Angel Visits 2003

January 14 Visit


It was late at night and I was finishing up some work when I saw that light announcing an angelic visit. As soon as I saw which angel it was this time I started saying I was wondering if you were going to show up before he could speak.


As was I if you would call.


I must admit the thought did cross my mind but I just wanted to see if I could handle it on my own. It has been a troublesome time the past week with all that was going on.


You have done well keeping with what you were given. The church you are is to willing to do battle in protecting that which you believe in.


Yes. We can do that can't we?


The vibrations your kinds are tuning are new to you. There are things on all levels that will come to the light. Your kind is given this to bring them out on what you call the emotional, physical, and mental as well as the spiritual.


Well, things are coming up for people all over the place. I am finding on a mental level people are reacting without thinking. Others are getting angry or deep sadness on the emotional. Now on the physical, people are getting colds and flu's along with aches and pains. I can easily see this but I don't know how to see what is happening on the spiritual.


Do you not know when the emotions are in anger or in sadness they feed on themselves.


I see where you are going with this. You are saying that this emotional feeding thing leaves one feeling empty and out of control. The only thing that will satisfy this hunger is to produce more. This gives someone the feeling they are in control and have power or they are lost in sorrow and there is nothing they can do


You are seeing this true. Yet what is it that both anger and sadness have?


Hum let me think about that. Well, Michael they both as I look at it come from being a victim of something or someone. The perpetuation of this in both cases tends to lend itself to being outside of them. Whatever the event is the emotion becomes the important thing regardless of what has happened.


Do you not see this comes from unworthiness? The knowing of who you are in the sight of God is lost to you. Your kind has the need to matter and be of importance. Should you loose this in the thinking of yourself your mind will invent that which it needs to regain it.


So, it runs through our minds like this; we think something and if we get the right response from others in the form of agreement we must be ok in our minds. If we don't get that we get anger or sadness to replace love.  That sounds fair.


See this as it is. Your kind is as four fold. Only will three of these serve the other and one will not.


You are talking about the spiritual part of us not serving the emotions or the mental or the physical.


The spiritual will always serve. Have you not been told the traps are in one of the three? Did you not remember that which has been given?


All right. Do you mean we have our gifts and traps and when we are balanced they work together? And when one is out even though the spirit is serving, because one of the others has become more important, it gets in the way of the spirit serving.


No. I say the one that is out comes from unworthiness and must be reclaimed at any cost by your kind.


Yes, I can see this goes back to the old thing of the gifts and traps we all have.


This is true. The raising of the frequencies in your kind brings these out.  Your kind can choose that which they wish to do. Gifts or traps. I tell you this truly there is no spiritual growth in a gift for the four fold natures are in harmony. Yet when a trap is present one may grow in spirit. Look to the way out of the traps of each church and see how this happens.


I can't speak for everyone else in this. I know for me I had a choice as how I could handle it. I could do battle but you guys told me to do nothing. I must say I had to hold my tongue or better yet hold my fingers from typing something that would not serve the work. So rather then go to battle I decided to stand down. I know others had much to say about what was happening but didn't. I have been through this before. I could see if I said some things it would go nowhere. There were others that did the same thing in not posting or called for sanity to return. I must say as a red I did feel like I had to defend and protect the teachings you gave us.


Your kind did well to as you say stand down form the actions that only lead to chaos. None can be faulted for what they believe to be true. For as you have said this lives for them.


I know it does live for them. I guess that was why I wasn't mad at anyone. I just wanted the teachings to be as they were given. You know what? The entire why home from the class last weekend I thought what was the best way to serve the sevens in this. I looked at it like why are they not seeing or hearing what I am saying. That's when I came to the realization I didn't have to fight to keep it as it was given. I didn't have to argue with anyone about it. I know people are going to do what they want based on what they think is true.  I know what is true for me and what you have given along with the other angels. I don't always agree with it but I said I would do this work. That's when I decided to start another list for others of like thinking.


You have grown in spirit and know the way of your gifts, as have others.


I should hope so. But let me ask you something.


You would ask of that which you are going to do with the work.


I should have known you would know what I was going to ask.


You are wise in where you would take these teachings. Yet. You will test what I have given you.


Well, I did say that to a few people.


Lets see if what Michael has given us will really work were your words. You want to see if seven masters one of each church that will take this work to the next level.


You told me this is what is needed to have a successful business or community. I wanted to see this happen in the work.


Your thinking is clear. It is time for others to be about the work you were given at a higher level. You would have these masters light the path for others in the way of the teachings.


Yes, one from each church that your teachings live in. With these seven masters keeping the course straight and true. I think this will help many more masters to grow in the spirit in which they were given.


You are wise to choose those that are true to the teachings yet are of kind and gentle of heart.


Robbie and I have talked about this and think this is the direction we should go. I am getting very busy teaching classes and going to trade fairs and not always around to answer questions for people. If there are path lighters I think you called them we can better serve the masters and the people that want to learn about the healing and the tools to help them. With the herbs you have given and now the helper herbs it is just too much to be done by us.


This is true. Yet I say to you take care in the balance of the spiritual and the physical work. Neglect not one for the other. The book that Gabriel has charged you to write will make way in both. It is that which is the foundation of the world to come.


I think he already said something like that. Now, I said and Michael spoke again before I could finish.


True this work and teaching are evolving and are not fixed as you say. Yet that which is given is unwavering. These teaching are as old as your kind and will be true when time is gone. Keep them honored as they were and will be given.


Just what I wanted to hear there is going to be more for me to write.


Joe so you don't feel like it is all on you. Tell Robbie that which she seeks in numbers is in Hebrew.  Yet her writings so far and that which she knows will be put to book. For that which she has bound as manuals will not teach your kind to nourish the body and raise spiritual vibrations in the form it is in much longer. The writing of it in that of a book will take the teachings to many that would have missed it as it is.


Oh she is going to just love that. Like she doesn't have enough to do now.


She has done well in that which she has written and will do more with that which she has not of yet.


I can hear what you are saying about what needs to be done. If she had it in book form it could get out to more people rather then just the sevens. That would be pretty cool, Robbie being published.


I would speak to you of Gabriel.


I thought you covered him already.


I speak of your daughter.


What about her? Nothing bad I hope.


No, Joe it is not of a bad thing I would tell you. I speak to you of her way of learning to speak faster then she is learning from the family. She is of a new way of thinking. Have you not seen her learning some things faster then she should? Do you not find yourself knowing what she desires? You must remember she is of two masters and born as a master.


I remember that.


You will teach her to speak words more quickly by thinking the word before you say it.


I thought I did that when I was talking.


In a way you do yet she needs to hear it in her mind not just her ears.


That sounds fair.


This is given to you that she may teach that which she knows. Her bond with Gabriel is still strong and she remembers much of the teachings he has given.


Ok, I hear what you are saying and will pass it on to the rest of the family. What else about her?


I have nothing more of her. Yet I would now speak to you of the healing vibrations you have. It is time for you to learn more that you may teach. Another of our kind not known to you will visit you. Listen to that which is given that you may grow in wisdom and skill. Worry not of things that are unfolding in this time. Be about that which is given as a light and not that of a warrior that the tree may grow. Be at peace and teach only love.


Before I could answer he started to fold back into the light from which he came.



January 26 Visit


I woke up in the middle of the night because there was something I needed to check out. I had found that there are 50 gates, which related to the Sefirot. I was checking online and really didn't have any better understanding of it regardless of the sites I had found. True there were variations on the theme but somehow I felt this was important. I had just closed another site after hitting another dead end. There is a full sized Gate of Grace suspended from our ceiling. The green stone for south hangs to the right of my desk and if you draw a straight line to the blue stone in the east, it runs right through the chair I sit in. I began to feel myself being pulled backwards into the center of the gate.  Not like I was moving but more like being drawn back. I spun around in my chair to see what was going on and if there was anything to this feeling I was having. I waited to see if maybe one of the angels were going to show up. Michael did say I was going to get another visit from an angel I hadn't met yet. It didn't take long before I saw the two pyramids of the gate like a holograph of gold and silver start spinning. I felt this was going to be a new angel and a new twist on things. I watched as this holographic image spun faster and faster until I could plainly see the ball of grace form in the center. The closest I can come to describing it is to say it was like the ball around the time machine in the movie by the same name. I could see the top cave in and the bottom do the same, as a vortex formed right through the center of the ball of grace.


The next thing that happened was truly awesome. It was like the vortex was sucking some form of energy into it from above. The really strange thing was there was no sound at all. I couldn't hear anything going on in the house. There is always some thing making some kind of a sound in the house. It could be the furnace fan kicking on or the expansion noise from the house settling. Nothing at all could be heard anywhere. While I noticed the quietness I watched this whatever it was being sucked into the gate.  Then without warning it was like an explosion of light. Boom turning the whole room white and for a moment all I could see was white light. I thought this must be the Shekinah because I remember it being like this when she came.


I don't know if it was my eyes adjusting to the light or the force of the light diminishing but I could see the other side of the room for just a minute or less. It was if the lights in the house were turned off and all there was for light was the spinning pyramids, the ball of grace and flame growing at an incredible rate of speed. My first thought was this thing was catching the house on fire and I did start to panic. The reason I didn't was there was no heat coming from the flame. The most curious thing was the colors of the flame. It looked real enough with the yellows, oranges and reds but it turned blue and green and violet and purple and then to white. This was not a fire I know of I said to myself and eased back in my chair. Chair was the operative word here. I know the angels always said not to kneel before them and I wasn't kneeling. However, I didn't remember them saying I could sit either. As I was standing up I saw someone or thing forming in the very center of the gate. It looked like any angel that started to come out of the light with the exception of two things. Usually the angels started to take physical form by now and not staying in a light form. The other thing was they were not surrounded by fire.


I didn't know where to go with what was happening so I waited to see where this was going to end up. The angel that was standing in the gate became more clear, but still stayed in more of a cross between a flame and a light form. I could see a face and body but not like I see the other angels. I felt the peace and love fill my body as I do with the other angels and at the same time different. It is hard to explain this way but it was more like a certainty than a feeling. I asked just to get the ball rolling if he was the angel Michael told me was coming and what his or her name was because I couldn't tell if this was a male or female angel.


We are Sopheriel.


We? I thought to myself, what is all this we stuff? Michael said I was going to have a visit from another angel not a we angel. How can this be I asked and how many is we?


I am as one with the eight. I speak as we, for to speak to one you speak to all, as all speak to you.


As soon as he said this there was another burst of light. There were now eight points of light standing at the outside points of the gate. Not just where the stones are set. When the bases of the pyramids turned the points passed to each of these lights. The main difference was they each changed colors as a base point reached them but instead of having blue show up twice there was white. This all happened so fast I almost didn't have time to look at all the angels that were at the points. As quickly as they went to the points they were back in the center as one. If ever it was a time for Texas slang now was it. I asked, y'all have names I take it?


Yes. Now that you know one you know all.


This puzzled me but I did have a computer and could look up and see what I could find.


We are instructioning you to where you must go with the vibrations you have found. This time last year, of your time, Michael and Gabriel came to you. You had found the frequencies for raising vibrations of your kind. We come now for you are about knowing in that which you call the 50-gates. You see this, yet you know that which is given is not so in what is written.


I have looked at many forms of the 50-gate thing but none of them really add up.


It is true Exodus was the leading of the people out spiritual bondage. Mt. Sinai was the place of receiving the words of God.  In the dessert as the people wondered they worked on the way they had become. This was done in the seven lower Sefirot of the Tree of Life called the Midos. As you have seen the Midos is also the qualities of character from its Hebrew meaning. You that are tillers of souls will need to pass through the same gates. When the people came to Mt. Sinai and the words of God were given all the people heard the first two Commandments, as they are called by your kind. You have come to call the receiving of the seventh key the Metatron event. You will all hear the seventh key given or you will not.


