Angel Visits 2001

Michael Visit Jan 10, 2001


It had rained all morning here in Texas and I decided to do some work on the acutuning manuals. While the two kids played and the baby sitter kept them out of my way. My picture of Michael started to glow. I knew it was time for him to show up again. I hadn't seen him for a few months and had a lot to ask him. This was the first time I saw Michael while anyone else was around or awake. The funny thing was no one seemed to notice him. He came out of the painting and stood in the middle of the room.


Michael this is a first for you to come while someone else can see you.


They will not, nor shall they hear you or me.


Cool, but what will happen when we talk?


This will be as if I am not here and you are working on the book.


This I have to see. I saw the youngest boy sitting at the table drawing or painting and called out to him to come here. He didn't hear me. This is nothing new for him because he does his best to do just that, especially at bedtime. I called him again with the same results. I tried the baby-sitter and then the little girl and there was no response. I turned my attention back to Michael.

OK I am all yours.


I have come to give you works that your kind is ready to learn. You will teach these to Robbie after three days have passed, that she and the child will know them. Yet you and her may only teach of them in what you call classes. For these teachings are too important to be given to a just a few. Let us begin.


Michael I thought the blessing of water was something, but this is way past that.


Has not your tree grown with the number of your gatherings? Has not the sevens gathered branches?


I guessed he was talking about the gathering I just had making my gatherings at six. That leaves me with just one more to go until I did the seven gatherings he said I was to do. Also I knew that there were other gatherings moving the tree up another level.


You have worked to build the tree and added to those that have chosen away. Blessed are those that gathered again and again yet I say to you all, the time is now to grow the tree tall. For it as you have said, " We are growing a tree not a bush."


So are you telling me that a master shouldn't have more then one gathering?


No. I am saying to you that a master should hold no more than four. Some masters are powerful and will deny those that would gather.


We have had some conversations about that very thing. The main theme here is that why should we give sevens to a servant to be that hasn't gathered a single person of their own.


I ask you, why is that an angel should give you that which you may come to on your own.


I would have to say there is a divine plan that needs to be fulfilled. There is a place we need to get to. So you angels come and share what you have with us.


This is what your kind must do with each other. Which key is being used when a seven to be is not given to another that would gather? You were given gatherings times seven that the heart of the tree would be as an armature to add to.


I can see how that would work. That is like when I make something out of clay I use a metal pipe that runs up the center to keep the clay from sagging.


Yes, This is one way to see it.


You are talking about the seven keys that we have four of aren't you.


Yes. How easy it is to use the keys only when you see how they can help you, yet not others.


I hear that. So you mean to say if a servant to be calls me I should give them the one I know wants to be gathered.


No. You do seven gatherings for that was what I asked of you. In this you will do one more. After that you will give to those in need. To do more then that which I asked will do little to build the tree.


So should I tell the other sevens that have gathered this?


You need say nothing for if they read this they will know what to do. Joe. I am here to give the new things, which I have done, and to answer that which you need to know.


Glad you brought up. There are a few things I need to know.


You would ask of the soul contracts and that of the stones for the gate that would be set in gold. I have your answer for the new book also. The chapters for the book you and Gary talked about leaving out should be left out for they are for another time. You will speak in the book of Joanne, Michael, and the one you call Jewels when you speak of healing. Yet you will not speak of the other one for she is with us with God. You will speak of Diane for she is a powerful woman in the use of oils and much else.


OK. I understand that and will talk to Gary about it.


The women that would set the gate in gold have asked if another stone be used. I tell you now the stones are the stones to be used for the gate, no others will open a gate or hold it. I say to you that they may use the stone they asked you about to set in gold that which work the same as the medallion Robbie wears only more so. A master that gathered may use it as a gate to focus the grace.


OK. I will tell them.


A soul contract is causing much with the healing that the sevens would do. Tell me what you know of a contract made in your world. Well, It is an agreement made between two or more people so that a result comes about. What can be done with a contract without penalties?


Well, that goes back to what I am not supposed to talk about, only teach it.


This is also true in what your kind has come to call a soul contract.


Oh. OK. I get where you are going with this, but can I at least say when I write this visit that it can be renegotiated?


Yes, Yet you may not say how.


Fair enough. But what about the people that are sick get healed and get sick again?


You would know how it comes to be that people that have been healed only return to illness.


Isn't that what I just asked?


For some they would gain out of illness and must return to it. For others it is doing the same as before only to become ill again. You are not the one that heals them; it is their faith and the path they choose to follow. One path is what you call healthy the other illness. Some know which path they take the others do not. It is not your place to judge the work you do or the healing that has taken place or not. You are given what you have been to help others. Not to judge your work in successes and failures. As I have told you. Do that which you can and let it go with love. When you start to see your self as one that has failed or won you are coming from arrogance. I ask you what healing can come from one of arrogance? Get that which is you out of the way and allow the healing to take place.


Am I just being paranoid or are you saying that to me?


Yes, Joe you are being just that. I say this to all that will hear. Our time is done for now, yet I will return soon to show you how to use what you now know. Be at peace and teach only love.


With this he was gone and I still don't have time to work on acutuning now having to write this up.








2001 A letter from Joe


Dear Masters:

I writing this to let you know where things have been and are going this next year. First of all I want to welcome all the new Masters that have been gathered. Then I want to acknowledge all the Masters that have acted as the servants to have this happen. We have come a long way in just a year and have been given Keys to help us all grow. Joanne has been given the Sandalphon oil that we are only beginning to understand how to use it. The tree of life conference in Montana was a wonderful time for learning and coming closer together. Life long friendships were made between sevens that got to meet each other for the first time. It let every one know they were not alone in the work we are doing. The tree has gone up four levels and other are joining in to have their masters, masters gather and so on. It has truly been a big year. Bless your hearts for all you have given to the work. Now for this year. This year is going to be a much, much, much bigger year. We have risen to a point in our commitment and growth that Michael and the other angels are giving us things that they think we are ready for. Based

on results I think we have all earned it. I for one have done a lot of work putting together the acutuning manual and am about to finish the second manual. Not to mention those of you that have started halls of healing. I am so proud of you all. Many are your bricks.

Michael has come again to give me new and exciting things to teach this coming year. He has also told me that some of the Masters that have been standing in the wings will be coming out on the stage to teach. The message is getting out and will only get stronger as we go on. This year I am permitted to teach how to alter a soul contract and how to remove the blocks that get in the way of each living the giftedness they are. There are the teachings of the sacred herbs and how they work with the oils.

Robbie has a very good background with herbs and is taking to it like a duck takes to water. So she will be taking up the slack that I just can't begin to do with all this new stuff. Over the past month she has been putting together what Michael has given me on herbs that I don't understand. She is coming into the for front to teach how it works. David here in San Antonio has a big part to play in the work with he knows and how it all is starting to fit together. Joanne, Mary, Paul and Barbara to mention a few are all beginning to teach and I know many of you will also. The new book is being edited and will be out some time this year. Sevens are calling to set up classes and want to know when I could teach them. Not like it is a good idea but it is of importance that the teachings get out. This tells me that something is happening and it is big. People are being healed and numbers of sevens are growing and it is all because of you and the work you have done and are doing. If I haven't told you how much you matter in this work all you have to do is look around you. See the wonders you have created just by who you have been and are becoming. I for one am in awe at what has come to pass from my saying "Speak oh Lord for your servant hears" those five years ago. I know that many are called but few choose and bless your hearts for the choice you have made. Bless your hearts for taking a stand when the odds were against you. Last but not least bless your hearts for putting up with me. In closing let me say, make your bricks and help others to do the same. Practice the principles of a master and use the keys that were given to open the doors to a new world.


Teach only love






Wed, 31 Jan 2001

Gabriel-Right Oil Wrong Application

As I sat at the computer watching a movie, a yellow light began filling and overpowering the ceiling light in the room. I had to think for a minute as to which angel this could be coming in a yellow light. I remembered it was Gabriel in the place of the church of Pergamum, and when I saw an Arab coming through the light I knew I was right.


I am come to teach you.


Well I am here to learn.


You have been working with the soul in healings that you do.

I have been doing some of the things Michael told me about, if that is what you mean.

I do. You and others are beginning to work with the souls of others for aid in healing.

I know some of the sevens are working with soul contracts and past-life stuff. I have been getting some great feedback from them. The Sandalphon Oil is being a great help in this. I have used what Michael had given me, and it is working well. I talked to Joanne about what she is seeing by using it in soul contracts and past lives that are helping people heal.

This is the reason for my coming. Your kind is about to take a path that will lead from the truth. It is true in the past that some of the oils found in the making of Sandalphon's Oil were used for healing. These oils were and are of great help in healing. Yet I tell you this is not why it was given.

Hang on a minute. You mean to tell me that the Sandalphon Oil is worthless in healing?

Look to Sandalphon as having two things it will do. One is to bind the sevens to the Tree of Life. It is as the sap of the tree; without it, it will wither. When the sevens were small in number there was only the moisture of the grace and love needed. Now the tree is growing more and more as your time goes by. This oil is sent to hold you all together as one. Sandalphon is said to carry the prayers to God, yet it is not the prayer of the body, it is of the soul. The oil helps to do this, as the sevens become greater in number the need for this will grow.

