WHAT IS A GATHERING? A gathering is a powerful, empowering, uplifting, spiritual, quantum event that can only take place with a servant and seven masters - one of each church. Each master has the opportunity to experience their giftedness as a child of God and the giftedness of others. They come together to stand in a sacred geometrical pattern that is called at the gathering "THE WELL OF SOULS". Also the opportunity is given to realign their spiritual DNA with the essence of God and reconnect their spiritual DNA with their physical DNA. Also the servant teaches the masters present to teach. Michael instructed Joe prior to the first gathering "to find seven masters and teach them to teach." This event is over a 2 or 3-day period.

WHY WOULD I WANT TO GET GATHERED? A gathering is a personal spiritual experience for your own spiritual growth in creating a personal relationship with God. You become aware of the fact that indeed you are a child of God, created in God's own image and likeness, perfect, whole and complete. Once you are gathered you are never the same again. Your consciousness is raised and you become aware of your gifts and your traps and those of the people around you. Michael said to Joe that "something wonderful is about to happen and there is nothing you can do about it." Michael means that WE as a group are about bringing heaven or Eden back to the Earth. When we reach 144,000 gathered masters we cause a shift to have this be. Over the years, Michael has hinted what this Eden will look like. The Earth will be pristine. Only peace, love and joy will be felt for human kind and all of life. There will be no such thing as disease or illness. We will be 'one' with the angelic realm.

WHAT IS THE WELL OF SOULS? Each master of the different churches stand in a sacred geometric pattern, which is called The Well of Souls. The Well of Souls is a space for giving and receiving. The reason that it is called this is that everyone has an opportunity to give up old ideas and beliefs that no longer serve them. In return they receive whatever they need at the time on a spiritual level to redefine their life. Each master of the different churches stands in a sacred geometric pattern to form this Well. The following is an excerpt from a dialogue between Archangel Michael and Joe Crane:

Joe: So tell me, why is it called the Well of Souls? It sounds like something deep and dark that you fall into.
Michael: Is a well scary to those that thirst? Does it not hold the water of life in it? Does it not refresh the body to drink of it?
Joe: First thing that comes to mind with me is the 'well' part. There is a structure made around the source of water to draw from. That would be the seven masters of each church forming the pattern you gave me for that. Once the masters are set in place, each may drink from the well and receive what they thirst for. Once they have been filled, they in turn go out and build another well for others.
Michael: You say it as it is. The Gate is needed to bring about the Gathering of Masters quicker. That which was lost must be returned so that humankind will know the love of God.

WHAT IS SPIRITUAL DNA? As your parents gave to you your physical makeup through DNA, God gave you your spiritual DNA. It is what makes you in God's image and likeness.

WHAT IS THE GATE OF GRACE? The Gate of Grace is a sacred geometrical formation created with gemstones. The Gate of Grace is a benevolent tool given to us by the angelic realm. Holographically, it looks like two, four-sided pyramids intersecting. One points up, the other points down. As they spin in opposite directions, the pyramids intersect with each other and begin to create a geodesic ball within. As the facets smooth out, it forms a Ball of Grace in the center. The ball of grace then folds in and up in the middle creating a tube torus; through which the breath of God flows. This tool was given for angelic communication and/or healing. It is a clean space, not much different than an operating room. It is an excellent space for meditating or healing sessions. Nothing negative can be in this space nor can it be used for anything negative. If someone does it will shut down immediately and then start up again. There is no prayer or anything special to be done to have this gate start up. Just place the eight stones in their proper places. Everyone has different experiences working with this angelic tool. Most people just feel at peace, knowing they are in a sacred space. Some are clairsentient (feel); some are clairaudient (hear). Michael told Joe in 1998: It is time for you to have set God's Gate throughout the land. This will make way for the sevens. You were given a way of setting stones that a Gate of Grace may be opened for healing and understanding. Michael told Joe, God's Gate, which you call the stone matrix, is to be set across the land. As you set up more Gates, there will be a shift on a greater scale with the whole field. As more and more are set up, they will somehow link together energetically to create some unified field between them that will allow something wonderful to happen. It also opens the way for more sevens to come together, more like finding people to be in the gatherings. When the seven churches come together for a Gathering, they are then referred to as the Well of Souls instead of the Gate of Grace.

WHAT ARE THE CHURCHES? The churches are seven different types of people who have different gifts and traps. It takes these seven different types of people to create a working society. You can read, "Teaching the Masters" for more information. We call them churches, but they can also be called archetypes, clans, or tribes. They are ways of being or giftedness.

WHO ARE "SEVENS"? The "sevens" is another term referred to people who have attended a gathering. Let's look at the number seven now: Seven is a number of perfection. Some call it a God number. When you think about it, there are seven days in a week, seven rays in the rainbow, seven basic chakras, although now we know there are more: seven notes on the musical scale, seven churches spoken of in Revelations in the bible, seven virtues, seven seas, seven wonders of the world and on and on an on. There are also seven basic archetypes of people, as well. It would stand to reason then that each of those seven groups, types, personalities would all differ from another group, no good or bad about it. We all know there are the leaders in society and the thinkers; the party people, the teachers; all are different personality types.

WHO ARE "MASTERS"? We are all masters. All children of God are Masters.

WHAT IS A SERVANT? A servant is a person who has attended a gathering and is in service now to teach seven new persons to teach at the gathering process.

