Angel Visits 2002

January 4 2002


It was after midnight when Joanne and I finished talking on the phone. I was about to go to bed when I noticed a light start to appear in the gate I have set up in the office. This was a bit exciting for me because I hadn't had any visits for a while. That wasn't too much as a surprise because the angels don't show up during what they call the festival of light, which is around Christmas.


As the light became more pronounced I could see it was Michael about to come through. I was happy to see him again and to hear whatever he wanted to talk about.


Have a nice vacation I said?


I come to speak of the time that is at hand and to come.


And what time would that be?


You were told the rewards of the father would be visited on the children.


Yeah. Like a hundred times something I said to him.


You do not hear what I say to you.


So what am I missing here?


For you and the masters as you have come to this new time you have faced hardships. You have kept the work given to you in faith. You have labored long hard and have found little to show for that which you have done.


Boy you can say that again. Almost every one I know has had hard times this year including yours truly. As they say we almost lost the farm.


As you say almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  You did well in the giving of your care to God.


I didn't know what else to do. I was a little afraid to use the I am oil at first, but figured what else was I going to do. Then again it was a kind of healing that needed to take place.


It was.


It worked to.


Look to the birds of the field.


I heard that.


God gives them food yet they must gather it.


What you are saying is it is there however we have to go get it.


Yet there is a greater lesion to be learned in this.


What would that be or do I need to figure it out?


The Masters as you are come to the time of rewards. The fruits for the work you have done in the past are ripening even now as we speak. Your storehouses are soon to be filled in accordance with your labors. I tell you truly, this which you call the year 2002 is the year of the masters. That which you have lacked will be given in full measure of your labors. That which you have not labored for has been set-aside for you.


Is this like some kind of a trust fund?


More so than you know. That which the Masters would have is there. It is the time of joy and abundance in the land. The old masters have made way for the new masters to receive their rewards.


Let me see if I am getting this. Those of us that have been doing the work so far have had some tuff times. Because I know I have. However. All the work we have been doing is getting ready to pay off. Each master will be compensated for what they have done.


Speak more of what you see.


Is this like the more you have done the greater their rewards?


Yes, and more. The time is now for the masters to gather for that which they have done. Yet is the time for all the masters to gather greater rewards.


OK. I think I got what you are saying. Those that have been busting our buts and haven't gotten much out of it are about to get paid. So to speak depending on how much we have done.


This is true. Yet those that have done little will be rewarded for what they have done. Again I say to you this time is that all may have greater rewards.


You keep saying something I am not hearing. Is this that the masters that have not done as much as others can still get what you call greater rewards?


It is not that they alone may have greater rewards it is that in this time all will profit by their labors. This time is given to the masters; each will use it, as they will.


You mean we as masters have a chance to cash in through this year. We can gain a larger amount of what money, relationships spiritual growth or what ever?


You are given this. Waste it not.




The foundation the masters have built in the time that is past will open in this year to the number of masters in the thousands.


You telling with what we have done so far? If we play our cards right is going to put the number of gathered masters in the thousands.


Yes, this to is so.


Now I am really excited. Because it sounds like to me we can be abundant in all areas of our lives.


This is so.


I do hear in your voice that this is the best shot we got so far. We can use it or not but this is the year. Hum. What about next year?


I tell truly that which you do in this year will set into motion the next year as. Know you this. That which you call into abundance will be given. That which you called for was given in three days. That you and others may know of what I speak is true. I will give you a sign on the seventh of this month. You will know that you are a child of the love God is.


This I got to see. Are we done yet?


There is more.


OK. Lay it on me.


That which Robbie has been given in herbs for helping is to be divided evenly among the churches according to the seasons as she has set them. Her timing is as they are to be used.


Well, there have been questions as to what season is when.


The seasons are as she has given. If it were not so I would have told you.


That works for me.


You will say to her that her time to teach is come. The herbs and foods that are given hold the vibration needed by your kind.


OK. You got it.


I say one last thing before our time is done.


I hate it when you start with something like that. It always means I am going to get something I may not like.


You are going to build a gate you call a working model. This gate is more powerful than you know. When the time comes for you to build this I will instruct you in the way it is to be done. Gather the things you need quickly.


I am working on it now.


My time is done. Yet there is another that will visit you with in three days. Teach only love.


With that said he folded back into the light and was gone.




January 7, 2002


Robbie had gone to bed while Jewls and I played with the model of the Gate we were building. We had been working most of the day putting it together into the night. We two had reached the point where enough was enough, and it was time for bed. Jewls told me if Michael came to come wake her up, and I said I would if I could. As I went to join Robbie, who was already sleeping, I knew I wouldn’t be getting the sleep I needed. It seemed like I had just fallen asleep when, sure enough, Michael was standing in the bedroom calling my name to wake me. Since I promised Robbie and Jewls I would try to wake them up when Michael came, I gave Robbie a nudge. “Mum,” she said with a smile but her eyes never opened. Michael looked at me like you would a child who had tried something you knew wouldn’t work. I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say I had to give it a try. I climbed out of bed and went to join him at the foot of the bed. The light that surrounds him filled the whole room making it possible for me to see into Gabby’s crib. To my surprise I saw two little blue eyes looking at Michael with one of those smiles that babies do with their mouth wide open.


You mean Gabby can see you? I asked.


All babies see angels. Did you forget that?


He knew I didn’t, but in his own way he was digging at me for asking kind the same as thing when I tried to wake Robbie. Gabby looked at me and then at Michael. She smiled once more before putting her head down and drifting off to sleep. Michael left the bedroom, passing through most of the door and parts of the walls. I was lucky, and could use just the door. He went through the kitchen on this way to the office. I wondered if Jewls would wake up from her night’s slumber on the couch. Michael’s light flooded the room and shone down on Jewls, but she too was out for the night. I wondered how this visit would go with her sleeping just outside the stones for Pergamum and Ephesus and inside the place of Laodicea. Whatever was going to happen inside the Gate was going to happen with her in it.


Michael moved toward the Gate, and the places of the stones began to glow with light. In no time at all there were eight angels, me, and Jewls, sleeping with two angels in front of her and one behind. “She is going to be pissed she missed this,” I thought to myself.


Big night, Michael, with all the troops with you again? He didn’t say anything to that.


‘Is he for real?’ was what you have to ask.


Yes, I was asked to ask you next time I saw you.


I tell you this. He is as you say an orange’s orange: truly the butterfly flying from one flower to the next lost in the excitement of the flight.


Well, tell me something I don’t know.


That which was given to him has been lost in the excitement.


We are talking about the oil, right?


This is so. Yet, this oil to go out to the sevens has not.


I know that too.


What you know not is you must make the Song of Songs Oil until this butterfly lands.


What about the other stuff we have been working on for him?


Not one drop of oil will you or Robbie pour, not one Gate will you build for him, not one moment of labor will you spend for his work until the butterfly visits upon you the nectar of his promise.


Me being the bottom-line kind of guy I am, tells me we shouldn’t spend any more time on what he wants until he comes across with he said he would.


This is so.


I do have another thing ... I started to ask but was cut short. Gate travel. Again I started to speak but was stopped.


The one who sleeps seeks it.




Give to her the Gate the three of you built. Say to her, ‘Michael told me to give it to you to take with you.’ You will say nothing more now.


Like I know something else to tell her.


You will write as you do for others to read.


Yes, I do it with all the visits unless you tell me not to.


When you write, say this that others may know who would travel within the Gate: ‘the place for your kind is here and now. It is not with traveling from time to time nor from dimension to dimension. The work of the masters is in this time and in this dimension. None will be ready to travel, lest they have no need to.


That is a little deep for me, Michael.


Yes it is. You will see the wisdom soon enough.


As he finished saying what he had to say, two angels moved from their places to the center of the gate. One was the African-looking angel and the other was the Asian-looking angel. I knew them as Ratziel and Haniel.


We speak to you as one.


This should be something, I told Michael, having all three of you talking at once. Never had that happen before.


We come as teachers, not as messengers.


What is that supposed to mean?


Listen and see. Your kind has needed to make sense of what you do not know. We give you as a gift the Gate that your kind may heal and speak with us. Your kind has communed with ours, and has healed. Yet there is proof needed for the showing of its working. You and Gary have worked long for the why of it. You have fit it into your numbers of old and of the numbers of new. All your numbers of reason will but serve to explain that which is. Gary sees the beauty of the numbers so others will know the truth of the Gate’s working. You see the beauty of motion, yet know not the numbers. This, which you will build, answers neither to the numbers nor the beauty of the motion. The Gate we give you charge to make speaks to the vibration of divine grace. The numbers and motion will be as grains of sand on a beach moved by the tide of grace. You and Gary are as children still playing in a world of wonder. That which you know as knowledge will bring you not one step closer to wisdom in the working of the Gate. I tell you truly that which you speak of in words of motion are as a rainbow in the mist. That which Gary sets in numbers cannot be played on the instrument of grace. Truly I say to you, all the vibration of grace is from the breath of God.


Mind if I say some thing?” There was a pause, so I guessed it was time to ask if I could. “I know there is no such thing as right or wrong here, but if there were a wrong, would you say we are both wrong in the way we are certain the Gate works?