So are you telling me it is just a nice thing to have around and someday there will be a use for it? That it has no healing qualities?

I said this not.

Good. Because I know Joanne. And she did some great work with that oil.

She would doubt her own giftedness in healing. Giving her own power to the oil.

So you are telling me then that it was her that did the healing.

I said this not.

So just what do you say?

She opened a space for healing. She used the tuning forks and the Oil of Michael on points of the body. To say it was the Sandalphon Oil that made it so is an untrue path to walk.

Yeah. But it did work.

I ask you this: Would the healing have taken place without the Oil of the Sandalphon?

How should I know? The healing has taken place. You can't just undo the healing and do it over to see.

This is true. Joe. You are what you would say, 'missing the pointí.


Missing the point. You tell me that the Sandalphon Oil is in no way a healing oil, and I am missing the point? Do you know how much that stuff costs to make? What is the point?

This oil is a messenger. This is why it was given. Sandalphon is given to carry the asking of that which is done to be undone. Not to make anew. Michael has given you the way and the placement of the oils. You will teach this soon enough. Healing is for God to do, with the soul speaking.

Now let me see if I heard what you are saying. We, or some of us, have soul contracts of past-life stuff that we can change so we can be healed -- because of having things we agreed to do or experience in this life. On the other hand we have something in our past life, so to speak, we are paying for or wanted to make right by going through them? At least this is what Michael said and is the way I understand it.

Simple. Yet it is so.

So there is more to it, but you will accept the way I put it.


Good. So can we move on with what you want to tell me?

I am come to keep you in balance with the gifts you are given. You were given the oils of the seven churches to bring the giftedness of each church to what your kind understands as vibration. Each church brings its vibration to another church in its gifts. The anointing opens the giftedness to all.


Yeah. Yeah. I understand that but just what is the healing oil then?

Shekinah is truly the oil of healing, for it is of the spirit and the body. This oil is of creation itself. And what is healing if not creating the new cells of the body? You yourself told of it being the physical/spiritual did you not?

I guess in a way I did say that. I also said Metatron was the mental and the Christ Oil was the emotional.

Yet I say it is the Oil of the Shekinah that heals the body with the spirit. The Oil of the Metatron heals the mind and the Oil of the Christ heals the heart. Michael's Oil is the Light-Bringer that opens the way for all the oils.

You mean like allowing the vibrations to rise without it overcoming us.


Ok then. I got it. Each of the oils are to be used for a certain reason.

This is so.

If I may ask while I am thinking it.

Gary asked of you a favor which you want to know if you may give to him what Michael told you not to teach now. You see it as the best way in doing the favor.

It would make it easier to do it that way.


It would not do for you to interfere with that teaching as of yet.

Well that just sucks. Why can't I teach him something he could use at this time?

There is the answer to why.


There is a lesson you would teach yet it is not your place to teach it. You have been told there are two things your kind is here for. There is a reason for the way it is.

You are speaking of learning a lesson or teaching one aren't you?

I am.

Point made. I'll talk to him about this.

We will speak of this again another time. Our time is done for now. Say to Robbie it is not the cactus Michael showed you, it was what was next to it. She will know it by the oil she has called for. Be at peace and teach only love.

The yellow light started to get smaller and Gabriel stepped back into it and was gone.









Mar 1, 2001


Dear Masters,

I am sending you this latest visit to let you know where things need to be going. I realize I should have listened to Michael when it all started. There will be some changes coming but I will let Robbie send out an E-mail explaining how it will work.

Bless your hearts



I was working trying to finish up the writing from the last visit when I took a break. I got a piece of jewelry in the mail from two woman jewelers that sent me a sample of a small gate made in silver. The piece had all of the jewels of the gate except one set in the pattern. Michael said it wouldnít work like the gate but it did do some thing. Anyway I decided to go out to the gate and have a look see as to how it felt in the gate. I went in to the gate

and set the little silver piece down in the middle of it. I went to sit down and have a smoke and just as I sat down I heard Michaels voice say to me.

Beautiful is it not?


That it is, but what is it supposed to do? I said as he stepped from the light.

You were told it would do all that which Robbie said and more. I come to give you the more. They will not call it the bio shield gate for this is not that which it does.


So just what does it do?

This small gate is set with stones that will not open the gate of grace. Yet I tell you truly it is not a shield. With the stones used this gate is as the light, which turns darkness into light.

When you say it transforms the darkness in to the light. What you are saying is it takes the negative energy and turns it into positive energy.


This is so.


Wow great. So you mean if you have a lot of negative stuff going on it will turn it to positive.

I said this not. I say this will transform that which is harmful energy before entering, not remove that which there.


So this will not clean out the bad stuff, just keep anymore from coming in and any energy that does come in will be positive energy. How does this work?


Those that made this, with the jewels they used were wise. The placements of the stones are set that the stone of Laodicea is missing, yet is replaced with another stone. This stone leaves an opening for energy to pass through. The negative energy is attracted to the gate of light the new stone makes the way of releasing the transformed energy that the spirit may use it, Not fend it off.


I can see where this would come in handy. If you can use the energy rather then have to fight it off, it wonít be so hard on the body and may help you to stay healthy.


This is so.


They said in the letter that came with it that we could talk this weekend as to how much to charge for it.


Why is it they speak to you of such things?


I guess they want me to tell them what a fair price would be.


You will let them decide what is fair for the work they do. You are not to council them for you have all but given for nothing that which you do. You were told to use the finest oils to make that of the churches and that which you call the I Am oils. This you have done. Yet you have not honored the council I have given you. You have chosen to receive for your labors but half of that which I gave to be fair. You and the others that make these oils honor not my words nor do they honor the sevens in this way.


Hey Michael. I only wanted to make them available to every one and people are saying they are too expensive as is. I do want for people to have the tools you have given.

I ask you. Would a carpenter buy a tool for little value to do his work?

When I buy a saw or some other tool I buy the best one I can get because a cheap tool does cheap work.


This is true with the sevens, there are but a hand full of the oils being used for the healing. They have given so little for them they are held as you call them cheap tool.


If I raise the price of the oils I am going to take some heat for it.

Did not you say to Gary and Joanne in the work we do we are going to take a lot of heat?


Yes I did, but that was about religion and what they say is right, given the way it has always been.


You would stand with all I have given you and take the displeasure of religion and not from that of sevens that stand with you? You were chosen do this work because you will not be moved in that which I have given you. You have stood before in not teaching for free and you still hold the knowledge that has not been taught. It prospers you in knowing that you may help others in their healing. It prospers others that have come for healing. I teach you ways that the oils and other tools may be used for the sevens that they may prosper in know ledge and in riches.

I have been told that I should teach for free because you give it to me for free.


Joe the price I have asked of you for these teachings is more costly then the shekels you have asked of others for the teachings. You and others that have been the servant hold a gathering for as you say free. It is forbidden that money is exchanged for a gathering, yet all else that you and other servants do as work is not. Again I say this is all written in the book of bricks. Has no one read this? Is only what is pleasing to the ear and ego accepted by your kind? The people may rebuke you for that which I have given. Let what they say to you be as my words are to them.


Ok. I get it. I can choose to do what you ask or not. We all have free will in this. People will do what they do. It is not up to me to judge what they do or donít do. If people want the tools then that is fine and if they donít that is fine to. I just hate raising the price of things now.


Had the price been set as I said, you would not.


Ok. I hear what you are saying and I will go along with it. Why is it I donít think this is why you have come?


You are wise in this. I come bringing that which Robbie is missing in her work. You will give her this after the gathering this weekend. Her time for teaching is at hand.


Well it aint going to be an easy job for her with the baby coming soon.


She knows the herbs I have showed you. You will help her to put them together to be used by your kind to keep you whole. These are only the sacred herbs yet there are more that will come as the servant herbs. All was given to your kind before and your kind will know of them again. These are the ones that are out of place. These are the ones that take their place.


He showed me where I was mistaken with what I told Robbie and how to correct it. He showed me how to help her in the making of the mixing of them.

Tell Gary he worries for nothing about things that are not important. Our time is done teach only love.


With this he was gone back into the light that surrounded him.







March 7, 2001 The Holy of Holies the 5th Key


I had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and then went out to check my e-mail and have a smoke. As I sat down at my computer, I noticed the time was 4:44 am.


They are come. were the words I heard Michael say. His voice seemed to come from everywhere.


I knew it. I just knew it. The time was right for a visit, and sure enough, here it is," I said to myself. I heard the back door open, and glanced to see if Michael was going to enter that way. I thought to myself, "This was more of an invitation than a way for him to come in." Because he always just comes in. So the opening door must be for me to come out. I got out of my chair and went out to the back yard where I guessed he wanted me to go. I could see him standing in the Gate waiting for me.


Hey, Michael. What do you mean 'They have come'? There aint nobody there but you. Unless, of course, this is going to be one of those nights when everybody shows up."


Come and stand at my side.


I walked into the Gate and took my place next to him.


You have been foretold of this coming. Open your heart to receive that which is to come.


