Angel Visits


Talking to Joanne online I noticed a light that always brought an Angel. Quickly I told her I needed to go and signed off. I walked out of the office and down the hall into the living room.


Michael is that really you?

Come, was all I heard as I watched him go out through the patio door. I followed him out in to the backyard as he went through the fence and I saw it disappear just like the last time.

There was excitement in my heart on two counts: one - because I needed to talk to him and two - because I screwed up and wanted to see what was to happen with it. I crossed the driveway in back towards the Gate of Grace lying under the trees. Like a child I went trotting behind him to find out if I was to be sentenced for something. He stopped in the middle of the gate and waited for me to come in. His face hadn't changed since the last time I saw him, still the grandeur in his appearance and the love and peace in his eyes. I felt for the first time in a long time that I was at home with a friend.

Boy, do I need to talk to you. I would like to tell you all about the things that had gone on but you already know that. I am just at a loss as to what to do about all of this.

It is so that you would be. Much has happened in the time we have not spoken. I have work for you.

Excuse me. You have work for me? What about all that has happened? Don't you want to talk about it?

No, was the only word he said.

No? What do you mean, No? I am in a lot of trouble here. I just pissed everyone off at me and the ones I didn't, I hurt. Now you tell me no. I have some of the seven telling me that I shouldn't be doing any of the work because I am out of integrity. I need to heal myself before I can move on. It was my ego that got in the way of all this. I saw the softness that was always there came through like a father giving counsel to a child.

Who told you this?

Some of my seven and that it is what happens to all of us when we deal with the angelic realm.

You would believe this?

Well, I don't know what to believe anymore.

Joe, you are not lost to the work I have given you. You have sums to work, as do all the seven. Did you think you would be free of this?

Well, I did think you would come and help me out when I needed it, if I got away from the path I said I would take.

No one has stayed on the path. Yet you are angry with yourself for this. Did you have anger for those that did not follow the path?

No. Why should I?

You should not, for them nor yourself.

But Michael, do you know all that I have done?

Yes, and other things you did not do.

Yeah. Like doing the work.

No. The things you did not do would have taken you out of the work.

Just what are you talking about? The things I didn't do?

You lost faith in you and became ensnared in your traps. You think you have lost your covenant with us and you have become unworthy to serve. This is one of the traps you fall into. You listen to the lies that others tell.

Well, I did do some rather bad things.

Your kind will not be done with this talk of good and bad, right and wrong. Have you forgotten of this when we spoke of it before?

I guess maybe I have.

Has no one read the words from the book I gave you? Has all been given for not? Do you use it to judge one another and yourself after I told you to do this not?

I think I get your point Michael. Sometimes I forget but I need to know what I should do to make things right. He looked at me as a father would look to his child that hasn't heard a word of what was said. It was almost comical the way he looked at me but I didn't think I should laugh even if it was partly at myself. I know I said the 'right' word again.

It is as it is. What is done is done. I have not come to play the games your kind do. I tell you this truly if you or the seven Masters wish not to do this we can find others that will be about what we have given. You knew something was about to come to pass. You spoke of it and were visited by one that would teach you. In the time to come you will be given things you must do and teach.

Well, I am on shaky ground with some people and I don't know what they will say about this.

Some will hear and some will choose to not hear. This is the year as you measure time for the work to grow. Your kind is ready to reach another level and some will come now and some later. Some will not for many years.

So Michael what do I do? Do I step back from this till I am healed?

Joe, the only illness you have is that of working your sums. I have given you work to do and things to teach, this you must do. If you wish to stop, it is you who will decide.

I have trusted you so far and I guess I will go on doing so. I wish I knew where it was all going and I know some of the others will have questions. So what do I tell them?

Ask and I will answer them yes or no.

Guess that leaves out the Lotto numbers.

Your humor is as sharp as always. Tell them they may ask but one.

I know. I know you don't do readings or futures stuff.

