link between God and us. It could be said Metatron is the mind of the tree. Metatron is the beginning of the Alpha of spiritual thought. This fork’s vibration brings about the will of God through the mouth of Metatron that we may hear in our minds. This vibration reconnects our minds with the spiritual essence of clarity. It is for this reason it helps with insanity, comas and diseases of the mind.
Chakra Balancing: also used for the Alpha Chakra.
Oil: Metatron for headaches.

Shekinah: is what has been called the vessel of creation. In the beginning there was the Shekinah and the Shekinah was with God and the Shekinah was God. As Metatron is the Alpha the Shekinah is the Omega that brings into manifestation the thought of God. Her power to heal runs more than just the world being healed but also humans and everything that lives. She is the expression of Gods love and light. It is the Shekinah that makes it possible for healing to take place by bringing the spirit to the physical.
Chakra Balancing: also used for the Omega Chakra.
Oil: Shekinah oil is for tumors and stress reduction

Sandalphon: is what you could call a direct line to the divine. He stands below the Shekinah on the earth and rises up to heaven. Sandalphon is the master of heavenly song and his vibration keeps in balance the will of God and the will of human kind. Sandalphon’s frequency lends a certainty that what you are asking for is heard.
Chakra Balancing: also used for the Terra Chakra.
Oil: Sandalphon

Michael: is the counter balance with all the angels, it is his vibration that makes it possible to work with more then 3 angels at one time. Michael is well known as a protector and the one to end suffering. In writings you will find Michael works with just about every other angel. His frequency holds the keys that unlock everything that may get in our way.
Angel Armor: Shoulders and arms
Chakra Balancing: also used for the Angelic Chakra.
Oil: Michael’s oil is for pain


The Sefirot Set

The Archangels gave the Tree of Life to us that we might know the secrets of the universe and return to our own divine origin. Each number of the frequencies, as they go from low to high, is in perfect alignment numerically. These are created on a sacred Solfeggio scale based on the frequency of the Genesis tuning fork. Granted there are 11 tuning forks in this set, however you have to remember there are only 10 spheres in the Sefirot. The 11th is hidden, which is the gate way to the invisible Tree behind the visible one. The hidden connects our Tree of Life to the angels Tree of life, as well as many other Trees of life, and of course to God. There are paths associated with each of the 10 spheres to help mankind solve the problems we all go through in life.

The Sefirot set is also used to tune each gland of the body to its specific frequency, as well as the Lymphatic system. These tuning forks are not a replacement for the other tuning forks used in AcuTuning or other processes. These are additional forks that enhance the frequencies of the entire body when used with the other forks in AcuTuning. They are the tuning forks that are necessary for the meridian points of animals. There is a key to which fork is to be used with which meridian point.

The following are instructions for the different frequencies of the Sefirot set.

KETER: This sphere is known as the CROWN being the Will of God or the Spirit of God. You should be cautioned that although each Sefirot is a path to God it is not the same as God.

  1. Angel – Metatron
  2. Color – White
  3. Attribute - True perception
  4. Gland – Pineal
  5. Oil - Metatron

CHOKHMAH: This sphere is known as WISDOM that comes from both the male and female in the way of inspiration or revelation through the metaphysical.

  1. Angel – Ratziel
  2. Color – Lt Blue
  3. Attribute – Conscious control
  4. Gland – Pituitary
  5. Oil – Christ Mind

BINAH: This sphere holds the UNDERSTANDING to comprehend the divine pattern, which is the mother or creation of faith. This vibration will get your mind right so to speak. This sphere is known as Understanding.

  1. Angel – Tzaphqiel
  2. Color – Green & Yellow
  3. Attribute – Insightful awareness
  4. Gland – Thyroid
  5. Oil – Song of Songs

CHESED: This sphere holds MERCY. Not in the way we think of mercy like forgiving someone or letting them off the hook. It is different in as much as it is more of human love and divine love taking action as kindness or for that matter charity with others.

  1. Angel – Tzadqiel
  2. Color – White & Silver
  3. Attribute – Gentleness
  4. Gland – parathyroid
  5. Oil – Song of Songs

GEVURAH: This sphere is known as JUDGMENT and yet it is meant as power and intelligence are in balance. Unrestrained power begets evil and this is why judgment is used to bring about Just use of power.

  1. Angel – Khamael
  2. Color – Red & Gold
  3. Attribute – Power
  4. Gland – Thymus
  5. Oil – Michael

TIFERET: This sphere is that of BEAUTY which connects the mental self with the spiritual self. It is the one sphere that truly is the heart and soul of the entire tree. It is the balance of the energy flow from the divine spirit down and the upward flow of human spiritual aspirations.

  1. Angel – Michael
  2. Color – Purple & Yellow
  3. Attribute – Wholeness
  4. Gland – Spleen
  5. Oil – Michael

NETZACH: This sphere is that of ETERNITY; being the expansiveness of compassion and love, which in turn illuminates transcendental powers of the minds eye.

  1. Angel – Haniel
  2. Color – Light Pink
  3. Attribute – Hidden intelligence
  4. Gland – Adrenals
  5. Oil – Holy of Holies

HOD: This sphere is known as GLORY, which holds majesty or reverberation. It is the perfect and absolute intelligence or consciousness.

  1. Angel – Raphael
  2. Color – Dark Pink
  3. Attribute - Splendor
  4. Gland - Pancreas
  5. Oil – Holy of Holies

YESOD: This sphere is known as the FOUNDATION; it is where the unconscious mind receives information from the spiritual and is the driving force of our human desire for expression.

  1. Angel – Gabriel
  2. Color – Black
  3. Attribute – Purified Intelligence
  4. Gland – Appendix
  5. Oil - Gabriel

MALKHUT: This sphere is known as the KINGDOM; which is the total manifestation of all matter. It also deals with the earth, as it is the center of our existence as well as the physical plane.

  1. Angel – Sandalphon
  2. Color – Gold
  3. Attribute – Manifestation
  4. Gland – Testes
  5. Oil – Sandalphon

DA’ATH: This is the sphere known as KNOWLEDGE; which is hidden in the Sefirot and not part of the visible Tree of Life. It is the gateway to the Tree of Life that is invisible. It is in this sphere, which holds the empty space where creation begins.

  1. Angel – None (Shekinah)
  2. Color – Silver or Clear
  3. Attribute – Voice of Shekinah
  4. Gland – Ovaries
  5. Oil - Shekinah

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