He raised his hand and pointed to the center of the Gate. I looked and saw the stones start to glow. Each stone took on the color of light according to the color the stones were. One by one the stones grew into large balls of light and became filled with the presence of an angel. I glanced around quickly to see the seven other angels, and they were all there as I remembered them: the Arab, African, Asian, Islander, Indian/Pakistani, the one that looked Irish, and the Native American. I remember thinking; "This is going to be something big." Little did I know how big it was going to be.


I saw the tall angel, Sandalphon; rise up out of the light in the center of the gate that was made by all the other angels giving off light. I turned to Michael and asked if that wasn't the place of the Shekinah.




I knew with this word that she would be there when I looked back to the center of the Gate. Sure enough, she was starting to form before my eyes. It seemed odd to me that she and the one I knew as Sandalphon were taking up the same space. He was much taller then she and her head hit him about mid-thigh. Just as I finished that thought, the other angels started to move in to form the body of her again. The light became stronger again, and I looked down and away from them. I saw the ground take on a silver sheen as if it as if it were turning to silver.


Look not before you are called.


I understood what Michael was saying to me as I felt his energy move away from me. I only imagined that he to was joining the others to make the body of the Shekinah. I remembered the last time this had happened. How the ground and everything around turned to what looked like gold. There was something else I was seeing that struck me as strange. It was in the golden light reflecting off everything. There also seemed to be a blue-white light bouncing off the ground. I could feel some kind of energy flowing over and through me. I felt safe and peaceful, with all this, and even loved very much at the same time. I must say I was a little worried about what was going on because I have never had so many angels together all at once.


Joseph, the voice called out.


I hadn't been called that since the Shekinah first appeared. It wasn't like I was being called that by a mother ready to scold her child, but more in a respectful manner. I turned my face slowly to where the voice came from, peeking a little more at a time. I didn't know what I would see, this time, so I didn't want to get it all at once. I began to see the shimmering from the light-body made up by so many angels and from the body of the Shekinah with this tall angel hovering over her and still being a part of her. The light was just amazing. The Shekinah was throwing off slivers of gold light while the one called Sandalphon was doing the same with this blue white light. The other angels that made up her body were all giving off light too. Somehow, each with its own color of light seemed to fit into this grand light show.


I give you now the fifth key: ďAs a child of God I have the right to commune with God as the temple of the I AM.Ē


I have no idea what you are saying to me.




These words sent a chill up my spine. I remembered the vision I was given in the decoding of Revelation. I didn't know if this was just a show or vision, or if I was actually there. When she said, "Come," I knew I was about to go someplace, and wasn't sure I wanted to.


Fear not.


Oh shit. Now I am in for it because no angel said this to me before, I thought to myself. I just stood there to see what would happen next. I watched as Shekinah lifted her arms in what I can only describe as wings of light spreading out and upwards. Her head tilted back and she looked up as if to see the face of Sandalphon. My eyes followed hers in this upward glance, and as her eyes looked upon the Sandalphon, my world, as I knew it was rocked. He started to grow taller and taller. As he did, I could see the light he was spreading out and up lighting up everything. I could no longer feel the ground under my feet but it could have just been me because I couldn't feel anything at all. It was almost like floating in water but not quite. The whole thing was too strange to describe. This is one of the times when you had to be there to know what I am talking about.


I was in this wonderful light wondering if this is what it is like to ascend in a human body. I do remember feeling so good that I would like to have stayed there. This is when the light became everything around me. Everything looked white at first, but then began to give off golden emanations, kind of like in the picture I painted of Michael. Not too far in front of me, I could see something starting to become clear. It was like a fog lifting or getting clearer. As the light thinned out, so to speak, I saw what looked like a tent. From inside this tent there was another light that seamed to overpower the gold light. There was a figure in the tent moving toward me but staying the same distance at the same time. As I watched the figure move, I had a feeling I had seen whoever it was someplace before. I knew I had when I heard the figure speak.


You have been given the fifth key that you will deliver to your kind. Yet there is much to know.


Whoever it was paused as if to invite me to ask a question. I didn't want to look stupid but I knew I was way over my head with this new visit. I figured the best thing to do was to tell the truth as to where I was with this. For all I knew, this was Jesus or God -- for that matter -- that I was talking to. What went through my mind was the thought that I better not screw it up. Before I could say anything the figure spoke again.


You do not see that which is before you. This is rightfully so. Let us give you the meaning of what has been and will come. You were given the baptism of wine to wash away the separation, that you may become one with us.


You were given the gathering to open the Well of Souls that you may bathe in divine love, giving and receiving forgiveness of yourselves and others.


You were given principals of a master; and the keys to unlock them are at hand.


You were given the angels of the churches who are to protect and guide you.


You were given the Gate of Grace and sacred oils and sound, that you may heal your kind.


You are given the sacred herbs that you may use, purifying the body of your kind.


You are given now the way to the Holy of Holies.


I knew something of what was just said. This thing about the Holy of Holies was the place where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. As the thought ran through my mind, his words came again.


You do not know the meaning of that which I speak. To you and your kind, it is little more then a place for a lost icon. Lost it is. Yet it is not that which you think. It was written as [if it were] an object, yet I tell you truly it is not a thing. This of which I speak is a place that your kind holds.


Again he paused waiting for me to speak. I did so, very respectfully, hoping I wasn't out of place in doing so. I know that the Holy of Holies was in the temple. The temple was built in four parts. There was the outer, the inner, innermost, and then came the Holy of Holies. That was a room where the Ark was kept. I knew only the high priest was allowed in there. I don't know what he did, other talk and get guidance from God.


See now in your knowing that which I give you.


I saw in my mind pictures that were more than pictures or words, but all at once. I saw the four parts of the temple, as the outer was the physical body, the inner was the emotions, the innermost was the mind and the Holy of Holies was peace, complete peace. The next thing I saw was like drapes made of silk. These were woven with three colors of red, blue and purple, but didn't really make any design. I got the impression they were an illusion of the physical holding the spiritual-emotional and spiritual-mental. But then again, it was the other way around. It seemed that they were in conflict with one another in such a way that they barred the entrance to the room. I felt a breeze blowing gently holding a fragrance of some kind, and saw the silken fabrics open. Inside I saw two angels standing on ether side of a golden chair. Their wings were spread upwards and opened as they faced each other. There was a light coming down through the wings and shining on the seat. I don't know how, but I was standing in the room watching what was happening. The fragrance was very strong now, and I was getting a little light-headed from it. I was getting a buzz from it that was not like I was loosing it, but more like a euphoric feeling. I started to hear a sound that sounded like when the sevens all sang their notes at the same time. I was almost about to have all my questions answered when he spoke again.


The angels are the angels of the churches, each of their kind. They hold the light of us. The seat you see is that of the soul.


The Seat of the Soul, I said.


Yes. In days long past, it was called the Mercy Seat, yet it is the Seat of the Soul. It is this seat to which God speaks.


Wow. How does one get to sit there?


One, as you say, must build the Holy of Holies and the seat for the soul.


Really started to feel like I didn't know anything at all at this time.


With all your kind was given, you have been making a foundation for the temple to sit. The vibration of your kind has opened the veils. Yet you have not built the Holy of Holies nor the seat for the soul.


Are you going to tell me how to do it?


There is a Maker to be born to you. This child is like you: neither a Christ nor a prophet. A teacher and a builder true, and a servant this child will be.


You are talking about the baby aren't you? However you didn't call it by him or her.


I did not.


Will you tell me which it is, because the doctors say it is a girl and psychics say it is a boy?


The child has not chosen which to be.


So. When does this happen?


When the soul is ready.


Just a minute there. You mean the soul isn't in the growing baby yet.


The soul is not fixed until the child takes the first breath of life.


I heard that someplace before but don't remember where. You mean to tell me this child is going to be a builder of a temple and the Seat of the Soul?


Yes, this is so.


So then we got about twenty years before the child is old enough to build anything?


You think in terms of stone and mortar, which has plagued your kind. I speak of vibrations that the soul may sit at. This will be done with oils that I give you.


Well, the kid is still two months off, and after that it will be years before he/she can do anything with the oils.


There is a seven, as you call them that will make the oil for the child. The seven is of the church of Philadelphia -- the teacher. These oils are to be used in the making of the Holy of Holies, and the Seat of the Soul. The oil of palm with the oil of the castor and frankincense, myrrh, hyssop and ravensara will be used in the measurements of the temple and the ark. You will add to this the oil from the bark of cinnamon -- as the tree that is not dead, the water of silver -- as the word of God, and the water of gold and honey as the abundance given to your kind. All that I have given will be mixed with the oil of the hemp to bind them as one with you.


So how do we use the oil?


The oil of the Holy of Holies is to be placed in the palm of the right hand. This oil will be placed here.


His right hand went to the place on his chest to the left where we think the heart is. Then he placed his left hand over his right hand.


Your kind will say, "I am here. There is no God but God, and I am God's child. Speak for your child hears your council.


With this he opened his arms wide with his palms facing up as to receive. I saw what looked like a golden light come in from all directions and there was a flame of some kind burning on a small throne in his chest, with two angels standing on each side with their wings rising up. This was the Seat of the Soul I saw, and it was giving off as much light as it was taking in.