When I saw the 50-gates and read about how it worked, I knew this was about, or at least connected to, the Metatron event.


Your kind has been given the Book of Bricks, the principles and the keys that they may grow in character. We tell you truly all that is of the gates are in what you were given. Many are unable to find these teachings in what was given. It is for this you were led to the gates.


I take it y'all are saying this will help to have the Metatron event happen?


No. We say there is a handful that would stand in oneness. That which you call the ego will bar the giving of the seventh key. Many of the Masters have learned not to Master the ego. They would come to the event that they may only learn a secret to change their lives. Others would come that they would see an angel and believe.


Does this mean that if we had the Metatron today even if we had the 144 masters there it would not happen?


You were told there would be oneness to receive the seventh key. This is not done.


Boy, you can say that again.


Let us show you the gates to use. Write them that the others will know the way of finding the oneness of your kind.


I watched as he/them showed me each single Sefirah and the matching with another. As each Sefirah came into view I was told how it worked. I was told the meanings of each and how they related to the quality of character to be worked on. I was given how to match them up, according to what the vibration of the Sefirot tuning forks where and the gates that will help us to grow. I thought to myself this could work. When the last was shown and told to me of the Sefirot frequencies and their combinations in the 50-gates.


What we have given you is to be opened in sets of seven. Seven days for seven weeks. Those that will do this will elevate the self beyond ego for the self will evolve as the gates are opened and passed through. The sound of the seven Sefirot forks, as they are set for each gate will make the way for the opening of the gate. Yet we say they will not take you through the gate. Each must choose to pass through the gate.


What y'all are telling me is the tuning forks will set in motion the vibration to open the gates. We can choose not to use the forks but it would be harder to open the gates.


The frequencies of the forks are not of the mind; they cannot hold the ego that will lie.


This means that the forks will raise the vibrations to open the gates. The knowing of the self will do it too, but the ego will get in the way. This is kind of like a catch 22. The mind can elevate the vibrations to open the gates, but the ego is of the mind and will not allow the mind to pass through. On the other hand, if the mind can get past the ego, it will raise the vibrations to open the gates to be passed through. If this is true, the mind will think based on the information it has that the gate is open and one is passing through it. However, it could be the ego telling the mind it is passing through the gates.


All that you say is true. Yet we say to your kind in the ego transformation is not found. You only need look to that which was given. Few have been able to rise above the lower vibrations of the ego. For it was not the spirit that saw the words that have been given, but the mind, and judged them through the ego. These gates we have given you will bring the ascension of the masters. Woe to those that would gesture at the work that must be done to pass through the gates for their ego will make fools of them.


What y'all are telling me is if someone is going to do this, they can't just play around at it. We have to look at what is really true and not what the ego tells us is true. I am beginning to see how the combinations of the different Sefirah can walk us through the process of ascension. Wow!


That which you have been given this night you will write as it is. That which you have studied to bring you to us, will avail not, for it is folly in the ego of men. Our time is done yet we will talk again. Michael and Gabriel will counsel you in the writing. Teach only love.


When he/she or they finished speaking they were gone. Not like the folded back into the light or anything closed. They were just gone like it never happened.





February 6


Robbie woke me up with a kick to the leg asking me if I would get up with the kids. I got up begrudgingly and made some coffee. The world is a brighter place after a cup of coffee. I came into the office and checked my mail and saw Joanne was on. I chatted with her for a while and then we both needed to get some work done. We said our good byes and I started to thinking about yesterday late afternoon, when I went out on the back porch and looked out over the land. As I looked to the back I had something catch my eye. Down by the fence I saw what looked like one of the dogs that had gone home a few years ago. At first I thought it could have been the mastiff that lives up the street. But he never comes down here. Then the mastiff went behind two tree trunks about the size of a baseball bat and he was gone. I came down off the porch and went to look to see if there was a hole in the fence. There was not. I walked back up to the house still trying to decide if it was the dog up the street or if it could have been Bogie my old dog.

When I came into the house I told Robbie I was going to run up to the store and be right back. As I drove past the house where the mastiff lives he was sleeping in his front yard and their gate was closed. Hum. This began to look like it could be an angel visit in the making. Nothing happened during the night so I just gave up on it.


As I was thinking, Gabriel must have shown up in the gate behind me without me realizing it.  I didn't know he was there until he spoke.


You are troubled in remaining silent, when you would speak out against that which has come to pass. You have become motionless in that which we have charged you to do.


Gabriel. This whole thing is getting frustrating. I have masters calling me asking about this gathering going to take place. They want to know about Indigo and Crystal children and about the healing at a glance. Robbie said it felt like the tree of life was splitting in half and how could we have oneness with this happening.


I will speak to you of the tree of life. What Robbie sees is true, yet not in the way you see it. As with every tree there are sprouts that spring forth in the light and begin to grow. Have you not seen sprouts wither and die? Have you not seen limbs that will not bare fruits? This is as it is with the tree of life and yet more so. Look you to how your tree has been brought into being. What do you see?


Good question. Ok let's go back to the start of it. You guys told me to gather seven masters and teach them to teach. So, I guess I was like the root and the masters were the tree. And we have been growing from there with the other masters that have been gathered.


You see it only as the tree, not from the beginning. How is a tree grown?


Well first you have to plant a seed and care for it and it grows.


This was not done. The teachings are the roots and you were the sapling.


Ok and from me there came the sprouts in the way of the masters.


Joe. How is it possible that masters sprang from you?


Well, they really didn't spring from me. I had to find then and gather them add them to the tree and so did the masters that gathered after me. Oh Ok. I see where you are going with this now. They weren't actually grown, they were more like grafted to the tree.


Now you see. Say to me that which happens with a grafting.Ok as I know it. Speak of it that you may know the way of what is now.


Ok first you need a tree. Then you find small branches that have qualities that you want the tree to be. You add them to a tree in a process called grafting. Some times they will take hold and grow as if they are a part of the original tree.




Well no, some times they won't take and will reject the tree and other times even if they remain part of the tree they will not bare fruit. There are times when they will stay part of the tree for a long time but will eventually fall away.


This is as it is with the tree we have charged you with.


So what does this mean? I did a crappy job?


No. This means that the branches that fall away will let in more light to the branches that remain.


Ok. I understand what you are saying.

You understand only little of what I speak. The tree you started years ago has weathered many storms. Some of the branches have taken hold and grown. Others have broken and have mended while others have fallen away thinking they are now the tree.


You know that is true. I saw that with a tree right here out back. After we moved in a limb was blown off a tree out in back. For the longest time it continued to grow. I thought it was going to take root and start as another tree, but in about two years it started to die and now it is just a rotting log in the back.


As with all things it could not be nourished and feed on itself until there was nothing left.


Are you telling this is what is happening to the tree I started for you guys? And what about the branches that were grafted to a branch that has fallen away?


Your tree is strong. We care and nourish it in the teachings we give. Joe. Have you not seen branches that have become one with the tree.


I have seen branches grow against another branches and become part of it. After they became connected they became unconnected to the branch they originally grew from. 

Like I said it does feel like the tree is splitting apart.


The tree of life that you are of is splitting. Yet I tell you truly this tree of life is firmly set and it is for this it is splitting from the visible to the invisible tree. It is for this you are given the 50 gates and have raised your vibrations to receive it.


You are talking about the tree behind the visible tree that we are splitting into.


Yes. The headaches you are having come form the vibrations you have raised to. That which you call the third eye is making ready to see this new tree. The ones of the last visit are making way for this.


Let me guess at something here. This means that with all this third eye headache stuff I am getting ready to learn about healing with a glance.


No. You were told of this before.


Are you talking of the things you told me not to write?


Yes, the three children. The boy is now seven years and the two girls are not yet of two years of age. These are the only ones that will do this and will teach others. It is not time for this to take place.


Now that you brought it up can I tell the masters who they are?


No. The Indigos have not made ready their coming.


Yeah, but there are people that say they can heal at a glance.


Joe, there are people that claim to know the name of God. Yet they do not.

Good point. You guys are getting better at having humor in making a point.

You mean when you say the Indigo children that are just now beginning to show up in the world are setting the way for this?


You think these children are new to the world? Yet they have come to your world long ago. Most of these children came in after what your kind has called world war two. As they grew in knowing and came forth they were called the flower children. From them sprang children that are called the Indigos as they are called now yet they were the first Indigos.


What you are telling me then is the Indigos have been around for a while, from about the 1940 or so. So the flower children thing was the first time they came together to do some kind of work.  However we all know how that worked out. As time went on there were more Indigos being born from them. But we didn't see it until just now.


This is so. As more and more of these children came into the world the consciousness began to rise. The Indigos as they are called today are children of Indigos of yesterday. The sevens that bind themselves to the tree are the Indigos I speak of from the past. Some of the Indigos are bringing into the world that which you call the Crystal children. Which has taken place in the past ten of your years.


Does this mean these three kids you told me about are Crystal children.


Yes. As these children grow they will teach the Indigos to heal at a glance.


Cool. I won't worry about it anymore.


You will need to be about the work you were given.


You guys gave me more then just what I am working on now.


This is true, yet you were not alone in there making.


You mean like the working model of a gate.


Yes. You were given how it was to be made yet those to help you in the making have gone. The time for the making will come again. I will speak of the last things you have been asked. The gathering that is to take place, you will write what I tell you, yet you will not make known until the day it is to take place.


You mean not send out anything about it until the day of it.




I take it there is a reason for this.


There is and all in that time will see it.


Ok lay it on me. He did and I will send it out in the time I was told to.


You would speak of that which you call the gathering script.

I do have something to ask about it. I know it is not all like the first gathering. I know things have been added to it and some things have been dropped.


You did all that the seven masters were ready for in that time. You must know this.


I do because I was given the things we were to do, as I got more from you and the others, things that were important they got added. The thing that's really out of hand is some of the servants say "well that didn't happen in the first gathering." Or the people that come to a gathering have been given the information before hand. I don't understand why there is so much resistance to using the script.


I will tell you yet we must move on. The reason for the resistance is because there is no room for ego. The script is set to serve the masters and enlighten the servants.


That's why I put it together.


Let us speak of what was given you of the 50 gates. They have given you this that your kind may to ascend to the highest that you may know God.


I know that all of this has been given in the writings you angels gave us already.


This is the reason I asked of you to bring forth Teaching the Masters at this time. Most of that which you were given has been diluted or lost. Some of the words have been changed by others and now mean other then it was given. Other teachings have been added to ours as if we have said them.


That is the part that drives me up a wall.


As you were told, when the Apostles of Jesus came and told him others are doing works in your name he said to them to do nothing. It is for the same reason you are told that when others say they are doing works in our name. Do Nothing.  Teaching the Masters will give back that which was lost and that which we give anew. As the gates are worked through and the masters see again the truth, they will come to know the love that is.


 Not like I don't have faith. All I am saying is the way it has been going so far it is going to be a up hill battle.


Battle them not.


I have been working really hard not to get into a battle and just be about the work.


This of you has made way for their coming. What they have given you will be worked from the smallest to the largest.


I know that much. We start from the last and go to the first.


That which your kind calls the Microcosm and the Macrocosm.


I cut him off by saying, "Yes I know what that means." God is the Macrocosm and we are the Microcosm.


Yet you may not know God from where you stand as the Microcosm. You must go to a smallest of that which you are. Smaller then a Microcosm is what we call the Nanocosm and I was just talking to someone about this very thing. It is from here your kind can realize yourselves in relationship to God.


What this means is we are the Microcosm and God is the Macrocosm and we living in the Microcosm have our view obstructed by where we are. If we can get to the Nanocosm we can see ourselves acting in relationship with God.


Well said. From the place of observing you can know you and God.