WHO IS A GATHERED MASTER? A gathered master is a person who has attended a gathering.

WHAT IS 'REBOOTING' DNA MEAN? Joe Crane said this as a way of explaining what takes place with people on a spiritual level during a gathering. When we come into this world, everything about us is perfect, whole and complete including our minds and thoughts. Joe stated that a baby is so pure of thought that they cannot possibly have any negativity because society or any peer groups have not programmed them yet. They haven't been taught anything. Look at any baby and all you see is pure love in their eyes. It is similar to a brand new computer with no files or programs added yet - except love. There is nothing in their document files or folders yet. As that child grows and enters school and is around friends, society, teachers, religious institutions, etc. he or she "learns" what that society deems right and wrong. In other words he is like that computer and the teachings being given to him are like the programs being installed into his clean hard drive. You all have computers and know what happens when the computer starts acting up. Such as when folders will not open or other programs freeze or lock up the system. There could be an overload in the system causing it to not act, as it should. The one way to get it back to normal is to re-boot the computer. Meaning to turn it off and then back on again. That process puts things back into working order and whatever was causing the computer to act up puts things in working order so that all the programs begin to work properly again. So when you are at a gathering and you have your spiritual DNA realigned with God's essence and your spiritual DNA reconnected to your physical DNA, it is like turning off your computer and turning it back on again. Hence REBOOTING. It is during this time that either the things that are not working in your life become bigger than life or you get that you are a child of God created in God's own image and likeness and you make the necessary changes within your life to have it work and to complete what you came here to do during this lifetime.

WHAT IS THE BAPTISM? The baptism was given to Joe Crane from Michael. The following is what Michael said to Joe at the very first visit. Read it then we will break it down. "This you must do or you will not be called again. Teach this which Lord God has charged me to give you, for it is the last baptism of God's children. Have those you teach, in turn teach others, for they are well meaning in their houses of God. You are not a Christ or even a prophet, but a servant of God (who will put words in your mouth) and God's children will hear and understand." "Take a jug of wine before sunrise and pour it into a bowl. Set this bowl in the sun's path so the light will warm it. Fast, and be still until the sun is at its highest place in the sky. At this time, go to where the bowl has been laid on the ground and remove your shoes, for you stand on holy ground. Sit and wash your feet, from your toes to your knees, so that you may stand and walk the earth. Wash your hands from the tips of your fingers to the elbow so you may do God's work. When this is done, kneel and say, 'My loving Father, your child has come home to your counsel. Guide me in all things that I must do.' Then take up the bowl of wine and pour it on the ground. As your Mother Earth drinks the unclean with you, all that is unclean with you, his brothers and sisters, is absolved, just as the blood of God's son was said to do. Go now, be at peace and take care of that which I have given you. Teach only love. After you do this we will speak again."

What this all means is that all of us are "well meaning in our houses of God" doing as good a job as we can. This being the last baptism is just stating that we do not need to go to another to be blessed, baptized, or absolved from anything. The time of that is over. And we can develop our own relationship with God without another speaking to us about God. WE are children of God and capable of receiving directly from God all that we desire or require. During this process you are communing with God your desire for a personal relationship with God. The wine used can be either red or white, with alcohol or not, and of no special brand.

WHAT DOES "THE WORK" MEAN? The work of those who are gathered consists of the information that the angelic realm has shared with us at this time. It means to take what you learn and apply it to your life. Live by the Book of Bricks, the Principles of a Master, the Seven Keys to the Kingdom of God, and seeing Revelation (as given to Joe) for what it really is - as your own spiritual path. When we "work" on ourselves we change the world one person at a time. Let us look at the word work for a moment. The original Semitic word avŰd, which is translated as worship, meant simply "work". Those of ancient times did not go to the temples to "worship" God; they went to work for God.

DO I HAVE TO BE A HEALER OR DO HEALING WORK TO GET GATHERED? No, you do not. Although there is a short amount of the healing tools and information taught at a gathering, this is not the main focus of the gathering. The information shared can be used by anyone for their own healing and not just for those who do healing work.

IS THERE A COST TO ATTENDING A GATHERING? No, there is not. The seven masters that come together for this weekend split the cost of the food, food supplies, and any bathroom supplies needed for the gathering. The travel and lodging for these seven, as well, is their own responsibility. The servant receives no payment for this event. The servant of the gathering is responsible for all supplies needed to have the weekend happen. Also, any gathered master assistants helping during the weekend would receive no payment or donations for assisting.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE GATHERING IS OVER? While some take the information they learned and simply go back about their lives changed forever, others desire to continue to find out more and want to do all they can to assist with this wonderful happening. One way to give back to what you receive is to hold your own gathering and share with others what you learned. There is a gathering script for you to follow which is very simple and there are always a number of people that will volunteer to assist with the gathering. There are many ways you can stay in touch with this ever-growing group of like-minded people. We have e-groups, online discussions, countrywide events and classes, and main events where people from all over the country come together to celebrate and take what the angels have given us to the next level. Many of those gathered have found life-long and valued friendships from these events with others all over the country.

HOW DO I GET GATHERED? Either a servant has found you or you find one that is having a gathering. The servant MUST have attended a gathering and been taught what Michael said to teach during a gathering. If you have any questions about this process, a gathering,or finding a servant contact Angelic Gate Email Dave & Brian

Bless your heart!!!

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