It looked as if the light that was coming in was rolling out and coming back again. All of this that was taking place in his chest was the size of a softball. What's going on here? I was under the impression that that was the place where God sits and dispenses mercy. I had no idea it was within all of us.


That which is called the Mercy Seat is in all living things with a soul. Your kind has made it to be outside of you. You have come to think only God sits there, yet I tell you truly, it is the place that God and you sit. It was said the blood of the innocent was shed and God shows mercy for the death of Jesus. That which you call mercy is the compassion for all of God's children that have died. Your kind has and will shed your blood in the living and dying that is of being human. I say to you: In the times to come, this to shall pass. All that would enter the Holy of Holies and become one will not taste the death of the body.


I have some questions.


It is time for you to go. Michael will tell you that which you would know.


Before I could say another thing, in the blink of an eye I was standing in the darkness of the back yard with Michael. His light was all the light that was left. Well, Michael this has been an eye-opener. I will give the oil to Gary but I don't know how he will take it. He has so much to do that I don't think he will have time to make another oil and sell it. Which brings up another point. How much is this to be sold for?


This oil is not to be made by Gary. The Holy of Holies Oil is to be made by the one you call Jewls. This one will stand for the child as a Maker. She will only make the oil of the Holy of Holies.


Why are you telling me this? What do you mean she is only to make the Holy of Holies Oil? What does this have to do with making oils?


The child is called the Maker, for this child may make all the oils. When the child is old enough, you will teach the making of the oils. Those that make them now will move to other things not wanting to make them.


I take it, this means me, too?


You will have less time for such things in the years to come. You will teach healing, as will some other makers of the oils.


You will receive in your dollars that which is the distance from the blue stone to the blue stone, or the violet stone to the green stone.


That is 21 feet. So that will be $21 for a 2ml bottle of the Holy of Holies Oil.


No. That which the oils of the churches are held in is the amount you will receive 21 for.


Oh, you mean 5ml? Funny I would have thought it would be more for this oil.


You would have. Yet I tell you it is not. This is far for the cost and your labor. It is just, for the oil must be used in the Gate. You have done other than I have said to you before, and it has given you and others less then was due.


I get it, but what about the ones that have gathered. Will they also have to use the Gate, because they have become the Gate?


That the ego does not become too big for those that are the Gate, they will use the Gate also. This is, as you say, to keep you humble and to know you have not arrived. It would be wise to use the Masters Oil three days before using the Holy of Holies oil to prepare you.


Good point


I give you one more thing you, who would use the Holy of Holies, must do. Did you not see the angels that stand on the sides of the Seat?


Yes I did. What about them?


Your kind will call in the angels of your church with the placing of the oils of the two churches.


This, for me, would be the oil of church of Smyrna and oil of Laodicea?


This is so. The oils will be placed on each side of the throne. The church of Ephesus will use her oil and my oil.


I was going to ask you about that. I do have a question. What if you use the oil and are not ready for it? You are not going to go up in a ball of fire or anything like that are you?


It is true, this oil is the most powerful of all, yet it is the same emotional love as the Christ Oil. Should you be not open to receive it, this oil will do as the Christ Oil. There is no harm in it. There is only love. You will give her [Jewls] the blessing for the oils. This that I give you now, is not for others to know.


He told me the blessing and how and where it was to rest.


The time has come for you to rest. I will speak to you again soon. Tell Steve 'I know.' Be at peace and teach only love.


Note: Steve had asked Joe if he would tell Michael he loved him.





May 4, 2001 Holy of Holies revisited



To All,

In the older writing I said some thing about being told some thing I couldn't give out at the time. well now I can. This has to do with the Holy of Holies oil that was given. So here is what the angel had to say that I am able to send to you now.

Bless your Hearts



Holy of Holies Process


This, which I give now, will not be given in this writing.


I take it you want me to hold back some of this until you say so?


What I have given the sevens need to know. Yet, this, which I give you, now is for another time.


Ok go for it I am all ears.

Thirty days after Passover you will make way for the highest teachings you will start to give. You will not send out the sound of your voice before then.


This means you want me to record some thing doesnít it.


Yes. This you will do that those hearing your voice may grow as a temple.


Ok. This has to do with the Holies of Oil and then getting someone to their own temple. I have been told I have a great speaking voice but my voice?


Have you not seen when you teach people listen with more then their ears? Think not it is you alone that speaks, for we speak as one.


This is why when I teach I will say something and then have to stop and tell someone to write that down because I didnít know I knew that.


This is true. You were told we would put words in your mouth that Gods

children will hear. This is why when you speak you speak to the soul not just to the mind of those that hear you.


Does this mean I am just a mouthpiece for you guys or a channel for angels to speak through?


It does not. We speak with you not through you. You are open to that which Gary calls a partnership between angels and human kind. Your voice is the vibrations of both human and our kind together, which speaks to the both mind and soul. This is true when you write as you speak you do the same. Your words are simple that will allow young and old to know the truth.

So. Where do we go from here?


You will teach of the old temple in Jerusalem that people may see themselves as the temple. We will speak with you in your recording. That the vibrations are to be set with a blessing I will give you. You must set this with the name of the one that will hear and follow the recording to their temple. Yet I say to you some may be less ready then others to visit their Holy of Holies. Some will think with their minds they have come into the temple. Others will feel with their hearts they have come into the temple. Those that have come unto the temple and truly entered the Holy of Holies, we will know as our brothers and sisters as will you know them.

Let me see if I got this straight. I am to make recordings of the history of the temple and a process to how to get some one there. Then I am to bless the recording for each person that is going to use the recording. This I take it is not a group exercise.


It is for the high priest of ones own temple and they alone may go there. The vibration that you set is for the one that would enter not others.


Now what I am hearing is the only one to use the recording is the person it is made for, because it is tuned to the vibration they are. This means that only they can use the recording to get them to the Holy of Holies. So for any one the recording is pretty much worthless.


Joe. Anyone may use it. What it holds will raise the vibrations for all. Those that would use it not of itís tuning will come closer to the Holy of Holies yet may not enter. Yet I tell you truly your voice on there cording will be set only to the one it is made for. Your voice when speaking to many will be as one to all.


Does this mean I can teach the process in a class without tuning it to the vibration of each person?


This is so.


It sounds to me, if I am hearing you right. Any one using the CD will be practicing the process to help them get to the holies but may not enter it.


This is true. Look to the ones that do that which you have written in what you will send out. Some will feel changed yet others will feel nothing. They will receive that which they are ready for with what they know. Each will use the oils and make ready this, which you are about to bring forth. You will also give them a way of cleaning the body of that which has been taken in as food or drink. Robbie will instruct you in the way to do this.


So I have to ask Robbie how to clean out the body with the herb knowledge she has? That is a good thing because I would just tell people to eat spoiled hamburger and that would flush out the intestines like flushing water out of a bilge.


Hold your humor for this not the time for this. Robbie has what you need for the cleaning of the body.


I get it. Now how do I get this out and when or is it thirty days after Passover. Oh given I do this on CD what do I charge for it?


You will be given that which you call twenty-five dollars for each recording. You may announce it three days before you may send out the recordings to anyone. You will send out your voice on the seventh of May.


After this we went on with what he came to tell me. Most of it you have already read in an earlier writing.




A letter from Joe ~Sandalphon and Keys


This is to clear up a few things because of the visit from Gabriel. First of all let me say this visit was not to be sent out in the form it was because it was not ready to go out. Those of you that read it saw Gary needed a favor and I sent the reply to what he asked of me. Yes. He needed to know. He assumed it would be ok to send it to some other people. I should have told him not to send it out, that I would when I was finished. Which brings me to what needs to be brought up before it gets out of hand. Assumptions are not confined to Gary alone. There have been many assumptions over the past months that we as a whole need to look at.

No more than 3 oils of the seven churches were to be used in a day. They were for an anointing being done over several days. Next came the Michaels oil, which allowed all the church oils to be used as needed for healing. We were given Michael, Shekinah, Metatron and the Christ oil for healing. Michael clears the way for all the oils to be used. (These are called the I AM oils.) These are very powerful oils and there was the assumption that they could not be used together because they were so strong. But like the other oils Michaelís oil clears the way for the I AM oils. I did say I would not recommend using all the I AM oils at once because I didnít know much about them at the time. As time went on all the oils were used in the same healing. There were no bad effects from doing this when used in a healing. The only thing I would caution someone in doing is using the 3 I AM oils because you donít know what is out. If this is the case then one may want to refer to the 3 tenets of healing. Knowing what is out is the one I am referring to. Not a good idea to assume that if you use all the oils you are bound to hit it. When you do this you bring doubt, uncertainty, and fear to the space for healing.

Next came the Sandalphon oil to open the way for the song of Shekinah and bind each of the masters to the tree of life. From this came the assumption that it was the end all be all healing oil. This assumption was founded in; if the first 3 were for healing the physical, mental and emotional then Sandalphon must be to heal the spirit.