A word you would understand is ‘limited.’ The certainty you and Gary hold has hold of you. You would take the Gate to its smallest part and build out from that point. I say to you all, it is not in the smallest point that the true greatness of this Gate comes from. It is the greatness of the Gate that gives the smallest part a place to be.


Ok. We are in some kind of mental box, so to speak, that keeps us from the truth. The truth is what gives the box a place to be. I guess that makes sense on some level but what does that have to do with the Gate?




Oh, great. So how much does that have to do with each master being the Gate?




You guys are screwing with my head, and I can tell you right now Gary isn’t going to know what you are talking about either. As soon as I finished speaking Gabriel moved to the center to join them.


Joe, Robbie knows less of the timing of the herbs then you two know of the Gate. Yet she has set the seasons to them and them to the seasons. She sets them by not which she knows. She sets them from outside the box.


Well that sucks. Maybe we should give this to her to figure it out.


The working of the Gate is not her sum. Did not you and Gary set the first Gate?


Yes, we did, and you could say if there were a wrong way to set it, we did do it wrong.


True, the Gate did not work as it could. Yet the Gate did work. Gary and you found this to be true.


You have a point there. It did work, and it worked a whole lot better after getting it set correctly.


The vibrations brought this to be. The vibrations of the herbs set the seasons, not the seasons to the herbs. As with the Gate, it is the vibrations of herbs that set the place.


Are you saying it doesn’t matter when you take a group of herbs? You can take whatever, whenever?


No. I say the calendar she set with Jewls is the flow of vibration.


Well what about the mistakes in the manuals that people have called about?


Such things will be when the new comes into being. Have there not been many in the work you do? Did you not learn from them? Did you not say other than you meant with your writings?


There were times when I was in a hurry to get information out, and missed something. I can see where things slip by.


The new herbs are as foods for the body. What has been given will set the body to receive them.


Some of the new things you gave before as sacred herbs. What is the difference between what you gave as herbs and what you gave new as helper herbs, or food, as you call it? Before any of these angels said anything, the fourth angel came from her place to join the others. I know her as Tzadqiel the Native American. She seemed to walk or float through Jewls sleeping on the couch. Haniel and Ratziel parted to make way for her to come between them. They not only made room for her but they moved behind her. There was one more voice that joined the chorus changing the sound to a more feminine pitch in their voice.




She turned her right hand so that the palm was facing me and started a gesture like someone showing the way to some place. She moved her hand in a circular motion from the floor to above her head. From where her hand was I could see things come into being. When she was finished with her right hand she did the same with her left. When she was done, my office was transformed into a jungle of herbs, fruits and vegetables growing with an energy that seemed to pulsate and glow. The room was so full of life I could hardly see the other two angels behind her.


All this is given that your kind may raise your vibration in the physical. As the masters raise their vibration in the work they do with what they are given, they make way for the healing of your world and all that is in it. Many of the obstacles that have befallen you and the masters -- your labors have been a struggle and your victories have been taken to block your way -- no more.


Before she said another word, there came another female angel that I know as the Irish colleen called Khamael. So there was another voice that joined the rest. It was as if all the angels talked together. The only ones that were more distinguishable were the ones of Tzadqiel, Khamael and Michael.


This is the day that the gift was given removing that which barred you and the sevens.


I knew something was supposed to happen but I can’t think of anything happening. Nothing of any great importance happened on the news. No new star in the heavens or earthshaking event took place today that I know of.


As the sun passed the highest point in the sky, you were given that which you were told.


So sometime after noon something happened that me and the other masters should have known about?


Do you remember this?


I watched the two of them as Khamael placed her right hand on the back of Tzadqiel’s left. It was as if their hands became one and Khamael was leading whatever they were about to do. At the same time, they both brought their free hand and placed it on the one they had joined. Then without warning they spread their hands out as if inviting me in for a hug. There was no chance of that happening. There was no way to move forward with what was happening. There was a shock wave of light coming from the two of them and passing through me. Not like rushing over me but through me, and then it was gone. “I do remember that feeling but it was not as powerful today as when you just did it. Another thing is it happened at around 2 something -- not so close noon.


Where was your baptism done?


California, when I was living there.


As you poured your bowl onto the earth, you opened the way for the masters. Have you forgotten you are of the church of Smyrna?


Didn’t you guys say something about there being no leader in what we are doing here? I have always said I am not all that important in the work as much as the masters.


You belittle your place. Had you not poured the bowl, this gift would not be given now.


I am sure someone else would have stepped up to do it.


Think you that no one else was offered the bowl?


So this is one of those many-are-called type of things?


It was. That which you chose to do has allowed the giving to take place.


So what does this all mean that you are telling me?


That which you felt today has gone out to all the masters. Some will have felt more of this than others.


And this does or is doing what?


You have all been blessed for your work. You will all have obstacles removed from your path. That which would have barred the way will no longer do so. This is the year of the masters.


You telling me that with what happened today we are pretty much free to have the things we wanted, come true?


Yes. You were told this was to pass. The masters are limited by themselves and no other. We tell you this that you may know your place in what is to come.


All right; tell me. But some how I feel like things are going to change again.


Gary told you to follow your intuition.


Yes, he has said that many times.


It is in the time to come you must pay heed to that which you know.


Trust myself.


More. You will need to stand for the work, as you have not yet been called to do. You must stand that others may see you will not bend or compromise regardless the cost. Others will test you. Some will be close to you and some you do not know. You will be accused of ego and of stupidity. You will have deceit laid at your door, yet we of your church will usher it away in the courage you are.


Sounds like a fun year for me, and I am glad you will be there to enjoy it with me.


It is good that you have humor. For it will be needed in the time to come. Yet we tell you truly, this is the year for you as the master you are. Stand as the church you are and all will be well.


So this year is going to be a great year for me in the work I have been doing. And all that is left is for me. Pip pip chin up old boy, stay the course, weather the storm and everything will be Ok?




Well, like I said, it sounds like fun. When does this begin?


It has begun. This is why you were called.


Ok. Ok. I have a question in this. Is what you have just told me about me or is it the other masters too?


Truly we say to you, this will fall upon you and you alone. What you do cuts the path for others.


This says I am responsible, just me and me alone. That sounds fair.


You know you would not have it another way.


True, I guess. Is there more, or should I talk about what I think I have heard.




Before a word came out of my mouth, the jungle of plants started to fade. In a moment it was all gone as Ratziel and Haniel had gone back to their place in the Gate. It was down to me, Michael, Tzadqiel and Khamael to finish whatever was left. I should be about the work I am to do this coming year and not spend time waiting to do something for someone else that may or may not be ready for it. If the oil that is needed by the masters can’t be gotten, then I should make it until it is gotten.




The event that was to take place was more along the line of God’s love making way for the masters to handle finance, relationships and the work we have taken on. Not like I said before about a new star or something people could see.




The herbs are going to raise the vibrations so that we can work with you angels and heal ourselves. Our bodies will be able to use what we take in the way of these herbs as food. The calendar that Robbie has is correct as to when to take what.




Myself, on the other hand, am going to have to be a red’s red in the coming year in order to keep things straight. This in turn is in itself going to cause me problems with personalities and the beliefs others have?


True again.


The Gate is more than we ever thought it would be. There is a limited understanding we have about the energy of the Gate, given we have tried to explain it with math and with what I have seen.




Oh yes, of course, you are going to be there to get me through the tough times. I guess that pretty well sums it up.


All you have said is so. Yet there is more that was given that you have not done.


When was that?


You were given things that you were to do.


Ok. I remember books and drawings and things from an earlier visit.


All this needs to be done.


I haven’t forgotten about it. Some of it has been done and some still remains to be done, but I am working on it. What else is there?


You have the understanding of what you must do. You have the courage to do it. We will be at your side when you need us. Our time is done for now.


The two angels returned to their places in the gate. Before I knew it, all the angels except Michael were gone. I looked to Michael, and all I could say was, Oh Michael, what have you gotten me into?


I have gotten you into not which you have not chosen. You are as an anchor of a great ship in an upcoming storm. The steel you are made of will hold. It may strain and it may bend, yet it will not break. That which you have chosen goes against the way it has been. Did you think changing this would be easy?


No, not really. Michael my life has changed so much since the time I said ‘Speak’ and you came into my room.


Much have you done in the years that have passed. Much in the time to come will you do.


You know I could use your help a lot more now.


I will be here when you do. Call and I will answer.


Now that is very cool. I never had that from you before.


You have it now. Be at peace and teach only love.


I watched Michael fade back into the light and with it Jewls sleeping on the couch. It was dark in the house as I made my way to bed for some much needed sleep.




January 26


Knowing some thing I should not have


It was around one in the morning when Robbie, Gabrayel and I returned home. We were in Austin where we went to listen to Julia Ingram speak. I had wanted to meet her for a long time given she had written a book with Gary. However that is another story. Getting to bed I thought I would get a good nights rest, but that was not to happen. Sometime in the night I was awakened by what I thought was Ebbie poking me with her muzzle. She never does this so I awoke with a start thinking something was wrong. To my surprise it wasn't Ebbie at all. It was a Poppy, the mastiff that had gone home earlier last year. When she saw I was awake she waddled out of the room, like she still had the wide body that caused her to be on a diet for the last 6 years of her life. She could never lose weight no matter what we gave her to eat. She was much thinner than I had seen her in years. She also looked much younger and of course had a glow of light coming off of her. Ebbie followed her out of the bedroom with me behind her as she turned to head for the office. As soon as I turned the corner I could see the light from the office. Standing in the center of the gate was Michael and Gabriel watching me enter the office. Poppy went in the gate and sat down between the two of them and somehow she looked content to be there. Gabriel spoke first.


