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March 7, 2001 The Holy of Holies the 5th Key


I had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and then went out to check my e-mail and have a smoke. As I sat down at my computer, I noticed the time was 4:44 am.


They are come. were the words I heard Michael say. His voice seemed to come from everywhere.


I knew it. I just knew it. The time was right for a visit, and sure enough, here it is," I said to myself. I heard the back door open, and glanced to see if Michael was going to enter that way. I thought to myself, "This was more of an invitation than a way for him to come in." Because he always just comes in. So the opening door must be for me to come out. I got out of my chair and went out to the back yard where I guessed he wanted me to go. I could see him standing in the Gate waiting for me.


Hey, Michael. What do you mean 'They have come'? There aint nobody there but you. Unless, of course, this is going to be one of those nights when everybody shows up."


Come and stand at my side.


I walked into the Gate and took my place next to him.


You have been foretold of this coming. Open your heart to receive that which is to come.


He raised his hand and pointed to the center of the Gate. I looked and saw the stones start to glow. Each stone took on the color of light according to the color the stones were. One by one the stones grew into large balls of light and became filled with the presence of an angel. I glanced around quickly to see the seven other angels, and they were all there as I remembered them: the Arab, African, Asian, Islander, Indian/Pakistani, the one that looked Irish, and the Native American. I remember thinking; "This is going to be something big." Little did I know how big it was going to be.


I saw the tall angel, Sandalphon; rise up out of the light in the center of the gate that was made by all the other angels giving off light. I turned to Michael and asked if that wasn't the place of the Shekinah.




I knew with this word that she would be there when I looked back to the center of the Gate. Sure enough, she was starting to form before my eyes. It seemed odd to me that she and the one I knew as Sandalphon were taking up the same space. He was much taller then she and her head hit him about mid-thigh. Just as I finished that thought, the other angels started to move in to form the body of her again. The light became stronger again, and I looked down and away from them. I saw the ground take on a silver sheen as if it as if it were turning to silver.


Look not before you are called.


I understood what Michael was saying to me as I felt his energy move away from me. I only imagined that he to was joining the others to make the body of the Shekinah. I remembered the last time this had happened. How the ground and everything around turned to what looked like gold. There was something else I was seeing that struck me as strange. It was in the golden light reflecting off everything. There also seemed to be a blue-white light bouncing off the ground. I could feel some kind of energy flowing over and through me. I felt safe and peaceful, with all this, and even loved very much at the same time. I must say I was a little worried about what was going on because I have never had so many angels together all at once.


Joseph, the voice called out.


I hadn't been called that since the Shekinah first appeared. It wasn't like I was being called that by a mother ready to scold her child, but more in a respectful manner. I turned my face slowly to where the voice came from, peeking a little more at a time. I didn't know what I would see, this time, so I didn't want to get it all at once. I began to see the shimmering from the light-body made up by so many angels and from the body of the Shekinah with this tall angel hovering over her and still being a part of her. The light was just amazing. The Shekinah was throwing off slivers of gold light while the one called Sandalphon was doing the same with this blue white light. The other angels that made up her body were all giving off light too. Somehow, each with its own color of light seemed to fit into this grand light show.


I give you now the fifth key: "As a child of God I have the right to commune with God as the temple of the I AM."


I have no idea what you are saying to me.




These words sent a chill up my spine. I remembered the vision I was given in the decoding of Revelation. I didn't know if this was just a show or vision, or if I was actually there. When she said, "Come," I knew I was about to go someplace, and wasn't sure I wanted to.


Fear not.


Oh shit. Now I am in for it because no angel said this to me before, I thought to myself. I just stood there to see what would happen next. I watched as Shekinah lifted her arms in what I can only describe as wings of light spreading out and upwards. Her head tilted back and she looked up as if to see the face of Sandalphon. My eyes followed hers in this upward glance, and as her eyes looked upon the Sandalphon, my world, as I knew it was rocked. He started to grow taller and taller. As he did, I could see the light he was spreading out and up lighting up everything. I could no longer feel the ground under my feet but it could have just been me because I couldn't feel anything at all. It was almost like floating in water but not quite. The whole thing was too strange to describe. This is one of the times when you had to be there to know what I am talking about.


I was in this wonderful light wondering if this is what it is like to ascend in a human body. I do remember feeling so good that I would like to have stayed there. This is when the light became everything around me. Everything looked white at first, but then began to give off golden emanations, kind of like in the picture I painted of Michael. Not too far in front of me, I could see something starting to become clear. It was like a fog lifting or getting clearer. As the light thinned out, so to speak, I saw what looked like a tent. From inside this tent there was another light that seamed to overpower the gold light. There was a figure in the tent moving toward me but staying the same distance at the same time. As I watched the figure move, I had a feeling I had seen whoever it was someplace before. I knew I had when I heard the figure speak.