Then there were the keys that were given and they came after a gathering and because we had reached a point of being ready for them. The next key came around a gathering and it was assumed because of the gathering thatís is why it was given. Another Key was given before a gathering took place and it was assumed that it was the gathering that brought it about. After that people called me and wrote me saying that we will have all the keys by the time we reach the seventh level. I told them I donít know that to be true. But the assumption is that it was that way so far, so thatís what will happen.

I said at a class we should be moving to the place where instant healing will be possible in the next few years. Now it is assumed that I am going to start teaching how to do it. Gatherings were done and it was assumed that it would be ok if some of the teachings were left out because people just couldnít take the time to be at a gathering for two or three days. Then it was assumed it would be ok to have more masters at a gathering then a servant and seven masters. Then it was assumed that it would be ok if a church was needed that was not available to just pick someone and make them that church.

So that there will be no assumptions on this last visit let me explain how it works.

I told Gabriel we were doing soul contract work and past life stuff to see if that was the cause of the illness. His reason for coming was to help us out before we went down a path that wouldnít promote the healing. When Joanne did research on the oils she found some of the oils had been used in the past for healing. They were used to cure plague and infections.

What Gabriel was saying was that Sandalphonís oil was not a healing oil but some thing greater. For us to look at it as such will only get in the way for itís true purpose and we could miss it.

He spoke of the two things it did do. One was to bind us to the tree and the other was to carry prayers to God from the soul. In the binding us all to the tree he was saying that we are growing larger in numbers and our working as one is becoming more important.

When he spoke of Joanne doing healing work and she shouldnít think of the oil of Sandalphon as healing oil. To portray it as such in anyway diminishes its true purpose. True he said oils in it were used in the past for healing, but the mixture of the oils has a higher purpose. He spoke about the oils of the seven churches and how important they were and also the I AM oils. Each of the oils has a place in the healing work and with all the oils they are effective tools to be to use, but we are the ones that create the space for healing to take place. His main intention is in telling us not to discount ourselves in the process of healing.


With all that has gone on with what was written and then done with it, I see the reason for his visit this time.


I was very tempted to tell Gary how to do the thing Michael told me to teach in person in a class. But I didnít. I can see now why he told me to teach it, not to write about it. The angels want it done correctly if it is to be done at all. This new stuff from the angels is too important to have someone assume they know how to do it by what they read. The last thing I want to say is concerning the soul. There is no oil that will heal the soul, that is impossible. The reason for this is there is nothing about the soul that needs to be healed. The soul is the one part of God that we all have and it is that spirit of God with in all of us that is perfect, whole and complete. How could Sandalphonís oil heal that which is not sick?


Now this is what I am beginning to see happening. Based on my experience, using the Sandalphon oil with Michaelís oil along with Davidís Colloidal silver in the way I was instructed to by Michael. I have seen manifestations take place on the body in the form of healed scars and bruises appear where there were none before. I was not the only one present when this happened so I know I was not just seeing things that werenít there. Given this kind of thing happening more and more with this new process. It tends to tell me there is a connection between the body and soul that we have not tapped into yet. If there is past life or a soul contract we need to deal with, we can bring it to the forefront to be handled in this life. How does this work? Look at the soul as being the essence of God, from which all things are possible. Now look at the body as the house of the soul. We have them together and separate as two things, one of the things being physical and the other is spiritual. This is what we have been struggling with from the time of what we call the fall of man. There is a separation of body and soul made by us in our understanding of them. I know there is not. They are the same and with the new teachings it is possible to start bringing them together as one. In the healing work done with the process Michael gave me I can see this happening. The information from the soul is given to the body to show what needs to be released from the past life or what was contracted for. The possibilities are awesome but we need to take it slow and learn how to use this. The soul holds what we need to know to turn on all the DNA of our physical bodies. So lets not assume anything about where we are going until we get there. Bless your hearts and the work you do.






Gabrielís May Visit

I was awakened by my name being called. When I opened my eyes I saw the angel I know as Gabriel standing it this bright yellow-white light. He went through the wall out to the Gate that is set up in the back yard. I got out of bed and headed out side to the gate to see what he wanted this time. When I reached the Gate he started talking.


You have been spinning what you have come to call the star-octahedron with the child.


He was talking about the game I have been playing with Gabrayel. I noticed one evening, as I was holding her that she was closing her eyes and then opening them. It took me a while before I got what she wanted me to do. So I said ok I get it you want to play with your third eye. I shut my eyes and opened my self up to what she wanted to say. As I focused my attention to my third eye rather then get a message in words I saw the star-octahedron. It was not spinning but just standing still. I thought this was incredible that of all of the thing she could have come up with this is what picked. I watched it stand still for a while and then figured she wanted me to spin it. I started spinning it and then just watched it when it stopped. This was pretty cool I thought to myself. I thought ok now what. Then she started spinning it and I watched. This time I slowed it down and then stopped it. I was having fun with this when she started it spinning it again. She added a new twist to it by not only spinning it but she did some thing I never thought of before. She started to rotate it end over end with the top coming toward me and then as it did that she had it going in a clockwise direction at the same time. This just blew me away.


You are starting to share what she knows. She and others like her will bring much to the work of the sevens.


Others like her?


There will soon be other masters that will bring such children in to the world. This is in part why I have come. You are beginning to learn the way to teach them to remember that which your kind forgets. They must not be allowed to forget by the meddling of those of little or no vision.

So what is the best way of doing this? I know I can teach her every thing that you guys have given me but when she gets out in to the everyday world it is hard to control what she picks up.


Teach her that which we have given you, not as a lesson to learn. Speak it as a reminder of what she knows now. When you do this she as well as others from the union of masters will remember more of what was given to them. In turn wisdom will abound.


Why do I get the feeling that other masters are going to have children together that are going to become teachers.


Because they are. A gathering rebooted the masters, as you put it, bringing to the body and spirit great change, yet the mind is plagued with foolish things. These children come into the world perfect whole and complete as all children do. Yet these children of masters will find it easier to remember. Flood them not with worldly nonsense. Your work is to keep them in the way of knowing.


So we are going to have a bunch of baby Gurus running around.


We have heard this said with some of the sevens that set them selves as protectors of the faith. They look to the past in what has been done and judge what is to come. They forget this is not religion, yet they will protect others from their fear of religion. Look to the ones that speak of Gary as the commandment maker and his words are written on stone tablets, that they must be obeyed. Joanne has been called the Mother Mary wana be with paint.


Who said that about Gary and Joanne? I havenít heard any of those?


It is unimportant and there is much you do not hear that has been said. It is better you do not hear them as the church of Smyrna you would look for a fight. This would serve nothing in the work you have before you. Robbie has been the brunt of many ill words for that which she has tried to give. Her knowledge of herbs has cost her for that which she is to do. Steven has learned many lessons and yet there are those that will not accept him for the sums he has worked. Are you not questioned or mocked by some of the sevens every time you say what you were given?

Well I do have to take some heat from time to time. I get the old Guru Joe thing too but so what. Then again I do understand how some have to be on guard, given how religion has screwed over people. They just donít want it to happen here. When you give me stuff and I send it out, some people get it and others donít. Like I have said many times. It ainít up to me to make anyone believe anything all I do is give out what you guys tell me. What they do with it is up to them.

Some may speak of you as a guru, like they speak of the others that have been doing this work for many years in your time. Do they not think it has changed you in any way? Do they not think it has not changed the others? Do they not think it will not change them? Before any can grow in this work they must work the sums they have. To know that a sum is to be worked they must be in the sum. Did not I give the Holies of Holies to quicken this among all.

The Holy of Holies I sent out really started a to do. With me being the only one to bless it so it is tuned to some one. Like the old church selling indulgences I have been told. I donít see it but some do I guess.


It is not. You are not the only one that may tune your recording.



This is true. Any of the masters that have gathered and done the Holies of Holies may tune it. Yet they may not tune theirs for another. Most do not know the greatness of the Holy of holies. Look to how many you have made.


Thatís easy. I have made 20 recordings for people that have ordered it.


There is no more to be said.


Nope, point well taken.

Gary and you are about to come forward with the new book that will open the hearts and minds of many. Yet the knowing of this will be in other books. That which you spoke to Gary of you each writing books is wise. The writing of the Book of Bricks is also wise yet in it place the principals of a master. Say to Gary ten is fair in exchange of this book. He will understand.


You got it.


Robbie will write with your help the Sacred Book of Herbs.


Oh. She is going to love this. She said that what you have given as far as herbs goes. Well they are not all herbs. What about vegetables? You donít have veggies in what you gave.


To our kind all that grows from the ground or in it is an Herb. She is looking for more then she is ready for. They will come later. She has enough on her plate for now.


Oh. Now that is funny.


It was given to be.


You must have been hanging around Michael too much. You are getting a sense of humor to.


You are to be visited soon by the Shekinah with the next key. You will need to do this in the Holy of Holies.


Ok. I will have to make time for this then.


Our time is done for now. Teach only love.



Well this is what came from the May visit. There is one more thing he said that I didnít put in here because I need to give it to some one and they can decide to share it if they want. This is what I want to say about what Gabriel had to say. I just want my 2 cents for a nickel in before feathers get ruffled.


