"Teaching The Masters"-
The Instruction Book God Forgot to Give You
By Dr. Joseph Crane, D.D. PhD

The following is an excerpt from the back cover (used here with permission by author):

"Something wonderful is about to happen and there is nothing you can do about it. This, which I have given, will make way for the new world to come. Carry this book with you. When you know not what to do it will guide you." - Archangel Michael

"Write that which I give you for they are the highest of teachings. Give them to those of your kind that they may grow in spirit. The words of my book will bind themselves to the soul of human kind if not the mind. Our kind offers yours wisdom that may make your selves a new and that of the world you live a paradise. As the Book of Knowledge was given to Enoch from Ratziel, I give you the Book of Wisdom that your kind may be wise in that which they know. These writings are as the charts for a ship at sea. Use them as they are given and they will navigate you through the most troubled of waters. I tell you truly your will to use these wisdoms are yours and yours alone." - Archangel Gabriel

"I have spent the last eight years working with the angelic realm receiving messages to raise our spiritual awareness. Over that time I have gathered the highest of all their spiritual teachings and included them in Teaching the Masters. These are basic principals each and every one of us can incorporate into daily life making it a richer and fuller experience. You are holding in your hands the instruction manual for living your life as a force of nature and a child of God. For whatever reason you didn't receive this with your birth certificate you have it now." - Dr. Joseph Crane D.D. PhD.

Teaching The Masters
Paperback, $14.95

The 50 Gates

The 50 Gates is the latest workbook created and written by Joseph Crane. It entails a 50-day process in which one can learn how to quiet the ego. There is a different Gate that is dealt with on an individual daily process, to assist one to see how they deal with every aspect of their lives. This process deals with the 7 lower Sefirot and the frequencies of these to assist having success in passing through these gates. Upon reaching the 50th gate, one should have a prophetic revelation if they have successfully passed through the other 49. This is not a psychological process but a philosophical process – meaning there is no right or wrong.

The 50 Gates Workbook
Soft Cover, $50.00 Plus Shipping

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