Angel Visits

Good Friday Visit April 2004

I awoke some time during the night and couldn't get back to sleep. So, I decided to go and have a smoke. Leaving the bedroom I went through the office and picked up my pack of smokes, a lighter and stood at the back door. Watching the lights flash from the tower on the hill some miles away trying to cut through the low clouds. It looked like the way lightning does, but without the thunder. I just stood thinking about what Robbie said about Michael showing up on Good Fridays.  It seemed like he did come at that time of year several times and I wondered if this would be one of those times. It didn't take long to find out.

From over my shoulder I could see a light begin to form and I went out on the deck to put my smoke out in the ashtray. Upon returning to the office Michael and Gabriel were there awaiting my return.

We didn't interrupt your smoking, did we?

Why? Is this going to be one of those lectures from an angel about how bad it is to smoke?

We have more important things to speak of.

I was wondering how soon it would take you to show up after the Eden's event and the gathering, not to mention, it is Good Friday.

It is time for us to speak again.

I can see that because I finished the seven gatherings I was told I was to do. Yet, somehow I was worried now that I finished the seven gatherings you would be here to give me a "what's next" to do.

You have done what was asked of you. You have gathered in this last time with two other masters adding to the number of gathered masters. You have done well with that we have asked of you. Did you not see something different in this gathering coming together?

I did notice it came together very quickly and with some at the last minute. I did get the feeling like it was meant to be.

This is true. The masters that gathered at that time were all for a reason. The servants were there for a reason also that will become known in the time to come. Yet truly we say to you the other gatherings that took place at that time will bring forth the same as the one in Denver.

In the time to come, hum? That would mean you are not going to tell me about it now, but it is going to come out sometime later. Fair enough that will give me something to look forward to.

Let us speak of the Eden Event as you call it. The work you did in opening the gate to Eden has set in motion something you have no idea of. Some of the masters could see Eden for the wonder it beholds. Others were in the experience of the emotions in ways they could not understand. In these emotional releases they could only feel a piece of it. In the time that is to come for those that were in the emotions, they will see from time to time fleeting moments of Eden.  You must know there is a time that is needed to pass for the masters to fully come to all that was given at the Eden Event. Each master that heard you say to them on the final day - they were chosen and they chose to do this work will now need to go deep into their soul, knowing it on the mental, as well as feel it on the emotional. The vibrations that were raised in the three days will move the masters to the next higher vibrations to come. Yet the masters as they left for their homes, will have left with the balancing of the emotions with wisdom. These masters will be with the other masters that were not there and this balance will be shared with them.

It is good to know that the ones that were not there didn't just loose out. But, I had a feeling that some of the masters still needed more time to process the emotions in some of the things you wanted done. Then again we still didn't have the time we needed to get in all the processes Blake and I worked on.

You forgot that these masters were experiencing for the first time a way of having an emotion and not the emotions having them as you say. Some will recognize this in their daily lives as the emotions come to them and will choose with wisdom the actions to take. Those, which choose to look with wisdom, shall raise their vibrations even higher. Those that choose to look without wisdom will gain that which the emotions give unto them. 

True in most cases, but there were about five of them who left before a process was over and didn't come back. I haven't talked to them about it but I am sure they are not happy with what went on because they never completed on the process. I thought of calling them to see if I could maybe get them to a place of completion.

This you must not do. The masters that chose to leave did so in their emotional vibrations. You calling them will interfere with that which they have chosen. To interfere will only serve now as a way of making their choice wrong. Let them be.

Well, this is one of the reasons I asked the masters if going to four days would work for them.

This was wise of you. When we give you things to do that you set processes in motion there must be time for the process to work for all. Hurrying through for the sake of time you have served little in that which the masters would come to learn. Leaving out that which you are given will serve little for the experience of the whole could be lost.

In the event you gave for next year we are going to reconstruct the whole thing. We are putting together a board to manage how the event is run. We are finding out that what we have been charging for an event will not cover it taking place. However, to raise the price per person could get in the way if you look at travel expense. We want to make it possible for as many of the masters as we can to be there. We are working on some fund raising for the event and to help those that are short on funds to get there.

This is the place of Smyrna, which is the physical that you will gather for. This place is that of abundance and prosperity, I tell you in making ready for this, masters will begin to be abundant as well as prosperous.

Robbie and I have already started on some of the things you told me to start teaching for the next event.

I have seen you are ridding your selves of that which does not serve you.