You are coming into that which you should not have come to so quickly.


I wasn't to sure on what he was talking about but I had a good idea. I didn't say anything but just listened for what he had to say next.


Not all have mastered that which we have given. Yet you have come to find where we would lead you in time.


Now I really didn't know where to go with this so I had to ask. What are you referring to?


That which you call tuning forks.


Oh. You mean the tuning forks based on the ancient solfeggio scale.


No. I speak of the sacred solfeggio scale.


Well, I was trying to find a better set of tuning forks that I could get for the sevens for less money. That's how I found out about the ancient solfeggio scale. I had talked to the man that manufactures forks awhile back but never went any farther with it. Then again you told me earlier that I would be finding forks that would hold the vibrations that would be like nothing we have used before. Why, did I do something I shouldn't have done?


You were to have made the forks you were told of.


Yes, Michael told me to I should have the tuning forks for him, Sandalphon, Metatron, and the Shekinah. That was what I was doing along with the other forks. That is when I found out about the Solfeggio scale and what they were being used for.


This is as it was meant to be.


So where is the problem here?


You were not to come to the ones called the Sacred Solfeggio scale for sometime.


So I screwed up and shouldn't be messing with this or telling anyone about what I have found? Michael cut in at this point.


It is past time for that. You have let the calf out of the bag.


Michael. What you are trying to say is the cat, not the calf. I said with a smile that was close to laughter.


Humor Joe. Do not become serious in what you have done.


I must say you are getting pretty good at humor. So. Your point for me is not to worry? Gabriel spoke next.


You have come to know the ways of vibration with the sounds you are now using. That which you call the next step was to be the ancient solfeggio scale.


I did find about that and what is being done with it.


What is it you think you know?


Well, lets see what I remember. I know that the Ancient solfeggio scale had only five notes according to the Bible. I suspect that these are the notes used by David in the secret cords he played for God which God found pleasing. I know this could have also been used by David to bring Saul back from insanity. I found out that later on this scale went to 6 notes that had to do with the repetition of numbers in the bible.


These notes or cords were referred to as tones for miracles and are used today to repair or rejuvenate DNA. One of the notes is well known to slow down aging. This stuff also has something to do with electromagnetic frequencies and this is just 6 notes.


Much you have learned in a short time as was meant to be. Yet you have gone beyond this.


You are talking about what me, with the frequencies I came up with the guy making the forks.




I have to tell you when I first saw this ancient scale I was ready to dismiss it altogether. I mean it only had five and then six notes so that couldn't be right as I saw it. That was the first problem and then there was the fact that the vibrations were all off. I knew the frequencies you gave me for the forks were correct but the solfeggio with six just couldn't work that well. That's when I figured it out and asked him if he could figure out the next note to make it seven notes. He did and from there it was easy to find the frequencies that made up the sacred solfeggio scale. So what is all the hubbub anyway?


You were given the vibrations that you may learn to use them. You came to know how to use the standard tuning forks and to teach others. Yet with what you know now you have past a step in your learning.


Is that a bad thing?


I will not speak to the word bad which you used for I know that which you are speaking. I say this will make it harder for those to understand these new tuning forks you are having made.


So then it is cool with the angels if I go on with it.


It is.


Is there any reason someone shouldn't have a set if they want them?


No. For I tell you truly you will be not enough in time or wisdom to find all that they may do. You have the knowing to teach others and they will grow in wisdom.


I remember something about these forks being able to manifest matter from grace or another way of putting it is physical from spiritual. I have no idea where it came from but somehow I just know it.


It is for this that you speak of, we have come. You will give the knowledge for the forks you have. Yet in the time to come others will help you find ways of using these vibrations. You know only the smallest part of what you have stumbled upon. Your knowing will grow fast of these new forks and healings will be more abundant.


Does this mean the old forks we have been using aren't any use anymore?


No. You have been using them for healing along with oils have you not?


Yes, I have and they have been working very well.


Not all will be ready for the new vibration yet that which you called the old tuning forks will raise them in vibration to receive.


What you are telling me, is that the old forks we have been using are still needed to heal.


What I say is the new forks are for greater things. The old forks work on the body yet the new work with both body and spirit. When you learn to master these you will build, move, heal and create from grace.


You mean we can create from nothing, something into being?


You will be able to cause. Yet I say to you truly the time will come when you find the 12th frequency that you will hold the love that God is in your heart.


Don't guess you are going to tell me are you?


Master all that we have given you. Master all which you are, you will know the 12th.


Why do I get the feeling this is not going to be an overnight thing? Tell me something. If I figured out the next note in the scale would that be the 12th note?




How about playing all the notes at the same time? He just looked at me like I was really reaching for something that was not there. Almost like saying nice try but no cigar. OK I get it. We will have to learn how to master every thing you have given us so far. Now that brings me to another point. Robbie wanted to know about the new herbs you guys gave her. I waited to hear what he was going to say. Knowing he would explain it all to me.


What is it she would know?


I donut know what she wants to know.


Tell her to ask. We will answer her questions.


Cool. I have something else. Michael spoke.


Say this to Gary. You would choose one or the other wishing to make the right choice. I tell you truly the choice you make will not be as you say the right one.


 Just what in the world is that supposed to mean.


What I say is limit not that which you do.


I think I understand and will talk to him about it. This brings me to the next point. You said you would be here whenever I needed to talk to you. How does that work, do I need to say anything special? Can I just call you whenever?


When there is the need for you to see me I will come. You may call should you feel it is needed.


Thanks. What should I do with the new forks?


As you say play with them. Discover the power they will bring to what you do. Find the combinations of oils that will work in healing with these.


There is a problem with the new forks.


You have come to solve the problem of which you speak.


I did come up with something that I think will work. I was trying to get the forks with a point on the end but because they donut make them that way it would cost more. I figured there must be a way to get the vibration to the points without having a point on the fork. I came up with quartz crystal to do this. I took one that I had and one of my tuning forks and put it on a meridian point and it worked great. But there was one thing I noticed when I tried two different crystals. One crystal had six facets and the other had seven facets. The vibration with the one having seven facets gave a very clear vibration but the one having only six seemed to have something missing. I think the quartz crystal with seven facets is the way to go. I later found out the one I used was what was called a keyway. I really liked the sound of that given there are seven keys.


What you have found is true.


I was thinking that it might even work better if I were to use the stones used in making a gate to make them stronger in vibration.


Throw not away your time with those for they will bring little to the sending of the vibration.


What about Herkimer diamonds or for that matter what about diamonds?


They will bring even less.


So quartz it is then and of course with seven facets.


Forget not the oils for their value is great in your learning. Forget not the herbs for they make way that the body may vibrate with the soul.


You can count on it.


When you have these new forks we will help you to know the way in which to start using them.


Cool. There was a pause in what was being said so I had to break it by asking what was next. Michael started the next round of what was to come.


The one you called Poppy did awaken you this night.


Yes, she did and I am so happy to see her. Even if she just hung out with you guys.




As soon as he said that Poppy started to stand on her hind legs. From there she lifted off the ground. As she went into the air it looked like she was really resting on her back. She then became clear in a manor of speaking so I could see through her.


These are what you call chakras and meridian points for her kind. Remember them that you may draw them for others to know. These are used for healing as you were given for your kind.


I wish you had shown them to me earlier.


The time is for your kind to learn of this that they will use them to end the suffering of these children of God.


 Michael with Poppy's help showed me points from a lot of different angles. I saw more points and colors then I would have guessed a dog had. This went on for I donut know how long. When Michael was finished Poppy settled back to the ground. As soon as her feet hit the ground she came over to me and sat down in front of me. Her right leg came up as to paw me, which was her way of saying she wanted to be petted. I bent down and stroked her back and scratched her chest. Then I said payment. That was what we said when we wanted a kiss from her. Her tongue licked my face as it had when she was alive. It was warm and felt like it was moist but there was no drool or slobber.


Our time is done. Teach only love.


Poppy turned and headed back to the two angels and as the light folded in on itself, they were gone. I headed off to bed, pardon the expression dog-tired.


Here is where it gets really strange. Robbie was taking her youngest son to a birthday party. He just said to her that Poppy and Ebb were playing in the living room last night. He didn't know anything about the visit I had last night. One more thing happened when I said to Robbie Poppy was in the visit. The oldest girl said Poppy was dead. Sara, 4 years old, said in a loud voice, Poppy is not dead her and Ebbie were playing together here last night. This just blew me a way. One never knows does one?



February 5, 2002


I had just gotten off line with Joanne and was going to bed. When a light started forming in the gate again. OK. I said to myself this is going to be a long night again. I stood by my desk waiting to see which angel or angels I would get this time. It didn't take long to see it was Michael but before he came into full manifestation the massage table lifted off the floor and moved out of the way. As it came to rest where it had moved to, Michael was there in the center of the gate.


