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Angel Visits
Jan 9 Visit Part 2 | July 5 Visit | August 25 Visit | Nov 19 Visit


Jan 9 Visit Part 1

Arise and walk with us for the Festival of Light is done.

Where the words to wake me up in the morning and as I opened my eyes I saw three angels. Michael, Gabriel and Khamael where filling the room with their light before the sun had begun to come up. I got out of bed and slipped on my pants and followed them out of the bedroom and into the office.


We have come to speak with you of things to come that only the masters may hold at bay. Your world has become unsteady and is off balance. This of which I speak is not new to your kind, for the race of man has been about it for centuries. The time for the divine energy or grace as we know it, is being brought back into balance in all things.

Why do I think you are talking about the tsunami that devastated so many places and killed so many people?

The number of people that have come home to Gods love is small in number.

How can you say that? I think over 150,000 humans is a big number to me.

That which you call the Middle East and the surrounding areas have been about sending many times that number home in the name of freedom and righteousness. Yet mankind will cry out ďWhy has God allowed this to happenĒ while wielding death and destruction on its neighbors. Mankind can no longer act in this manor with out not rendering active the forces of nature to balance the divine spirit in all things.

I can understand what you are saying. It is like for every action there is an opposing action. If you do something here in order to stay in balance something has to happen somewhere else.

Simple yet true. Now more than any other time on the world you live, man will reap what he sews more quickly.

Are you saying it is our fault that that tsunami happened?

Fault? No. Yet are the actions of mankind responsible for it? Yes.

So. What is this visit about? Have you and the other angels come to give us a tongue lashing for what we have or have not done?

We have not come to admonish your kind for what you have done. We come to bring you a warning of what is to come. The world on which you live is now in change. The energy of the vibrations that fill your world has become unstable. Should these vibrations continue unchecked I tell you truly your earth will balance its self. Many nations greave for those that have come home in the blink of an eye Yet again I say this is only the beginning of that which is to come. Your nation will along with other nations feel a greater loss when it is visited upon you.

Are you telling me that we are going to face disasters of the same magnitude as the Tsunami because the energy of the earth is out of balance?

Yes. I say this.

I know that nothing is set when it comes to the future. I have done enough reading to know even the prophets of old were given a warning of things to come and when they changed the direction they were headed it didnít happen.

You are wise to see this. True nothing is set. Yet the vibrations being created will bring about that which I speak.

Let me get this straight. There has been created vibrations that are throwing the world out of balance harmonically. These vibrations are a result of what we have allowed to happen. The vibrations just didnít come about but were created and are being created as we speak. Let me say negative vibrations because I can get my mind around that term. Just because some of them have balanced out by the current event it doesnít mean itís over. What I am hearing you say is these negative vibrations are piggy backing on the one another and becoming more powerful in their destructive nature. If something is not done to alter or balance out the negative vibrations things are going to get worse.

This is true.

I also take it we are going to feel the effects here at home in the way of a disaster. However with the negativity growing the way it is with the harmonics of the earth we can count on the natural disasters taking a greater tolls. You did say something about them left unchecked. So to me that means we can do something about them or at least the severity of them.

This is also true. The masters that have been gathered as well as those to come can alter the course of events to come.


Are not the masters gathering to bring about Eden?

Yes you know we are planning to do that in June. But. What dose that have to do with this. The Eden event is about 6 months off and I donít think the vibrations you have been talking about are going to wait.

You have the place set for this Eden event, do you not?

Yes we do. I still donít see how that is going to change any thing very much.

Joe the masters are more powerful then they know. As the masters begin to take action to be there they alter the vibrations of what is to what can be. When the masters come together they create a new vibration to bring the earth back to harmony.

This sounds like one of those synergy things to me. With each master becoming committed to being at the event there is an energy shift.

You begin to see. As one master joins with another their vibrations become stronger.

We call that exponential. Like with earthquakes a 2 isnít just twice as much as a 1 it is like 10 times stronger and a 3 is like 100 times stronger then a 1 and so on. I think that is how it works.

It matters not for you see the truth in what I have said.

Cool. In this way of thinking what you are saying is if we have 100 masters at the event there is one measure of vibration. On the other hand if we have 144 like we usually do we will have a much higher vibration. If we have 200 masters at the event that again increases the vibrations expediently. I can see now why 144,000 masters can change the consciousness of the planet, as well as shift the vibration to bring the whole world into harmony. I knew it was possible but until this moment I really didnít see how it would work.

Bring the masters together to bring about Eden on earth. Yet I say to you the masters must come together out of desire for a new world and not out of fear.

I totally get what you are telling me about this. The masters are to come together at the event because we are about changing the world for the better. We are about bringing Eden back to earth as God gave it to us. Not out of fear of what is going to happen if we donít. If our actions are based in fear we are only adding to the problem. We then become the creators of negative vibrations. What we desire out of love is a very powerful vibration in itself.