Yes, we have begun to get rid of the clutter. It is amazing how much one can set aside thinking it may be needed again someday. I found some shirts that I know I will never wear again along with some other clothes that were just taking up space.

Most of your kind has learned to live in this way. They will save things they will not use. This comes from fear of not having. Your kind will gather to them things that they may be abundant. That which they gather to fill space in their lives and homes. In time the clutter becomes so great they must rent space to put the clutter. As time goes by this space is filled only to need a bigger space.

Boy do I know that one. I have a rented space with stuff in it that I haven't used in two years. There are somethings that I know are in there that I will never use.

This is the way of your kind. As they gather things they feel abundant and prosperous. These things are the very things that keep abundance and prosperity at bay. It is as you have said about money.

You mean that you have to keep it in motion because if you are afraid to let it go you are not allowing for it to come to you.

It is true with other things. To hold on to that which you are afraid of loosing closes the space for abundance. Look to other things in your life. Do you focus on health or do you focus on not getting sick? In relationships do you honor the relationship or do you focus on not being left alone?

I know what you are saying applies to many aspects in our lives. This whole thing about abundance in the physical world, given we are dealing with this at the next event brings up some interesting points. I am sure many of us do have the clutter you spoke of and just don't realize how it impacts us. I know there are things we hold on to for the sentimental value we put on them. But on the other hand, just how much sentiment can our emotions have?

Joe. If you look to a glass of water, as you fill the glass the water rises to the rim. Only a fool would keep filling the glass once it is full, for to do so would send the water down the side of the glass. Use what it is that is needed and let go of that which is not. Would you drink water that has set in a glass for months?

Of course not, it would get stagnant. Does this mean that the stuff we are saving is getting stagnant in the closets and storage lockers where we put them?

Well said. Yet that which you have stored is more then clutter, it is as you would say, as energy. Do you not know energy is used to obtain these things? You set it in motion from the moment you shop for things. The money you pay is energy and returning these things to your home is energy.

Ok then. We bring it home and move something to the back to make room for this new thing. When we bring something else home it gets moved back again and so on and so on. This reminds me of food in the refrigerator we need to use it or it goes bad. The sight of it tells us it is no longer useful and will not nourish us. However, the clutter we have accumulated and keep stuffing away doesn't smell nor do we see it and we keep telling ourselves we need to get rid of it.

This is true. Yet in this very action you are saying in your consciousness that you can hold no more. In this unconsciousness you do not nourish abundance nor prosperity for the flow of the energy has been shut off.

This is some pretty cool stuff you are saying and I can see where it applies to me. So, what I need to do is get busy throwing out the things I am not likely to use.

No. It is not discarding the things that do not serve you, look to that of giving. It is not just bricks that are made in this giving. You open space for the energies of abundance and prosperity to begin to flow.  Have you not things of value stored away, which are of no real value to you? In keeping with the energy of the flow of money I say sell them. For I tell you truly that which you hold to you for lack of the price you would receive, cost you more by the energy denied motion.

What you are saying is that if we have things we are not using we can give them away to Goodwill or some other organization. We can sell other things to activate the energies of money, but most of all we need to rid ourselves of the clutter we have blocking the energies of abundance and prosperity.

What I say is your kind must replace fear of lacking with that of faith. It is in this faith abundance will flow as you have not known. Yet there is work that is to be done that the masters can prosper and to have such abundance.

Ok then. Where do we start?

You must start in the beginning.

What does that mean, in the beginning? That could take us way back if you are saying the beginning - like the beginning.

I speak on NOW as the beginning. As the masters would be prosperous and abundant they must not concern themselves with where they are going. They must first see where it is they are at. As you have said many times you can't get there from here.

I get that. What you are telling me is we have to know where we are in order to get to where it is we want to go.

There are many of the masters that are very clear on where they do not want to go yet few know where they are. I speak not only in terms of money that they use. I speak in all things of your physical world. You must teach them these things.

What are you talking about, me teach them? In case you haven't been keeping up on current events I sure don't have a corner on the abundance and prosperity market. So I can't see where I am going to be such a hot teacher in this.

It is as the saying goes. If you want to heal yourself you must become a healer of others.

I think it goes, we teach that which we need to learn the most.

This is true also. It matters not if it is healing or teaching the principal is the same. A patient cannot heal unless he becomes a healer and a student cannot learn unless he becomes a teacher. To think other wise is folly.