You have found the correct vibrations.


Yes, There were three forks that were off just a little.


They are now as they should be.


That's good to know.


The book.


You must be talking about the conversation I had with Gary.


I am.


So OK. Then you know what we are planning to do with it. Why?


I know the two of you are set to take a path that leads to nowhere.


What are you talking about? Didn't you say we should get the book published?


I did. Yet I say this is not the way.


Gary told me money was coming his way to be able to publish the book and we both thought it was you guys helping it out.


It is not. Find if you must the cost yet do not act on it. You would jump to a place where there is no ground to land nor wings to lift you.


You are telling me to wait?




Something else is going to happen to have the book published other then the way we think it will?


It will.


Can you give me a hint?


No. I will tell you when and how it will be done.


Cool. Go ahead and tell me.


Wait. I will tell you when the time is, not before. For once you will have to trust me in what I say of the book.


Trust. What are you are you talking about trust? All I have done these past years is trust you. Now you are telling me that I should trust you?


I say you and Gary need to trust what it is I say. Run not blindly to gather alms throwing away a kings ransoms.


OK. If you say so that's the way it will be. But I still would like to know what you have up your sleeve.


In time you will know the wisdom of this.


Yeah. I hope so.


Let us speak of other things.


Go for it.


You have found the vibrations of our kind and are searching to know the use of them.


Yes, Gary and I talked about that and decided not to send out too much about it because people started to think the old stuff wasn't worth anything now. Like the old forks were useless.


This is not so. That which you call the Old Stuff is the foundation for the new. It is these that have brought you to receive the next set of vibrations. Not all are ready to receive and must be raised in vibration with the old before coming to the new.


How so?


Do you not use the old to raise the vibration to that of the physical?


Yes, we do. Does this mean we raise the physical vibrations to the gifts that we are?


Yes, Have you not done so in that which you call Acutuning?


Yep, that too.


You would balance the physical vibrations that the divine may blend with them as one. Should you not do this it would pass through as the wind in the trees.


I understand what you are saying but I have a question on this Acutuning stuff. The old forks work with the physical in Acutuning, but the new forks work with the new angelic points. Correct?




How come the old forks were working with the new points?


As you used the old forks along with the oils you were raising the vibration within you.


I see what you are saying now. We need to raise the vibration of the angelic points so they can work with the new forks. Otherwise the new vibration of the angelic forks would pass through them.


Well, said. Yet I tell you truly the new forks hold not the vibration of the old ones.


Now that is an understatement.


Look to what you have found.


I took this to mean what I had been writing on each angel and what he or she did. I started to show him the paper I had written it down on when he started to talk.


Khamael. This fork is the beginning of force. Holding that which is needed and is the foundation of power of grace. Only will this vibration hold the regulation of order. Grace is as you call raw energy without the order Khamael vibration holds. This is as the blood that which carries nourishment to the body for all that comes from the food of Grace must pass this way.


So are you saying this tuning fork deals with the cardiovascular system?


I am.


Then this will help with blood diseases or things related to the cardiovascular system?


It will do this and more.


What is the more?


In time you will learn.


I thought this is what he meant when he said not enough time or wisdom on my part.


Tzaphqiel. This fork is for the building the fabric of the body.


You are talking about building cells aren't you?


I am and again I speak of raw materials the body needs to heal; yet this is done in the emotions, the mind and the physical bodies.


Can it rejuvenate cells?


That the body may heal, it will. Gabriel.


Oh I know something about this one. His vibration can rejuvenate DNA or repair it and is also good to slow down the aging process.


This true, yet there is more. The sacred oil made by one of the Masters when mixed in the vibration will aid greatly to slow and repair the aging in your kind. Gabriel's vibration with others will aid in the bearing of children.


I should have remembered that.


With two other vibrations a woman that was without child may now conceive a child.


I bet it is the other angels that visited Abraham that had Sara give him a son.


This is so. Gabriel is the foundation on which the grace brings into being.


This is very helpful in understanding the new forks.


Raphael. The angel which builds the temple that holds the seat of the soul. His vibration tunes the body that it may be in harmony with its self. In this his vibration quickens healing of disease and wounds, easing pain. He gives the healing of bones of the body and other afflictions.


I knew these new forks were for something but I didn't know what all they could do.


Ratziel. Bursts forth the power of grace to aid the immune system that the temple is made whole. His vibration cools fevers brought on by sickness or will raise it for the desired out come to end the sickness.


Haniel. Sets in motion the vibrational harmony that gives the body the tenacity to overcome disease. His vibration goes to the source of disease that your kind may heal.


Tzadqiel. Brings the vibrational health to the four bodies of your kind. Her vibration is most powerful for it is hers to leave one loose of thought should they receive more then is needed. So gentle and gratifying is her grace vibration none can stand in the way of her healing. Hers is the breaker of stress that plagues the body allowing disease to enter.


He stopped and I waited for more but he didn't say anything. Well, I asked what about your vibration and the other forks?


When you hold the corrected forks I will come again. I will give you that which you need to know.


OK. If you say so I will. I was wondering about something.


No, you cannot do harm with these vibrations. One that is not ready to receive will not. All have not mastered that which has been given. I tell you truly in the mastering of all this you will heal the likes of which the world has not known in the numbers the sevens will do. The oil that is called the Song of Songs when used with these new vibrations opens the heart with love and joy. Those that couldn't see will see.


You me like healing the blind?


That which you call the sixth sense will be opened. When you stand in the love and joy of this song your vibrations blend together. You will learn of this as you work with these vibrations.


I know it is going to take some time and I am learning as fast as I can. I know we are going faster then we have ever learned before.


I say to you put these vibrations in the hands of the sevens and you will learn more quickly.


Speaking of learning. One of the sevens said he figured out what the Seventh Key is. My question is did he?


Say unto him this. Did the Seventh come from my mouth? He will answer no. Say to him, he has found the way to receive the Key when it is given. Long has been his path and much has blocked his way, yet hold not his enlightenment as the light.


OK. I have another question.


You would speak of the Grid.


You must use a lot of the Song of Songs to read my mind like you do. He didn't answer that.


She is never nor is any of your kind disconnected form that which is called the grid. This would be as a fish in the sea thinking it is not in the sea. For your kind connected with all yet you do not know of this. Say to her it is her receiving the permission she needed to allow her to be the power she is. Your kind will chase from one teaching to another in hope of growing only to find in the end it is them selves that does the work.


I got what you are saying.


I come now to what you have done with the sound of these new vibrations.


Are you talking about what the guy who makes them and I came up with.


Yes, I speak of this gate of sound.


So. It will work then.


Yes, it will do all that the one wanting you to make a working model said it would do.


Crap. I don't remember what he said it would do. Hang on a minute. You said that the only metal in the gate could only be silver or gold. These are not made of that.


I say to you the vibrations that come from each of them makes them the vibration.


Does that cancel out the fact that they are not gold or silver because they are the things making the sound?




So tell me something else, can we use the tuning forks to create this gate of sound and can we use the gate of sound as we did the forks.


As you say that would be a no and a no.


You are a funny guy Michael. Explain please.


The forks you have made are to focus our vibration. This Gate of sound will send out the vibration.


I see what you are saying but how about the order I told Larry to put the notes in is that correct.


You have done well with that which you have discovered.


What about Robbie and what she wants to know about the new herbs?


She has not asked that which she would know. She has done well with that which she was given, yet she needs to ask that she would know to set the new herbs and foods with that which she has come to. These will raise the vibration of your kind more quickly to use the new vibrations of the angels.


Hey Michael you know something? It is getting so much easier to talk to you now then it was when we first started talking. You almost talk English.


I give you three things that you must do. This is for your ears and no others.


He told me what I should do and I told him I would. It isn’t anything earth shaking just things I need to do.


Our time is done. Teach only love.


As it has always been with him when he finished the visit he folded back into the light and was gone. I do wish he had put the table back before he left.



April 2


I was sitting at the computer working on a rewrite of a chapter trying to get as much done while everyone was in bed. I noticed everything go to a bright white in front of me except for where my shadow was blocking the light coming from behind me. I turned to see Michael standing in the gate in the office.


Joe. You have again come to a frequency before time.


I kind of figured you would show up after my talk with the tuning fork guy.


You are wise to see that which is untrue in what he spoke.


Well, when he started to explain the way the set of forks were and the note he saw as missing, I just knew something was wrong. He tried to explain the mathematics of the notes and how it came together with the others but there was something out.


You have learned to trust yourself in that which is true.


We talked and he had to agree with me in what I was saying. This led to the correct frequency to be used if you say it is correct.


That which you say it is, is. Yet I say to you make this fork and with those you have now much is done.


Are you saying this new one can do all the things you talked about last time? I mean like moving things and healing and the likes.


Yes. This, which you call a frequency, is that which brought into being all things.


You are talking about the sound God made for creation.


I may have to take back that which I spoke of you knowing is true.


Now Michael that's funny and your delivery and time was perfect. Much better then the thing about the calf out of the bag.


Let this be a remembrance that you do not know it all. As you were told before when you learn the way of the frequencies all things are possible.