You must remember this event in June is about the physical. The masters will come to know the ways of manifestation and creation. As children of God they will call their desires into being and it will be so.

I will talk to Robbie about getting them registered for the upcoming event and start to shift the vibrations.

Jan 9 Visit Part 2
July 5 Visit
August 25 Visit
November 19 Visit


Is there more that you would know of the words from Khamael?

No, I donít think so at the moment. She answered just about everything I was wondering, given the events in the world lately. I do have a better understanding of the how and why of it. I must admit though I did know down in my heart or soul something was at cause. I also knew on some level that we just couldnít keep going on doing nothing or contributing to the problems of the world, without some kind of consequences.

We have not come to lay blame on you or your kind. We have come to bring you knowledge of what is that you may choose, that which is greater.

I know we can continue the way we are going or with new information come up with a bigger and better possibility. I also know that change is hard for most of us. Once we find something that works for us we like to keep it the way it is. For the most part we are creatures of habit. Only when it becomes too uncomfortable for us do we get around to doing something about it. On the other hand, when we are inspired by knowledge or our desire, we start seeing what is possible.

Well said. You have only to look to your self to see the wisdom in which you speak. Many have been the times you have seen that which is and settled not. You have seen these things work and yet you have taken them, evolving them to their higher place.  Look to Joanne and that which she paints. With each painting she puts the essences of our kind into her work and settles not.

I have watched the way her paintings have gotten better and better so I know what you mean. I am open to finding out better ways of doing things.

You have taken the vibrations of the Pyramids that were found in a tile and formed it into the pattern of the gate increasing the energy flow many times.

Well that seemed like the thing to do. After all it was you that gave me that pattern for the gate.

You have taken the way of making water into dew from hours to minutes. Dew is the sacred water given by God to all Life that is on the land. In the beginning it was this water that filled lakes and rivers flowed with it. 

That was easy once I found out how the beads were made and out of what. I did my research of the dew water and found it to be structured water down to the molecules. Once I found out what that structure was it was a piece of cake, I had only to apply that same structure in a ceramic with laminar crystals and it worked better then I ever thought it would. Now that I think of it, itís a wonder no one else came up with it before.

Take not all the credit for you were lead to this.

I should have known you guys had something to do with it.

Be not disappointed. The idea of making cups and bowls was your own. Yet not to be belittled for these raise the vibrations of food and drink that is placed in them. Blessing that which is placed in them will again the vibrations amplified.  

Ok the mug was my idea but I saw a ceramic bowl with laminar crystals in it online and they wanted several hundred dollars for a bowl. I thought that was too much money for a bowl even if it did make your food healthier and taste better.


There is more that you have not seen; yet it was given to you.

I am at a loss here. I have no idea what you are talking about. I canít see what else you could use a bowl or a mug for other then to eat out of or drink from it.

I speak not of the use, as you would think. You have spoken to a holy man that gave to you knowledge.

Oh. I know what you are talking about. You mean the man I met at the fair.

I do. That which he gave you, the making of it, you will not share with the masters until you teach it in a large class.

I take it this is going to be like the water blessing Michael gave me? I didnít get to tell anyone how to until I did it in Chicago in that class. Now before you answer that let me ask you something first. He was reluctant at best to tell me the secret. Just as the holy man he got it from was in giving it to him. He new I worked with angels but until he found out that I talked with you often and I knew which of the Muslims call to prayer was different from the rest did he tell me. But here is what I want to know. According to him you visited Mohammed and gave him the Holy Quran. When you would visit him you would sometimes find him sick or worn out. You would give him this tonic to restore him to health or raise his energy levels. Is this true?

It is as you were told.

OK. So what is so great about it? It sounds like a good thing for health and vitality and there is scientific evidence that what is used in it is very beneficial. According to him there are some magnificent healing that has taken place. How come it is such a guarded secret?

It is not guarded as much as it is kept from being misused. Yet I say to you it is a powerful healing tool for your kind. Yet again I say to you that which I gave to Mohammad is made of these things.

Does this mean that if you put it in one of these mugs with some tea and drank it would be more powerful then in an ordinary cup?

Yes this is true. Forget not the vibrations of you cause by the bringing together of the clay and laminar in fire.

Would this work for other medicines to?

It would.

Great. I am glad I am not just making mugs so coffee isnít bitter. Not like there is anything wrong with coffee just the way it is.

Do you understand what we are saying to you? Bowls and mugs are examples to show you that which you need to know.