Our time is done. I will return with the other and teach you of things soon. Remember teach only love.

He stepped into his own light and was gone. I walked back to the house and the fence was as it was before. Michael could have left it open at least till I got back inside the house but he didn't. It is time I went to bed so I am done.


Time for you to come with me.

Michael moved out through the office door and down the hall. I got out of my chair and followed him out into the living room. He walked through the patio door as I had seen him do so many times. I opened it and went to the place where he made the fence disappear so I could walk through it. I wondered what he was going to do with me or show me this time. I know he said last time we talked he would come with another to teach me something. I do worry when he has something new to give, because I saw more than I wanted to see when he gave me Revelation. We walked to the gate and I could see the ball of grace shinning brightly. It looked almost like a solid ball of liquid light. It reminded me of the lightning I had seen him draw from his sword. He went to the place of the servant's stone in the east of the gate. I followed and stood by his side, waiting and wondering what was to come next.

You have grown in wisdom and in love. You have learned to heal though you wanted it not. You have kept what I have given you though in doubt. You have been judged and have judged not. You have stumbled and have fallen not. You have been tempted by greatness and have remained humble. You have kept in balance the humanness and the divine in you. You have kept faith when all seemed lost.

I was starting to feel like someone being honored for something they didn't do. I don't take compliments too well and never have. A simple, good job would have done me just fine, but this was getting embarrassing. I looked at Michael and told him enough is enough already. Besides if I was all that good at this, more should have been done with the work that you gave me to do.

He turned down to look at me and said take off your shoes for you are on holy ground.

Oh. Great here we go again, was what I thought as my stomach started to churn.

Behold, was all he said as he raised his hand and pointed into the Gate. My head turned from him to the center of the Gate. I could see all the stones began to glow with a light. Each stone glimmered as if it were water but remained solid. Something started to take shape in the middle of the Ball of Grace. It's light grew and I could see the same angel I saw before, named Shekinah, rising out of the light. I still don't know much about her. I wondered what was going to happen as she appeared, because all I could find about her was that she was female part of creation. She had something about her that meant in dwelling, but all in all what I read was rather ambiguous. For an angel, there wasn't much about her in any books I found. She was in the very center of the Ball as she rose up. I looked up to see her face and saw those beautiful green eyes. Her head had risen to just below the branch of the tree that hangs over the gate. I was thinking she was almost twice as tall as Michael until I began to let my eyes travel downwards and see she was off the ground.

The light from where the other stones were was as big and bright as the ball of Grace now, like balls within balls - connected but not connected. Michael was swallowed up by the ball he was standing by. Each ball was about ten feet high and I could see an angel in each one. Then the balls like just went away and there was an angel standing where each had been.

What do nine angels have to do with all of this? I began to take notice of the angels one by one. Knowing that the one called Shekinah had come from the green stone last time, my attention went there first. I saw a male angel standing there and wondered how many angels could come from that stone or place in the Gate. As I looked at his features I could see that he looked like a Native American from the Southwest-very masculine but with the same beauty as Michael or the one in the center of the gate. They all looked alike but profoundly different. Each had a glow of the color of the church they were standing by. I saw other male angels and female ones too. At the place of the Smyrna, Ephesus, and Laodicea is where the female angels stood. The other churches were male. Each angel was of another nationality just like the ones I had seen when Michael took me through Revelations.

Is there some connection here? There must be. My sight went back to the angel in the center and as I looked at her I asked Michael how come she didn't come from the green stones place?

Shekinah comes from all.

Oh. Maybe it just had to do with where I was standing last time. Come to think of it, all of the stones did start to glow this time. So where do we go from here? I asked but not really wanting to know. I am sorry about feeling the way I do when an angel comes to me with something. But for me it's about getting involved in something that's more then I first bargained for. As I stood there I could see something begin to happen; like vibrations coming from each of them, like sound waves or even heat waves. Very slowly they started to move to the center towards Shekinah. I had a fear of what was going to happen as I watched this take place. All of the colors came together. Michael stayed a little behind the rest as they moved into the center. I could see them blend together and start to become one. The light from all now was making one color, a whitish or clear light. It shimmered like silver fire and I was in awe of it.

