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Greetings Masters,


WOW! Awesome Eden Event! My thanks and love go out to Joe and Robbie and the rest of the team for all their hard work in putting this event together for us and the world! I am still processing some of the energy that feels very different than before. I look forward to watching the shift happen around us.


For me, one of my favorite parts is always the music. It moves my soul!!! I believe it did the same for many as I watched the laughter, dance and singing together bring in the opening of our hearts and the start of the path to oneness. When our hearts are open than we are able to receive the messages on a much deeper level. A special thanks to one of my favorite Masters, Barry Goldstein, for his beautiful music and all the musical talent he brought together to join us this year in this blessed event. Good job!


We have many new Masters that may not have heard about Grammy Award Winning Producer/Singer/Sound Healer, Barry Goldstein before this Eden Event so I am inviting you to check out the website to learn more about the work that we do.


Recently I connected with a Producer from The Dr. Pat Radio Show and I am very excited about their work and many different directions that they share positive messages with the world.


Dr. Pat will be interviewing Barry Goldstein on Tuesday, July 1st at 11:30 AM Pacific, 12:30 PM Mountain, 1:30PM Central and 2:30 PM Eastern


Listen on the Radio in some areas: KKNW  1150 AM or through the Internet


KKNW AM 1150 Seattle #1 Alternative Talk.


Topic: Musical Medicine Man


Barry will also be doing another interview with Dr. Pat on Thursday, July 31st on

Voice America Network at 8:00 AM Pacific, 9:00 AM Mountain, 10:00 AM Central and 11:00 AM Eastern. I will send out a reminder as time gets closer for this one.


You will be able to listen to both of the shows in the Archives, as well. It can take up to 10 day for them to edit and upload. Keep trying if nothing plays when you go to listen.




Love and Angel Blessings,


Sharon Kelley,(Violet in Colorado)                                        


Barry Goldstein Music                         


Event Coordinator


skelleya14@... 444

970-223-1369 or Cell: 970-581-9734

Ambiology Series By Barry Goldstein

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Description: These cd's contain one hour of continuous ambient music on each cd, for hours of deep relaxing compositions by award winning writer and producer Barry "OH!" Goldstein. A musical journey to deep relaxation is the perfect cd set for meditatiion, relaxation, and easy listening. Also great for professinal massage therapists, reiki practitioners, energy workers and hypnotherapists.

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