I for one think it is a great and wonderful thing about the children of masters being born all booted up and ready to go. Now all we need to do is keep them that way. This isnít saying that any other kids already here are less than. What it is saying is we have Masters being born with out the old stuff to get rid of before they can become the gate. They are born that way. I for one have a lot of faith in the power we as humans have. I know with a little initiative and less wisdom we can screw these kids up as much as did the fear based thinking we had. Which is another thing Gabriel was pointing out in his visit. Form time to time, people will not like what the angels have to say because it doesnít fit into their belief system. Things get twisted and turned because of it. When this takes place you can watch it happen. Whatís wrong with the message and or what is wrong with the person giving it. The second phenomenon is to take the person down a notch or two just so they donít get out of hand. The best way of doing this is to say it is their ego speaking, not a true message. Or soon their ego will take over if allowed to go on unchallenged. Jokes are made about the person or their character is besmirched by name-calling. I know we each say things to one another in jest but when it gets out to the rest of the sevens they my think we really mean it. When this happens you can bet there will be sides taken. This is just another chance for separation to creep in. We as sevens donít have to believe any thing that is said. It is up to you to know if it works for you but please donít bring in others to help you to feel right about what you think. I get Joe said this or Joe did that or Joe is trying to take over and tell people what to do. My very favorite is. ďYou made it up because the angels would not have told you that.Ē I think you get my point here. To be truthful here I think it is clever that some one would say what they did about Gary and Joanne. I find it funny that the people doing the most of the work should get as much heat as they do. I guess this is a warning to all that would step forward and be counted. If you put your neck on the line someone will tack a whack at sooner or later.


Now we come to the next part, which covers Steve. He has been working his sums over the past year or so and had paid some big prices. Some may say he was removed from the tree of life as a seven. This is not true. He has done all that was asked of him by the angels and for any to sit in judgment asking for a greater penance, needs to read the book of bricks.


There is so much new information given to aid us all in the work we are doing. New teachings are ready to go out and have been for some time now. I have found it odd that few have wanted to learn them. I have been told that I with hold information from the sevens but I send out every thing as soon as I get it. The only thing I donít give out is what I have been told not to by the angels. Some things can only be experienced as Gary has said to me about this work. One picture or demonstration is worth a thousand words. The Holy of Holies oil along with the process are great tools to help us. Some have taken advantage of it while others have not. Those that have, have reached a point that they can tune CDs for people. I guess it is like attending a gathering and doing a gathering. Both are wonderful events in ones life. The more you learn and contribute to the whole the more you really get what this work is about. We that have been a servant in a gathering know what we have gained from the experience. It is true we are all perfect whole and complete as children of God, and we can stop at any time. However there are some of us that will go as far as is possibly. With each new step we take we gain new ground in our spiritual growth. As with many 12-step programs we to are about spiritual progress rather then spiritual perfection. Given all the visits I have had with angels I still havenít arrived at a place where I am comfortable with my own spirituality. I hope I never do.


Robbie is working on the herbs she has been given to teach. Some if used incorrectly could be harmful. Learning how to use them will raise the quality of health for us all. There is an underlying appreciation for what each herb brings that has to be experienced out of the context it holds not the concept we think it is. If you stop and think about it every life form on this earth has been given all it needs to be healthy. So. Why not us as humans? Well we have. Now the angels are leading us to which ones they are and how to use them. We are on a threshold of a new world and a new way of life.

We are about to get another key to this grand mystery we have chosen to be a part of. Where it will lead who can say. Gary is working on the mathematics from older information that is coming up with amazing results. We are truly blessed to be alive in these times. We all have free will in where we want to be in this. It can be very exciting for us or it can be a drag like duty and obligation. It is up to each of us to decide which it is.


Bless Your Hearts






The Naming


You will give to the one of the church Philadelphia my oil that he will make it.


For some reason, I donít think this oil is going to made by Gary.


He will not. My oil is to be made by the seven-called Gregory. He knows now in his heart he is going to be making it. Give only to him the amounts of Frankincense, Palmarose, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Rosewood and Sandalwood. You will be anointing the child in the presences of I Am that she may be known by the name she is given. The oil is to be blessed in this way. As a child of God, I make this oil for and bless it for Gabriel. Place it in a sacred place for 14 days. When this is done before you move it say. As a child of God, I awaken Gabrielís oil. The last thing that is said before being placed in a bottle is the same said before using this oil. Blessed is this oil that Gabrielís trumpet will announce my name in paradise. Yet give it not before the oil is made.


This is different then the baptism I was given?


It is. The baptism you were given is for each to decide to do or not to do. None may stand and speak for another when the last baptism of Gods children is done.


You know? Gary said the very same thing when we were talking about it. He said that was the old religious thinking. I guess in my own old way of thinking I was looking for a baptism because of the teachings that a child couldnít make it to heaven with out it.


This is one of the greatest sorrows of your kind. To think, one as a child closest to the love of God would be denied going home.

Yes. I know. It is kind of silly isnít it? But what is it for? I know that God knows every ones name. Why should we even do this? Then you take in to consideration we all go home anyway, so what is the point.


The point is Joe. I tell you truly, three times all the hosts of heaven turn towards you. When you are born all heads turn to you that they know you are about Gods work in the world. When you are given a name by your kind they turn that they may know you by that name. The third time all heads turn is when you come home that they may rejoice in the returning glory of God that you are. My oil is for this celebration in the naming of a child of God.


I guess it is better then just calling the kid a name and letting it go at that. I mean if all the angels and everyone else in the heaven take time to turn and listen, the rest of us down here should do some thing special.


You as the father and Robbie as mother are giving consent for our kind to intercede in the childís spiritual knowledge. That which you call the godfather and godmother are witnesses for that which you are giving. The child is to be in our charge for spiritual remembering.


Man oh man. I wish that I could have had that too when I was a baby. I bet there are a bunch of others that wish the same thing.


There is still time for you and others in the naming. Anyone may do this. This may be done for ones self or by another. You have come of the age of knowing. No one can give permission for you but you. The child has not permission to give and it must come from the parents and be witnessed. This is not true of what you call an adult.


Cool. We can do the anointing our selves or have another do it for us.


Yes. Yet I say an infant is not to be present when a man or woman is anointed for that which you call energy is not the same with an adult and a child. It would not be wise to have a child near.


Does this mean you canít anoint children and adults at the same time?




It could be too much for the child?


No it would be too much for the adult.


Never mind I donít even want to go in to why. I can guess.


As will others.


So is there some thing that needs to be said?


The one doing the anointing will say, ď Who gives the hosts of heaven permission to intercede with this child that Gods will be done?Ē The father will say, ďAs the father of this child I do.Ē The mother will then say, ďAs the mother of this child I do.Ē As this is said all that is in the house of God will stop and turn to hear those that witness and the name of the child. Each witness will say in turn. ďI --------- a servant of God bare witness that the childís name is known.Ē The one anointing will take one drop of my oil on the thumb and placed on the forehead above the third eye as you call it at the hairline and say. ďI anoint you ----------------- known now and forever a child of God.Ē


He stopped talking so I figured he was done, but asked just the same if that was all.


You may use what rituals you want along with that which I have given you. It will take nothing from the naming.


If someone wants to have it done by some one else what then. The way is the same yet a witness is not called for.


If I were to do the anointing my self to me. I would say what? I anoint me?


Yes. Joe. Be not worried that you will do it right for you cannot do it wrong as you say.




September 21, 2001


I didnít send this out until now because there is something in the visit I just donít remember. The way this visit came is unimportant. What matters is what is being said. Gabriel was the one to come this time, which I thought, was appropriate given what was going on in the world. I knew this was going to be one of those come with me visits that were becoming more common now when the angels showed up. None of my questions were answered at first and believe me I had plenty. Again I found myself standing before a tent surrounded by and giving off this golden light. Standing to the right of the tent was Michael waiting for us. Michael was the first one to speak.


You would know why this has come about.


That would be helpful donít you think?


You were told that many would be called home. At the time of the calling our kind was there to bring them home.


I know you and the other angels are always around when something like that happens. But I thought you said there were to be three attacks and the last one was thwarted because the consciousness was shifted on the earth.


This is true.


You also said that there would be no holy war. But it looks like thatís where we are going.


There are those that would call it that. Yet I say to you it is not so.


How did all this get so out of hand?


You were shown in Revelation this, which you ask. There are those claming to be interments of Gods will. Your kind calls them fundamentalists. They take the teachings that were given by the teachers of God, twisting them to gain power and control as though they were messengers of God. These are the ones that teach fear and hatred. These are the ones known as the anti-Christ, infidels and zealots. None care for the teachings of God, yet use them to bend Gods children to their will.


I understand that concept because we have been through that all before.


Your question is. You were told that something wonderful was going to happen and there was nothing you could do about it.

I think an answer to that would cover it. After all people dieing and we are on the edge of war, isnít that wonderful to me.


Do you not see that your kind is at the point of saying no to the way religion is held and obeyed? The acts of religious zealots against mankind are no longer going be permitted by any faith. Your kind is on the threshold of teach only love as a way of life. Did you not remember seeing this when you were given revelation? Do you not remember the false words and teachings turning to dust? Did you not remember the people walking away from them?