This is why we are given the 50 gates and the vibrations of the gates so we can pass through them. This Qabalah stuff you guys are giving now is getting pretty heavy. These teachings go a long way back and you are having us start to use them now.  


Joe. That which we are giving you is older then Qabalah. God knows the name of it, yet it is unknown to our kind. I tell you truly the ones that are called the Qubalahest know more of the way of this then any others. There have been times when a Rabbi has gone past what the Qabalah teaches. In these times he has begun to understand that of which I speak. Write this, which I teach you and give it out, as you will.


He told me what needed to be written and how to put it together with the vibrations of the tuning forks. Then he went back to what he had come for.


The vibrations of your kind in the 40 days are raising and it will need to be done again in the time to come. I will tell you when that is. I do say to you now the herbs that were given, will need be used from now until then. They make way for raising the vibrations easier for your kind. The book Teaching the Masters will hold no writings on it.


I have to put a title on it and there are some things that have to go on it to have it published.


No other then what is needed for it to be printed. Words of another are not to be put upon the cover or back. Only your words or those of our kind may go there. Our time is done for now be at peace and teach only love.


Back into the light and he was gone.



Feb. 22 2003 visit


I was coming back home from dropping off Randall in Bandera because he was spending the weekend at a friend's house. As I drove back to where we live I heard Michaels voice ask if I was still working. I chuckled to myself because two days before he came to visit; I told him to leave me alone I had work to do and he went away. No, Michael I am not working now was my reply. With that he manifested in the van in the front passenger seat from a ball of light.


I would speak to you of the work you do and the times they need be done.


If you are talking about the 50 gates I am working on that now.


We will speak of it and more to be done.


I don't really have time for anything else right now. There is only so much of me to go around.


Teaching the Masters is now coming into the physical.


Yes, we sent it off to get printed and are working on some changes that need to be done. Which brings me to a question I have. Gabriel said the only things that need to be on the back or cover are those things required for it to be printed. He said also only my words and those of your kind can be on it. Does this mean my picture can't be on the back of it or our logo?


Joe. What was told to you was that others will not say what this work is. The logo, as you call it, is the gate we have given to you.


That means that you gave the logo so it can go on the book?




You didn't give me a picture of myself nor did I write it, so can it go on the book?


It is fitting for the picture of the aloof of our teachings is on this book.


The what?


The aloof. It is a Hebrew word that speaks to that which you are in the teachings we have given.


Oh. That is some kind of title rather then it meaning I am an airy, fairy kind of guy?


Yes. Should you need to know what the word means you may ask someone that knows Hebrew, for they can tell you in terms you will understand.


Cool. I think I know just the guy to ask.


I am come to give you that of the vibrational body tuning as you call it. Your kind will again start the raising of your vibration on the March 24th.


Is this going to help us out of all the disoriented feelings and the dizziness we are experiencing? Then again what is all the weird stuff going on anyway? I put out how to do the tuning you guys gave and when we did it we start weirding out. You guys said you would tell us when to start it again, and in between then and now the weird stuff calmed down but then started up again. What is that all about?


Do you not see the changing vibrations began as you started writing the 50 gates information?


I was talking to Steve about that being a possibility just the other day. He had some good points.


He was the third master to be called to this work and the first branch to crack from the weight of the ego. He has mended well to the tree again.


Yes, I remember that but now he really gets it about the work we do.


As you write the 50 gates you will change the vibrations in the world from only the words you write. When your kind begins to work their way through the gates the vibrations will change far beyond what you can understand.


Oh great. We are really going through some changes.


The workbook you are making will ground most as they work through it. They will know as they write of who they are so they may know the truth of them selves.


Well, with what I have written so far it is going to give people a really big reality check. I myself have been answering them as I go along.


You will need to have it ready by this time next week that others may have time to work the gates before that which you call the Metatron event.


Whoa. Michael I am just working on the ways through the gate. I don't have anything done with the vibrations of the process for people to use.


It is not the rest of which you speak that needs to be done now. Those that would use this writing will need it before they will need the other things you speak of.


Ok. I see what is going on here. People need the workbook so they will have time to do the work in it up front. Then when I get the processes done they can work the gates with the vibrations with what they have learned about them selves.


This is true.


Ok. I will have it done when you say. When will we start to actually do the 50 gates?


Your kind will start this on the morning of May 3. As your kind works the gates they will finish on the 50th day.


That day will be the summer solstice, correct?


This is so.


That means that I will have until roughly a week before May 3rd to get the vibrations and processes out. However, I will need to have everything done the week before that.


Do what you must that it is so.


I can see how this is going to work now. We started off with the raising of the vibrations of the body and then rested. From there we will be working on what needs to be done as to finding out who we really are rather then who we have made up we are. With the knowledge we are gaining as we move along through the workbook, we will start the 40-day process again bringing down the divine vibrations in turn raising our own vibrations. Then we will start the process of passing through the gates and end up at the Metatron event ready to receive the 7th key. This is similar to the time when the people all experienced prophesy of the first two commandments at Mt. Sinai at the same time.


This is true. Yet not all held to that which they received.


Yes, they went on to do the golden calf thing. It just blows me away how something like that could happen. People receive a gift from God or your kind and will dismiss it later on.


Joe. Do you not know by now there are those that will walk the path truly and those that will walk from one path to another path?


Yes, I do know that all to well. People will do what people want to do.


This is all to true with your kind.


Don't get me started on this one.


Indeed not, for my time is done now. Be at peace and teach only love.


Michael folded back into the light that seemed to go right into the seat. As I turned the corner and headed down the street to the house, I wondered how or what Robbie would feel when she sat in that seat.


The last thing here is I need some help. I have looked in all the books we have on Hebrew trying to find what Michael called me. I can't find anything that even comes close to what he said. So here is what I need. The word sounded like it started with a short (a), as in the word about, and the next part of the word sounded like loof or luf; having a long (u) sound like in the word loo-fah (that thing women wash with). Let me know if anyone finds out about what it means.







April 19 Visit


 I could see the light coming through my closed eyelids and started thinking it was morning. I heard Gabby singing and just chattering away as I lay there in bed with my eyes closed. I was half hoping she would go back to sleep so I could do the same. I listened to Gabby and for any other sounds in the house that would tell me maybe Robbie was already up. All I heard was Gabby having the time of her life with her little voice talking like she knew what she was saying. Okay, I said to myself time to get up. I sleepily opened my eyes to see that it wasn't the light of dawn at all. It was the angel Gabriel standing at the foot of the bed being entertained by whatever Gabby was saying or singing to him. Quickly I looked over to see if Robbie was watching all of this but she was still asleep. I wondered how many times he had come to visit her while Robbie and I slept.


We have spoken often.


I didn't think she could talk that well yet.


She speaks well; you do not know how to listen.


I was referring to her talking English.


I know what you are saying. You forget I was with her in the womb teaching her. She has not forgotten how to speak with me.


Well, maybe you could hang around and translate for us.


She will learn your language soon enough.


I noticed that even though he was talking to me he was also talking to her. I watched them do some kind of hand motions. I don't know if it was her teaching him or the other way around because they were doing it at the same time. I had always wondered where she picked up her hand motions that she used from time to time. As I watched her and him I saw a hand motion from him that she used before when she wanted me to stop something. With this she laugh, took a drink from her cup and went back to sleep.


We will speak now.


Well, the both of you woke me up so, I guess I am all ears.


My book is done as you were asked to write.


Well not yet. It got to town but we can't get to it until Monday because it was Good Friday. So, the trucking company wouldn't deliver it until then. I joked with Robbie about it getting into the city on Good Friday and we can't get it until three days later. Kind of like it is some coincident on a spiritual level given the holiday it is and all.


You know more then you do. My book was laid to rest for three days in the darkness of the warehouse and then brought out in to the light. Why do you think all your efforts to have it before now where in vain?


You could have told me this was going to happen. We put a lot of hard work into getting it printed and were thwarted time after time.


"Maybe this book just isn't to come out or maybe people just aren't ready for it yet." Where these not your words? 


Yes. Yes. I did say that. It was just so frustrating to keep having breakdowns over and over. I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen. 


Yet you kept doing the work that it would come about.


Yeah. Well, sometimes I think one of the reasons I got picked for doing this work is I don't care what is going on around me: I am about the work.


It is. You will do that which you must to have it be so. You will not listen to what others say nor will you see evidence to the odds with that which you were given to be done.


Some times I feel like this is a test. Sometimes I feel like this is all a test.


Our kind does not test you. Our kind opens the way for yours and each will choose yes or no.


I can see that. We are always given the free will to do what we want. There are some rewards that I have seen in playing along with what your kind gives us. I have noticed that those that have held to what was given are growing spiritually and are also becoming more successful in what we do in the physical world. Sure there are set backs but they are over come. It is as though there is a change in attitude.


You have given the 50 Gates to pass through in that which you call the workbook. It is simple enough for it's working that the attitudes will change even more as the character is altered. As each gate is mastered and passed through the vibrations are raised in each of you. 


I have noticed that those of us working on these gates are having things come up for us. There is, in some cases, confusion or aggravation about working the gates. In other cases there is resentment and denial about whether or not it applies to someone.


This is not unexpected in your kind. That which you ask of the worker of the gates must master the ego to pass through. Joe, you must know that for many they are giving up the person they have made themselves to be. There is fear in losing the way of being many have become comfortable with for they do not yet see who will be there should they be released form themselves.


Kind of like are you willing to give up all of who you are to become all that you could be?


This is true. As the vibrations are raised each will come to find the old things that worked in the past will work no more. The comfort and security of knowing much of what will be is no longer there.


Oh, okay, I get it. This is the void. The abyss each of us must step into in order to reach that point where there is only God waiting. That is going to take a lot of trust on anyone's part.


This is true. Your kind knows there is more to them than a body. They know deep inside to the core of their being they are one with God. Yet they have lived in fear that they have not pleased God with their actions.


So, again there is a catch 22 here. We know down deep there is a loving God. Like a person and a person if you come down to it can't love at that level. We have forgotten that God is love itself.  We have been taught and it is so ingrained in us to be afraid of God that no matter what we do we just can't seem to get past that. This I think is where the ego kicks in and tells us what we can and cannot have and be. The ego has got us as it is the egos job for us to survive. It has gotten it all mixed up thinking the physical is different from the spiritual.


This is true. Look to your kind and see how it has become so. Has not your kind come to think they are separate? How many think one must give up the worldly things to become closer to God. I tell you truly God has for all of your kind the riches of the world in which you live to lay at your feet. Yet your kind will deny this to be so. They will forsake these riches for themselves and deny others of them in the name of spirituality. Did they not hear the words of Jesus when he spoke of the birds of the field and how much more abundantly God cares for all of your kind. It is true the spirit has no need for earthly riches yet the temple of the spirit stands on earthly ground. Would your kind have this temple stand on barren ground surrounded by poverty claming this brings you closer to God? All your kind need do is to look around and see where they placed the temple of the spirit to know. Yet I say to you there are those that love riches as those that love poverty.


I hear that Gabriel. You are saying that there is a fine line between opulence and riches. We, as children of God, are temples and we should act accordingly. However, we also shouldn't over adorn either. As I understand it there are two ways in which our kind operates for the most part. The love of money and the love of poverty and each one diminish our true spiritual temple.  Whichever one your ego picks, it dictates survival or compliancy.


Well said.  Survival breeds jealousy, discontent and blame of others. The compliancy of opulence breeds disgust and revulsion of others. This is true in other ways beyond that of money. Look to your temple - what have you build to house the spirit?


This is a good point too. Not like a judgment but more of an appraisal of how I have honored and cared for the temple of my spirit. That is what the 50 gates are for isn't it.


The 50 gates are for the foundation on which the temple is built. Your kind will know that on which your temple stands, be it solid truth or the folly of a story.