I understand where you are going with this. What I am hearing is basically this. We can just go along with the program the way it is in the world thinking things will change and they will. Or we as masters can take them to a higher level. There are changes in the vibrational consciousness of this planet taking place to right itself. For the most part the earth has been very forgiving in what we could get a way with and not have to serious of repercussions happen. It is almost like what we call critical mass is taking place within the earth because of the negative energy caused by mankind. In order to dispel this energy there are two ways it can be done. One is to just let happen what will and live with it as survivors or take responsibility for the energy and create a critical mass based in love to have the world we all really desire.

Well said. You and the other masters are powerful enough to do this. You can have the world you want or settle for the world you get.

I would for one with the other masters like to create a world of peace, love and prosperity. Then just have served up a world and have to deal with it. 


You begin to see now that which you are lead to is for a purpose. These are that the masters will know our kind has reason to give them. These are that you may know our kind have work for you.

I know about work for me. I just have a problem figuring out which ones are you guys and which are a hair brained ideas on my part.

Your hair brained ideas you do not take action on. They are pleasant thoughts that comfort you. The work we lead you to or give you is a blessing to your kind.

That is funny. I mean about things I come up with.

That which we have given you in wisdom and love is for the return of Eden. Take not what we have said to fear. Take what was given that your kind may grow in spirit and change that which is. Do these things out of love for all mankind and the world in which you live. This warning is given unto you that the masters will see the power they have as children of God. A child of God may change their life for the better. Yet children of God can change their lives and the world. This is the year of the physical that things may come into being. Sit not on the side waiting to be called. Stand with the masters and go forth boldly into the world. Bless the hearts of all. Gossip not of others for it interferes with the grace God is giving. Speak well of each other even though you may have reason to do other wise. Lift one another up in times of doubt. Look not to be told that which is needs to be done. Find for your self your own greatness and rise to meet all that would say other wise. You are a child of God and all things are possible unto you. Be at peace and Teach only love.

There were no good byes. Just then the light where the three angels were standing started folding in on it self and they were gone.

I find this to be a very useful visit in as much as I have a better understanding of what is going on in the world or at least why. I donít know about you but for me I sometimes just have to look up and think how has things gotten so out of hand? Doesnít anyone see what is happening? Did you ever wonder about who is making these choices and why are they allowed to continue to be made? Do you ever think, are people taking stupid pills or something?

I know I have said to myself that this is not the world I signed on for. The one I wanted was a world where people cared for and respected each other. Sickness, hunger and poverty where only a temporary conditions that happened to people and where taken care of as quickly as possible.  The world I wanted was one where we as caretakers of it, all worked together to make it a paradise. But no, the one we got has been misused, abused and depleted of all the wonderful gifts bestowed on us by a loving God. I know in the past I have felt as though there is nothing I can do about it. I am just one person among everyone else and no one really cares anyway. Even when I found others that felt the same as I did I didnít think we could really do anything about things. Now I can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not an on coming train. It is angels bring light to the world. This wisdom can be turned into action, which will cause the return of Eden. We do live in interesting times where we get to participate in the grand experiment of a world that works for us all. This experiment is about whether it can be done. The experiment is whether we as masters will choose to be the very cause of the critical mass to bring Eden back to earth.

I close with a question. Will you choose to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune casting your fate to the wind? Or will you take a stand with me and other master that are committed to bringing Eden once again to Earth for the benefit of all human kind? What say you?

July 5 Visit
August 25 Visit
November 19 Visit

Some years ago I set up an above ground pool for the kids to play in on the hot days when there was nothing else to do. It wasnít a big pool and I did my best to make the ground level but it was close enough. When we returned from the Eden event much had changed in the way we look at life. We keep asking ourselves as we look at our life and the things in it, ďIs this the way someone that is prosperous would have it be?Ē Well the pool got a big NO. Letís face it; one side of the pool was about a foot deeper then the other side. I would tell myself that it was because Gabby and Sara are smaller then the other kids so it worked being that way. Now that story just doesnít work any more.

I started to dig out the high side and fill in the low side to make the ground level for the pool. It was around 102 in the shade and the pool wasnít in the shade. Needless the work was going slow and I was losing more water then I could drink. I noticed all of a sudden the temperature started to get noticeably cooler. There were no clouds in the sky and the wind hadnít picked up so I had a pretty good idea what was happening.


Joe. You toil in the sun as a man that is driven.

Were the first words Michael spoke to me as he began to become solid in the light that had brought him and he was not alone. Gabriel and Khamael were with him. I told him that the pool was kind of like my life and it was time I put it on level ground. A prosperous man wouldnít settle for less.

Blessed are you and the masters that came to bring Edenís return. Blessed are those of courage that stood with you at the alter of abundance to make ready to receive the riches that God would lay upon them. Blessed are the masters that were gathered. Blessed is the land you have anchored as a seed of Eden.