Stand where I stand. With my shoes off, I could feel the softness of the ground under my feet. I wondered if I should have taken off my socks and come in barefoot. I stepped into the outer edge of the matrix and into the Gate. I watched as Michael moved toward the angels that now were the Shekinah.

Cover your eyes.

The last thing I saw before doing so was Michael stepping into the one called Shekinah. I could see the light become more intense and start to turn yellowish or gold. I brought my left hand up to my face and turned to my right to shield me in some way. I looked down and away. I could see the ground disappear in the brilliance of light that was emanating from the center of the Gate. Is this what a nuclear blast is like? Am I about to be blown away?

I started to feel a cold yet warm radiance against my skin, the palm of my hand, forearm, and unprotected parts of my face that were not covered. It didn't hurt. It just felt funny, strange like. I felt like I was being pushed back a little too, even though I know I didn't move. The ground came back into view and I could see the blades of grass. They had that gold tint that seemed to be on everything. I could feel the intensity of the light fade. As if I knew it was all right to look at what was there, I dropped my hand and turned around slowly. My eyes were still cast down looking on the ground. I raised my head while closing my eyes not knowing if I should open them. Then I heard Michael's voice but it wasn't his voice. I could hear the love from it as I always did. I could feel it in the vibrations as it moved through my body.

Behold the love we are, behold the love I AM.

I did as I was told. My eyes opened to see the love and peace of all times. This came over me, through me, into my heart and brain, touching my soul. Such a love I have never known and a peace I have never found. I felt so much in awe I could never humble myself enough in this presence. My mind raced to do the right thing and I could feel my knees buckle a little. I didn't know if I could stand, feeling as weak as I was. I found myself starting to drop and ended on one knee. As I did, I heard the voice call to me again.

This you must not do nor any of your kind do. You have been told this before. Do it no more.

Quickly I got to my feet and stood at attention as a soldier would for his commanding officer. I did this out of respect for whatever stood in front of me. I am yours to command in all things, I said.

I am not come to command you. I am come to give you gifts and give gifts to others.

Ok, I said, not knowing what he/she or they were talking about.

These gifts are to heal your kind and the world in which you live. Your kind have suffered for too long. You will be given gifts to bring you all into the light of love. Wholeness will be with all. We will be with you and other to bring this to pass.

What do you want me to do?

Receive that which is given and give it out?

I will do as you ask. How do I give it out? I mean do I give it to the sevens and they do it.

Joe, you teach that which you have been given, and others will be visited and shown what they will teach. I am come to you to show you that which you do is blessed. Be the gifts you are and listen not to the lies of others. They truly know not what they speak.

I understand what you are saying. I will live out of my giftedness as best I can. However, don't forget I am only human and I can make mistakes.

Yes, you are free to do that. In the time that is to come, you will be visited by each of us and all others of your sevens will be visited from the church they are. Our time is done for now. We will visit you again. Tell them to make ready our coming. I AM to come to make things new.

As you ask I will do.

Teach only love.

They came apart like quail scattering from a covey, each speeding back to the stone they had come from. The golden light was gone as quickly as it had come. The only thing that was left was Shekinah and Michael. Michael stepped towards me and the one called Shekinah folded in on herself and was gone. I looked to Michael and said all I was supposed to do was write a book. For the very first time, I saw Michael do something he never did before. He Smiled. Such warmth fell over me I got a little misty and could feel my eyes start to water as a tear ran down my cheek. I watched him as he began to fade into his light.

Our time is done. We will speak soon. Teach only love. One more thing, Joe.

Yes, Michael, I said.

Put some butter on it.