As you were told the working of the gates your vibrations are raised. You will see that which is hidden from you. The vibrations of the Sefirot brought to the gates will set in motion the power to recreate, that which has been true for each of your kind. I tell you truly it is not the lack of Gods love that has your kind where you are. It is that which your kind has come to believe to be true that has placed your kind in spiritual bondage. You have pointed the way with the 50 gates into the wilderness that the masters may find the truth of themselves.


I knew the workbook was for a good reason and I could see where it could maybe bring about the oneness we needed for the Metatron event but I didn't know just how powerful it could be.


You have done well in this. Return to sleep for your houseguest has need of you and your mind needs to be rested. My time with you is done. Be at peace and teach only love.


Gabriel folded back into the light that was filling the room and I was happy to see as the light faded it was still dark outside and I could go back to sleep




June 3 Visit


My Dah Dah. My Dah Dah c'mer. Were the words coming from Gabby as she stood at the side of the bed tapping me on the face. What is she doing off the bed I thought as I opened my eyes to see what she wanted? Sure enough she was standing on my side of the bed and as I reached for her I noticed there was a light coming in through the door way. How in the hell did you turn on a light in the office I said to myself? I crawled out of bed to go turn it off and picked her up on the way. As I got to the bedroom door I just knew the light was more then just a turned on switch. After I rounded the corner I saw Michael and Gabriel in the office sitting on the floor. Gabby did her wiggle thing she does when she wants down so I set her down slowly till her feet touched the floor and she was off and running. As she reached the two angels she took her place on the floor between them. No sooner did her butt hit the carpet then her mouth started chattering away. They looked as if they understood everything she was saying because they smiled at her and she laughed.


Sit with us Gabriel said.


I walked over and did what he asked or told me I wasn't sure. What is this? You guys come and talk with Gabby before you want to talk to me.


Gabrayel's stories are of great humor. 


You wouldn't think so if you could see her lately. She has been a real pain with her attitude and temper. I guess you never heard of the terrible twos.


Joe. It is in this time of growth a child knows you do not hear. They speak and their words are not heard. You know how frustrating it is for you when people do not hear what you say. Yet you have many other words to use. A child has but a few.


Is this a private lesson on how to listen to my daughter or do you have another reason for coming? Before either could answer me Gabby crawled into Gabriel's lap and arms and went to sleep. It was as if he rose from the shoulders up holding Gabby and his legs just filled in below him. I can't say he walked with her in his arms out of the office because it was more like he floated out. In a way it reminded me of that picture of the guardian angel that is floating behind the children except this time this angel had a child in his arms. I wondered if that was what it was like when an angel comes to take you home. I turned to Michael to ask. Do you mind if I stand because my legs are falling to sleep?


Stand if you wish.


I stood up and got that tingle in my legs like a thousand pins in them but it soon went away.


We have come to speak with you of that which you call the Metatron event.


I had a feeling you guys would be around to talk about that as close as it is getting. After I finished my sentence Gabriel returned from putting Gabby back to bed. Michael spoke first.


Your kind knows not how close they are to receiving the seventh key. For the first time these masters are coming together as one, in oneness of purpose. They set aside other things to gather at this time.


I must say it has been up to them to have this event work or not. There have been some people very instrumental in pulling it together, but it wasn't about me doing it. It is really the masters doing it.


This in turn has given you time to be about the healing work we have given you. You have been quick to see the things we have set in your way to help your kind. There will be more in coming that you will find to be useful to you and others.


Oh, I am sure there will be. However, I don't think this is the focus of your visit tonight.


It is not. Gabriel will speak to you of the things you were told to do when setting the well of souls from the tree of life. You will not speak of them before hand.


You got it.


Let us speak of the 144 masters that will gather. There will be more then the 144 needed, yet there is a place for all. Gabriel will show you where they stand.


I was wondering if the ones closer to the center would get a better view of what is going to happen?


You think in terms of space, as if each were farther away as the masters are added to the tree. I tell you truly as one the first shall be last and the last will be first.


Hum. Where have I heard that before I thought to myself? So does that mean that we are going to pull this event off?


That which you ask is up to the masters. Should you think because 144 or more masters' stand together is all that is needed you would than be little less than fools. Numbers alone will not bring forth the seventh key. Only in oneness will you be given the key for all to know.


How will we know if we have reached oneness besides all of us getting the key at the same time?


I tell you all this that you may know. The world in which you live will be not the world in which you live now. That which you knew to be true will be true no more. The life you live now will be a dream from which you will awaken and as a child of God you will claim your birthright.


Now that is a scary thought. It could be hard to give up all that I have become over the years.


Not when you stand in oneness. Not when you are one within all things.


What about the masters that don't come to the event? Will they receive this the same time we that are there do.


No. Those that have chosen to stand-alone will not receive this at the same time you do. Yet I say to you those that are not one within this well shall drink from its bounty. Those that are of this well shall spill forth across the earth and Gods children will thirst no more.


Provided that we can reach oneness at this event.


Yes. This is true.


So then, I don't want to be a party pooper or anything but what if we don't come together in oneness? What if we just come close? Is it just a nice weekend of friends, fun and a good time had by all? With a few disappointments thrown in for good measure?


Joe be not foolish in thinking that which the masters come together for is an all or nothing event. I say to you there can be no gathering of masters of this magnitude in its quest for oneness that will not leave all there changed. Look to that which takes place at a gathering when there are but seven masters and a servant. Are not all changed?


You do have a point there. Saying what you just did, it brings up something someone said about this event being like a gathering. I heard that because this is like a big gathering that nothing should be sold there.


You have said it well on this already. In the spirit of oneness those that have tools or services to offer that heal the physical or that of the spirit. Should not only be allowed but encouraged in the very oneness that you all seek.


Well that answers that question.


A gathering is a sacred event unto itself. The very reason for the gathering is that each may know the gifts they are and revel in them as a child of God. I tell you truly a gathering is unto itself, as this event in which your kind may come to oneness is. It is not wise to mix a gathering with that which is not. Have you not seen this to be true?


Yes and let's not go there. You said that those that are at this Metatron event couldn't help but to have something happen when this many gather for oneness. Does that mean when we masters come together in an attempt at oneness there is something that will happen to us all?


Yes. Joe. Each master has their own vibration that they have held apart from others. The masters that gather for this will be in the vibration gathering for the same reason. This in turn will bring the vibrations into harmony of all the masters at the event. None can walk away untouched by this harmony. Unless.


Unless, they choose to be separate from the event?




This brings up another question that has been asked. What if someone there can't or will not allow them selves to come to oneness with the others? Will that kill the whole thing as far as getting the seventh key?


One or more will have little do with stopping the key from coming. Truly I say 144 are needed to have it be; yet 143 will not.


So then we need at least 144 to have the vibrations correct to bring the seventh key provided we get to the place of oneness.


This is true. Let Gabriel speak to you of that, which must be done.


Ok. Gabriel you are on. He spoke to me about the things we need to do at the event. Some of the things we spoke of before and there were some new things I was told I was ready to know. As Gabriel talked Michael just stood to the side and listened the same way Gabriel did when Michael talked. When Gabriel had finished speaking they both folded back into the light that surrounded them by saying what they always did as they left.


Be at peace and teach only love.







July 7 Visit


I just finished a movie I rented and was about to go to bed.  Turning off the light in the living room and the TV set, I noticed the light coming from the office. It was unmistakable to me as the light that announced an angel visit. I walked to the office just as Michael had become fully formed. He was the one to speak first.


You heard?


I did but I thought it would have been louder.


Not what you were expecting.


You know it wasn't and I don't think others did either. I thought it would be more of a voice that was clearly heard by all of us and not just a whisper.


Truly I say to you it could have been given as thunder upon the ears. Yet your kind listened only to the sounds of their own voice ringing in their heads.


Well it ain't like we didn't have anything to think about. The processes you guys had me take people through looked like they were bringing us to oneness. I even had some people tell me they could feel the oneness until that last process about abundance. Then all kinds of stuff came up for people and the oneness kind of took a back seat.


Joe. Did you really think everyone would pass through the 50 gates?


I did hope most of us would have.


It was a good plan, as your kind would say yet there is a golden calf that the mind worships.


Are we talking about money here?


If it were but that easy to understand, the process you speak of abundance being the deciding factor has little to do with the whole.


Oh really? That is where most of the heat came from.


This of which you speak is untrue. Where you not confronted about the ground rules? Were not food and drink other then water taken where the rules stated they were not to go?


Yes. I did have people do that about different rules.


In your own words you said the weekend was about keeping ones word, being in integrity, being honest and about trust, that all could come to oneness.


You know I did because you told me to make that very clear.


These were the same things people dealt with when Moses went to receive on the mountaintop. These were the same again when Jesus taught the people. Some heard that which was given if only in a whisper. While others listened not and would not have heard thou it be given as thunder.


So, what you are saying is we did get the Key however not everyone knows it was given depending what was going on in their heads.


This is true. Yet I say to you all that were there did receive the key. Some will have need to let go with love of the Golden Calf they have held so dear for so long. Others, which did hear the Key, will need to act upon that which they were given.


Ok. So we know what it is. Just what do we do with it and what about punching a hole in the fabric of the Universe? 


The masters that came together in the numbers were uneven yet enough to receive the key. They were not in oneness at the same time more then a fraction of a second to receive.


Am I then to assume that had we been able to hold the space of oneness longer we could have not only gotten the key but also how to use it?


Of all the things God has given your kind, true oneness is the most powerful. For in this state of oneness your kind is able to manifest with very little effort.


So. Was this a thing of we got the key and the rest was a close but no cigar?


Joe. Do you not see the wonder of what was done? There were almost a quarter of all those gathered there. They came near and far to join as one. Some came to be in service while others came to witness and again others came for conformation that all this could be true. Each master had reasons for coming and sums to work through. Yet they came. Some came for the formation, while others came to be a part of the whole event. The masters were scattered in their beingness and yet they came together in a fleeting moments of oneness. In these moments the voice of the Shekinah whispered the key.  Yet you do not see the big picture in the where of it.


The where of it? What are you talking about Michael?


The very place in where it was held should have told you all something.


You mean about the ground on the farm? It was a beautiful setting to have held the Metatron event.


Your kind and ours have blessed this ground of which you speak. This ground is where the first stake has been driven to measure the boundaries of Eden.


Wow. I need to ask how this is going to work?


You have missed that which you have been given. I will tell you for our time is short. The masters have gathered to receive the key that they may make way for the coming of Eden's return. The have set this first stake in the north that they will open the mental. The golden calf of which I have spoke is in the minds of the masters. Is it not said as a man thinkth so shall he be?


So. What you are telling me is it was no accident that the Metatron ended up being in the north?




Let me see if I can see a pattern here in what I know. The North is for the mental but there is something else I see going on. This if you look at it as a gate or the well of souls it is also the place of the church of Laodicea. This church is the spiritual-physical and coming from these two things we are setting something in motion.


True again.


If I look at the bigger picture in this, it works like this. We held it in the north for two reasons. First reason is we act on what we think. Our minds limit us in what we can and can't do. As I look back on the whole event there was a whole bunch of mental stuff going on to just put it together. It was about how things were going to work. Everybody had their own ideas and there were disagreements as to the way it should be. For the most part we got past that and pulled it together. Then you had me do processes with the masters that brought about mental activity. This in turn brought up things we have thought to be true and lived our lives out of them. When these things came up for people they had an opportunity to look at them and chose again what our actions were going to be. Some of us did something new out of love while others did what they always do. Now on the love part of this, given we did it in the north, this church holds the space for unconditional love, which is the highest of all spiritual ways of being. We bring this into the table. Our thoughts being governed by our unconditional love we can cause in the physical world. Not like we all did but the ones that did brought about the success of the event.


Well Said. That which has brought into the light may now be seen. That which hides in darkness is unknown.