Well, I guess we did something right. The masters thought this was the best event so far. It moved people in ways I hadnít seen before. It wasnít anything like last years event.

The masters had need to walk in their emotional shadows last year to be able to stand in the light of prosperity.

I did what you guys told me to do and for the most part I got it all done. The only thing I would do differently is to get the people to the formation earlier. After the blessing people were just to spent and needed sleep.

Some of the masters were wise in their need for sleep not joining you in the formation. Yet we were there as we said we would be. The vibrations needed for all to see our kind was lessened by the missing masters and the lack of energy brought on by fatigue. Yet some saw our kind for moments while others did so in glimpses.

I saw more of your kind then I ever did before, even more then I did back when you showed me Edenís creation years ago. The very air over and around us was filled layers deep with your kind I have no idea how far back you all went. I could see you but I didnít think it was fair because you guys come and visit me one on one in person so to speak. I tried to tell others where I thought it would be easy for them to see too.

When next we gather with the masters you will have need to make ready when the sun has set, not when the moon is rising.

I can see where the masters would be awake and at higher vibrations.

This is true. Your kind has not learned to master fatigue of the body. They must have time to rest for the body to hold the higher vibrations.

We did give the masters time off in the way of breaks.

This time was to be used by the masters for rest and that they could commune with one another in their giftedness. Yet the days of the event were less then were needed.

Hang on you were the ones that set the days for this.

True. Yet you heard not what was said. You will need four full days for the teachings. The coming together and departing of the masters need be outside those days.

Ok, I get it. We need to have a day when the masters show up and register and a day when they go home and those days donít count in the days of the teachings.

These four days are as the natures of your kind.

That would be the Physical, Emotional, Mental and the Spiritual.

You see that of which I speak.

I do and we will take care of that for the next event in June next year if it is in June.

That in your time will work well, yet you may require for the time to very depending on where you choose it to be.

I can understand that because where and when we do have it may have the times booked before we get that far but we are looking now.


Great courage has the masters shown in many ways. Some that saw no possibility of being in Georgia stood strong and were there. They walked on broken glass and on fire. They set aside poverty and lack as spiritual. They begin to see the riches that God has for them.

Yes. I watched them do it. I heard some say there was no way they would do those things and they conquered them.

Blessed are the masters that set the boundary in Georgia. Blessed are the masters that built the alter to set the bowl of prosperity. Blessed again are the masters that cast into the light their own lies that kept them from Gods abundant gift of riches. 

I think that was a very powerful moment for all of us. The letting go of all our old stories and reasons why we canít all be prosperous. I just wish all the masters could have been there to be a part of this. 

It is a sacrifice made to God by the masters of the things they hold most dear.

Yes. I know what I told them about their stories and reasons for lack and living in scarcity are more precious then gold. We humans would sometimes even die rather then give up our stories. Or at least stay where we are in our life just hoping it doesnít get any worse. Just wish other masters could have given up the things that are holding them back.

Others can still do that which was done. They may sacrifice that which keeps them back.

How so? The alter bowl we used is put away in the care of Lee and Don in Georgia?

Did you not make smaller alter bowls?

You know I did. I made them for people that wanted an alter bowl for their homes. I sold some at the event and figured the others would be sold later.

This is the year of the physical. That which you have written along the rim speaks to this. In turn each of these bowls holds the vibration of this years Eden event. There will be no more bowls of this kind made for that which you have made for this time is done.

Thatís all right with me because I really donít want to have to make more given the time it takes.

These bowls will need to be used differently then the alter bowl used in Georgia. These alter bowls are to be filled with the things of which you do desire in life. Write these things on small pieces of paper and place them in the bowl. Speak you then that which is written on the bowl.

What about the stories and reasons we tell ourselves why we donít have our desires. Do we not burn them as a sacrifice?

This you will do. Yet I say not in the bowl. Write them down on paper and burn them outside and say, ď My loving God I offer you that which I hold most dear to me that I may receive your bounty of riches.Ē Let the winds carry the ashes.  

That is easy enough.

You need to go out and teach abundance and prosperity to the masters.

I donít think that many people would be interested in me rehashing what we did at the Eden event and most of the masters took notes. But most of all I know I donít want to do a bunch of fire walks all over the country.

True you did give the laws for prosperity yet did you teach them to use them to their fullest?

Well no.

You gave not actions to set in motion the manifesting of riches. You gave not the actions for health, nor did you give the actions for relationships.

You make it sound like I didnít get much done at all at the event.

The vibrations, you and the masterís set, have done more then you will know. These vibrations will blend with that which you will teach strengthening their resolve.

I can see where this could happen and there was more that could have been taught so people could have a better understanding on how to do things. I just donít know what it would look like yet.

You will offer 4 classes and teach to no less then 44 people in a class. This speaks to abundance in the numbers of the masters in attendance.