Yes. I do. So am I about to see all that you were given to come to pass?


Yes. Your kind as children of God that cover the earth will no longer allow these works of the teachers of hate and fear to be done in the name of God.


This is where Gabriel cut in on what was being said.


You would know how it is any spiritual teacher gets to teach fear.


In away yes, but I care more about what to do about it once it gets there.


Undoing some thing is much harder. Yet I say to you that there is something that can be done. Did not Muhammad try to unite the Jews and Christians under the same God?


Yes that was his plan and they both turned him down. This is where the religion of Islam came from. In the teachings of Muhammad it was up to the Muslims to protect Christians and Jews. In turn these religions all turned against each other. You could say the Jews lost the holy land and the Christians took over and couldnít keep it and the Muslims donít really have it anyway. There is some kind of war going on all the time there. It is as if there is no land to live on only to die on.

This is true. Yet I tell you truly there is away to bring peace and riches to this land that they call holy. It is as I have told you before. Rebuild the temple. Of these religions that clamed oneness with God the one God is the same.


I understand that but I donít see how that will happen.


I tell you this. The God of the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews is the same God. Each has the right to be there. The children of Muhammad have their dome. The Jews have but a wall and did not Jesus teach from the steps of the temple? Today they live in poverty, in sprit and in riches. If these three will rebuild the temple there will be peace and wealth in the land. The fear of losing their right to worship God there will be gone. Each will have to give to the other. Each will have to respect the other and each will have to love one another as brothers and sisters. Doing this will be hard for there are years of hate and violence that lives in each.


No kidding. You know with each religion they talk about forgiveness and mercy and tolerance, but I donít see much of that going on.


For your kind these things are easy to speak of yet it is hard to practice.


I know how that goes. It has hit in the sevens from time to time to but we are not about to go around killing each other.


You and the sevens are begun to know this will not work in the work you do.


As long as we are at the point of the sevens and the work we do. I have some thing that I need to know.


You speak of the Tree of Life gathering.


Yes. I know some thing happened there but not much as far as I could tell.


Those that gathered with you were not strong in numbers nor were they as one.


These people were dedicated to bring about a change in the way it has been.


Did you not see some came to have proof? Did you not see some came to gain faith?


So what are you saying that there was not enough faith there to open the realm between your kind and ours?


I speak not of the faithless. I speak of the oneness. I speak of the separation that some of the sevens that could have come and yet were absent.


So what you mean there was sevens that could have made it there and just didnít want to, had it not work?


No. I say there were sevens there that were not and sevens not there that were.


I donít understand this. You telling me it is more about the number of sevens there didnít make that much of difference? Just lay it on me why it didnít work. Was it the number of people there or was it the way we were in the pattern?


You were given things to be done at the Gathering. They were to be done at other gatherings yet not all of what you were given is being done. They will add things to a gathering that were not given. Some gatherings teach the churches and some do not. Some teach the scanning for healing as you do others do not. The blessing you were given is unused in some gatherings.


I can answer why the blessing was left out. Some felt it is not fitting to kneel before the servant if it is not fitting to kneel before us.


Yes. A loss of oneness within the sevens for they have not received the blessings given through the servant.


I knew this about some not doing the blessing. But I didnít think it mattered all that much given the kneeling part.


What would you think not important next? Would you leave out next the well of souls, the giving and receiving?


Well no.


These things were given to you to give to bring about the oneness with all the sevens. It is the highest gift a servant has to give to the seven they serve.


This is why we didnít open a gateway for your kind to stand in for all of us to see.


Only in part. The pattern of the Tree of Life is not that of a tree on its side. The tree is, as you would see it from above. he circle you stood in was closer to the correct pattern to focus the energy of grace from the sevens.


But the first try seemed to be the strongest of the three times we did it.


As you would say, you had a few things going for you. The first time you tried you knew not what you were doing. You were using a pattern you knew. There was trust and faith of the sevens. Yet the well was not stable using this pattern. The second try was lessened for the first try would not hold.


Is this because the gatekeepers couldnít open it?


No Joe. The Gatekeepers cannot open the space for our realm. There is a grace energy used, as you would say, that only the oneness of many might open.


So what you are saying is that the Gatekeepers can hold the space open but cannot open it by themselves?


This is true. Before you ask. No, a Gatekeeper may not take the place of a church that is not there.


I am only asking to be ready for next year. What about the people I used to hold the space that were not of the church. I didnít have all the churches so I had them take the places of the ones that were not there.


Once your kind has opened the space for our kind others along with the Gatekeepers may hold and keep stable the opening.


Am I to take it that we did have enough people to open the realm?


No. You had enough to give you a glimpse into our realm. Yet I tell you truly your numbers were too small in oneness to have it be.


So. The person of Sardis wouldnít have made any difference even if they were there?


You will not know this for they were not. The numbers said needed to open the space were many in thinking. Yet I say to you as few as that were there and as many as you said may create that which is needed as one. Much is needed to be done in the time to come before you may again open the space. In this time you will teach that this oneness. Bring that which was not given to the sevens.


This is going to be a fill in the blanks that were missed.


This is so.


What does that look like?


The blessing of the sevens given by the servant will be given to the sevens receiving it not. The Book of Bricks will be taken one by one into the heart of knowing. All the sevens will know the Sacred Herbs that they may heal. The Keys and the Principals of a Master need be used in daily life of a master. You will make available to the servants that which you call the gathering script. Gateway to Miracles will make way the understanding when you finish the Angelic Book of Healing and Teaching the Masters.


But. I said and was stopped short by the raising of his hand as to say listen do not speak.


You will make that which you call Acu-tuning understood in the use of each point. Make drawings for that which you cannot say in words. That which you call Angel Gate readings you will make known in a book to help know the way of reading. The sevens that know this will receive abundance from doing readings for others. Robbie will be given the helper herbs that go with what she has written. She will teach the work she has done to make ready for that which is to come. This is the work you will be about. You and the sevens are not to concern yourselves with what is going on in the world. You are all of higher works to be done. The coming together of the sevens as one will set the spiritual conciseness of the world. That which is in motion now will soon be ended.


I am happy to hear that. Michael started talking again.


Look to the opening of the tent.


I did as he asked and it looked like I was seeing through a hole to the way things were happening with the sevens. I saw the sevens from all over the place. Some I knew and others I did not. Each had a light coming from them as a beam of light ran from one to another. It was as if being connected made each of us shine brighter. We were all as one light overcoming the darkness. Then he showed me another scene with the same people as before. This time I saw some quite different. Each person had his or her own light shining in the darkness. However we had little effect on the darkness. Each of us only lit up a very small area around us. Some were together with other sevens and it made the surroundings a little bit brighter, but it was barely noticeable. I saw something I hadnít seen before in the darkness. I saw some things moving in the darkness like shadows floating in the darkness. Some banded together while other shadows were avoiding the light as they moved.

I asked what this was all about and Michael told me.


This, which I have given you to see, is up to the sevens. You may choose which you will bring into being. You may go about that which is important to each of you giving off the light you are. You may choose to be as one and bring light to the world. It is as you say, darkest before the dawn that will come. It is up to you all to decide when the dawn will come. You may choose to be the dawn or you may decide to wait for it. Something wonderful is coming to pass and there is nothing you can do about it. Yet I say to you as one you may bring the new dawn sooner.


They both said at the same time.


Be at Peace and Teach only love.


I found myself in my office wondering just when this is going to happen and better than that how it is going to happen.




Wed, 17 Oct 2001



The time I wrote about the last visit there was some of it I couldn't remember. Over the weeks it has started to come back. There were bits and pieces that started to come back to me. But the thing that kicked it into high gear was this fair I went to over the weekend. I went past one of the tables where there was a vender selling essential oils. I saw a bottle of oil with a name I never heard of before but that was all it took. I started to remember what had happened in the last visit.


That which I have given holds the food for the seasons according to the church. For they will make ready the body to receive nourishment, raising the vibration for the spirit to become one with the body. This I give you now is for all in all seasons.


Great. Just what I need another look see and figure it out. Why can't you just tell me what they are?


I give to you, as your kind knows them.


Not only did I get to see what they were he also told me what they were.


Rhubarb, Strawberries, Plums, Blueberries, Cranberries, Pineapple, Oranges, Grapefruit, Melons, Bananas, Avocado, Tomato, Asparagus, Broccoli, Beets, Leeks, Cucumber, Potato, Cabbage, Olives, Bell Pepper, Peppers Hot, Corn, Celery, Sea weed Spinach, Cauliflower, Kale, Navy beans, Soybeans, Black beans, Kidney beans, Pinto beans, Lentil beans, Carrots, Pumpkin, Tea black and green, Coffee, Sugar beat and cane, Mint, Turmeric, Honey, Yogurt, Fish from the sea and fish from the land.

I just have one question so far. What kind of herbs are fish, yogurt and honey?


I give you foods that body may heal. You will find how they do this.


I also noticed you are a little short on meat here.