This is just to cool. We all came together in the north to have the mental beliefs challenged so we could rethink them.


Information is gathered, knowledge grows and wisdom is gained yet a belief is dangerous folly. Only in the void of the unknown can the light of God shine.


I can see this in everyday life as well as the way things are in the world. Politics and religion have set beliefs that have caused wars and all other kinds of things.


Only when love over comes the mind - with its beliefs that drive the ego - will the new be born.


My turn to say well said Michael. Now then let me go a little farther with what I think. The north got the mind working so we could handle that with unconditional love. Now we have a chance to be at cause in the physical to cause the coming of what is called Eden. We have set in motion from our action in this last event the boundaries of Eden. It is my guess the next place the event will take place is going to be in the south. This is to handle the emotions but it is also the place of the church of Sardis. These spiritual healing aspects along with the emotions should bring the emotions into balance with the mental now we have set the mind into motion. That means that next June we do the event again to bring the mental and the emotions together in unconditional love and the year after that.


Joe. Stop. You are going past that which you could possibility dream of. You have not a year for this to take place. You have nine months to bring the Metatron event into being.


Nine months huh? Is this because we have nine month to handle whatever came up in the mental realm?


You see the truth in this.


This brings me to something that happened this June. I have noticed that there are a lot of people including me that are having physical things come up for them. I injured my back a long time ago. At the conclusion of the event my back start to hurt a lot. What I want to know is was there something that happened at the event to cause this to happen to others and me?


There is what you have called a healing crises taking place with those that were there. Each will pass through this, as they will. Yet I say to you it is not only in the physical that this is happening. Some will heal in the emotions while others will in the mental. I tell you in truth all of which is healing had its start in the mind.


This is a cool thing.


You will be given more as the time nears for the masters to gather to plant the tree for the southern boundary. Our time is at an end.


Hang on for just one more thing.


You would ask of the seventh key.


Yes. I just wanted to see if I heard it right.


Those that heard the key given in a whisper heard the same thing. " You are the seventh key." Our time is done. Teach only love.


I watched as Michael folded back into the light as he has always done and he was gone.




AUG. 12 Visit


I woke up some time in the night with the bedroom door open and seeing a light was left on. I thought I told Kathleen to open the door when she went to bed and turn off the lights. Then again I figured that she had gotten up to change something on the website and forgot to close the door again. As I crawled out of bed I had another thought. Maybe it was Dave who had gotten up to get online or he was out back having a smoke. All of these things ran through my mind but I didn't think of the third alternative. Angels were a foot, a wing or something like that. Sure enough it was Gabriel standing in the office in the gate we have suspended from the ceiling. Gabriel, I said, where is Michael hanging out these days? You are coming to visit almost as much as he used too.


Michael is about other things.


I knew you were going to say something like that. So what do I owe the honor of this visit?


I am come to speak with you of that which you have missed in this Cosmic Lightning you have been led to.


This is a good thing. I can always use more that it works with.


You have found ways to better use the vibrations of tuning forks with that you call Cosmic Lightning.  You have found this will bring about healing to those that were without hope.


I thought the stuff you guys gave me with frequencies and oils where to do that. Now you are telling me this Cosmic Lightning will do this. Why didn't you just give me this in the first place?


Your kind was given the tools to better teach you how to help others to heal. That which you miss in what I tell you is you have not found something to replace what was given. Have you not seen in the work you have been doing that the air your kind breathes no longer nourishes you? That which your kind has done to the water you drink they have done with the air.


I know it is polluted with all kinds of things and the oxygen in the air isn't what it used to be. I found that out in the research I have been doing.


This is true. Joe. Your kind was given a world that was in perfect harmony with itself. This was called Eden. Your kind fell from the natural order in which all things cared for each other that they might grow and have health. Look to that which your kind has brought unto this world. Disease is the plague your kind has brought. That which you have been given and led to is to bring your kind to health that you may call back Eden.


I understand pretty much what you are saying. We have brought disease on ourselves and spend a lot of money on health care.


You do not see of what I speak. Your kind has been told all that which you need has been given. Yet you hear it not. Your kind has forgotten these things to heal you. They make that which harms disease as well as the body in the name of healing and gold. God has given you herbs and your kind looks to see that which they hold and from chemicals will make lifeless copies of the herbs.


There are some that work to stop disease so it ain't all bad. Sure we know they may be harmful but that is the risk we are willing to take. After all it is better then the alternative. 


There is some truth in that which you speak.  Yet there is much harm in this practice along with any healing that takes place.


I know that most of the medicines we use are derivates of some chemical in an herb.


You do not know that which you called Cosmic Lightning is in the very herbs as they grow. When the herbs are harvested and processed as they lose the life force they once had.


I know this too. However, Gabriel the herbs in most cases need to be dried to use. I mean we don't all have a garden in our back yards to draw fresh herbs from. Then like I said most of the herbs have to be dried to make teas from.


Then you will understand this. That which was lost from the herbs can be returned.


You are talking about Hydrogen Peroxide that is in the herbs. When we dry them they loose some of that.


This is true.


What I hear you saying are we can put that back in the herbs. If I make a tea, for example, from an herb I can add a drop or two of Cosmic Lightning and the hydrogen peroxide is put back in.


You are seeing that which can be done by your kind.


I know hydrogen peroxide helps the body to produce enzymes we need for health. I also know we can spray a mixture of this 9% Cosmic Lightning and water on fresh fruits and let them stand and it is absorbed into the vegetables and fruits to replace its own hydrogen peroxide. Then you wash off the food and the extra washes away.


All you say is true yet you do not hear that which I say. You were given herbs for the church you are. These herbs were given for each in a time according to the church. The seasons were given in the time the church was in need of which herbs held.


Ok. I get this. I have herbs I should eat as the church I am in order for me to be in the best of health depending on the time of year. Other churches have their herbs they should eat. With what I have been led to add to them they are more powerful when I take them.


By many times that you cannot know. When that which has been lost is returned to, the herb grows in strength.


The word you are looking here is synergistically. I understand that concept completely. So what you are saying is that we can super charge the herbs and the foods we are eating with this stuff too.


You are seeing that of which I speak.


I just knew I was on to something here. It was as if one thing after another just fell into place. The next thing I knew we had Cosmic Lightning and the other stuff.


Joe. Before you break your arm patting yourself on the back. Remember that you were led to this.


Oh now that is funny Gabriel. You and Michael are getting much better at trying to be humorous.


The sayings of your kind are without reason.


That's why it is called humor.


Let us speak of what is to come this March.


I was wondering when you guys were going to get to that. But now that you brought it up can you tell me what is going to be the theme this time?


That which took place in the North is of the mental, of which you know. That which is to be is that of the South being the emotional. 


I know that much. My questions is more of a just what is going to happen this time? The mental started all kinds of mental things coming up for people. Some were a little angered and some were sad. So, if this is about the emotions I was wondering what was going to happen with this?


Joe. You worry more then is needed. This is to be an emotional celebration of the church each master is. In the coming together of the masters they will know the meaning of teach only love. They will revel in their greatness. They will come to know the spiritual love of self and of others not dreamed of. The love they felt at a gathering will pale to the love of God they will receive in this time. With this love the masters will go into the world to make it a new for they will be a new.


Big words, big promises Gabriel.


These are masters of which I speak. There is none that cannot create this for themselves there. Now that the mental is set in motion they will be ready for the emotional.


Well. You know we don't even have a place for it yet. Not to mention no one has stepped up to take the ball and run with it. We still have till spring to get it handled.


The time will pass quickly. The time you were given will not be changed, for that which is in motion now will lead to the next on the way to Eden.


This is kind of a snooze you loose thing huh. What I hear is we started the ball rolling up in Chicago and if we delay this or it doesn't happen when it should we loose momentum.


This is true. Yet I say to you the masters are a powerful force. They do not know what they are able to do - to cause. Our time is short and there still much that which I must teach you of this time to come. That you may serve the masters in this you will not speak of until the masters gather in the south.


I listened to what Gabriel had to say and to teach until he ended it with the way they always do.


Teach only love.


He folded back into the light and he went to where the angels go and I went off to bed.



 Aug.14 Visit



 I had just dropped Robbie and the kids off at the school and was on my way to Kerrville to pick up some supplies. I got gas at the station in Bandera and was off down the road for about a thirty-minute drive. I was enjoying the drive while listening to the radio when I noticed someone way up the road. As I got closer I could see they had their arm out and looked like they were hitchhiking. The only thing odd about this hitchhiker was this one had a glow around them. I slowed down to see what this was about. I was about thirty feet away when I recognized who it was. Michael was standing on the side of the road with his thumb out. I didn't even slow down as I passed him. I wanted to see what he would do. I watched as the hood of the car passed him by and as soon as the side door was even with him; he was in the passengers seat. Cool entry Michael but why did you chose to show up this way.


You did tell me not to surprise you when you were driving.


I have gotten used to the glow that announces your coming, but I think there is more to this even though it was a nice touch.


In this I show you other then what has been. It is a small thing that most would not see. Your kind has come to notice not the small. They have come to expect the overwhelming or not at all.


 What you just did was to demonstrate the subtle to see if I would notice what you were doing.


 I did this to know at what level you're at - for teaching.


Well. How open am I?


You are teachable.


Oh, goodie for me. What are you going to teach?


You have gotten from Gabriel little of the teachings for the Tree of Life this spring.


You mean the Metatron event this coming March; don't you?


It is for this reason I am come. That you would call this the Metatron event would only serve you to do again that which has been done. As you have been told that was to put in motion the mental. This was done without the mental balanced in love. In many that which the mental rules the emotions were driven by it. That which is to come will bring love to the thinking.


Are you saying that we started a mental process to get the way we think about things to the forefront so we can see them?


This is so.


I know there were many that had things come up that stimulated the emotions. Now what I am hearing is these emotions didn't come out of love but out of what we may think love is. So, why didn't we handle the emotional stuff first?


In the tenets of healing one must know that which is out.


You mean we have been thinking a certain way for so long that we can't see the forest because of all the trees? Now that our thoughts are showing up in our face we know or at least are getting where things are out. This is a way for us to see if the way we think works or not.


Yes. Yet not only for one master - it must work for all. The Metatron brought about the oneness from the masters in the mind. All that had come came to be together in oneness. This is which your kind calls singleness of purpose. For a brief moment the masters were one. The masters gave of their selves for that which was greater then the ego of each in separation.


 I have found that when something becomes more important then our own personal agendas a great deal can happen. Now what I want to know, what is it we are going to create this March? Oh yeah, could you explain it to me so I can understand it?


Now it has come to pass the mental is opening to the emotions of true love. With this the mind is able to accept love on a higher level then before. There is much work to be done for each master to grow past the lower realm of beliefs. Masters will question what they have held to be true in this time. Some will grow in joy as the enlightenment fills the mind with truths. Others Masters may not be willing to give up that which defines them and the lives they live.


That is pretty plain to me.


Not as much as you would think. You as the masters stand at the gates to Eden and yet you do not see. The mind will not allow this, though each master has dreams and fantasies that such a thing can be true. The mind would tell you the heart is open as an expression of love. Yet I tell you truly the mind lies to you. It lies for it does not know true love. The love for it is a conditional thing and these must be met for love to be so. The mind must have this love proved to it and will think no other thoughts without proof.


I hear what you are saying. We think we know what true love is based on our own thoughts about what love is. If we have proof from an outside source that fits what we believe love is then it has to be real love. On the other hand if it doesn't fit the way we believe love to be, according to what we think we know about love it can't be true. So, where does this leave us?


Each must stand in true love, of self and others. Each must see the truth of where they stand.


Yeah but what if we don't like the truth of where we are standing?


Only a fool denies themselves of the truth. One that builds their life on self-righteousness deludes themselves and others.


Is that like a holier then thou attitude?