In that case I teach because I really need to learn this one. Michael stopped talking and Gabriel started having his say.

Joe. This work isn't about money. It is about being abundant and prosperous in all the realms of ones life. The masters want to return to Eden. Yet how is it to become so? Do those of you wanting the return of Eden think it will just be given to you? Your kind were given Eden and were given dominion over all things in the garden. The race of man were to be stewards and caretakers yet from this your kind took it as power and bent all things given to the will of human kind. Now it is to be given back at a price. If truly your kind desires the return of such a garden they must become caretakers again. Bring that which you would have in Eden in to your lives. Plant flowers, trees in your yards. Bring plants into your home. Call to the wild life in your actions that you have made a place for them. Find in all things that live that you as children of God are there to care for them. Michael told you of faith to bring about abundance for the things you desire. Those that had little or nothing were there out of the faith in abundance not money or the kindness of others.

I am confused. What is it you want me to do or teach? Lets get down to it.

We will give you things, which the masters can do. You will do them and teach others to do them. They must first open the space for abundance and prosperity to flow. In the year to come you will be given more to teach. Before the masters can see where they are going a space must be opened for them to see where they are.

Given what you want me to start to teach now by the time comes for the next event I won't have anything to teach there.

Know this. That which you are teaching now will make the way for teachings on the experiential level understood at the next event.

Cool and the next event might just have a much bigger attendance if the masters are beginning to have prosperity and abundance.

Well said. Our time is done for now and we will speak again. Be at peace and teach only love.

As the light in the office gate started to fold in on its self, I could see the two angels being enveloped by it and they were gone.

Waking Masters from Sleep: Sept 24, 2004 Visit

As I sat in the office reworking the cover for a CD, I got a feeling something was about to happen. It wasnít like I could put my finger on it but Robbie had pointed out that I hadnít had a visit for several months. I just told myself if it happens, it happens.


Well it didnít take very long for it to happen after I thought it. There was a light beginning to manifest in the gate hanging from the ceiling in the office. I just turned my chair around and waited for an angel to show up. As the light grew brighter I could see there was more then one angel coming this time. Michael I could make out easily, but I had to wait until the two of them were almost all the way formed. I saw that other angel was Khamael, I recognized her from her red hair and the shape of her face. I hadnít seen this Irish looking angel for a long time now and a few thoughts crossed my mind, what she was doing here now? The only thought that really stayed with me was the up coming event, but that was still nine months off.


We would speak with you.


The words came from both at the same time like one but I could hear the male voice of Michael and the female voice of Khamael even though they spoke like one. It was then that Michael spoke.


The masters have not risen.




The masters have not risen from their sleep though they are awake. They move and walk as in a dream from which they have not awakened.


Funny you should say that. That seems to be what has been happening all over. Almost like everything is on hold.


The masters altered much at that which you called the Eden event. That changed is far beyond your understanding. Your kind dealt with the emotions of more than those who were there. This shift has been unsettling for gathered masters as well as others. A numbing sleep has come over all from which masters will begin to awaken.


Well it is about time. I donít think I could take much more of the sitting back. You know me I am about causing something to happen.


This is why you were chosen, for it would take but a push in the appointed direction and you take control of your path.


Yeah, my path. Let me tell you something about my path. For a long time now I donít see it as brightly as I once did. There are times when I know without a doubt where it is all going and other times I donít have a clue.


So it is with all. You are able to go to the brink of despair yet your faith keeps you safe. Hardship upon hardship you have faced yet in the end you were victorious.


I have had more then just angelic help along the way to save my bacon many times. I am in indebted to not only Robbie, but also a host of friends that have helped me/us out.


You are truly blessed. Yet I say to you the debt you owe is soon to be repaid to all. This is the time of the physical for the masters will gather for that which you call Eden 2005. The rewards of God are even now beginning to be laid on the masters as well as you. Yet your kind gets but in the way for them. Lives are filled with worry and with fret and not the faith of a mustard seed. Open your hearts to that of a loving God and be filled the physical things your kind desires.


Well again I could sure use that.


Did not I give your kind the way of such things? Did I not say unto you to rid yourselves of clutter? Did I not lead you to that which you call creating abundance and prosperity? In the sleep of your kind little has been done to awaken to these gifts.


Yes, I know I myself have only done most of them but have left a few things out for later.


Has the leaving of them prospered you?


I guess I am getting what I am putting into it.


No. You are getting more then you have put into it. God is giving all the masters more, yet in this sleep most has been missed.