That scares me a little having this new one.


Put your fear to rest for your kind has not the knowledge to do harm with them.


I didn't me on purpose I meant it like accidentally.


The power that they hold is in your words awesome to behold. Yet your kind is emotionally unable to use them to their full power. For the four aspects of your kind are not in balance.


You are talking about the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual being in balance. I know what you are saying. These forks with the frequencies they have can be used to have things happen depending where we are. Spirituality using them will do one thing and emotionally will do something else. The same holds true for the mental and the physical.


This is true. Only when your kind has found the balance that each of you holds will you know the true power you hold.


Ok. I get it. Let me tell you what I am hearing here. There are a grouping of sounds that will produce a certain event or result.


This is so.


These forks we have when used with certain other forks can cause things to happen. When this new fork is used with them it gives whatever you are doing the power to happen on a greater level. However depending where you are standing in the four parts we are also part of a great melody to have the result that is wanted.


You are truly knowing the working of the forks you use for sound.


This is beginning to all add up now.


Take care with the numbers for they are not the numbers of your kind. I tell you again there are numbers of our kind you cannot hold in the knowing of your kind. Work the sum if you will yet you will find them lacking. This will lead you to do other that will bring nothing into being.


Is this God's mathematics and beyond our understanding?


Well said. Tell the maker of the tuning forks to make them as you say. There is need of this fork.


You are a little behind on this one Michael because he is already making me one to test.


Your need to test is needed not for I tell you it works.


Ok. Big guy that’s all I need to know. I want to ask you about something, anything else?


You would worry for nothing. You have been told it is in motion that which is going to come about. That which you would ask only would take you to a point of action where none is needed. Do nothing for now to make it so.  I have set to cause that which has been done. You have much to do with what you have. Make not more work that you will labor at.


I know Gary is going to want to know about the books and where there are going. I also know Gary has something coming up this month. So. Do we get a hint on this?




That's it? That's all you have to say about this?


Yes. Be about your work at hand. This will lead you to the teachings that are about to come to you.


What about Robbie and the herbs?


She has been collecting them and has with another made elixirs of some. I tell you truly they hold no power setting. Offer them to others that it may raise the vibrations they are. In turn they may use the tools I have given as they are meant.


Ok. I will tell her. Now what comes next.


Our time is done for now.


Hang on. Wasn't I supposed to get a visit from someone else?


This will come to pass. Watch and teach only love.


He did as he always does and was gone.



May 18


Robbie went to town and left me here to watch the rest of the kids including the three extra ones we had over for the weekend. There were no end of the world events going on nor were any of them crying so I went to check my mail.

As I headed to the office I saw a light forming and knew it was an angel, but I didn't know which one it was going to be this time. It was Michael. I guess it was because he was the one I had wanted to talk to.


There are things you wish to speak to me about.


You bet there are.


I would speak to you of things.


I have some questions from Robbie.


Without skipping a beat he started talking before I had a chance to ask any.


There is a correlation with the herbs and what you call numerology, as well with color of a church and the angels yet that is for another time. All of which you have been given be it herbs, oils and your tuning forks are of vibrations. Your vibrations are higher now then before yet higher still they must be raised. Your kind is feeling the raising of vibrations with the body getting what you call the flu. Your bodies are not ready to hold this vibration.


Would this be like when I was in the service and I got a shot to keep me from getting yellow fever? I didn't have Yellow fever but I really felt bad for a few days.


Yes. You have chosen to take the herbs when you remember or when Robbie gives them to you. You have done well in this yet you have not fed the body to hold these vibrations. The vibrations are being given to your kind, some will be able to accept these easily others will not. This is why the herbs were given. The sevens have been using the oils and the tuning forks raising their vibrations yet few have used the herbs.


I thought this raising of vibrations was going to happen anyway?


This is true if you were to do nothing. Yet it is slow in the raising of vibrations. The oils and tuning forks hasten the raising. With each new gathering all will be raised in vibration. The herbs help the body tolerate the speed at which these vibrations are raised. You were told of a quickening years back were you not?


You know I was. You told me that.


These vibrations will set with those that are ready for them.


Are you saying that if we are ready for a higher vibration we will get it?


Joe. Those that have used the herbs and the vibrations of oils and tuning forks will receive it without it passing through them.


I understand what you are saying.


Yet I say to you they are powerful in the healing of the body.


So. They raise the vibrations, heal the body and open us to reach a higher vibrational level.


True again. When they are started on that which you called the first of November the body is being tuned to receive that which is given.


Does this mean if you start in April you don't get anything?


No. You are building the body to receive in vibration that which was missed.


Even if we missed the November start time will we still get vibrational rising from the herbs we are taking?


Yes .Yet you will not be able to use the new vibrations as you could had you started on the first of November.


This sounds like to me it is like building some thing you may have most of it together but it won't work until it is all put together.


Well said.


Robbie noticed that some of the herbs are used again in what we gave to her.


These are used for food for the body as the others were used for vibration. She wonders about many herbs she has not been given that are used by your kind.


That was one of her questions.


She will be given more as you are ready for them. I do tell you this. Herbs given are best used for what they were given for. Ointments and creams are used to heal not to raise vibrations. Any herb may be used at any time to heal or to nourish yet the herbs must be taken in the times she has set to raise the vibrations. That which she calls tinctures will raise the vibrations yet will do little to heal by themselves. That which she and Cheri make is the same as the herbs. You were given oils and tuning forks to help in healing yet the using of them will raise your vibrations. Say unto her six and seven is correct.


You have covered about all she asked me to ask you. I just hope she is happy with what you told me.


She knows more then she allows herself to know.


Oh. She is going to love that.


Let us speak of other things.


Ok. Go for it.


You work vibration tools.


Yes the tuning forks. The standard forks and the tree of life set and the latest one called the genesis fork.


You have learned much in their use, as have others. Yet you have forgotten that which moves all things.


And that would be?


The vibrations of the forks do affect the body. Yet the true power lies far beyond they way they are being used.


I was talking to Gary about that and we came up with our intention plays a large part in this. I know. I have at times known that the forks work and just apply the vibration to whatever is out and allow it to heal. Gary noticed that once he focused his intention on what needed to be done when using the genesis fork it worked.


This you will know. You are as the gate through which grace flows. Your intention directed will take with it little of the grace. I tell you truly the vibrations of the tools are powerful. Yet I tell you grace is the true power in the vibration.


I think I know what you are saying. You are telling me that the vibrations of the forks are powerful just because of their frequencies. However, there is a more powerful way to use the vibration. It would be like the wind blowing. It just picks up things as it blows. On the other hand if I were to take an air hose to harness the flow of the moving air it would be much more powerful. Does this mean if I take the tuning fork and get it vibrating and then draw grace down my arm and out of the fork as it vibrates I am blending the vibration with grace.


You bring the love of God to the vibration.


I can see this in what you are saying. Instead of just having one thing going on with the vibration. We have two things when we bring grace into the equation.


You have three things going on as you say. You have forgotten color. Did you think the color of the forks were to make it easy for you to know which fork to use. That which you call the tree of life tuning forks have two colors along with the vibration of the fork.


I can see what you are saying about the tuning forks here. Then by adding the grace to this mix there is another thing happening and that makes four frequencies. Then again when I also use the oils there is still another thing happening.


This is true yet there is more to this. The oils have in themselves, frequencies according to the oils used to mix them.


Ok. I get it. Depending on the oils that were mixed to make the blends that you guys gave me we could be talking about a myriad of frequencies.


This is true. Nice use of the word Gary gave you.


Well I did have to ask him what it meant and now that I know I use it from time to time. But given the frequencies of oils, tuning forks and grace we have so many it is getting harder for me to understand how all these frequencies work.


You look to see them as separate from one another. You do not see them as they are. They are as one. When you are able to see this as if it were thousands of instruments playing one melody you would understand how it works.


This thing about oneness is popping up a lot lately. We are talking about how to reach oneness so we can get the Metatron event to work. Every one thinks they know how to pull this off. Gary has been working on the math, I am trying to remember how I see it and others have ideas too. We still don't know how many masters it will take to have it take place. Gary thinks it will take 72 and I think it will take 144. Nor do I really know what it is for.


You are correct in your number.


Great. At least we now have that handled. The thing that worries me is the pattern we need to be in.


Look to that of the gate. Yet I tell you truly it is more of how one is standing in the place they should be.


I get what you are saying here. It isn't so much about just standing where we should be. It is more like where we are when we are standing there. The “we” that is standing there is me, regardless of who is standing there.


Go on with what you speak.


According to my understanding then, there is no we there are no them or us, there is only I and me. All of the masters that gathered for this are just me standing in love.


This is true. When the masters gather for this event as you call it there can be only one spirit standing in the space of love. The masters must not stand separate contributing to become the oneness. The masters must stand as one. One breath, one heart beat, one massive soul, as one with God.


Are you kidding? The masters can't even agree on what is taught at a gathering. Which brings me to another thing not to get off subject. I have heard it said you don't know what goes on at a gathering unless I know of it first.