Yes. For none can hold themselves as better or worse then another. It is in the eye of true love one sees another as a child of God. In this one will see themselves as this child and the gate of Eden.


I think I know what you are saying about all of this. As we hold each other we hold ourselves. Where we hold our self, we could be blind before the gates of Eden and not even know it.


Many stand there now. Yet some can smell and taste the wonders of that which awaits you all.


So are you telling me that as masters we can stand in a place to see or even open the gates?


I tell you truly the masters stand on the very threshold of Eden. Little is in the way of bringing heaven to earth. Yet for your kind it is almost impossible to understand in the mind and the doing is beyond reach. It is for this you will bring the emotions of love to the masters. As Gabriel told you, this is to be a celebration. There will be things to be taught that the masters will need in their experience.  The love, of which I speak, lives in the soul and cannot be understood in the mind. The mind may only know it in the experiencing of this love through the emotions.


That is like eating a strawberry. If someone tries to explain how a strawberry tastes, they can talk all they want but the person they are talking to can only imagine it. Only when a person eats a strawberry and experiences it can they know what it tastes like. What you are saying is when we experience standing in a place of true love emanating from the soul is it possible to see the gates of Eden.


Close Joe. It is not that you can see this because where you stand. It is you have become one with the essence of Eden.


So am I to guess we will all see Eden or at least the gate to it.


You have been given the keys to unlock this.


Why do I think you are talking about the seven keys?   


These are that which will unlock this. Yet I say you will need more then seven keys. You will need the keys of many masters turning together to do this.


I just got a picture in my mind of solders in the silo that have to turn their keys at the same time to get the missiles to fire. However, I don't think it is quite the same thing. I would guess we would have to be able to use the seven keys through the emotion of true love to cause this to happen.


Yes. Your job in this is to get the masters to that place of the true emotional love. You will do this on the morning of the third day. You will start on Friday when the sun is in its highest place in the sky. Within the hour all will stand that would open the gates of Eden. From this point on none will be added that the gate may be opened. You will begin to bring the emotions of true love from the souls of the masters.


Ok. I got it. We start on noon Friday and do whatever we need to do to get settled in the first hour. However anyone that is not there at that time, will not be included it the process. Is that correct so far?


This is true.


Well, I can tell you at the last event there were masters coming in through out the whole time. I don't know if the way this has to be is going to work for a 144 people.


You know this is not so. There will be more masters that will come this time then before. They will come because their souls call them to join with others. They will do what they must setting aside all to be there at the appointed time. Each master that knows the greatness of what is to come will, as your kind would say. They will move heaven and earth to be there on time. Yet I tell you truly some that were with you in the north will not take their place this time. Others that were not with you will take their places.


Speaking of places. We don't even have a place for this yet.


Joe you worry too much. That which is needed is coming to be and will be found. Concern yourself not. You have more important things at hand. Be about that which Gabriel has given you for the time will pass quickly. This will be the most wonderful of all the masters have received.


I think this is where you give me the, teach only love and fade back into the light that brought you.


You are knowing of my going well. Yet there is another thing of which I would speak.


Okay, I am all ears.


This, which you call cosmic lightning, is well done of you. You have grown much for one that does not do this.


Ah. I see you remember what I said to you when you told me I was going to get into healing.


Yes. Our kind find you are working far beyond that which you are ready for. This is the reason you are led to that which you would miss if left alone. The name you have chosen for this is well chosen. This cosmic lightning will open and support others to rid themselves of disease. The combining of silver and gold with cosmic lightning came as an after thought given to you by our kind. You will discover more in the coming years to help in the healing work. As with all that you find, we will be there with you. You have no idea of the wonders you will find and that which you will help others to find.


Michael. I had no idea I would have ever found the wonders that have come since you came into my life.


Our time is done. Teach only love.


With that Michael folded back into the light that held him. I now had an empty seat next to me as I pulled up to the store and parked.





September 23 Visit

A call To Michael


There were things that were happening that I didn't understand and they were happening to people I have been talking to as well. The way it was showing up came in many forms starting with the emotional, as well as the physical world. People found themselves getting angry for no apparent reason or being fearful of an unknown. For the most part I was oblivious to most of this except with the goings on of those around me. I was finding myself drawn into arguments I wouldn't normally get involved in. What really brought it to my attention was when things started to fall through the cracks. There were basic things in just living our lives that were being missed. Paying a bill or making a deposit slipped my mind and Robbie's as well. To find out this was happening to other masters also led me to call Michael in. This whole string of circumstances that were going on was just to weird to be a coincidence.


I was looking for an opportunity to give Michael a call when I could be alone. I got the chance when Robbie decided to lay down with Gabby for a nap. I gave them enough time to fall asleep and made the call.


Okay Michael, you said I could call you when I really needed you. So I have to ask you some things ASAP. No sooner did I finish saying that when a light became into form. Sure enough it was Michael. Just as he stepped from the light, if you could call it stepping, I started talking. I am glad it worked because I have some things to ask you.


You would ask of that which is causing the emotions.


Yes, This is getting out of hand.


Do you remember that which I spoke of to you before the gathering?


We are going back a ways here. Like what 6 or 7 years?


Remember it now.


As Michael finished speaking it was like we just had that conversation and I repeated it back to him.


There is much to be done. The room that you will use must be cleared of all that is not of Gods love.


Is this going to be like some kind of house exorcism?


No, Joe. That is foolish. You will invite all that is not of Gods love to depart with love. I say to you that which is not of Gods love will not be able to remain.


Are you talking about demons and spirits that may be in a house?


No again I say to you. I speak of that which your kind calls negative energies. Remember when we spoke of man creating evil?




It is the same with what you call entities.  Your kind, as children of God, can create these things.


How does this work? I mean how do we do it?


Your kind does this with careless emotions and thought. You know not what you are doing. Yet as you see in your mind in anger or jealousy your kind will bring energy together.


What you're talking about is a mental projection fed by the emotions, gaining mass, and having an effect on us. Then each time we do these things, it feeds on the emotions and gains more mass becoming almost real.


That which you call almost real has become real in between the veils that separate your realm and ours. They have no effect in ours yet in yours as they come close to your kind they can cause unwanted emotions.


I know what you are saying. We get angry with someone or something giving an emotional charge and this creates energy that gets caught in a nowhere zone. Because it was our kind that created it, it recognizes us and will return to feed on more of our emotions. Because the energy is an emotional one we had, we in turn recognize it and get sucked into that emotion again feeding it. I think that is the part you are talking about is it not.


This is that of which I speak. You are asking me why the emotions of anger, fear, resentment and jealously are coming to the sevens.


So this all goes back to negative entities that we have created?


It has. I will say it that you will understand that which I give you. The entities that your kind has created behind the veil now hunger. The Metatron event was draining them of the energy they needed. Some were not in the space to hold the mental in check. Their emotions went out of control and they got angered while others were resentful and others were fearful and in some there was jealousy. Those that were none of these things were still connected to those having these emotions. It is as you say; it is ironic that the very thing that they are attracted to can end them.


You are talking about the light of the masters. The grace energy is so powerful and it will attract them. Now I guess there is a "but". They cannot be fed by the positive energy of grace. I see where this is going. They can only use negative energy because that's where they were created. We, on the other hand, as masters have both available to us. So as the entities come to the light, we recognize them energetically. It is a familiar vibration like getting mad at someone. The reason may not be clear, but the emotion is. When we feel the negative emotion, anger, we get pulled back into that emotion. When we do, we begin to feed the entities.


You surprise us that you have not seen this before now. Have you not seen that which you and other sevens have brought into being unable to grow? Have you not seen what it brings into your lives? The sevens may become disillusioned being caught up in fear, unworthiness, and anger of blame. Yet you or the other masters have not seen this happening. You have not seen these being brought to by others that as you say for no reason you would argue with them.


Well, I did know we were going to an emotional state before this March, so I guess we all chalked it off to that. How does that work?


When a masters light has another come into their life there may be these man made entities hiding just close to the veil. As they come to the master with another, an emotional conflict will take place and the entities from both will feed on this conflict. The masters will become lost unknowing in that which is happening and get frustrated. The frustration will become anger.


This is all well and fine, however how does this help in the knowing of it?

Just because I know what it is doesn't mean I know what to do about it. Could it be as simple as clearing the room before a gathering?


In a way it is. Yet there is more to doing then clearing a room. You were given much that will help you release these energies.


OK Michael lets not play guess if you can. Can you just tell me how to handle this negative stuff?


I will as you ask. You have been given what is called the I AM oil and the oil of the Shekinah. You also have what you call charging crystals that may be used to magnify the power of the oils. Take the crystals and place a thin layer on something that will not burn. Place a small piece charcoal on the crystals upon which you will add three drops of the I AM oil. Light the charcoal that it will burn the oil as a gift to God. Say, "As a child of God, I offer this oil as my Gift to you. I ask for your Grace abundantly." Step away from the burning oil that you will not smell the smoke for this is not for you. When the smoke of the oil is gone, place another piece of charcoal on the crystals this time having four drops of the oil of the Shekinah on it and light it. As the charcoal consumes the oil you will say, "As a child of God I bring the Shekinah into my life that I may know unconditional love in all that is around me. That which is not in perfect love depart away."


That is pretty easy.


There is more to it. These things are easily done. Yet I say to you truly you must stand in love when you do these things. Your kind thinks they know love yet they do not. The love of which I speak is that of a mother or father for a child. The love of which I speak is that of a groom for a bride or a bride for a groom. The love of which I speak is that of which consumes the lover in the passion of the moment as well as the loved. It is this love that closes the space between the realm of your kind and ours. That which is not of love in which you call negativity will vanish away into the nothingness. Peace will return in your life. That which you create from this place will bear fruit.


I can see this happening to get rid of the negativity that has been getting in the way. I think I really know what you are talking about with the charging crystals and how they work. Placing the crystals under the charcoal is like putting a mirror behind a light; it will amplify it or like one of those mirrored dishes to focus the light of the sun. I totally get what you are saying. Now as far as standing in a place of love I think I get it too. It isn't just remembering a time when we were in love. It is like the time we were in love. I know for many at times we know we love someone and kind of let it go at that. The thing is we don't feel the passion of that love like when it was new. When I hold Robbie now, I still feel the same as I did when the love was new. As for Gabrayel, when I just look at her and watch what she is doing my heart fills with so much love I think it will pop sometimes. So I really understand what you are saying about standing in that place of unconditional love.


You do see that of which I speak. You can do that which I have told you, for clearing that which has come close to the veil where you are. Yet I say truly this clearing will not last for the space between our realm and yours is wide. The masters have attracted these energies by their light and are connected to other masters the energy travels from one to another.


This means that these negative energies have unlimited supply going from one of us to the next as long as we give off a negative charge to feed it. Just as long as there is a synergistic connection we produce more whether it is a positive energy or negative energy. Knowing about it isn't enough; we have to act on breaking the link that binds it to us as a whole of masters.


Breaking the link as you say will slow down the emotional reproductions of negative entities. Yet I say to as strong as a gathering is when a room is cleared these things can be called back to the place of the gathering. You have seen this at the first gathering.


I think I have seen what you are talking about. But I thought it was us crossing over to your realm. Now as I look at what happened, it could have very well been their interference in the well of souls. What I saw as fazing in and out was the entities getting in the way and the well of souls overpowering them. As I think of it now there were some emotional stuff going on between a few of the masters. When a master can set the emotional charge of anger or the rest of them aside and stand in love these entities can be cast out so they don't get in the way of what we are here to do. On the other hand, if they can't they will keep showing up in the form of strong disagreements and bring about separation with the masters. When we can resist the urge to argue and fight over things we only serve to lessen these energies around us. This is all wonderful for the moment but the negative energies come back again and again. Fascinating.


Do you see now what is to be done?


