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Over the centuries essential oils have been used for various things from anointing in religious ceremonies, healing the body or for perfume. Living essential oils raise the vibrations of the body to bring the frequency of the body to a healing state.

Oil use in healing has been dated to over 5000 years ago. Egyptians were the utmost experts on the usage of oils for healing. Over 80 scrolls of information have been documented on the healing benefits Egyptians discovered.

The human body vibrates at or about 62-78 htz. When the vibration of the body drops to 59 htz cold symptoms show up, at 57 htz flu symptoms. At 55 htz yeast infection. At 42 htz cancer begins to show up, below that invasion of the body starts. Now with this information being what it is, it makes sense to raise our vibrations when illness or dis-ease shows up.

Angelic oils are blends of oils that have been made in a certain way. They have been made with the highest quality essential oils available. They are placed in their containers with a blessing. The oils are laid to rest for a certain amount of time in a sacred place, then awakened with a blessing. By using the sacred oils from the angels you can raise your vibration to a high frequency to allow for healing to take place.

Joseph Crane has received and shared information from the angels to make sacred healing and anointing oils used to raise our vibrations to promote healing. Along with the information of the Seven Gifts we are to the world, the angels have given us the oils of the seven churches. Along with the seven churches there are the hierarchy of the angelic realm. We have come to know these as the oils of I AM. Additionally, there are Helper Oils that have been given with several of the angelic messages and the Seven Keys, as a way to assist us in our healing and the contiunual raise in our vibration and consciousness.

7 Church Oils

7 Chruch Oil Set

Oil of Smyrna - $15.00

Description: the angel Khamael gave this oil that it may bring health to the physical to make you strong in what you do. It brings courage, determination, spiritual balance, wisdom and power to the heart. Oil vibration from 256 to 1792 mg hrtz.

Oil of Ephesus - $15.00

Description: given by the angel Tzaphqiel. This oil brings balance and grounds the emotions. When the emotions of this church are under control, great works they will do. Oil vibration from 288 to 2016 mg hrtz.

Oil of Pergamum - $15.00

Description: the angel Gabriel gave this oil to open the mind to greater spiritual concepts, and bring balance to the mental and the spiritual. Oil vibration from 320 to 2244 mg hrtz.

Oil of Sardis - $15.00

Description: the angel Raphael gave this oil to align the human heart together with the divine heart, bringing peace, compassion, and love, which are needed by a healer. Oil vibration from 341.3 to 2389.1 mg hrtz.

Oil of Philadelphia - $15.00

Description: the angel Ratziel gave the oil to clean the path to the divine mind and opens the lungs to teach only love. It calms the human mind that you may hear divine thought. Oil vibration from 384 to 6388 mg hrtz.

Oil of Thyatira - $15.00

Description: the angel Haniel gave this oil that it may ground the creative spirit and cleans the path to the mind's eye for divine knowledge, binding the human emotion with the spiritual emotion for creativity with love, bringing love to your work. Oil vibration from 426 to 2982 mg hrtz.

Oil of Laodicea - $15.00

Description: the angel Tzadqiel gave this oil because it smoothes the passion which burns in the heart and brings gentleness of spirit for forgiveness and mercy, binding the physical and the spiritual together. Oil vibration from 480 to 3360 mg hrtz.

Set of 7 Church Oils
all 5 ml
- $95.00

Description: the set of 7 church oils are each 5ml bottles. These can be used in conjuction with the days of the week to bring forward the gifts of each church, and also used for the 7 day annointing process.

Acu-Tuning Oil Set
8 oils, all 5 ml
- $165.00

Description: this set is for use with the Acu-Tuning modality and includes the 7 church oils plus the Michael oil, all in 5 ml.

Sacred I AM Oils

I AM Oils in 2ml

The Oil of Michael: was given to open the way for the seven church oils. This oil can be used alone or with any of the other oils. Its purpose is to clean the location on the body in preparation for the other oils to be used together in that space. It enhances the oils of the seven churches by bringing them into balance and making ready the place for receiving the other oils. It has also been used to decrease pain in muscles and relieves aches and pains. Oil vibration from 50 mg hrtz to an incomprehensible level of frequency.

2 ml - $35.00

5 ml - $85.00

The Oil of Metatron: The oil of Metatron is given to heal the mind. Meditron is known as the voice of God. This oil opens the ears to hear the love that God has for us all. It is used to relive mental tension and headaches. Oil vibrates from 704 to 4928 mg hrtz.

2 ml - $35.00

5 ml - $85.00

The Oil of Shekinah: The Shekinah is known as the rainbow angel or the female aspect of God. This oil is very feminine in nature and helps relieve tension. It is used in healing of the body, mind, and emotions leaving the soul a vessel to be filled again. The oil of the Shekina is to heal that of the physical. Can also be used with the Christ Oil to soothe the heart and emotions. Oil vibration from 726 to 5152 mg hrtz.

2 ml - $35.00

5 ml - $75.00

The Oil of Christ: The oil of Christ is used to heal that of the emotion. Used to open self to self-consciousness. When the heart is open the mind will follow and allow for new concepts of healing taking place. Can also be used with the Shekinah Oil to soothe the heart and emotions. Oil vibration from 682 to 4774 mg hrtz.

2 ml - $35.00

5 ml - $85.00

Sacred Annointing Oil Sets

Set of 4 I AM Oils
in 5 ml

7 Church Oils in 2 ml
with 4 I AM Oils
in 2 ml - $175.00

7 Church Oils in 5 ml
with 4 I AM Oils
in 2 ml - $222.00

Angelic Helper Oils

Holy of Holies Oil
5ml - $75.00

Description: this oil was given with the fifth (5th) Key. It was given as a meditation along with an annointing process to open ones' Holiest of Holies. It is also used in helping to open the heart to accept changes and challenges in everyday or healing issues. It raises your vibration allowing you to enter the holy place where you can commune with God. Avaiable in 5ml only.

Gabriel's Oil: This oil was given for a naming process. The angel Gabriel said “ I tell you truly, three times all of the hosts of heaven turn towards you. The first is when you are born all heads turn to you that they know you are about God’s work in the world. The second time is when you are given a name by your kind, that they may know you by that name. The third time is when you come home that they may rejoice in the returning glory of God that you are. My oil is for the naming of a child of God. By anointing yourself or someone else with this oil, the person being anointed gives consent for the heavenly host to intercede with their spiritual knowing.

2 ml - $30.00

Song of Songs Oil

Select size:

Description: This oil is used to raise your vibration and open a space for you to receive, assist's in increasing one's sixth sense, and creating something out of nothing. Solomon wrote the Song of Songs in which he speaks of the complete love between God and mankind. It tells of the profound joy that lives in the heart surpassing that, which is existence as children of God and brings us closer to all things that are and will be. The same holds true with the Song of Songs oil. There is a blending of 24 oils with gold and silver to bring about the correct vibration to align our frequencies with vibration of grace.

Bless your heart!

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