I know more of what goes on then you at gatherings. Some of your kind have gathered saying we have gathered and yet they have not. I have told you and you gave to masters that which is to be done at a gathering. They would say we have opened the well of souls and have given and received and they have not. They have lain with one another telling themselves our kind is understanding. Much has been done which is not of a gathering. The teachings at gatherings has become all things from as you say ghost busting to speaking to the dead.


So. Why is it you didn't say anything to me about it. Why is it you only address it when I know about it and have to ask you.


Joe. There is much you do not know and there is no need for you to know. Would you go forth wasting your time on things such as these? Or would you be about the true work you have been given?


You are right there. I would have words to say.


This is the reason we talk not of this? You have been given greater work to be done then smiting the egos of this work.


Ok. I am not even going to go into this except to ask how many gatherings that are said to have taken place didn't.


When the masters gather for the Metatron event they must come as one standing in love. This is not a place where masters come to get.


I see you are finished with that part of what you had to say about what I know and don't. I do know there is no point in pushing it. Go ahead with what you are telling me.


This is a place where masters come to be. This is where masters come to give as one and in return will be given the seventh key. Only when the masters are one will they all be given the seventh key.


So we have six keys and when we can be as one as you say we will be given the seventh key. What will this key open?


The secrets of what you call the universe.


Michael this is getting scary, if you mean what I think you mean.


You will be given the key at the same time or not at all.


This means if the masters can achieve oneness in love the seventh key will be given. If the masters don't there will be no key.


This is true.


I know it can be attempted three times once a year. If the masters do not stand as one in love it can't be attempted again for a year right?


This is true.


Is there some kind of time line that the event has to be done before it is lost for some thousand of years?


Joe. You watch to many movies.




Should you not be one this year. Then the next or the next or the next.


Can you give me a hint on some of the things we are missing?


I tell you this. Make the place you use a holy place. Give unto God that which is Gods.


I think I know how to do that. On second thought I know how to do that. The think that stumps me is how to get all the masters on the same page.


Now you are the one being funny.


Really, how so.


You have been writing the book of healing and have set aside the teachings for the masters.


You are talking about Teaching the Masters aren't you?


I am. Set aside the book of healing for a while and finish this book for the masters.


But I have been working on it for some time now and am close to finishing it. I really need to have it in print. I promised it.


Joe. There is much you will add to the book of healing that you have not been given. The years you have spent on it will wait a few months that the masters will have that which they need. Gabriel will give you the teachings that are to go into it. With his help you will finish it in a few months.


Ok. I bow to your wisdom. But I do have some things else to ask. I know you gave me the sevens as churches. He cut me off with his reply.


That which I gave you as churches was for your understanding. This holds true should you call them clans or tribes. Many are the names for such gatherings of spirits. Yet it is the churches that must be understood for that which they are. Our time is done for now.


What about the Genesis tuning fork? Can we talk about it some more?


We will save that for another time. Be at peace and teach only love.


Michael went back into the light as he always has done and the light folded in on itself. This visit was over and I slid my chair back so I could see what the kids were doing. It was just as I thought. The kids were oblivious to the visit and were still doing what they were when Michael came.





AUG 23 Visit 2002


After talking to Joanne today and getting what we were going to do at the class in Chicago, I sat down tonight to write up an email and send it out. Just as I finished and was going over it to find what I misspelled, I heard a voice from over my shoulder.


Don't you think you should clean this place up?


I knew it was not Michael's voice but it did sound like an angel I had heard before. I turned and saw Gabriel standing above the oils and tuning forks and all the other things we unpacked from the Jacksonville show we had come from a few days before.

Yeah. Yeah I know. We are going to repack tomorrow for the upcoming show in Denver. Where is Michael I asked?


You almost forgot the twelve powers didn't you?


He said that like I never asked about Michael at all. I looked at him hovering in the gate above the piles of boxes on the floor. You are right I did almost miss it. I knew there was something I was leaving out before I remembered. But let's forget that and why don't you just get down to what this visit is about. You guys have kind of left me out to dry here haven’t you?


Have you not written the book you were to write? Did you think that was done without our help?


Maybe that is why the gal editing it thinks it is so good. Huh? What I want to know is why everything is turning into chaos. I thought this was to be the year of the masters.


This is true. It is the year of the Masters. The Masters will grow accordingly. You question this, yet you were told it would happen.


Yes, I was but there are some of us that have been busting our humps and are getting very little to show for it.


As you would say the time of separating the wheat from the chafe has come. Think you this is only the sevens? Look to your world what do you see?


I see the financial structure crumbling, terrorist attacks, kids being kidnapped molested and killed, and the past years of my life that I spent writing being for nothing.


These things of which you speak are making way for the new.


Well. That's just great. I am asked to do something and spend years putting it together and it falls apart.


You speak of being betrayed as if you were not told of this.


I knew something was going to happen, but I didn't think it would happen the way it did.


As you would say, hey this is me you are talking to. So don't go there with me. Did you really think after the years you spent trying to make things work it would not end in betrayal?


I thought I could hold it together for the sake of the work.


You are of the church of Smyrna, for this you are powerful as a leader. Yet I say you cannot lead ones that will not follow. Did not you read revelation? Were you not shown there would be those that would walk away?


Well, yes I knew that. I didn't think it would happen the way it did. Now I get to start over with a clean slate.


The slate is not yet clean. There is more that you do not know. The betrayal is not complete even as we speak.


That is just dandy. So what you are saying to me is there is more to come?


I tell you truly lies have set in motion more then you know.


I don't even want to know what they are. What I do want to know is what am I supposed to do about it?




What do you mean nothing? I am just supposed to sit back and do nothing? Gabriel.


Did not Jesus do nothing? Did he answer not to that which was said of him?


Yeah. He did and look at what happened to him. I am of the church of Smyrna like I said and I ain't no Christ. It is not in my nature to sit back, keep my mouth shut and do nothing.


You may be as you say you are. You may go into battle with words and wit. You may join the uncertainty of the world in its chaos. All these things you may do and more. Yet I say to you if you take this path you will find few others on the path with you.


I can understand that. So, just don't do anything is what you are saying.


I say this. Be about the work you were charged with. Do that which you have chosen to do. That which is around you is unreal. Give it not the power to manifest itself in the real world. Teach that which was given you. Teach only love. This is the year of the Masters. It is the masters that will stand when all else falls away.


I guess its like I have said before, I know I am going to take a lot of heat with the work I have chosen to do. I have known all along it would come from both inside and outside forces. I just thought it was done for the most part. I mean everything seemed to start to get better. Gatherings were taking place and I thought the whole thing was on the move again. I thought the sevens were growing and things would work out.


Before any great change can take place that which is, must give way to that which will be. I say to you truly, care not for that which is being said and done. For it will be as smoke on the wind. Clouding the light it may, yet as the chafe is blown from the grain so will the light fall upon the sevens.


I got it. Just let whatever comes my way come. Don't try to control what is being said or being done. The truth is the truth and the rest is just the rest.


Remember you the shadows that you were shown mixing with those of light.




They pretend to be of the light, yet they are not. These people do want of the light, not a source of it. Again I say to you truly they cannot stand as light for long. For they hold not truth to light the path for which they would lead you. Those that would be led into darkness will see the path darken and turn back to the light. The light will not falter.


OK, Gabriel. I will do what you are telling about not engaging in the chaos. I will let it fall by the way side as you say.


Now that you understand let us speak of greater things.


That works for me. This is getting a little depressing.


You and the Masters are finishing this year. There will be more hard times yet to come. Worry not. For that which is to be given is being given. Look for these things and you will see them. Look not for that which has been for they are there. Call them not to you.


So what you are saying is if we look to poverty because things haven't been happening to make money we are going to be calling that type of beingness to us. Or maybe if it is in our uncertainty about spiritual growth and knowing God is taking care of us. We will call that uncertainty to us.


You speak wisely. Let not the temptation of the ego and fear stand between Gods gifts coming in the spiritual that it will not manifest in the physical.


Are you saying that our own fear and ego can get in the way of having in the physical world what we are meant to have?


You need read that which you have written in Teaching the Masters. You will see the truth in that which I speak. I tell you truly the old rules will gain nothing. That which was given you as blessings, gifts, and deeds is the foundation that you may receive. Teaching the Masters should give the masters what they need to move to a better place.


 Even if we are struggling right now there is a reason for it.


The masters are as you say struggling. They are come to the end of the old and are ready to move to the new or they will go back to the old. All that happened brings the masters to choice again. Some will choose once, while others will again and again choose. The rewards of the years work are becoming. Choose to open yourselves to receive and it will be given. Set that which has troubled you before you and that you will be given.


So, what you are saying is, everything that has plagued us from our spiritual uncertainty, to what we have in the physical can be changed? This means we can have whatever we give power to. We create what we are given.


You have seen of which I speak yet I say to you beware. For it is in the words of each seven as it was in Pharaohs words. Those that would speak of a plague on others will be visited on themselves. Your kind has raised their vibrations high enough to be at cause. When the sevens can come together as one, the power they hold will shine brighter then the sun.


That is a little hard to believe.


Were you not given teachings for healing? Did not healings take place from them? Were you not given a blessing for water and did not the water change?


You have a point there.


The time is now for the teachings you were to hold. The masters that will know them will.


This is why I am to get the book out now isn't it.