I see what you are saying. I have lost much of what God is giving because I canít see it when it is right in front of me. My actions or lack of them is keeping me from the things I desire.


This is true. Do that which you would have others do for you know these things open the way for riches. I tell you truly that which gets in your way is the lack of the emotions that the masters shifted. Emotions that would push your kind to action are no more. This is the sleep of which I speak. Your kind must now do because it is a just thing to be done. Not that which is driven by emotions.


Oh. I see where this is going. If I got mad about something I would do something about it. Then again, if I went into Ďpoor meí because I saw what I was creating in my life, I would do something about it. However, what you are saying to me now is the emotional charge that used to motivate me no longer will to make something happen.


Well said, Joe. Your kind is waiting for that which you have called the emotional charge to for them to act on that, which is desired. Your kind are children of a loving God and may go boldly forth and gather the riches that are and have been yours.


You know, Paul is sending me a book called ďShut Up, Stop Whining and Get a LifeĒ. I guess there is a reason I should read it.


A wise man your friend is.


I am sure. Now what is the reason it took the two of you to come and tell me this? I mean Khamael hasnít said much and thatís being kind.


Joe, do I not give first that which will end that which troubles you first?


That you do Michael, even if it is just some words that lead me to rethink what I think I know.


We will speak to you of Eden 2005. You have been uncertain of where this should be. You have two places you could set the church of Smyrna. One of the places you look is to the far East to hold the energy of the gates place of Smyrna. Yet it could hold the energy of the servant that sits in the East.


Robbie pointed that out to me but I thought it would be where it is meant to be. Besides I figured you guys would intervene if it were not the place it should be.


We did.


So then is the place she is looking at now the place we need to use?


Robbie will look for another place as well for there is another that will hold Smyrna. Yet it is the place that will allow the masters that which is required.


In other words what you are telling me is how much they charge along with what we need is going to determine where we will be for sure.


This is true.


Now the place that Robbie likes is kind of away from everything and it isnít like staying in a four or five star hotel. I mean they donít have room service or for that matter, TVís, or phones in all the rooms. It is out in nature and the accommodations are nice to say the least.


As is the other place I spoke of. It is well that it is away from the distractions of the world. That which the masterís gather for is to change the world not be preoccupied with worldly happenings.


This place fits that bill.




That which you are to bring into being can only be done with the masters being focused. In changing the world for all of your kind is it too much to ask for four days? To open the door to riches in all things in a masters life too much to ask that they stay together as one?


Khamael you know the answer from me on that. I just do what you give me the best I can. We looked at some other days but Michael kind of had his heart set on these days so why would I disappoint him.


The time is for a reason, as is what you will do in the four days. The vibrations will change in all present in the most powerful way.


Oh. I am sure it will.


The masters will come to see all things are possible. Those that see themselves as unworthy will grow into the magnificent. Those that would be in poverty will know riches are theirs. Those that doubt their gifts will see their gifts unfold like flowers before all that have gathered.


That would be a wonderful sight to see all in itself.




As the time grows near, I will give you the pattern in which the masters will stand. I will give you what will be done when you stand.


That works for me.




You and the masters will open the way for the masters to be. That they will prosper in the light of God.


That was what I thought this was all about.


You do not hear that which I speak.


I get a little stupid this time of night. So could you spell it out for me?


I speak of the masters that are not gathered.


Hang on here. Michael said how a gathering is to be. We mixed a gathering with a class once and I am still paying for it. A gathering is a gathering and then you have every thing else. Hey Michael can you help me out here?




Listen to that which Khamael speaks before you set your mind.


OK. Go on with what you are saying.




You have been told the way to hold a gathering. You have written that which you call a script to help masters hold one. The time is three days in the teaching and to set the well of souls for the giving and receiving of Gods grace.


Yeah. But this goes back to the other gathering and how things got so mixed up. And donít forget a Gathering is done for free but to put on the Eden event it costs.


LISTEN. Open your mind to what I say to you. Those that would be gathered and have not been so before the event may be at the event.


I just donít know how that would happen with everything that needs to be done so far. I mean the time it takes to teach the new masters is why there is three days in a gathering. Finding ones gifts and traps along with everything else we just donít have the time to teach all that.


Joe. There will be more time then you will need. I tell you this for it is the time of the physical and you will not deny any master that has not been gathered to join in this celebration of prosperity.


Ok I will bow to your wisdom in this.