Put some butter on it? Now that is the strangest thing I ever heard him say. What in the world is he talking about? I turned to go back to the house to do some writing on what just happened.


It just keeps getting stranger and stranger all the time. I was driving home from town when I saw a light start to form on the passenger's side of the truck. I knew it was going to bring Michael for a chat of some kind. I did have that feeling this was going to be different because the last time he came to me in the truck we went for a ride. I kind of think it is a little funny when he shows up in the truck. He isn't as tall as he is outside and I am about the same size as he is.

Well, Michael I have been wondering when you were coming back, I said, as I looked at him sitting there without a seat belt on thinking of the ticket I got a week or two earlier. What a hoot it would be if the same cop stopped us and tried to give out another ticket for no seat belt.

Why do I get the feeling that we are going for another ride?

Go north. I will tell you where to turn.

OK. You got it. As we approached the turn-off for the road to the house, I hit the turn signal and half hoped we were going home. The handle for the signal went back down and the blinking lights wet off.

Go straight.

Guess we are not going home.

No, was his reply. We drove to a highway and I was told to turn left, which I did. Then was told to turn left again at another highway. We had driven for sometime and it was getting dark so I told him I needed to call home to let Donna know I was with him and had no idea where I was going or when I would be back.

After the call I headed back to the road but without Michael in the truck. He was waiting on the side of the road pointing which way he wanted to go. It seemed it was taking a long time to get there but he was there each time he wanted me to turn. Finally, he was standing in the middle of the road holding out his hand for me to stop. I pulled over to the side, parked the truck and got out. I had no idea where we were or how I would get back. Here we were in the middle of nowhere at night and the only light there was came from him. I remember thinking it is a good thing I trust him. I walked what seemed to be uphill as he floated along my side.

It didn't take all that long before he said Stop. I did as I was asked and in just a moment I found out why. Behold what you are given. I peered out in front of me to see what looked like the Gate of Grace about three or four times the size of the one I had built. Only this one was about twenty feet out from us and suspended in the air. I could see we were standing on a cliff with what could have been a valley below. The placement of the stones were made up of lights and set at the proper heights for the size of this huge thing. I looked to Michael and asked him if this was going to be another Shekinah thing.

No. This is that which you will know.

A shiver ran up my spine thinking of the Revelation visions I had back a few years ago. I wondered what this was going to be like.

Joe. You are to learn of our kind and the ties to the seven masters.

Oh good, it is about time because people have asked me some questions about this and I didn't know what to tell them. So do I ask or do you just tell me?

Speak what you know. I will tell you if it is true.

Well, let me start with the nine angels that were at the Gate last time. I figured out that the angels that make up the body of Shekinah are you, Ratziel, Tzaphqiel, Tzadqiel, Haniel, Raphael and Gabriel.

You have done well to see this.

Given the things each is as far as their qualities we think they should be Tzadqiel for Mercy, which is Laodicea, Raphael of Healing for Sardis. Smyrna would have to be Haniel or Khamael. However, I think Haniel has to do with him. Pergamum in turn would be Ratziel or Tzaphqiel and since you were standing by me, you would have to be Beauty. We figured out you would help us with the ones we didn't know. So how did we do so far?

Joe do you not listen to that which is given? Is your way of thinking so limited?

OK. So we didn't do too well given the way you are talking. But how many did we get?


Well are we even close in thinking the seven angels that poured out the bowls in Revelation are the same angels?

Yes, and yet there is more. Each of us is as the church you are. You would see us in the places you stand. Yet there is another place for us to stand with your kind.

So, Michael, does this mean we have the names mixed up and the placement of each of you?

I will show you what you seek.

