February 13, 2019 Angelic Visit PDF version
I got back from Tucson Arizona a few days ago after going out to see my rock guy and pick up some Metatron flames. It was a worthwhile trip because I got a lot of different Metatron flames. Once I got home, I unpacked them all so I could have a good look at them and set them out on the dining room table and they’ve been sitting there ever since. I must say it was a long drive from San Antonio.

I left on Wednesday and drove all day and drove around till about 2:30 am in the morning before I could find a hotel room, so I was just beat. I got up in the morning around 8 o’clock and drove into Tucson. There’s a restaurant there that’s right around the corner from the hotel where I meet my rock guy. They have a great buffet breakfast and every time I go there I stop there and eat. When I was done with breakfast, I went and picked up the Metatron flames, packed them in the car and headed back home. I drove the rest of the day and part of the night till I got about halfway through Texas.

I got up in the morning at 8 o’clock and by 8:15 I was on the road again I walked in my front door at about 12:30 p.m. I collapsed on the couch and slept for about 2 and a half hours, I guess. I’m getting too old for this long distance driving without stopping. I spent Friday and the rest of the weekend taking care of the things I need to do around the house and tried to go to bed early on Monday evening.

Michael… Arise, oh you children of light, for I bring good tidings. Your race is almost run and the finish line awaits you in Colorado Springs. For years you have gathered to have raise the energy and vibrations and you are now ready to receive the prize. Throughout the race for some it was time for them to come home. Others became tired and decided to just sit and rest. Some even decided to quit the race because it was too hard and too long and the finish line seemed too far away. There were other masters who thought they were tired or exhausted but they just kept trudging along knowing the finish line would come up sooner or later. Then again there were some who were just excited that they were in the race.

Well now, Michael that’s a very good way of putting it and I can understand and see the comparison. As I look at event attendance over the years, I can relate to what you’re saying. As I see it now, it doesn’t matter where you have been participating in the race. The finish line is now right in front of you. Now all you have to do to get the prize is to cross this finish line this June in Colorado Springs.

Michael… This is so. I see you have the flames you sought. Come with me. 

I had finished getting dressing during this conversation and we left the bedroom. I followed him over to the dining room table where all the flames were sitting and he picked them up and placed them in a pocket he made with his robe. I told him to be careful not to break the points on any of them. He just turned his head and looked at me in a way that said, "Oh ye of little faith." I should’ve known Angels are not going to break anything they carry. He noticed there were 3 different flames sitting on the table that were not Metatron flames. They were really beautiful green stones and I thought they were kind of cool, so I bought them. Michael reached out his hand and one at a time, they floated up to the palm of this hand. I watched as the green stones rotated in his hand and he seemed to be inspecting each one.

Michael… I see you have the flame of perfect balance. They may be used to bring the balance of the vibrations between the Metatron flame and the Shekinah flame. It will balance the divine masculine and the divine feminine. All one needs to do is place the green flame between the two. When someone carries the flame it will bring balance to them and those around them. We will bring them with us.

"Good," I said as he headed for the office to where the Gate of Grace is. As we walked into the office, the room began to become totally white. As with all the other times we were in the office and this happened, I knew we were going to be taking a little trip. Once again I saw a line that ran from the floor up into wherever. Once that became clear I watched as it parted and in no time there was an opening. The opening was about 5 or 6 feet wide with the path that ran through it. Michael started down the path and without turning around, he motioned for me and I followed him. As we walked down the path, Michael started speaking without looking at me.

Michael… These Metatron flames are quite different then the other ones that you’ve gotten in the past. 

Really, how so? I know some have minerals in them and I got them even though they are not as clear as the ones in the past. Does that mean they are not as good as the clear ones. 

Michael… I said they were quite different and did not say there was anything that made them less than. They are just different and the same as the other Metatron flames except for one thing. When the energy flows into them and through them the minerals that are contained within, the flame holds the vibrations and energy longer than the clear ones do. They work just as well as the clear ones, the difference is that hold the energy longer.