You have been given the fifth key that you will deliver to your kind. Yet there is much to know.


Whoever it was paused as if to invite me to ask a question. I didn't want to look stupid but I knew I was way over my head with this new visit. I figured the best thing to do was to tell the truth as to where I was with this. For all I knew, this was Jesus or God -- for that matter -- that I was talking to. What went through my mind was the thought that I better not screw it up. Before I could say anything the figure spoke again.


You do not see that which is before you. This is rightfully so. Let us give you the meaning of what has been and will come. You were given the baptism of wine to wash away the separation, that you may become one with us.


You were given the gathering to open the Well of Souls that you may bathe in divine love, giving and receiving forgiveness of yourselves and others.


You were given principals of a master; and the keys to unlock them are at hand.


You were given the angels of the churches who are to protect and guide you.


You were given the Gate of Grace and sacred oils and sound, that you may heal your kind.


You are given the sacred herbs that you may use, purifying the body of your kind.


You are given now the way to the Holy of Holies.


I knew something of what was just said. This thing about the Holy of Holies was the place where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. As the thought ran through my mind, his words came again.


You do not know the meaning of that which I speak. To you and your kind, it is little more then a place for a lost icon. Lost it is. Yet it is not that which you think. It was written as [if it were] an object, yet I tell you truly it is not a thing. This of which I speak is a place that your kind holds.


Again he paused waiting for me to speak. I did so, very respectfully, hoping I wasn't out of place in doing so. I know that the Holy of Holies was in the temple. The temple was built in four parts. There was the outer, the inner, innermost, and then came the Holy of Holies. That was a room where the Ark was kept. I knew only the high priest was allowed in there. I don't know what he did, other talk and get guidance from God.


See now in your knowing that which I give you.


I saw in my mind pictures that were more than pictures or words, but all at once. I saw the four parts of the temple, as the outer was the physical body, the inner was the emotions, the innermost was the mind and the Holy of Holies was peace, complete peace. The next thing I saw was like drapes made of silk. These were woven with three colors of red, blue and purple, but didn't really make any design. I got the impression they were an illusion of the physical holding the spiritual-emotional and spiritual-mental. But then again, it was the other way around. It seemed that they were in conflict with one another in such a way that they barred the entrance to the room. I felt a breeze blowing gently holding a fragrance of some kind, and saw the silken fabrics open. Inside I saw two angels standing on ether side of a golden chair. Their wings were spread upwards and opened as they faced each other. There was a light coming down through the wings and shining on the seat. I don't know how, but I was standing in the room watching what was happening. The fragrance was very strong now, and I was getting a little light-headed from it. I was getting a buzz from it that was not like I was loosing it, but more like a euphoric feeling. I started to hear a sound that sounded like when the sevens all sang their notes at the same time. I was almost about to have all my questions answered when he spoke again.


The angels are the angels of the churches, each of their kind. They hold the light of us. The seat you see is that of the soul.


The Seat of the Soul, I said.


Yes. In days long past, it was called the Mercy Seat, yet it is the Seat of the Soul. It is this seat to which God speaks.


Wow. How does one get to sit there?


One, as you say, must build the Holy of Holies and the seat for the soul.


Really started to feel like I didn't know anything at all at this time.


With all your kind was given, you have been making a foundation for the temple to sit. The vibration of your kind has opened the veils. Yet you have not built the Holy of Holies nor the seat for the soul.


Are you going to tell me how to do it?


There is a Maker to be born to you. This child is like you: neither a Christ nor a prophet. A teacher and a builder true, and a servant this child will be.


You are talking about the baby aren't you? However you didn't call it by him or her.


I did not.


Will you tell me which it is, because the doctors say it is a girl and psychics say it is a boy?


The child has not chosen which to be.


So. When does this happen?


When the soul is ready.


Just a minute there. You mean the soul isn't in the growing baby yet.


The soul is not fixed until the child takes the first breath of life.


I heard that someplace before but don't remember where. You mean to tell me this child is going to be a builder of a temple and the Seat of the Soul?


Yes, this is so.


So then we got about twenty years before the child is old enough to build anything?


You think in terms of stone and mortar, which has plagued your kind. I speak of vibrations that the soul may sit at. This will be done with oils that I give you.


Well, the kid is still two months off, and after that it will be years before he/she can do anything with the oils.