All that would be gathered will read ďBlessings Gifts and DeedsĒ or ďOn The Wings of HeavenĒ. All will read ďTeaching the MastersĒ. All will do the baptism. They must know which church they are of. You will set time aside for the well of souls and the pattern of giving and receiving. I tell you truly the knowledge they will gain by being with the masters that are gathered will be as much as in the teaching of three days.


I can see the wisdom in what you are saying. By being around other masters that are gathered on breaks and in the evenings should fill in quite nicely. Not to mention the level of energy that the Gathered masters will bring to the new ones. It could work.


Forget not that all the angels of the gate will be there. We will stand with each new master in the well of souls.


Oh, so you guys are going to be there to help out for all to see, I take it.


We will be there for those with hearts full of love and the eyes to see us as well as Eden to come.


Now that would be a hoot.




Set quickly the place that the masters will use. Set into motion this prosperous and abundant gathering of masters and in turn you will set the coming of 144,000 masters in the vibrations to change your world. Our Time is done for now. Yet we will speak soon in that which you will teach. Be at peace and worry not and above all else, teach only love.













Visit to Joe on October 24, 2004

Overcoming Separation between the Spiritual and Physical

By Dr. Joe Crane


I fell asleep on the couch while watching Stargate with Randall. When it was over I woke up and headed off to bed to finish my sleep. It seemed just a few minutes after closing my eyes that the room was filled with light. I opened my eyes to see if it was morning or a visitor. I was in luck it was not morning and was hoping this visit would be a quick one so I could get some more sleep.


There is time for sleep when we have spoken. Come.

     I got out of bed and put my pants on and headed out to the office where the Gate of Grace is. I saw that Michael had Khamael with him so I knew this was going to be about the Eden event coming up in June of 2005.



You have chosen wisely the place in Georgia on a mountain. This setting will serve well for that which needs to be done.

     I like it but some think it should have more of the amenities.


What more does your kind require?

    Oh, you know hot tubs, room service, a bar, and dance floor, TVs in the rooms and maybe a golf course, a marina for boating or at least a hotel close to the event that offers those things.



Did we not speak of a place in nature for the event to unfold? Did your kind not understand that you were to go from distractions of the world?

I was just kidding about the golf course and marina.


     We know you jest yet your kind has a need for things of comfort and distractions.

     This place is comfortable with rooms that are very nice. They can accommodate us in the numbers we will have and feed us very well. Robbie likes it and there is no way she does camping or anything close to it.


    The place you have chosen is sacred ground that has been used by the people of this land long before visitors beyond the sea came to this land. The mountains are the oldest in this nation of yours, there for it is just that I place my blessings there.

    (Khamael spoke in a manor that wasnít angry but rather forceful and with great certainty, which lead me to believe this was the place she herself would have picked. Angels have a habit of doing that when they speak.)

     Now all we have to do is finish negotiating the price it will cost us for the four-day stay and the event. We have two spaces that we will use one for the event and the other for the teachings of a gathering. This place is perfect to do both. There is enough room for the formation as well as what is needed for the processes we will be doing.


     It was wise of you to ask in the building of an alter, yet I say to you the alter is to be built of stone that no man made tool shall have touched. All the masters that are in attendance will build it. You will lay the corner stone to the east and you know what is to be written on it.

    That I do know.


    The masters will write their name on stone they offer and return it to the place where they found it when it is done.

    I take that means when we are done with the event?

   This is true. The masterís vibration will be imprinted on their stone that their light will set in the sacredness of this place. I tell you truly the masters will set the place of the physical in this land. Form this place the prosperity and abundance will flow to Gods children for they will know they have the power to create in the physical.

    That sounds great to me, however the masters are just awaking from the sleep you talked about the last time I saw the two of you. If I know anything about many of the masters is that it is going to take a lot of coffee to get the old heart pumping before many get they are powerful enough to make that kind of a difference. Lets face it Michael there are not many that see you as I do. The faith I have, I have for a reason so I am not running blind in the work I am doing. The courage I have is easy to come by because I see you guys and I talk to you. I am not going on just reading angel visits so I know what is happening is true.


    Blessed are those that read and know the truth without seeing our kind. Blessed again are those that see us not and act in faith and are gathered. Blessed once more are the masters that gather other masters to this work. Yet I say to you blessed are those that have doubts and come to be gathered and gather. Blessed are those masters all that would on a chance that there is truth in what we have given. Blessed are they raising their vibrations that your world will return to Eden for all your kind. Many are their bricks.