"I like that," I said and we continued down the path. We got to where we were about 50 yards away from the Metatron tent. When Michael told me to place to the three green stones on the path we were standing on. I did as he told me and when I did, rather than seeing the Metatron tent surrounded in white, something else happened.

As I looked at the tent, it was as though a fog was clearing over the land. I saw there was no longer just a single tent standing alone in the middle of white that surrounded everything. As the white fog dissipated, I could see the Metatron tent was on a hill above a big Valley that seemed to go on forever.

I began to see objects beginning to come into focus that the fog had hidden from my eyes. When it was finally clear enough for me to make them out, I saw that they were tents. These tents were spread out all along the floor of the Valley and they seemed to go on forever. As the air became clearer, I could see movement down in the valley and around the tents. So I asked Michael, "Who are all of those people down there around the tents?"

Michael… Those are not people. They are angels that are preparing themselves for the task that lies before them. They are preparing themselves and their vibration that they may join with your kind when you gather in Colorado Springs. 

Well I remember at the other times we gathered in the formation, I could see hundreds or thousands or millions of angels surrounding us as we were in the grand formation. Did they do this each time at all of the other events, or did they have to prepare themselves there?

Michael… No, there was no need to do so. At the past events, whenever the angels were present, they were there to observe. This time they will be joining with your kind in the grand formation. Each master will have an angel stand with them in the grand formation. Their vibration will blend with the vibration of the Masters in order to control the frequency and the harmonics that will be created this year. Each master will be assigned an angel to stand with them according to the church or color. These angels will remain with each master throughout their lives to help and guide them. The masters will learn to communicate with them and in time see them as you do me. Remember, you will be taking the masters into the Da’ath and many may see and communicate with the angel that’s been assigned to them there.

Wow, now that would really be something. As soon as I said that, Michael went into the tent of Metatron. Even though it was like a bright sunny day in this valley, the light from Metatron’s tent outshone the light of day. It was as though the light from the tent was what was lighting everything up anyway. I looked over the valley and saw the angels start coming to the center of the valley. As they gathered in the center of the Valley in mass, they started to rise up in the air above the ground. More and more started to fly up but they were still pretty much together. The angels didn’t spread out as I thought they would. I didn’t understand why until I saw what was going on. The angels were coming together and beginning to form some kind of thing I couldn’t make out at first.

I continued to watch it looked like a giant being of some kind. I kept watching as this giant form took shape and it became clear to me what and who it was. At first I thought it was the form of Quan Yen but then I saw it was the Shekinah. She stood towering over the valley in all her splendor and I thought she looked at me and smiled but maybe it was just wishful thinking. She brought her hands out to her sides turning the hands palms up and began to raise them. Everything turned white again when Michael said.

Michael… Joe, it is time to go.

I turned around and headed back down the path. In no time we were back in the office. Michael walked over to the packing table in the office and placed the Metatron flames on it along with the three green flames. He went back to the center of the Gate and said.

Michael… Our time is done for now. Remember what you have seen for what has happened here tonight will lead you and your kind to do what needs to be done. Be at peace and teach only love.

I stood there and watched Michael once again fade and fold back into the light. I am going back to bed with hopes of getting some more sleep before I get up and start writing.

Bless your hearts,

April 10thVisit 2019

I was resting up from the Accutuning certification class that I did in Colorado Springs. I left Sunday morning about 7:30am and drove straight through arriving home at 10pm. I was in bed by 10:30pm and slept until 9 o-clock the next morning. I also spent the day taking naps because that drive took a lot out of me. Today was pretty much getting caught up on all the things that needed to be done while I was away. Colorado was nice but for me it was too cold. God I love the warmth of Texas. I spent the evening unpacking and getting ready for tomorrow. I watched a little news on TV and went to bed early.