Sure this is as Joe sees it. The masters can clear a space around them of this negative energy but it will only fend it off for a while. There has become to many of these entities floating around so to speak. I can clear a space close to me and Robbie can do it close to her and other masters can do the same. This begins to lessen the negativity caused by the emotions. Here is what happens. As we began to punch holes in the influence behind the veil that is on us by the time we meet in March we can devastate the flow of negative energy. This is why we are working on manifesting the spiritual love at this March event.


As your kind would say bingo. There is much that is to be done to bring this about. The masters will need to clear the space from the veil close to them, as they do more of the energy will be drawn to the light. The masters will need to be vigilant when these entities bring the negative energy close to them. They will need to be watchful of their emotions shunning that which is not of love. As they do this they will prosper as long as the emotions are in love. If a master finds himself or herself feeding anger, fear, hatred, blame along with the other emotions they will know they are feeding these entities making them grow. Should the master not be able to hold the space of the love I speak they will again do that which I have given.


That sounds like a plan to me Michael. I could use some peace in my life rather then fighting to keep things together. I will talk to Robbie as to how we can start putting this thing together. I am glad I called you. Steve said he felt you were close and I would be getting a visit.


Robbie will speak with you of that which is best. Steve speaks to you of my presence as if he knows when I would come to you. He does not see that what he feels is I coming to him as do other masters that feel angelic energy. They have come to think it is you we are coming to. They do not know we are coming to them so they will not hear that which we are giving them.


Are you saying that the masters can see you guys like I do?


No. I say they will not hear what we are giving them. I say also those that are open to us and will surrender the ego will see.


So the next time someone tells me they feel a visit coming I should tell them to let me know how it turned out?


That would be wise.


I do have one more thing I would like to discuss with you.


You would speak of the book deal you were offered.




You know the answer to that. You have not spoken it to those that need to know. Speak of it to them that you may be about the work at hand. Your wisdom in this matter is sound. As you say to others, trust yourself. Our time is done truly be at peace and teach only love.


As Michael faded back into the light I side thanks for coming but I got no reply.


PS. The I AM oil is to be used by those who have attended a gathering. If someone needs this process done and is not yet gathered one who has been gathered can do it for them. Since this oil is rather expensive and the person performing this process for others is using their supplies; they should charge for this process.





November 4, 2003



Michael took form in the light as he does when he comes for a visit.


Not a moment to soon was my coming for 36 hours are soon to pass.


I watched as he went to my desk and picked up the stone that got knocked down from moving a small tree we had in the office. I hadn't taken time to hang it back in place. Michael returned to the place where it belonged and given he is much taller then I am he hung the stone back in place.


Grace flows still in this gate.


How come I don't think you came to visit just to replace the stone that got knocked down?


I would talk to you of that which you call the psychic set.


Did I find something that is a good thing or a not so good thing? Given it isn't about good or bad.


You play with words well.


I try.


I would give you a warning of this set of frequencies you are offering.


A warning? Are you telling me these could be dangerous?


Joe. This is not that kind of a warning.


So what kind of a warning is it that brings an angel to talk to me about them?


It is the kind that would be given to keep you on the path you have chosen.


What on earth could these frequencies have about them that could take me from the path I am on?


You have done much of what our kind has asked of you. You have been scorned by some and been betrayed because you would not yield. You have given words from our King when it would bring disfavor from others to you.


Yes. I have taken some hits from others but so what. Like I have said before I have broad shoulders and I'm quite capable of taking heat.


It is for this I am come. You would suffer much before you will knowingly walk from the path. Yet I say to you that which you have discovered may distract you.


How so?


That which you call the psychic set has power you do not know. As you raise the brain waves your kind will do things they could not have done before.


Are we talking about harmful things to others or ourselves?


Joe. You watch too much science fiction. Your kind is at the place of opening a new reality. Have you not seen the healing that has taken place with the vibrations we have given you?


Yes. Many times.


As you have said everything has a frequency. It is a frequency that allows for health. It is a frequency that allows for the cloth you are cutting to be cloth.


Yes. Yes. I know this. What are you getting at here?


With this new set you have come up with you will raise the vibration of the brain. As this happens your kind will bring their desires to them.


So are you telling me we can create what we desire if we can tune our brain waves high enough? And if this is so, can we cause harm to others and ourselves by what we are thinking?


No. I say that not. I say that those that have raised their brain waves and can become one with them can manifest that which they desire.


Well. Isn't that the same thing? I mean if I want something from someone else and I have raised my brain waves and become one with the frequency. Can't I just manifest my desires into them and get what I desire?


As you would say, it doesn't work like that. You have free will, as do others. Others would need to desire the same as you.


You are saying I can't impose my will on others to get what I want?


This is true. Yet I tell you truly you can set in motion that which you desire to come to you.


Ok. I think I'm beginning to understand this. Let's say I have been able to eke out a living. Or for that matter haven't been able to do that well when it comes to the eke part. The frequencies of the new set will help me to make more money?


Joe you are missing that which I am giving you. As you have said if you have two tuning forks of the same frequency and you vibrate one the other will start to vibrate. Money is a frequency. As your brain waves resonate closer to that frequency you will draw it to you.  I tell you this. As success grows and the coffers are filled your kind becomes distracted.


Are you saying that if me or someone else has the frequency of money we get hung up with having more?


Again you do not listen. I say you become distracted. The things that money brings take from that which you are truly about. This holds true for fame as well as fortune.  As a husband with a new bride, thoughts are on other things then the path one has chosen.


I get what you are saying. As one becomes more and more successful or prosperous we can forget what is really important. We get to do more and go more places and lets not forget the toys that can keep our attention for a long time.


Most of your kind really does not care about money. They care about what it brings to them. It is in this caring they become lost.  I tell you truly. Raise the brain waves and your kind will bring about abundance in that which they desire. The warning I give is this. Hold fast to the path you have chosen and honored in hard times. As your kind creates success in that which they desire hold true to the path. It is the path that has brought you to the success.


So. I am to take it that this warning isn't just for me but for everyone that uses the forks? Be the spiritual beings that we are and keep in balance the things we create, be they in the physical, emotional or the mental.


Well said. I would speak to you now of the gathering set to take place.


Robbie's fourth and last gathering?


Yes. It is not by chance it is come at this time nor is it that a second is in the making.


It is coming together rather well. There is a few more masters needed to make it a double gathering but it should come together soon. Is this congratulation to her?


It is that and more. She will set with those present the way to Eden's gate. Our kind will be with all that will gather as never before. The number of masters gathered and the time of the gathering will make this possible.


This is great. I will tell her this is a shoe in. She worried a little she may not have the people to do a double gathering.


Joe. Remember there is no sure thing with a gathering. Again I say many are called but few choose.


Boy, Michael you can say that again. People will do what people do. Guess that's why it is called free will.


That which she spoke to you of she will do. Yet she will speak of it to no one until it is done at her fourth gathering.


I will tell her.


Our time is done. Be at peace and teach only love.


As Joe Sees it:

So what does this all mean? I think Michael brought up some important points here. Starting off with the psychic tuning fork set. It would appear that I have stumbled on to something. The forks are going to raise brain waves to an extent that we can start manifesting things out of our desires to have them be so. I get, that we will become so good at manifesting; we will start having the things that are important to us. The catch here is we can become preoccupied with things, rather then the spiritual work we are really about. Let me give you an example. What if you hit the lotto for lets say a 120 million. How would that change your life? What would you do? I don't know about you, but my first reaction would be for me to start having the things I have always wanted. I would go shopping. New car for me, Robbie and the oldest son Randall, Oh, and while I am at it Morgan is 15 and she will be 16 soon enough I just as well get her a new car too, so she can learn to drive. A new house would also be nice. A house big enough to hold the six kids and us without getting in each other's way would be nice. One house? Why not two or three? Maybe spread them out over the country so when we travel we would be home when we got there. A new motor home would come in handy for traveling. I think you get where I am going with this. All of a sudden the spiritual path has been put on the back burner because now that I have the toys I would have to take time off to play with them.


As I see it what Michael was warning us to pay attention to what is really important to us. Just because we can start having the things we desire we shouldn't loose tract of the gifts we are regardless of the gifts we are getting.


The next thing I want to talk about is the gatherings this weekend in Wisconsin. Michael said some things that make me think. He talked about the number of masters that have been gathered. Could this be the gathering that hits the 144 mark of masters that have held gatherings? I know there have been gatherings that have not been reported. If this holds true that would mean this could bring about a synergistic quantum event. Given he also talked about the timing of the gatherings taking place. They will be held over the harmonic concordance, lunar eclipse and a full moon. The thing I find interesting is what he said about it being Robbie's fourth gathering. I come to find out at this double gathering the other Master is doing her first. Could this be opening something, by being a last for one and a first for the other one? Revelation states the first will be last and the last will be first. Could this be some kind of opening that Michael talked about to make it possible for the angels to be with them as never before? With all the possibilities here I wish I didn't have to stay home and watch the kids while the gatherings are going on up there. In closing I just want to say to all you masters that are being gathered at this gathering. Bless your hearts for what you are about cause and have happen this weekend. 



Dear Masters:

Steve has gone home to be with God. There are no words to comfort me in the loss of this Master who was my friend. I will be sending out something about him and the road we traveled together for the past 8 years. But for now I just need to grieve and come to terms with this greatest of personal loss. At this moment in time I feel that my life and the world is a lesser place without him. Thank you all for the e-mails and phone calls. Your words are things I know to be true and should easy the heart felt pain of his leaving. Right now they fall short.


Here is a line from the Lord of the Rings  (The Two Towers.)  It speaks to the way I feel about the loss to me and the work of the Masters.


Where is the horse and the rider?

Where is the horn that was blowing?

They have all passed now, like the rain on the mountain, like the wind in the meadow.

The light has gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow.


I love you all and Bless your Hearts




Dec. 21, 2003 Visit


I was awakened by a gentle touch on my shoulder. I thought it was Robbie wanting something. As I opened my eyes to a bright light that took me by surprise, recognizing it was an angel but being unable to make out just which one it was. He spoke before my eyes focused and I knew this voice as Michaels.


Rise and come with me for we will speak to you.


We? I thought to myself. I wondered who the "we" are?  I got out of bed and grabbed my jeans as I followed him out the bedroom door. As I arrived into the office I saw Gabriel standing in the gate waiting for us as Michael stepped by his side. There was a space in between them and each of them gestured for me to come and stand between them. I hesitated before doing so and asked if this was going to be one of those we are going places. Michael nodded his head and said - Come. 


It had been a very long time since any of the angels had taken me anywhere so I knew this must be something important. I stepped in between them and each of them placed a hand on my shoulder. As their hands rested on my shoulders I could feel a warmth and peacefulness come over me. But I also felt as if I had too much coffee and was on some kind of a caffeine rush. I figured this was a vibrational rising of my body to make it easier to go with them.


Standing in the gate with them looking out into the office was like looking out from a glass ball of light. The room became brighter and brighter and then became only a white fog. I could see nothing of what was the room or what was in it. Soon I thought we would be wherever we are going. Almost as the thought entered my mind I could see things come into focus, kind of like the fog of white was disbursing. Wait a minute I thought. This place looks like the place where we are going to do the Eden's Gate event. Of course I couldn't see it clearly because of the bright light that was everywhere but it sure reminded me of the place. The main thing that was different was the tent of light and gold that stood in front of the view of the river down in the valley. I remember this tent because I have seen it before on other visits so my suspicions ware correct this was important.


Michael and Gabriel didn't say a word; they just stood on both sides of me. We approached the tent or maybe the tent approached us because I didn't feel my feet moving. I could see a figure standing just inside it. Now I did say it was a tent, however it is not some short tent where maybe one or two men would stay. Oh no. This tent was maybe three stories tall and then four times that wide. The opening of the tent was about twenty feet high and fifteen wide. And the figure inside almost touched the top of the opening with his head, if it was a "him", because I couldn't make out much else due to the light coming from the figure. The feeling of this figure was familiar like I had stood before this being at some other time.