    Wow. That was a mouth full. I am not saying that all the masters need a good shove or need to be hit by a spiritual two by four to get into action. What I am saying is we all need a little help sometimes to keep the ball rolling. With all that is going on in our world today it is a wonder anyone is doing anything. And donít forget many of us have been asleep or hiding out waiting to see what is going to happen.


    The masters see your nation as divided into two camps now and are waiting to see what will become of the world in which they live. It is not of the masters concern of the worldly sides they are choosing. I tell you truly there are two paths the future will take for your kind. As you say there is revolution at hand if one path is taken and the other path holds evolution.

    I know there is a divine dissatisfaction growing in our nation. I know things will have to change sooner or later. Revolution will bring a forcible change while evolution will bring a change about slowly. I know the nations of the world are poised to do something very stupid. At this time I donít think any of the leaders of the world know what they are doing or are about to do. It is like a house catching on fire and all that is happening is the furniture is being moved out of the room that is on fire. No one thinks about putting out the fire because it is all about saving the furniture.


    Do you not see that is the reason for gathering one hundred and forty four thousand? When these masters are gathered they will create a place where the fire as you say cannot exist.

    So what you are telling me in a nutshell we, the gathered masters, are the ones that can change all this. We shouldnít get hung up about revolution or evolution because it is really about transformation. The light of the masters is going to bring about a transformation of this world to Eden.



    What you say is true. For this the masters must come as one in the place of the physical.

    I hear you Michael and yet we each have our own light that is filled with our own opinions based on where we are in life. There has got to be a way of blending the light of the masters and cutting through the veil of illusion.


    There is. I give to you the way of the blending of the light with the physical. Your kind is coming into the time of the festival of light. You have made the oil of this to bring the light of the spiritual into your lives. I give you now the oil that which will blend the spiritual with the physical.

    Wasnít it you that wrestled with Jacob and came to Jesus and strengthened him and you are also known as the angel of destruction and courage?


    What you say is true of many things I am said to have done. Yet what I give you is the way of destroying that which bars the masterís way to spiritual light manifesting in the physical world. You will blend my oil with that of the festival of light that the masters may over come the separation of spiritual and physical. You will use this blend on the day that is set for me each week until and at the Edenís event. This shall bring the masters to the vibration that they may see our kind as their hearts fill with love. This oil will be sold in lots of seven.

    She told me how to make and how it should be used and then Michael spoke of cutting through the veil of illusion.


     Your kind has the ability to pass through the veil yet many need a tool to penetrate the veil. Do you know of golden selinite?

    Yes, I do know what it is. Robbie has a bunch in the backyard. It is to get rid of negative energy and balance out energy I think. It is a pretty golden yellow that kind of reminds of mica only itĎs thicker. That is something that Robbie knows more about then me.


    Do you not see it looks as the blade of a knife?

    Oh. I guess it could I never paid much attention to it because it is not one of the crystals used in the Gate of Grace. What are you getting to with all this?


    Golden selinite can be used as a knife to cut through the veil of illusion.

    Cool. How do you use it?



    Take a piece of the selinite seven inches or longer. Wrap the widest end with that which you call jute that the crystal will not ground with your flesh. Go to your gate and stand in the center. Hold the blade in your hand as you would a knife and cut as you would a curtain a line big enough for you to step through. Step through and you will feel an energy shift through out your body. Your kind will see things in a new light. When you are finished step back to that from which you have come from.

    Now that sounds very interesting. Why are you bringing this up now?

    Your kind is moving into the physical. The tools we offer are to help your kind with that which they cannot understand or achieve without them. As the masters come to gather at the place of each church more will be given. At the time of the gathering of 144,000 the masters will do miracles unknown to mankind.

    Oh man, I got to be around to see that.


    We would speak now of the things you will do at the event. Yet you will not speak of these until you are told to. You have need of knowing that you may make ready for these to be done.

    Ok. Fire away I am listening. It was each of them taking turns giving me information and what was needed. My head was spinning at the things I need to do and get and for what reason. It was some time later when they finished. The light that brought with them was about to fold again into its self and as they stepped back into it they said together as one voice.

Michael/ Khamael

    Be at Peace and teach only love.



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©Angel Gate Creations and DR Joseph Crane,
DD, Ph.D. This information is intended for personal use only
and may be shared freely in its entirety.
Any other use must have written permission
from the author granted prior to its use.

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