I don’t know how long I was sleeping when I heard my name being called. With my eyes still closed I said “WHAT”. I was not nice with my reply but I just woke up.

Michael…Wake for we need to speak. Come to the Gate of Grace there are others waiting for us.

With that being said Michael left the bedroom. I rolled out of bed and put my blue jeans on and walked out the bedroom door. As I rounded the corner everything was very different this time. Half way through the kitchen leading to the office was surrounded in a white light that glowed off of the ceiling and the walls and the floor. The thing that was most amazing to me was as I looked through the kitchen down into the gate that hung from the ceiling in the office was something that never happened before. Each of the stones were glowing with the light that corresponded to the color of the stone. It was as though each of these lights was signifying something very sacred. Underneath each of the stones stood one of the seven angels associated with the gate. I just stopped in my tracks taking in the wonder of it all. Each of the angels that stood there was bathed in that light and each angel held a vessel in their hands. It was at this point that Michael did something strange. When Michael comes for a visit he’s the one that usually stands in the center of the gate. However this time he moved to the place of the servant. Once he reached the place of the servant he spoke to me.

Michael…Take your place in the center.

This seemed a little bit strange to me because I wasn’t sure where he was going with this. I did as Michael told me to and walked to the center of the gate. Once there I looked around at all of the angels that were standing underneath the glowing stones. As I stood in the center of the gate I could see Khamael start to move. She came towards me and put a drop of oil from the vessel and placed it on my head. As she placed the oil on my crown she said “ I anoint you with the oil of Smyrna to fill you with your giftedness.” 

Michael…As you have been anointed with the church oil of your gifts so will all that will stand with you in the Grand formation. You will choose seven masters to anoint the other masters according to the color of their church. When this is done they will sing the seven names of God 9 times. This anointing will bring forth the gifts in each master and their vibrations will rise.

I can see the wisdom in doing this. When each one is anointed and are one with their giftedness the vibrations will be at their highest level. And in return it will produce a greater harmonics.

Michael… This year at the conference you will take the masters into the Da’ath once more and they will need their giftedness to be high in vibrations. The anointing with the Da’ath sacred oil before thay enter will give them access to the creative energy that was not available before. You have not made the sacred oil as of yet. You must make the oil before the end of this month. The sacred oil will need time to rest and grow in the harmonics frequency that will be needed when you anoint the masters.

I would have made it by now but I didn’t know how much to make. I hate to say it but I don’t think we will have 222 masters there this year. Registration has been slow although we are about a dozen more than we had last year at this time. I will talk to the registration person and figure some thing out.

Michael… I am not predicting the number you will have yet I would say 200 will be more than enough. If you should not give it all at the conference you will burn it as a gift to God when you return home. I will come and we the angels will assist you in the sacred way of returning it to God.

Well I guess that means when it is gone it is gone.

Michael…This is but one prize the Masters will receive when they gather with you. They will also be blessed with the 5 powers of a Master. It is time for the masters to know they are masters. Over the years many thought being called a Master was nice title yet they held it at no real value. They held it as something they would strive for and maybe someday they would be a master. It has been said “be still and know that I am God”. I say unto you to be still and know you are a Master. The 5 powers will now help you to truly know you are a master.

I have been telling people for years they are masters and they should act accordingly. I know when I say that many think yeah I know that BUT who am I to think I am a master. Others think it would be arrogant or egotistical of them to think of themselves as a master. Others ask who am I to say they are masters. You may not believe this but there some people that don’t care for me all that much. You see I am not much of a warm and fuzzy kind of guy. With others they find fault with the way I do thing. You know like Joe said this or Joe did thatand I just rub them the wrong way.

Michael… You were not chosen because you were light hearted and everyone would like you. You were chosen because you would do the work. It is as you said to a friend of yours a long time ago when you chose to do the work. You said to them “I know I am going to take a lot of hits over this.” You were chosen because you would get as many masters across the finish line as you could.