That which you call meat is not fitting as food for your kind. There is violence in the harvesting of it, which is taken into your bodies when you consume it. I tell you truly that disease lives in that of the flesh of animals. The flesh of animals may be eaten only in the winter months that the herbs do not grow if there is not food for you to live. Your kind has not yet learned to feed your selves without it. Yet, that which I have given you will teach you to do so. Forget not to bless all that which you will eat and drink.


I am just wondering why you didn't include green algae or that wheat grass stuff that is the rage.


This of which you speak is of little use to your kind lest it is made into bread.


Cool. I can't say I cared much for that idea of drinking that stuff.

I am sure Robbie will be happy with the names of things this time. But could you help me out on how to use these new things you are giving me?


Yes, Eat them in combination of bitter, sweet, sour, bland, hot and cool.


Where does fish fall under.




OK. So what is next?

You will remember not this for a little time nor will you remember that which is given you now.


This is where he went back to what I wrote about in an earlier posting. I now remember what went on. I was told to turn towards the tent and heard a voice.


You will make again that which was given to Moses to make a space most holy. You will deliver it into the hands of the sevens that they may use as it was given.


That was all that came from the tent. From there Michael started talking again.


You are to make the oil of the I Am. You will not place it on your skin nor will you anoint your selves or others with it. You will not give it to those that are not sevens. You will not fashion another oil like it for it is made for the I Am. It will not be used to smell or as a perfume.


Something is telling me I shouldn't be making this. Something tells me this is too sacred to be messing with.


You may read of this in what you call the bible yet I say to you that which is given for the making is not correct, as you would know them. When you make this great care must be taken to get none on you. Should you get this on your skin you must wash with dry earth. You must wash with earth moist and again with earth wet. When this is done you must wash again with blessed water. This sounds almost to dangerous for us to have. Using this as it is meant cleans the way for the I Am to meet with your kind.


I have no idea what you are talking about.


This which you are to make is to make a place holy for the I Am. Would you invite the most holy into an unclean space? I promise you all that is unclean will depart.


I guess not. But when is it used, how is it used?


You may use it when you clean the room for a gathering. Again you may use it when you visit your Holy of Holies and again use it for what you have called the Metatron process. You may lastly it in the room where you do healing when all else has failed.


No. I mean how do we use it? Just open the bottle?


No. Yet it will be put in the air.


Does this mean that mean like we could put it in one of the things that put oil into the air?


Yes, You may do it in that way. You may place it on a burning charcoal as incenses yet care must be taken in this way for it is an oil and will burn with a flame.


Ok. I get it. This is to clean every thing out of the air. Like when we use one of those things called a nebulizer to put the oil in the air to clean out any bacteria or germs.


Yes, It works in this way. I say to you given are oils that will destroy that which is in the air that will harm you.


You mean that the oils you gave us so far can kill germs in the air?


This is so. Yet it is the oils that are called the I Am oils not that of the churches. Look to that which is in them and you will know which to use. You will be guided to search for this that will keep you safe from disease.

Well, You know there is a draw back with using those oils. Don't you think they are a little bit on the expensive side to diffuse in the air?


For your kind they are.

Well, it was you that set the price.

This is so. Say to Robbie to make a blend of oils to clear the air you will know the reason for this.


I am sure she can find oils to do that.


There is another oil that is to be made. You will call it the Song of Songs. Again I say to you the oils given in the book are not as they are. Again the light has been darkened by ink. You will know why.


OK. So I am supposed to make two new oils.


No. You are to make the I AM oil. Another will make the Song of Songs.


Just who will make this song oil you are talking about.


The one to make this oil will make them self-known to you.


Do they know what is to go into it or are you going to tell me?


I give you how it is made, yet give it to no other.


I was given what I needed to know to make the oil I was making and the oil to give to someone else to make.

You will set the cost of the I Am oil to a milliliter for the numbers of years Moses wondered in the wilderness. This is the most sacred of the oils you have been given. You will lay gold on the top of the bottle that holds it. No words may be written on the bottle. Yet you will place a golden circle on the side of the bottle. You will wrap it in paper with the 72 names of God on it. You will bring it to us for the blessing.


Just how do I get to you? Are you giving me some kind of cab fair?


We will know and come as we did before when it was made.


What else is there?


The making of the I Am oil is given. I give you now the cost of the Song of Songs to give to its maker. You will say to the maker. Seven times the cost of the making will be the cost of this oil. The maker of the Songs of Songs will know the way of its blessing.


He stopped talking so I cut in. Is that all there is?


You were given that which you are to know.


What about the oil Robbie's going to make?


She is making oil that is not sacred. There is no blessing for it nor is there a set cost. She will charge a fair amount for this oil.


So what you are telling me is the oil she makes is to kill the germs in the air.


This is so.


Now that you know what I was given and so do I there are a few things I want to bring up. It looks like we are given things to teach us how to eat. There are more things I recognize as food in this visit. I don't know yet how they can help to keep us healthy but I guess that is Robbieís job to figure out. I only hope there is enough of what heals in many of these things so I don't have to eat some of them.

Now I want to talk about the new oils. As you are reading this the oil called the Song of Songs oil is being made. At the time I was writing this I got a call from someone whose name I won't mention yet. He called and told me he and Gary talked of two new oils that were going to be made. That clued me to it must be him to make the oil. I gave him all he needs to make it. But there is a problem with the ingredients that are given in the bible. One is the translation of things being talked about. The other is these things haven't been made for thousands of years. I read what they were and what they were used for. I saw the oils offered by an essential oil maker that I have said makes the purest oils around. I have recommended them to other people for oils. After doing research I had come to find what they said was the oil talked of in the bible couldn't be. The very properties of the oils or the location that they grow don't fit. A very good example of this is from the Song of Solomon, the Lilly of the Valley is said to be the plant of the same name spoken of in the bible. At first this sounds reasonable. However the Lilly of the Valley is a native North American hybrid. It didn't even grow in the Middle East in the time line of the bible. There is conflict between oil makers as to what is the right plant to produce the oil talked about in the bible. This brings me to the important part of it, which may relate back to the first oils that were given me to make. I have noticed blends of sacred oils mentioned in the bible were used for a specific purpose. Some of the sacred oil blends had great consequences if they were used improperly. After reading about this oil I must say I was a little hesitant to even make it. I told Gary about my feelings and he said I should make it because there some people ready for it. In a way I have to agree with him and besides those that are not ready for it wont get it anyway. I will make it and trust you the sevens will use it properly.

Bless your hearts








Fri, 19 Oct 2001


It is done


Dear Sevens

I got the oils I needed to make the I AM oil yesterday afternoon. I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. Of all the oils I have made so far this is the only oil that scares me. Making it is done in such an exact way being careful not to get any on me. Then having to put in to a bottle that had a gold top to the cap and a circle of gold on the side. We are not talking about gold color here we are talking about gold. Figuring this one out was wasn't easy. Getting the things together and doing it right was very important to me. I didn't know wither or not I need to do the gold thing with the bottle I mixed it in. However I thought it would be a good idea. The only thing I could come up with that had real gold and didn't cost more then the oil it self was gold leaf. After much learning how to apply gold leaf I had the bottle ready. It was 10:00 PM when I sat down to make it. I checked that all the oils were the same amount and poured them as they were given. One of the oils I had never seen was the color of blood and was just about as thick. All of the oils smelled wonderful. I played with the idea of smelling the oil after it was mixed but thought I better not. The oil was mixed as it was supposed to be in the bottle as I was told to put it in. I sat there waiting for Michael to show up. I got tried of waiting and said if he is coming he will have to wake me up. I went to bed and was off to sleep very quickly. I was awakened at 4:44 by my name being called. Went into the room where I have the Gate set up and Michael was standing there with all the other angels and the Shekinah. The light they gave off was so bright I couldn't see any of the furniture in the room. As I passed through the kitchen where I left the bottle on the kitchen table I picked it up. I thought it was a little strange that all the angels were standing close to Shekinah but didn't really make up her body like they did on other visits. Michael was blocking them from me or you could say he was blocking their light from me. As I approached Michael he held out his hand for me to hand him the oil. I started to walk into the gate as I put the oil in Michael's outstretched hand.




I did as he said and watched him turn and move to the Shekinah. She put out her hands to receive it. It was amazing as she touched it the gold top and the circle on the side became like spot lights giving off golden light. It was like one of those spot light they use shine in the sky when people want to get your attention. This only lasted for the briefest of moments, just long enough for me to see it. Then without any warning they and the bottle of oil were gone. The room was as I left it that night before going to bed. Damn I thought to my self they stole my bottle of oil. I thought they did say it was for I AM but they didn't say they were going to take it. So many thoughts ran through my mind as to what just happened and why. I stood there wondering what I should do. Should I wait for them to come back? Should I go back to bed as if I could sleep anyway? As I finished thinking about going to bed the Gate started to glow again. Michael came out of the light with the bottle in his hands but the whole bottle glowed. The light coming off the bottle was golden but then again not. It was like many colors wrapped in gold. He came to me standing on the edge of the gate where they had left me and handed it to me as I took the bottle from him I could feel the warmth of it.


It is done.


I started to ask what next but the light started to fold back in on its self. Michael was backing into the light and I said to hold on a minute.


Bless your hearts


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