The figure moved to just outside the opening of the tent and as he did Michael and Gabriel moved away and back from me. I looked around and they appeared to make a triangle with me in the center. I didn't know if there was a reason for this and didn't have time to explore it further before the figure spoke.


The time of the lotus is over.


I had no idea of what he was talking about.


The time has come of the merging of the emotional-physical with the emotional-spiritual.


I can understand this with the Eden's Gate event coming up in March. I still don't know what you are talking about with your opening statement.


The lotus was used by many to express that of the spirit in its beauty bringing you to an emotional love. As this time ends your kind will find the beauty in them selves and becoming the love in the spirit each is. As the vibrations of your kind raises they will know this. Michael will give to you the blending of the two oils to be used as your kind raises their vibrations.


I must really be dense here because I am lost in what you are telling me.


I speak of the emotional of the Christ and that of the church of Philadelphia as the emotional-wisdom in the physical.


Now those two I can understand. So, there is going to be a blending of the two?


In your understanding you may see it so. Yet it is as the Christ mind manifest in the physical world.


As he said this it looked like his features changed to something that looked like some of the pictures of Jesus I have seen. Then he changed again to that of someone else without any really distinguishing features that I could describe.  Strange.


Again Michael will bring this oil to me to bless that it may be used by your kind.


You are talking about the way he did with the I AM oil when I made it, aren't you?


This is so.


Does that mean that like the I AM oil we can't use it for personal stuff?


No. The I AM oil is mine.


Does that mean I am talking to God personally? Are you God?


I am a reflection of God, for you may not yet stand before me in your mortal form.


Well. That takes a load of my mind. But all in all I do need to ask why I am here? Last time we didn't go to all this trouble to do the Christ oil or that of the churches. I mean why am I here getting this from you this way?


It is because you are here. I have given you that which will be done; Michael will give you the way of it.


So. Why am I here?


I bring you here that you may know the reason for your sorrow and loss.


Fear creped into my whole being as he said that. What was going to happen that I would bring about sorrow and loss?


Joe it is not that which will happen, it is that which has.


A sigh of relief came out of me as he said that. From behind him came others that looked like him and I recognized one of them. He was the one that I knew as Sopheriel and the others with him, I guessed were the "we" he spoke about when he said we. They formed a circle around someone in the center. The being that was the reflection of God, which I figured was Metatron, spoke again.


You are here now that you may know the wisdom for this sorrow of yours.


He finished speaking and I heard a voice that I knew at once.




It was the voice of Steve. That was the way he always started a phone call or an instant message online. I got a little teary eyed when I heard that voice again and answered back with a lump in my throat. Dude. I couldn't see Steve to clearly but I could make out it was him. Not the Steve I had known in life as a man that had battled with a weight problem but more of a trim and fit man. I also noticed he looked about thirty years of age from what I could see of him. Another thing was he had this innocent look about him that you see when you look at a baby and also a very wise look at the same time. I felt like whatever Steve wanted to know when he was alive he knew now.


The place of the green will be left open for Steve in the center gate, for it is he that will bring our kinds together in balance.


I had a feeling I should leave it open anyway. Kind of a way to honor him for the work he did in bringing all this about. Steve then spoke again.


Bubba. I told you once I would do whatever was needed of me to farther the work. But I didn't think I would have to die. Ha.



A huge smile came over both of our faces when he said Ha. I remembered him doing that kind of laugh when he was trying to make a point of something he said being funny. So. Why didn't you come back with Michael like the dogs did for a visit, so I would know you were ok?


Dude I don't do ghost. Ha.


What? So, the dogs were ghosts? Metatron cut in.


Joe. Dogs are different. When your kind comes home very few can return that they may be seen. Steve is not one of them.


That's too bad. I would have liked to have him around from time to time. As I finished saying that the small group started to move back into the tent as they did I heard Steve say.


 I will see you at Eden's gate Bubba. With that the others and Steve disappeared back into the tent.


Go now and take council from Michael and Gabriel for that which is to come.


I started to ask a question but it was too late. Michael and Gabriel were back on each side of me and we were back into the ball of light in the white fog. It wasn't very long before the room started to come back into view and in less time then that we were back in the office.


Our time is short. Listen well to that which we give you.


I am all ears. I said to Michael and Gabriel spoke.


You will take the oil of the church of Philadelphia and the Christ to make the new Christ oil.


A new Christ oil? What about the old oil? Do we just let it go? Is it no good anymore?


Joe. The Christ oil of the past will still need to be made. This oil that is now given is the binding of the two. Your kind will need this in the raising of the emotional vibrations for Eden.


So why not call it the Eden's oil?


Call it as you will. I give to you the blending of it and the beginning of its use.


Ok. What is in this oil?


All that is in the oil of Philadelphia and the oil of the Christ yet you will no longer use the blue water lily. You will use Roman Chamomile.


This means I will be changing the way the Philadelphia oil is made.




What will be the difference in the new Philadelphia oil and the way it was made with the lily?


The vibrations will be higher to set with the time that is come.


Am I going to have to change other oils to accommodate these new vibrations that have come in?




That is good to know because I didn't want to have to remake all the oils. Gabriel told me the amounts of the oils to use.


You will make the oil as I have given you. You will make not one drop more or one drop less. The making of this oil is numbered. The vibration of the number must not very. When the oil is made you will go out and place it in the gate. I will come for it and return it.


What? So I don't have to be there when you do? You are just going to come and get it and bring it back when you guys do what it is you do with it?


Yes. You will have it ready for the Masters to use on the seventh of that which you call January. As the light is full in this time so will the vibration be. In this is the time of the raising of the vibrations the masters will need this oil. Remember the vibrations for Eden is that of the emotions. To help these masters assimilate these vibrations of the emotions this oil will make the way.


Are you telling me that with this oil when we are in the vibrational tuning and working our way through the fifty gates our emotions will be more on an even keel? We won't be experiencing mood swings and we will have control of our emotions?


This is so.


Given we are doing the gates from an emotional come from I can see where this oil can come in really handy. Last year when we did this process there were emotions that came up even though we were working the gates from a mental come from.


Your kind are very emotional beings. Before you ask Joe. It is not as you would say a bad thing. That which gets in your way is your kind feels and it is only when the feeling subsides do you know that which has happened. There is no wisdom in what you feel.


Oh. I think I got what this is about. Correct me if I am off base here. We, as you say, are emotional beings. I can understand that. So. It is like when we get angry we are driven by the anger and act out whatever we feel. On the other hand, when we are sad, we and our actions are more inward. Is this correct so far?


It is yet you miss something important. With emotions you bring separation to yourself with others. Anger separates you from others in the mental of the ego for you feel you were wronged and you act outwardly pushing others away. In sorrow you separate yourself from others by going inward, as the ego has told you something was taken from you and you suffer loss.


In these emotional states we try to rationalize in the mental to make it OK. No matter which way we go to we have no wisdom in the feelings. I have found when I lost family, friends or the dogs I couldn't help how I felt. When I could make it right in my mind the feelings left and I had the wisdom to know in the mental things were as they should be. Nothing was really taken form me and it was not personal as the ego would lead me to believe.


There is wisdom in that which you speak. With the emotional workings of this vibrational raising your kind will need much wisdom to get you to where you want to be in March.


I can see this happening. This end of the year has had a bunch of us going through some mood swings, everything from anger, sorrow, depression and just being annoyed at things and people. It would be great if just the littlest thing didn't set us off on an emotional roller coaster. I just need to know if this Eden's oil is just for getting us through the emotional stuff before the event or is there other uses for it.


Question well asked. That which you call the Eden's oil is for more. Many of that which cause diseases with your kind comes from your emotions. These emotions throw off the flow of energy and grace through the body. This oil will be used to heal that which could not be healed before. You are children of God and your kind forgets this. You would feel that you are less then this. You would believe you are unworthy of love or the abundance that is given. This oil will bring the wisdom to the emotions that you may receive that which God gives freely. That which you have denied yourselves, you will no longer reject it from your thinking you are unworthy. As you balance your emotions in wisdom your kind will grow in oneness.


Wow. This sounds wonderful to me but how do we use it? Is there some kind of a blessing or words we need to say to go along with it when we do use it.


No Joe. There is nothing to bless or say for this will be done when I come for it and it is returned. For the raising of the vibrations leading up to the Eden's event your kind will place a drop on the third eye, the crown and the base of the skull every forth day. Your kind will find in working the fifty gates that it will come easier as you go through each gate.


Is this like as we work the gates we will be more of an observer of our emotions without getting plugged into the experience of the feeling?


Well said. As the masters work the gates they will look at the emotion they feel and be able to choose to act on it or not.


In other words they will have the emotion rather then the emotion having them? Kind of freeing our selves of emotions.


Joe. Your kind will not be free of emotions. Yet your kind will be free of the attachment to them.


Now I can understand that. What about the healing stuff that can be done with this oil? How do we use it for that?


You would use it as you would use the oil of Philadelphia or that of the Christ oil. You will find that Chakras that would not align with the vibrations of the forks will when used together with this oil. You may use it to charge a meridian line where a point is blocked opening the flow of energy until the forks can be used on the blocked point. This oil can be mixed with equal parts of the other oils to enhance the speed in which they work. This will be helpful for the using it on meridian lines of animals until you finish the book of Acutuning for them. Place the oil on the base of the skull, yet I say use it sparingly for it is high in vibrations.


Just a guess here, but I am willing to venture that the reason for this oil doing so much and the speed of it, has to do with what is going to happen to it when you take it?


I tell you this. You and our kind make this oil for the vibrations your kind is ready to use.


Michael started talking about the Eden's Gate event so I guessed Gabriel was done with the oils part of this visit.


You have worked out the new pattern I gave you for that which you call Eden's gate.


Yes I did. It wasn't so hard once I just sat down and did it. I still have to go out back and make one off my gate to see how it will look. This should be fun with all the trees surrounding the gate.


You will work it out.


I just hope we have what we need to pull this off. Jewels says there are people that say they are coming but the conformations still need to be for sure. Some of the people that say they are coming that need to pay haven't. So we don't know if they are for sure.


That will all change after the festival of light. It is in this time your kind concerns themselves with home as it should be. As the New Year comes in so will the masters wanting to be in Eden gate. In this emotional celebration few will want to miss it. You need to be about that which I have given you to make ready for this. You have chosen music for the process, which you need to have long before. You need to set the flow that the masters may celebrate their giftedness.


I know and I am working on it.


There is only so much our kind is allowed to do. The rest is up to you and the masters.


Michael we are doing all we can for this event. I know the masters in Austin are working very hard to pull this off. I don't think you guys would have given me a preview of this if it were not going to be the biggest event of the masters coming together in oneness. I mean come on. Why else would the setting for the meeting with Metatron have taken place in what looked like the place we are holding the event?


That was to help you remember the wonder and greatness of the work you do. As the celebration ends the masters will grow vastly in all they do. As you were told they will grow in spirit and abundance. This work will rise to new levels and grow. Our kind desires only to have the masters served that they may go forth a new.


Not to worry Michael. I have time to get things ready.


Joe. You need to write the flow of the weekend. Set this flow to the music. Make the time of this work for the number of masters that will be there.


Ok. I will start getting it all ready the first of the year. Then when the event starts everything will flow smoothly. I will get the weekend laid out as to what is happening when so I will be ready. Will that work for you guys?


I say this to you because you are a red. You see the big picture yet those that will help will need a plan to help in the event working.


No pun intended but you don't want me to wing it right.


Wing it? No. Be ready to serve those masters that are there? Yes.


You got it.


Our time is done. You must rest for there is much work to be done.

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