"Take a jug of wine before sunrise and pour it into a bowl. Set this bowl in the sun's path so the light will warm it. Fast, and be still until the sun is at its highest place in the sky. At this time, go to where the bowl has been laid on the ground and remove your shoes, for you stand on holy ground. Sit and wash your feet, from your toes to your knees, so that you may stand and walk the earth. Wash your hands from the tips of your fingers to the elbow so you may do God's work. When this is done, kneel and say 'My loving Father, your child has come home to your counsel. Guide me in all things that I must do.' Then take up the bowl of wine and pour it on the ground. As your Mother Earth drinks the unclean liquid, all that is unclean with you, his brothers and sisters, is absolved, just as the blood of God's son was said to do. Go now, be at peace and take care of that which I have given you. Teach only love. "

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