Well I hope masters won’t stay away because of me.

Michael… The Masters won’t. Let us speak of those that will speak this year.

Shawn and Laurell will be doing music again. Shawn has a new song called WE and will be doing a teaching about it. I have four others that will speak and just waiting for Bio and photos before I announce who they are. You have given me so much to teach and processes to do in awarding the prizes I hope there is enough time. One more thing I want to tell you. I went to see the room we will be using. Last year the room we had would hold 250 people Theater style. The room they are giving us to use this year will hold 800 people. Wouldn’t it be cool if we the masters filled it. If we did I think with that many masters we could change the world in 15 minutes.

Michael… There is more than enough Gathered Masters and Masters to be gathered to fill the room. You have created space for that to happen yet it is up to the masters.

You have much to do in making the way for the conference to happen. Do the things I have given you. We will talk again. Be at peace and teach only love.

I watched as the light of all the angels started to fade and just like Michael they all folded back into the light and were gone. I stood alone in the center of the gate once more. It is time now to get busy cuz I got a lot to do.

August 19, 2019 Visit       pdf version

After watching a movie, I went to bed around 11pm. I didn’t have any problem falling asleep because my mind was quiet. I was having a very restful sleep until I heard my name called. Upon hearing my name, it took me back to the time when I was a kid and my mother would wake me up. I remember not wanting to get up and asking her to give me just five more minutes more of sleep. As it was with my mother, my request was denied by Michael.

Michael…Joe. Arise, for we have need to speak.

I opened my eyes to see Michael standing at the side of my bed. Ok I said, just give me time to get dressed and I will meet you in the gate. Without another word, he left the room and I proceeded to get dressed. Once I was dressed I headed out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I didn’t even need to turn the lights on because Michael’s light was shining so brightly from the office, it filled the kitchen. I was still groggy, so I headed to the coffee machine and made myself a cup of coffee. Michael was just going to have to wait. Once my coffee was made I walked into the office and set it down on the packing table next to the entry. I didn’t set it on my desk because I didn’t think this visit was going to allow me to sit down in the desk chair. After my first big gulp of coffee, I looked at Michael and told him to go ahead, my mind was now working.

Michael… Blessed are you and the Masters. The work you have done at the conference has opened up more than you know. Each of the Masters now stands with an Angel to guide them in all things.

I must say, during the process when each Master received an Angel to stand with them, it was a totally awesome experience for me to see. Usually at the other events I can see hundreds and thousands of Angels up above the room, but this was the first time I witnessed Angels descending to be with people. It was interesting to see the Angels stand with the person and when the person was ready to receive the Angel, it’s almost like they became one. Now there were some people who took some time to be ready and it was kind of funny because it looked like to me that the Angels were almost getting impatient. I saw everyone getting their personal Angel and I’ve talked with some people about the experience. Some people saw their Angel and others didn’t. However, I know everyone got an angel.

Michael… This is so. Those that were unable to see their angels is because they are not accustomed to the vibrations of the Angels. They will in time become used to those higher vibrations and will see their Angels. Yet I tell you truly, it is much easier for them to hear their Angels than it is to see them. All they need to do is to quiet their mind and listen. The Angels do speak.

Well I’m sure the Masters will be happy to hear this. As far as the conference went, I thought it was a very good conference and many people told me it was the best one ever. Some people told me before the conference that they thought maybe this was going to be the last one. I don’t know about that being true because I didn’t hear anything from you about that. However, I do have to say there is a lot of work involved in putting these on and it takes me a whole year. To tell you the truth, I don’t know how many more of these I have left in me.

Michael… You have done well over the years with putting these on. It was much easier when you had someone to stand with you to help in this work. Yet all things considered, you have done well. I will only ask this of you one more time because of the importance of the upcoming conference. When it is finished, you can choose again to continue or pass it to someone else.