That sounds fair to me. So when and where do I start doing this?

Those that would be prosperous and live abundantly will call you forth and to teach.

What happens if more classes are needed?

Do these numbers for there is more then meets your eye. When they are done you may be called again to teach.

Once again I bow to your wisdom. I donít see where this will go but you got it. No sooner did I finish speaking when there came another light carrying yet another angel. An angel I hadnít seen for a long time but I could tell by the intense purple who it must be - Haniel.


I would speak to you of the creation event in the time to come.

He was dressed just like the ceramic angel I did of him for this years Eden event only on a grander scale. I started to tell him when he spoke.

You have done well in portraying our kind in clay and color.

I am glad you think so but Khamael & Tzadqiel were the only ones I sold. Maybe if I could have made them all look as magnificent as you look now I would have sold them all. And then again maybe the ceramic Khamael just sold because she was the angel of this years event.

Joe. You should sacrifice those words; they are of scarcity and lack. It was not the lack in workmanship. You did not give knowledge of that which each angel held. The labor of love that went into each ceramic of our kind has set our vibrations into them. The giftedness each of our kind holds is manifested in accordance to church we serve. This you should have said.

I will remember that. However, I donít think you came to tell me about your approval of my work.

This is true. I come to give you the number of masters you will need to create the formation of Thyatira.

This is a good thing. Maybe this time we will be more able to get the number we need earlier.  

You will need to bring together 220 plus you and Robbie. This number is important for the value of creations vibration. The places that each master will stand to create the formation will be done 44 days before you come together.

I take it has something to do with the number of masters needed and the vibrations to get done what we need.

This is so. Trouble yourself not with the meaning of the numbers for it will be reveled by those that understand them. You have 4 months to find the place where the event will be held and the alter built. 

There is sure a lot of 4 stuff going on here, but as you said that isnít my business. I just get to handle what needs to get done.


Our time is short yet I must speak of two things before it is ended. When you teach of prosperity and living abundantly there is that which you have forgotten to give. You have done this for you thought you were joking. You spoke of the seven habits of highly unsuccessful people in jest. It is the same as the traps a master will fall into. As one must know of a trap to avoid it, one must also know of a habit to change it. Should people find themselves acting in one or more of these ways, they will have the knowledge to act differently. This will be a very powerful tool.

Well, Michael I did think I was just being funny when I suggested it. However, I can see the wisdom in where you are coming from. I can teach that and it should be fun.

Lastly I would have you hear me in the working model for the gate. Did you not notice that once you set it in motion with the stones in place there was no violence or arguing? The entire event took on an excited peaceful state.

Now that you mention it I can see what you are saying.

Yet few, if any, of the masters saw this for the vibrations were low. The cause in the lack of frequency strength was caused by the damage done in transporting the gate to the event. The Ball in the center must be round without dents. The ball must be covered in gold and silver without interruption. The same holds true for the octahedron. Each pyramid must not have bare places that would interrupt the flow of the vibration. Repair that which needs to be and set it in motion where you live and see what takes place around you.

I know just how to do that. I will check with the sheriffís department and find out about the crime rate and then see what happens after the gate runs for a month or so. Thanks for the tip. Is that all?

You will need to rest and get out of the sun and heat. You are about more important things for now.

Couldnít you guys help me or at least hang around to keep it cool until I am finished? I could see that request was going nowhere so I just let it be.

Joe. You need to be about the things you were given. The pool will be done when it is in time. Be about that which you did teach in your home. Be at peace and teach only love.

They all folded into the light from where they came and I went back to work in the hot sun here in Texas. I did learn something very valuable that I think, no scratch that. I know if an angel tells you to do something you should do it. Me being the red that I am went on working on the pool and pulled an outer thigh muscle in my right leg and got sick from being out in the heat so long. When will I learn?

Bless Your Heart,


Be at Peace and teach only love.

Aug. 25 2005 Visit
Nov 19 Visit

I was awakened from a sound sleep by a gentle hand softly placed on my shoulder. As I opened my eyes, I saw the bedroom was filled with brilliant light but in this brightness there was no pain to my eyes. Only angels bring such light I thought to myself. Haniel and Michael stood along side the bed looking down at me.


Arise from your slumber and walk with us for we would speak with you.

I got out of bed and followed the two angels into the office where they stopped in the center of the gate I have in there. As I passed by the stove in the kitchen I glanced at the clock to see it was 2:22 in the morning. By the time I got to the office they had turned to face me, Haniel began to speak.


Blessed are you and the masters, for the time and place has been set to gather in creation. Your labors have gone not in vain.

I canít take the credit for that because it was Robbie that did the work on it. She made all the calls to find the place and is still working on a contract with the site. It will be as beautiful, if not more so then Georgia was and we can all stay on site again this coming event.