There is a seven, as you call them that will make the oil for the child. The seven is of the church of Philadelphia -- the teacher. These oils are to be used in the making of the Holy of Holies, and the Seat of the Soul. The oil of palm with the oil of the castor and frankincense, myrrh, hyssop and ravensara will be used in the measurements of the temple and the ark. You will add to this the oil from the bark of cinnamon -- as the tree that is not dead, the water of silver -- as the word of God, and the water of gold and honey as the abundance given to your kind. All that I have given will be mixed with the oil of the hemp to bind them as one with you.


So how do we use the oil?


The oil of the Holy of Holies is to be placed in the palm of the right hand. This oil will be placed here.


His right hand went to the place on his chest to the left where we think the heart is. Then he placed his left hand over his right hand.


Your kind will say, "I am here. There is no God but God, and I am God's child. Speak for your child hears your council.


With this he opened his arms wide with his palms facing up as to receive. I saw what looked like a golden light come in from all directions and there was a flame of some kind burning on a small throne in his chest, with two angels standing on each side with their wings rising up. This was the Seat of the Soul I saw, and it was giving off as much light as it was taking in.


It looked as if the light that was coming in was rolling out and coming back again. All of this that was taking place in his chest was the size of a softball. What's going on here? I was under the impression that that was the place where God sits and dispenses mercy. I had no idea it was within all of us.


That which is called the Mercy Seat is in all living things with a soul. Your kind has made it to be outside of you. You have come to think only God sits there, yet I tell you truly, it is the place that God and you sit. It was said the blood of the innocent was shed and God shows mercy for the death of Jesus. That which you call mercy is the compassion for all of God's children that have died. Your kind has and will shed your blood in the living and dying that is of being human. I say to you: In the times to come, this to shall pass. All that would enter the Holy of Holies and become one will not taste the death of the body.


I have some questions.


It is time for you to go. Michael will tell you that which you would know.


Before I could say another thing, in the blink of an eye I was standing in the darkness of the back yard with Michael. His light was all the light that was left. Well, Michael this has been an eye-opener. I will give the oil to Gary but I don't know how he will take it. He has so much to do that I don't think he will have time to make another oil and sell it. Which brings up another point. How much is this to be sold for?


This oil is not to be made by Gary. The Holy of Holies Oil is to be made by the one you call Jewls. This one will stand for the child as a Maker. She will only make the oil of the Holy of Holies.


Why are you telling me this? What do you mean she is only to make the Holy of Holies Oil? What does this have to do with making oils?


The child is called the Maker, for this child may make all the oils. When the child is old enough, you will teach the making of the oils. Those that make them now will move to other things not wanting to make them.


I take it, this means me, too?


You will have less time for such things in the years to come. You will teach healing, as will some other makers of the oils.


You will receive in your dollars that which is the distance from the blue stone to the blue stone, or the violet stone to the green stone.


That is 21 feet. So that will be $21 for a 2ml bottle of the Holy of Holies Oil.


No. That which the oils of the churches are held in is the amount you will receive 21 for.


Oh, you mean 5ml? Funny I would have thought it would be more for this oil.


You would have. Yet I tell you it is not. This is far for the cost and your labor. It is just, for the oil must be used in the Gate. You have done other than I have said to you before, and it has given you and others less then was due.


I get it, but what about the ones that have gathered. Will they also have to use the Gate, because they have become the Gate?


That the ego does not become too big for those that are the Gate, they will use the Gate also. This is, as you say, to keep you humble and to know you have not arrived. It would be wise to use the Masters Oil three days before using the Holy of Holies oil to prepare you.


Good point


I give you one more thing you, who would use the Holy of Holies, must do. Did you not see the angels that stand on the sides of the Seat?


Yes I did. What about them?


Your kind will call in the angels of your church with the placing of the oils of the two churches.


This, for me, would be the oil of church of Smyrna and oil of Laodicea?


This is so. The oils will be placed on each side of the throne. The church of Ephesus will use her oil and my oil.


I was going to ask you about that. I do have a question. What if you use the oil and are not ready for it? You are not going to go up in a ball of fire or anything like that are you?


It is true, this oil is the most powerful of all, yet it is the same emotional love as the Christ Oil. Should you be not open to receive it, this oil will do as the Christ Oil. There is no harm in it. There is only love. You will give her [Jewls] the blessing for the oils. This that I give you now, is not for others to know.


He told me the blessing and how and where it was to rest.


The time has come for you to rest. I will speak to you again soon. Tell Steve 'I know.' Be at peace and teach only love.


Note: Steve had asked Joe if he would tell Michael he loved him.

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