It is nice to know that I will not a have to. I will see how this year goes and then decide. I have already picked a place. I figured we would go back to the Elegante in Dallas because they worked well last time and they know our needs. It was a great place to hold the conference last before since there is a major airport close by and the hotel has free shuttle to and from the airport. Another good thing about this hotel is that it offers a free breakfast and the room rate is cheaper. Last year it was $139 a night but this year it is only $109. I’m looking at the contract from the hotel and everything seems pretty good. I’m going to need to come up with a deposit for the hotel so I’ll put up an early bird registration on the website. Once I get the deposit, I’ll sign the contract and pay them. Another thing I like about the Dallas location is that it’s pretty much in the middle of the country so it should be easy for people to get there.

Michael… You have chosen well.

I have to tell you, I appreciate you holding off so long before this visit. I needed time to get everything settled before we spoke again. Besides, I have some things I want to run by you.

Michael… Ask what you will.

The first thing is about is what is going on with this world. What is it with this hate filled world? I would have thought after the work that we’ve done at the conference, that things would start to get a lot better. To me it just seems like things are getting crazier and crazier.

Michael… You are missing what is really happening. Remember your saying that love brings about more love while hate is a dark energy that consumes itself? You are in a time when the darkness is being brought into the light for all to see it for what it is. Hate is a powerful energy that brings about a result very quickly. Yet it is that result that is bringing about its own destruction. If you think about it, this hatefulness that has been going on isn’t something new. It has been hiding in the shadow and now it’s in the light. Now that it’s in the light, it can be dealt with. This is the time for the Masters to keep the faith and hold love in their hearts. The amount of hate will soon begin to subside until it has died down to nothing. For the Masters that wish to hurry this process along it would be wise of them to go into the Da’ath and gather up the creative energy and bring about the vibrations of love.

Well, that makes sense to me. I need to ask you about the Da’ath process. Now I’ve taught the process on how to get into the Da’ath and some people can achieve this, but on the other hand, there are people who are having difficulty in doing this. I’ve talked with a couple of the Masters and I think we’ve come up with the solution. Given that the Da’ath is that hidden sphere of the Tree of Life, we’ve come up with an idea. May be what needs to happen is it might be a good idea to go through each of the spheres in the Tree of Life to get to the Da’ath. So as we see it, here’s how it would work. Start with the first sphere with the 1 Keter and work down to the 10 Malkhut in the Tree of Life. This would gradually increase each person’s vibration so that it should make it easier to enter the Da’ath.

Michael… This is wise. The vibrations of the Tree of Life are very powerful and are not easy to hold for very long. One must become used to them a little at a time. Once one can hold the vibration, it becomes familiar. They can move on to the next sphere. Now this is not to say that there are some people who have no problem going into the Da’ath without going through all of the other spheres of the Tree of Life. I tell you this to help those that are finding it difficult to reach the Da’ath.

I will write up a process to help people enter each sphere of the Tree of Life.

Michael… I have a little more to speak of before our time is done. Let us speak of the Angels that have joined the Masters. Each of the Masters will learn how to speak with their Angel over this coming year. They will play an important part of next year’s conference. We will speak more of this when it is time.

Ok, I can wait. Now the only thing I have left is to ask you what you want me to do with the Da’ath oil. You told me that you would show me how to dispose of what I have left over.

Michael… This is so, yet things have changed. You made up more oil than you used at the conference. It was unforeseen that you would have as much as you do. You are going to need the oil to anoint the Masters at the upcoming conference. There will be people that will come this year that have not received the oil. They will need it after the conference. Keep it safe until the time comes to use it again.

Our time is done for now. We will speak again soon. For now, you need to make preparations for the conference. Be at peace and teach only love.

After he said that, he started folding back into the light that was all around him and then he was gone. I reached over for my coffee cup to take a drink. As I took a sip my mind filled with just one thought, COLD AGAIN. I started towards the microwave but decided to go back to bed, thinking I will write about out visit in the morning.

Bless your hearts, Joe


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