I am just about to do that. Hey, you know what is kind of funny here?


The sevens look for more spiritual enlightenment.


Yes, Paul in Montana keeps telling me that. I was going to teach it there but now I am going to teach it in Chicago.


You will be called to go where the masters are to hear the teachings. Not to where you want to teach.


OK, I will stay open to the call as you put it. Anything else I should know?


You were told to watch by Michael. This would be wise for you to do still. That which is to come, stay from, for you are not of that. Watch as it falls away from you and the masters.


This is another way of saying not to engage it, but let it come and go. There is no power in it except for what we give it.


This is true. I will now show you how to teach these things to the Masters. Do it not nor say it until you teach in the class.


I have no idea for how long these teachings lasted. I had many questions and he told or showed me so I could do it. All I can say is this is some very neat stuff.


Do as I have shown you. Speak as I have given. I say to you not all will understand these teachings. It is up to you to teach that they will. In that which you have written in your book you will see things you have forgotten. Read it again and place them as you see them. It will make it easier for others to understand.


I thought I was done with the writing of it.


So you said, yet there is only little to be added. You will see the truth in that which I speak as you read your work.


OK. OK. I will check it out. I am glad you didn't tell me to do it over.


I tell you this for our time is almost done. Make ready for the mountains for you have been called to come there. That which you teach will be heard.


I am glad you said that and it is true the guy that puts on the shows did call me. I was surprised because it is very hard to get into his show. He doesn't just take anyone so I thought it was a stroke of luck.


Luck is for gambling. Your being there is not that of luck. You are being sent and are called there. It is meant to be. One of great influence will speak to you and open doors that were not open before.


Great. Can you tell me who it is?


You will know when you hear their words. Our time is done. Be at peace and teach only love.


Oh one quick thing.


Your mother found it is as you said it would be.


Thank you. That means a lot to me.


He smiled as I watched the light fold in on him and he was gone. I started thinking about what we talked to Joanne about as far as what I was going to teach. It was nice to know Gabriel confirmed what I was going to do. It was even nicer to know he helped with how I was going to go about it.



September 27


I was working on putting together sets of tuning forks, when the office lite up with this wonderful light that lets me know an angel is about to show up. As the light filled the room, I saw it was Michael coming to visit this time. In no time he was standing in the office in the center of the gate.


I see you have cleaned this place up.


Oh, Gabriel snitched me out?


He had no need.


I forgot you guys could see everything anyway. He had no reply to that and went on with what he had come to say.


The door has been opened.


Which one is that?


The door Gabriel spoke of.


If you mean James, you are right about that and his wife has helped me too.


You were moving to slowly with that which you call the Tree of Life tuning forks. Your kind is amazing in the way you think. You will go farther then you should with knowledge and will pass steps at one moment. The next step that is a natural you will miss or not get to it at all.


So this is why I was to go to Denver to meet the someone that would get me moving again.


That and others, you and Robbie did much there and will do more.


We do have plans to go back there to teach some classes.


As you should.


So is this the reason you have come tonight? To tell me what I know or to tell me what the new frequencies are for?


When you found the Tree of life frequencies and were given the correct Genesis frequency you went no farther. You had come to think it was all that there was to have. James gave to a set of frequencies that sparked your insight that there was more to be found.


It was like there was one of course after another leading me to the new frequencies above what he had given. What was so cool was I just guessed the tenth frequency and James said that it was correct. As I started to look at what I had with the standard forks and the TOL forks it was as if the natural next step were the spheres in the TOL, which is, where I needed to look. So I got out a book on the Kabbalah and looked at the picture and behold there it was. As you know the eleventh frequency didn't fit into the flow of the rest. Something was wrong with it. That's when I called Sue and we talked for the longest time. I never thought the Genesis tuning fork would lead to all of this, let alone it was the key to discovering all of these new ones. When Sue and I were talking about the eleventh frequency not fitting into the work, she said something about needing a new canon to discover the eleventh one. As she talked she was working on frequencies and asked me about one. I looked at it and asked her how she came up with it. She told me, and it didn't fit and I started talking about the spheres in the tree of life and what angel went where and before you knew it we had it figured out.


You have done well with the help of James and Sue. Yet you have very little understanding of the working of these.


You are right there but I do know something that was strange and cool when I managed to get the right forks together. I was playing with the two forks, when I tapped them and they started ringing I moved the prongs of the new fork to the stem TOL fork and the TOL fork increased in volume just ever so slightly.  It was as if it got more powerful. Unless you are going to tell me that I didn't put them together where they should be.


Again you have done well.


Does this mean that it does make the TOL forks more powerful for the healing work we are doing with them?


Yes, and yet there is more to this you do not see.


Well, are you going to tell me?


You know some of this now. As you have said to some of the sevens you have talked with. The TOL forks in healing help the standard tuning forks. For it is from our realm to yours. The TOL forks are given the names of our kind for they hold that vibration. You speak truly when you say the spheres again multiply the TOL forks, for that is where our kind is given.


It just stood to reason that was the way it went. As I see it these new forks will increase the power or energy of the old forks to heal.


This it will do yet I say to you there is much more to these frequencies. When they are mixed with the tinctures the vibrations will be raised to heal the body of your kind.


But you said the tinctures were to be used to raise our vibration like with the herbs. And you said they did little to heal the body.


You were given them to raise the vibrations and bring the body into balance. With the vibration they held that is what they could be used for. You have come to these new vibrations with the help of Jim and Sue for they understand the flow of them. This brings all to a to a higher level in what they can be used for. Do you remember when the oils were just for anointing and you could only use three in one day?


I remember that but when I got your oil that changed all that and we could use more then three if we used your oil. Does this new stuff work like that?


No. This is other then that. These will charge the tinctures with the energy of the spheres raising their vibration to assist your kind in healing as well as raising your vibrations.


Well, that sounds pretty cool but how do we know which one to use with which?


Robbie knows the key to the numbers of the disease and the numbers of the tinctures. These will be used with the numbers of the Sefirot from one to nine. This is the way of knowing that which you have asked. Yet I tell you they are to be used with your kind according to male and female.


Do you mean that they will need to be tuned to each?




Let me see if I got what you are saying. We can use these tinctures to heal our bodies according to the number the herb is and the number the disease is. However, we will not only need to tune the herb tincture to the number of the disease but will have to tune it to male and female.


You listen well.


Good. Does this mean that because I listen so well you are going to tell me how to tune them according to the sex someone is?


Do you not see how this is done? Have you not looked to the number of the forks to answer this?


OK. There are ten forks to match each sphere. And there is one that is hidden. When we reduce the word value and the disease number value they will all come up to one through nine. When we reduce the frequencies they break down to three, six or nine so it won't work.


Strange that you will find that which you have no reason to know, yet you miss that which is right in front of you. Look to the numbers of the Sefirot for that which you seek.


Well, duh. Of course. If I start with Metatron, which is numbered one, and move up to Gabriel which is nine that will give me the numbers corresponding to the tinctures and the disease. The two that are left over are Sandalphon and the Shekinah, which is the male and female tunings.


You are close in what you say yet there is something you miss. The names for our kind are on the Tree of Life tuning forks yet you must use the new frequencies of the Sefirot. Each of the new tuning forks will bare the name of sphere they are of. There is great power in their names as there will be in the colors you use to know them. You will use the colors that are given for each except for Malchut and the Daath. The Malchut is the one you call the Genesis fork, which will remain gold. The Daath you will color silver.


Hum that is like the two pyramids in the gate of grace.


You see that which I speak.


OK I can work it out as to the numbers and how they work with Robbie. What's next?


You hurry much in this I give you. These are to be used with the glands of the body to increase the flow of the spiritual energy through them. Gabriel will instruct you in this. There is more you are not seeing. Have not the sevens asked you for the way of doing acutuning on their companions, which you kind calls pets? The new frequencies are the vibrations this calls for. They work in much the way the others did on your kind.


Yes, but there are eleven forks and only ten different numbers on a meridian chart. What do I do with the eleventh fork?


The Daath fork is to be used to open and end a healing on an animal.


That makes sense to me. I know there are going to be a lot of people happy with this new information. Tell me something; with the new forks being used for this will we need to use oils or tinctures?


Use the oils in the way it was done with your kind. Yet use not the old forks as you did with your kind.


I got what you are saying. Are we ready to move on or is there more I need to know about this?


You will understand more of this when you write your Manual for animals. We go now to the true use of the Sefirot forks that you have not seen yet. I give to you not the answer to this for they are given in what you read. I tell you truly that each vibration is of a name of God giving all that was given to bring your world into being. The vibrations are emanations of God that bring your kind closer that you may know God. These have been studied that one may move to the highest spiritual awareness yet for most they have come to the basic understanding without ever attaining the gifts of these. I tell you truly these will raise your kinds vibration to see, that which is hidden.


Would I be correct in saying these frequencies are going to allow us to reach the highest place of spiritual thinking and being we can while still being physical here on earth?


Well, said. Using the frequencies of the Sefirot will change the reality you see now to the truth of all that which is. As you read that which is written you will come to know of that which I speak. I do tell you this now. The frequencies are of the spheres yet they are not the spheres.