The place you have chosen will work well for the masters to become practiced at creating in the realm your kind lives.

I certainly hope so. It looks like this year we will have ample time to do the things we need to. I still wish I had the time to teach the masters more of abundance and prosperity at the last event. Then again we all learned a lot and had a wonderful time doing it.


That which you missed teaching you will teach in the classes we have given you to teach.

The teachings at the Eden event were pretty basic to open the masters to new possibilities. Some of the masters have called and told me how they have used the information to raise their levels of prosperity. Some are doing quiet well in manifesting the things they have wanted in their lives from money to relationships. I can only imagine what the masters can do with the new information I will be teaching in the upcoming classes.


Yet your classes are not full to over flowing. Have the masters used that which was given at the Eden event to gather such wealth they seek no more?

I hardly think so Haniel. However, there is good news as far as things moving along. Gary has started teaching a class on the angelic merkaba along with some gatekeeper stuff too.


You offer the keys to the vaults of riches to the masters that they may prosper. Did you not make clear to the masters the importance of the numbers you are to teach? The number you were given is the same as that of the masters to gather at Eden event in Georgia. This number is a sacred number holding the vibrations that will benefit all the masters if they so desire it.

Hey guys. I am not going to argue with you about how and why things are the way they are. I know the value of what you have given me to teach. I looked at the clock on the way in here tonight and I saw the time was 2:22. I know that is the number of masters we need for the Eden 2006 event. I know better then to take that for granted as well as anything else you guys tell me.


If what you say is true, have you sought out that which we have given you to do with the working model of the gate?

Oh. You know as well as I do that after Gabby sat on it and moved the ball in the center I havenít done anything about it.


It would be wise to do so that you may know the power the gate holds. It may surprise you what has taken place in the time you had it working.

I will check it out.


Joe. Our kind gives that which your kind needs to move to the higher vibrations. In that which we give to teach raises all the masters in that which can be done. Yet, you and the masters must not take it lightly. Should a number be given to gather for a teaching there is power in that number of masters that will raise vibrations. Do you not see you are to set the vibrations in motion by the teachings of abundance and prosperity to make the way for that which the masters will create next year?

So, in other words, these classes are a set up to bring about the next Eden event?


There are those that would be about the work of bringing Eden back to earth, yet have not the means to do this. They must labor in the work they do so they will not loose that which they have. They have not seen that God has riches beyond their imaginations. How much more would the masters be about in bringing Edenís return living in riches?

I get your point. If we didnít have to worry about making ends meet. We could devote more time and energy to do the spiritual work we all came to do in the first place. I have also been thinking about this very thing. You know Alexander said something very profound in his Success Dynamics class. He noticed that only about 10% of the people when given an opportunity that would benefit them took action on it. I sat in the class of 100 people looking around the room trying to figure out who the other 9 people in the class were that would take action on the opportunity he was presenting. Thatís when it hit me. Ok, letís say it is true about the 10% thing. But who gets to say if I am in that 10%? I do. I get to choose whether or not I take action on an opportunity.


This is so for all that would have free will.

What do you mean would have free will? Donít we all have free will?


Free will is a gift given to your kind. Yet in your free will your kind give its power to the fear of the circumstances you have chosen to live under. Your kind does then only have the free will your circumstances allow you to have. You forget that you choose which you desire.

Hey, Michael you are again preaching to the choir. Itís like I always say. ďIf you donít have the money or time to take a class on being prosperous. You better come up with the money and the time to get you in the class to find out why you donít and what you can do about it.Ē Now that is free will in action, where you get to choose and not the circumstances choosing for you. All I can do is make myself available to teach the classes and if the masters want to learn I will teach.


Well said.

I have to admit that I get this feeling that if we as masters could get what you give us done quickly. We could bring about the 144,000 years ahead of the way it is going. You know what I mean? It would be more of a mission we were on rather then just a good idea we are thinking about.

There is more to what you say then you realize. All that is offered to the masters makes way for the vibration shift necessary to bring about the event of creation. The quicker the masters raise their vibrations the faster this will come about.

That is like the old saying goes. It is easy to be a holy man at the top of a mountain. But when it comes to doing the work it takes where others are involved it becomes more difficult and then again the rewards are greater. As I see it, when we as masters come together to produce a result we can bring it about faster if we are all working for the result.


Let us speak one last time that you may understand for that which we have come this day. The place you will join with the masters next year to set the southwest boundary has been chosen. The ability of those attending the event becoming comfortable in their own abundance and prosperity will raise the vibrations to master creation in this physical world. All the masters do in this coming year is a representation of that which you all will cause at the Eden event. You will offer the tools to the masters that they may grow in wisdom and in spirit knowing they are children of God and all things are possible. Remember this most, greater things are brought about by the actions of the masters then will ever come to be by their waiting for an event to give unto them.


