(8 inch Working Model Gate of Grace
Made by Brian and Dave Savedra)

In January of 2002 Michael appeared to Joe Crane and instructed him to make a working model of the gate of grace he had given him years before. It took Joe a few years to come up with the Working Model we have today. It is still being discovered what it can do. What Michael said it can do is to help bring Eden back to Earth by lowering the amount of violence in the area it is placed, also allowing for emotions to be calmed in a much faster rate. Our estimations of the range is about 50 to 100 miles. Now remember this is just an estimate. At the 2005 Eden Event Joe Crane unveiled the first of the Working Model Gate of Grace.(Picture Below)

(18 inch Working Model Gate
On Display at the 2005 Eden Event at Enota Ga.)

The first Working Model Gate of Grace was set on a back table in the north of the building. Not many if any of the masters in attendance noticed the Working Model Gate of Grace at that time yet Michael would talk to Joe about it in a visit after the event.

Angel Visit From July 05 2005

Michael: Our time is short yet I must speak of two things before it is ended. When you teach of prosperity and living abundantly there is that which you have forgotten to give. You have done this for you thought you were joking. You spoke of the seven habits of highly unsuccessful people in jest. It is the same as the traps a master will fall into. As one must know of a trap to avoid it, one must also know of a habit to change it. Should people find themselves acting in one or more of these ways, they will have the knowledge to act differently. This will be a very powerful tool.

Joe: Well, Michael I did think I was just being funny when I suggested it. However, I can see the wisdom in where you are coming from. I can teach that and it should be fun.

Michael: Lastly I would have you hear me in the working model for the gate. Did you not notice that once you set it in motion with the stones in place there was no violence or arguing? The entire event took on an excited peaceful state.

Joe: Now that you mention it I can see what you are saying.

Michael: Yet few, if any, of the masters saw this for the vibrations were low. The cause in the lack of frequency strength was caused by the damage done in transporting the gate to the event. The Ball in the center must be round without dents. The ball must be covered in gold and silver without interruption. The same holds true for the octahedron. Each pyramid must not have bare places that would interrupt the flow of the vibration. Repair that which needs to be and set it in motion where you live and see what takes place around you.

Joe: I know just how to do that. I will check with the sheriff�s department and find out about the crime rate and then see what happens after the gate runs for a month or so. Thanks for the tip. Is that all?

Michael: You will need to rest and get out of the sun and heat. You are about more important things for now.

Brian and I noticed it and decided to make one upon our return home. It took a while to get the parts needed and to figure out how they went together yet after a few months of persistence and instruction from Joe Crane we came up with this 8 inch version of the Working Model Gate of Grace(Pictured Very Top of Page). The size of the Working Model does not need to be large at all, in fact it can be much smaller than the one we have made at 8 inches. It is our desire to make it available for those that would like to create "Peace on Earth in our lifetime!" Anyone can use a Working Model Gate of Grace and there is no special permission needed to create one, just the desire and a bit of ingenuity.

There is no need to sit inside of the Working Model Gate of Grace as it flicks Grace off of it as the ball in the center spins. The spin of the ball is not as fast as one would think we used a disco ball motor for the turning of the center ball in the 8 inch size and Joe used the same motor in the massive Laminar vision of the Working Model Gate he brought to the 2006 Eden Event this year.(Below)

(8 foot Working Model Gate
made by Joe Crane with Gold and Silver Laminar Crystal.
On display at the 2006 Eden Event in Eastes Park Co.)

The Working Model Gate of Grace looks very similar to the Merkaba yet it is not the same. The Merkaba is two three sided pyramids submerged into each other and the Working Model Gate of Grace creates two four sided pyramids that collapse into a ball. The ball in the center of the pyramids represent this. The mathematics are very different between three and four sides.

The feeling one gets when standing near a Working Model Gate is calming and soothing. It really amplifies the opening of a space for healing and angelic communication. The neat thing about the Working Model Gate is everyone around it receives its grace unconditionally and without hesitation. Everything the angels have brought to Joe to share with all of us is to bring Eden back to Earth in a soft gentle yet effective way. I will post more as we discover new things about the Working Model Gate of Grace.

Brian & Dave with the Working Model Gate of Grace in our healing room.

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