I think I have a hint in what you have told me. You said a while back that we would be able to do healing at a glance. With what you are giving me now I think this is going to move us to that point by altering our consciousness with the use of these frequencies. You wouldn't have given use this information if it were impossible to do that.


Your knowing is becoming great in wisdom. Tell the sevens of this from what you know of the teachings of the Sefirot as they are written. Yet I tell you now that which is written is not all true. There is that which is misleading that only few of your kind could understand it. You will come to know that which is as I said and that which is not.


I will look into it and see what I can find that because Sue said the same thing about what was written about the Sefirot. Which brings me to a question she had.


Save that for another time for my time is short here and we have more to cover. I would speak to you of that which you call the Metatron event. Some of the Masters have said it needs to be done now, yet others see no reason for the hurry. I say this to all of you. That which you call the Metatron event will happen when you are ready as one. It will not before then. It cannot be forced by wanting of a few. When it is truly desired by the numbers of the Masters needed it will happen.


So what are you saying? Just do nothing until everyone is ready.


No, I say do what you will to have it be so. Make it known to the Masters the event is possible yet it is up to them. You know that which was missing the last time you tried this. You now know the true flow of the energy and the setting of it. You know the way of oneness and the words to say. You know how to set the space for our kind to be seen. Yet none of this is up to you to have happen it is the masters that will call you to it.


OK I will do like you say.


You must ready yourself to go forth and teach throughout the lands as you are called. Take time to nurture yourself when you are at home.


Does this mean I get to lay back when I get home from travels?


 You have much to do during the times you are home. The writing that is asked of you must be done. The research you have done and will do you will still do. It is for this I tell you to nurture yourself. This holds true for Robbie as well for she is going to be called to do and teach much in the times to come.


What ever you say Michael. You know I have committed to this work some years back and you have helped me when the chips were down. I think I can take a hint when you give it.


I would speak of the packages you received today.


I know which ones they are. They are the ones with the print of the painting of you I did.




Michael turned and held his hand out to where the packages were sitting. As he did they started to light up and at the same time rise up from the place they were. I carried them into the house and I can tell you one is heavy enough but all four floated over to him like a balloon full of hot air. When they reached him they turned from a white glowing light to a gold light.


These are blessed by the love you put into your painting.


I hold them as a balance between your kind and ours.


He started to speak again as the boxes of prints slowly changed back to the white glowing around them and floated back to where they were.


These which you call prints will bring things into balance. You will mark them as I give you yet tell no one of the way of it.


When he finished talking I understood what he wanted me to do and would do it to all of them. I asked him if they would aid in healing like Joanne’s prints do.


They will do this also for you have done well with that which you painted.


Thanks. I thought I did a good job on the painting too.


It is time for you to rest and my time is done. Write that which you know of the Sefirot that Gabriel may instruct you. Be at peace and teach only love.



Dec. 12, 2002



I woke up in the darkness for no reason other then I woke up, I thought. I got out of bed and looked at the clock on the side of the bed and saw it was 3:33 am  in the morning. Well, I thought I better go out to the office and see if I had a visitor. Steve and I had been feeling a visit was close at hand and he asked me almost everyday if I had one. I kept telling him no because nothing was happening. He kept feeling something was going to happen and I must admit so did I. As I walked into the office there was the light starting to form in the gate in the office. It looked like Steve and Robbie were right on. They both told me the time was close for another visit. The light filled the room and it was Gabriel that showed up. He didn't take time to have a howdy, howdy. He just started talking.


I will speak to you of that which is to come.


I knew you or someone was going to show up


On the seventh day your kind will fast for three days during the time of light. The masters are to make ready for their vibrations to be raised again.



What are you saying about fasting? Does this mean we can eat before the sun comes up and after it goes down but nothing all day.


The masters may drink liquids for nourishment. When the sun is gone from the sky they may chew food.


Ok, I get it. Now let's see today is the twelfth so if we count from tomorrow that would mean this starts on the twentieth. Then there is, twenty, twenty-one and twenty-two. Ahhh. I see a method to your madness. December twenty first is the shortest day of the year and then it starts to get light earlier everyday.


The vibration of light will help your kind raise theirs along with it. On the twenty-third use only the Genesis frequency.


 That is pretty easy. Just don't eat during the day for three days, use the Genesis fork on the forth day and you are in.


You would wish it to be so.


Gabriel the saying goes " You wish."


It matters not how it is said you see my meaning.


I thought you were making a joke.


Not of this time. Listen to me for it is important to your kind. You have been given the tools to do this. At no time before this time has your kind been able to gain so much. The ability to raise your vibration that you may do the things, which you truly desire are in your grasp.


So there is more to it then just not eating during the day light hours.


This is so.


Ok. Tell me how this is going to work.


Your kind will rest the body's use of food during the day light hours to make ready to receive the vibrations. After the four days your kind will need to balance the energy fields you call Chakras for thirteen days.


Is there anytime of day for this to be done or can we do it any time during the day?


Anytime it may be done yet I say to you before sleep is best for the body will hold the vibrations longer.


Can we do this with the CD I made or does it need to be done with the tuning forks themselves?


It matters not.


That shouldn't be to hard because most people have the CD or the tuning forks for balancing the Charkas anyway.


Having and using them are, as you say, two different things.


Isn't that the truth.


There is more.


I knew you were going to say that.


When this time is ended your kind will use the vibrations of our kind that a higher vibration may enter the body.


That would be the Tree of Life set of tuning forks wouldn't it?




You are going to clue me in on how to do this? Because I don't remember these being used in anything close to what you are talking about.


On the fourteenth day your kind will use them on the body as the places we stand in the Sefirot. This will balance the body's energies with that of ours.


I see some kind of pattern here. First we are balancing out our own energy fields so we are ready for the energy from your kind. That is clear to me with in understanding of the two different energies. I know what you are saying here because I have been working with the Sefirot set frequencies for healing.


True, each of our kind stand in one of the spheres of the tree. Place the frequency of our kind, as you know them to be, on the body. This will be done for thirteen days as before.


Ok. This is how I see it going. Metatron goes on the crown, Ratziel goes on the right side of the head above the ear, Tzaphqiel goes on the left side of the head above the ear, Tzadqiel goes on the right shoulder, Khamael goes on the left shoulder, Michael goes on the solar plexus, Haniel goes on the right hip/thigh, Raphael goes on the left hip/thigh, You being Gabriel goes on the genitals, Sandalphon goes between the feet and the tuning fork we call the Shekinah goes on the throat. Does this mean if my kind does this in the order these are given and where they are given we got it correct?


This is the way of the raising the vibrations, yet I tell you that which you call the Genesis tuning fork will be used to seal the frequencies. Again on the fourteenth day your kind will start the next frequencies.


These would be the Sefirot frequencies and would be placed according to where they are located on the body.


This is so.


Now if I have this figured right it has been forty days from November first the day out of time. Which is the best time to start the herbs. Now you give us this new information that will last forty days.


This is again true. The forty days it will take will not be unlike a wilderness that your kind will test them selves. Yet this time the vibrations of the your kind will be raised.


What do you mean by test our selves?


Not all that are given this will follow it.


Why not?


Joe. You know there is the world you live in. Your kind has come to know it as all there is. Some will find it too hard in the time they have in their day. Others will find the ego leading them. This wilderness of which I speak is the physical world of your kind. Faith and action is what your kind will be testing of them selves. We do not test your kind to see if you are worthy. Our kind gives to yours and it is up to you to take it or not. This is a gift your kind is given as a path to receive higher vibrations. Those that take it will grow faster in spirit then those that don't. You were given tools to help you and you made them available for others. Some use them and others do not.


What you are telling me is it is up to us as to what we want to do and according to what we put into it is what we get out of it.


It is the way of your kind.


I can see that. But it looks like to me you guys are giving us short cuts. I mean as I look over the past years your kind has helped us out a bunch. You have given us the Book of Bricks and the oils and the Gate and tuning forks all to help us raise the frequencies we live at. As I see it we can do it one of two ways. We can change the way we think by knowing as much as we can. We can gain knowledge and get our brains operating correctly, which in turn raises our vibrations to that of the spiritual whole. Or, we can go to the source, which is the vibration of spirituality, which in turn plugs us into the knowledge that is. As you have said information is not knowledge and knowledge is by no means wisdom. What we are talking about is wisdom on the divine level not knowledge on a human level.


Well said. Would you think that because someone knows much they are wise?


I should say not. I know people that know more then I can think of and they are not wise in their actions.


Wisdom comes in the form of actions that raise others up and not just themselves.


Yeah. I can see that in the way the world is run. Kind of like the thinking if it is good for me then it is good for everyone else. There is so much destroyed because of someone's ego.


This is so. Yet let us return to that which I have come. You have been given the path for raising the vibrations of your kind. As your vibrations raise more will be given to your kind. The seventh key is close at hand yet your kind will not receive it should there not be oneness.


So Gabriel will you tell me how?


Teach the Masters. You have been given the truths they need. They now know the way of raising their vibrations. When this is done give them the teachings that they may know oneness. Our time is done yet we will speak again after the festival of light when the work you were given is done.


You are talking about the book aren't you?


Yes, and I tell you this as what you call a hint. The light comes from the east. Be at peace and teach only love.

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