Your kind has been given the seven keys to help them in all things. Should the masters find themselves paralyzed, unable to move forward the keys will give unto them a way to do so. Teach this which I give to you that the masters may grow wise and prosper. Gathering the riches in life is an expression of the seasons of the year. The way is in the seven churches and the seven keys.

I listened to what Michael was saying and as he talked I had an epiphany. Of course, what was missing in what I was doing to become more prosperous and abundant was right in front of me all the time. I just didnít know how to use them. Once he showed me how to apply the seasons, the seven keys and the way of the churches it cleared up everything. I could have been trying all the things I knew about abundance and prosperity but without these I could have been in the struggle for years. It is such a simple technique that I would have missed unless you were shown how to do it.

Michael this is amazing. In experiencing each step of the way as you gave it I get at the deepest level of my consciousness. I canít wait to take others through each step like you did with me. This just blows me away. Is there anything else you want to add to what you have given me?

 Our time is done. Rest and strengthen yourself for the work to come. Be at peace for we are with you in all your ways. Teach only love.

I watched as they folded into the light and were gone. I stayed in the office to write for a long time. As I sat writing the visit I couldnít help thinking about how this all works together. The energy level that that started raising at the Eden event was the prelude to the possibilities we have opening up to us. By what Michael and Haniel were telling me I can really understand how all this builds one on the other. I can also see why the angels give the information we need when the time is right. Even if we do get the information before we are ready for it. We do not have the understanding of how to use it no matter how smart we are. We are moving into the next phase of connection to the God given energy that allows us to prosper in greater numbers and in more important ways. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to teach you how to use this knowledge to build on Eden 2005. I look forward to seeing you all in the abundance and prosperity classes and growing with you to create the best Eden event ever.

Bless Your Heart,


Be at Peace and teach only love.



November 19, 2005 Visit

Robbie had gone to town to Whole Foods to stock up for the holidays and I thought it would be a good time to catch up on e-mails. As I sat reading one after the other I noticed I could see my shadow on the wall in front of me. Given it was daytime and I didnít have a light on behind me I knew it was angel time again. I turned just in time to see Michael and Haniel forming in the light. I had kind of figured I would be getting a visit real soon so I wasnít surprised they were showing up now.


Why do you trouble yourself with such things?

I guess some of the e-mails really stick in my craw and you know me, now and then I just have to put in my two for a nickel.


Waste not your time to change the beliefs of those that will not hear. If they will not understand the rich wisdom our kind has given. Why then do you think that which you call your two for a nickel will hold any value of enlightenment or future wisdom to those beliefs?

I am not so much about changing beliefs as I am about having those that hold them becoming open to another possibility.


Joe. You will find that those that hold what they believe to be true is serving them. As long as these beliefs serve them they will remain ensnared by what they think they know. You need to be about the things our kind has given you.

I hate that you have to keep reminding me of that.


As it is with your kind in growth, each will easily be distracted in that which has been learned. Nothing is learned in the answer yet all is known in the question. Your kind desires the absolute of which there is none found in what is known by anyone. Those that say they do know this absolute truth, lie. Your kind knows what they know as if it were true rather then a path to the truth. That which one holds as truth is only true in ones belief and limited by experience. That which one holds as a possibility of true has no limitations and opens one to endless experiences. No one may know the absolute truth until all know it.

So then we are all in the same boat so to speak. Our kind each thinks we are right about something we have come to believe. Everyone else is not only wrong for disagreeing but they are stupid.


It is the way of your kind. For this we have come that all may grow in wisdom. It is again the reason that you hold that which you call the Eden event. This event is to raise your vibrations mentally, emotionally as well as physically that they may blend with your spiritual essences. Those that would disregard any of these thinking they have arrived in absolute truth are living in a fantasy of the ego. Each Eden event that has been held has brought your kind closer in the blending of the four. This yearís event will bring your kind to the next higher level.

Ok. Here is what I am hearing you say. It wouldnít really do anyone any good to raise their physical vibrations alone because that is only one aspect of our vibrational capacity. It is like the Book of Bricks, we need to set the mental, physical, and the emotional legs of the tripod for the soul. If we donít have all three we are on shaky ground even if we think we have gotten somewhere. We can spend our time arguing what we believe to be true or hold on to it as true to justify our point or we can be about greater things.

We also have some innate need to be distracted by lesser things keeping us from what is really important. I myself fall into that from time to time. Then you guys show up and get me going again in the direction I need to be going.

It is this reason we have come to you now. The Eden event to come in June needs to be started at this time.

We have found the place where it is going to be held. We have sent out the information about the event and the cost this year. I have contracted and confirmed the people that will be teaching there so far. Robbie and I are looking into the things we will need for the event at the best price to keep the cost in alignment with the budget.


You have done well with that which will take place in June. Yet you have not seen that which will set in motion the coming of the Eden event. All that was done in Georgia opens the way to setting the boundary in Colorado. Yet that which the Masters do before then will determine the success of this event.

What am I missing here?


What you miss is how the masters will come to the event. Will they come only to get that which they see as lacking to become more then they are? Will the masters come to create that which is desired out of the power they possess? For the masters to cause the event of which we speak they must start now.

Ok. So what does that look like? I mean what do we need to do or be or have it happen?


Begin now growing in spirit and power.

Oh I like that. Whatever it means. Could you be a little more vague I can almost understand what youíre saying?


Your humor is ill placed if not refreshing to our kind. Yet I tell you that your kind enters the Festival of Light soon. It is at this time the masters may begin their preparation for Eden.

Do you mean by registering for the event.

It is not that simple. Yet it is a start. The masters need to ready themselves to create from within themselves. 

You are going to tell me how we are going to do this right.



I take it there is a new oil we are going to need to use to get ready for the event.


No. You already have the oils that will be used. Each master will raise his or her vibrations in this manner. Take that which you call the Festival of Light oil and Khamaels Pillar mixing one drop of each and place it on the crown. You will then say ďAs a child of God I am open to the power of the light.Ē Do this each day starting on the first of December until the last day of the month. On the first day of the New Year the masters will be ready to raise their vibrations yet higher.  Take now the Khamaels Pillar oil and that of the oil of Shekinah and mix one drop of each to be placed on the heart as well as the crown. You will then say ďAs a child of God through the power of love I am the vessel of creation.Ē Each will then listen to the frequency of changing matter to raise the frequency of the brain. Then use the frequencies of the Shekinah for spiritual love, Michael for physical power and of myself for creative love. Do this each day until you gather at the Eden Event. We will give you the frequencies to be at Eden just before you travel there. 

Thatís not too hard. Most of the masters have the oils and the tuning forks that you spoke about any way. I can even make a CD for those that donít have the tuning forks. Anything else I need to know?


You may again offer Gatherings at the event this coming year for those that have not been gathered. You will not gather those that come late for the sake of the numbers. For you do them a disservice in their ability to absorb the wisdom into their understanding of what is being done. You serve not the numbers we have called for when you act in this hurried manner.

Yes, I can certainly understand that. Those that have come to the event to be gathered are to be honored in their choice. Others that show up for some other reason shouldnít be invited in just because we need a certain number for the formation.


You would be wise to hold to this. The formation of which you speak will not be exactly as it was as last year. The formation and placement of each master will be determined as they register. I will guide you in the placement of each master for there is much more to the setting of this formation. The masters have grown greatly this year in the grace they hold. Many do not understand the energies they now hold and their placement is critical in the balancing of where they will stand.

I like hearing that we are growing in the grace we are able to hold. I can see where you would want to place masters rather then Robbie and I trying to decide where each one should stand. You guys have a better grip on where everyone is from your prospective.


We will place the masters that you may gain the highest vibrations and balance of the formation in which you stand. As the masters gather in oneness to produce the frequencies of creation they will mark the speed of all that is to become. I tell you truly the three boundaries of the south will be set making way for emotional love and compassion the likes of which has not been since the beginning. The 222 masters will stand on the threshold of peace and enlightenment. They have but to step into their power to bring about the 144,000 and change your world forever.

So what are you saying? Are you telling me that if we have 222 masters at this event and they get it about creation we are home free?


It is easy for you to hear that. Yet this is not what was said. The power the masters may find in themselves is far beyond their ability to use it in its fullness. In the time after the Eden event to come they will learn more. You forget as children of God you do not have the wisdom to use something just because you have it. Look to that which you have come in to your world with and what you have done with it.

Not much I guess. However, you need to remember that we ourselves are just now beginning to remember that we are children of God. Such a realization for us will take time to incorporate into our way of being. But when it does I just know we will do great things.


This is true not only in your world will you do these things. Your kind will fill the universe with wonders untold. Yet it is up to your kind to do the work to get you there. It is the choice of the masters as to how long it will take by the actions taken or rejected. It is the masters that will rise up to be at cause or lie down and wait for it to come.

I would like to think we are more about the rising up then the laying down part.


We shall see that which it is the masters choose.

Indeed we will, but you know where I stand in all this.


You have much to do before the event. The information you have given Gary will no doubt put him to work also. This will lead you both to a new way on thinking of that which you have come up with. Test your theories and build your models and grow in wisdom in that which you do. I will protect you both from yourselves and each other should you head in a direction that will not work. Be at peace and teach only love.

I watched as the two of them folded back into the light and they were gone.