He lifted his hand and out over the edge I could see the lights of each church grow a little brighter. The colors of the matrix stones were just the same and as I looked at them my attention was drawn upward. I saw what looked like Orion in the sky but something was wrong with it being there. I knew by looking at the stars Orion shouldn't be in that part of the sky. Then I could see it was a pattern that only kind of looked like Orion, with its six outer stars and one in the middle. As it got closer I could see it was the pattern for giving and receiving like the one we used at the gathering. I could now see there were seven angels that made up the pattern floating or standing above the gate. I saw one angel move down to just above the red stone. It was the angel with the red hair, the first angel to pour their bowl out.

Behold the first angel for she is the color of Strength.

Seeing she stood above the red's place, I knew it was the one for Smyrna. This angel was no actress with red hair trying to be angel on a TV show. She was not confused about her place in this world of humans. The high point of who she was didn't depend on some kind of miracle to make it look as though God loves us and this proves it; no indeed, not this angel. She stood as tall as Michael and her red hair was the color of flames. There was a certainty in her emerald green eyes. The sculptured features of her face gave her almost a mannequin characteristic. Under the soft tissue that covered her face and neck I could almost see the muscle and sinew. The women that I have seen in body building competitions would have appeared to be sickly weaklings in comparison to her. Michael I said, what is the name of this one?

You would call this one Khamael in your tongue.

So she stands at my stone or church and is the angel that stands with Smyrna?

She is likened unto your church yet stands not there. Look to her true place.

I watched her move to the place of the violet stone or that of Laodicea. When she got just above the stone, the color of the light of each blended to one color. It looked like a mixture of the two with a very powerful glow to it. I thought, this doesn't make sense yet, but I will see where this is going as more is given. This Irish Colleen was one powerful looking angel and the mixture with the violet made her more so.

Next came the one that looked Polynesian. Her dark skin reminded me somewhat of those that live in the islands. However, there was a radiance coming forth from the dark tan, which covered her features. The long black hair fell to her shoulders. The only thing missing would have been the crown of flowers woven through her dark hair and the lei around her neck. Her physical demeanor was not quite as powerful as the first angel but make no mistake, this was a powerful being of light that for some reason had a feminine pleasantry about her. Joy, joy was present in her rhythmic movements as she descended to her place and stood over the orange stone's place, or the church of Ephesus, but did not move. Her light just mixed with that church and became a stronger color of light. I looked to Michael to see why she didn't move to another color like the first one did.

This one is known as Tzaphqiel to your kind and is that of Understanding.

Hang on minute, Michael. What does this one have to do with understanding? That place is for the emotions not the mind?

Joe think about what you are asking and you will see the truth in what you ask.

I pondered it for a minute or so and answered the only thing that came to mind. Oh. I get it, Michael. This is the part about the understanding heart, like Solomon.

Blessed are you in wisdom, for you see and know. You have another word for understanding, which is awareness.

Is this like knowing what you are feeling in your heart?


OK, I am beginning to see a pattern here, I think. The next angel should be the church of Pergamum or the yellow stone.

Blessed are you again.

Not so fast I still don't know who he is or where he goes.

This one is known as Gabriel, the Foundation.

I watched this one who looked like an Arab move to the green stone of Sardis. From the Arabian Tales, this one stood as a Suleyman or a Sinbad, not at all in appearance of a scholar. His dark eyes appeared to be black with a light that shone of a knowing of all things. The only thing missing from this distinguished looking Arab was a scimitar. He looked perfectly at home in his white robe. Hang on again, I thought. Sardis was the one of Healing. What does Gabriel have to do with foundation? No, don't tell me. Let me guess. Mohammed did unite the tribes of the Arab people with Islam and gave them a foundation, which stopped the fighting between them? I guess this was a healing of sorts.

Blessings on blessings for you see.

Don't go crazy with my intellect yet, Michael. There are still five more to go. I turned to see the next angel descend to the church of Sardis and this one looked Indian or Pakistani. He too had dark skin and black hair. I know he possessed a great deal of power. He appeared as what could have been mistaken for an Indian esthetic or Holy Man. A Deepak Chopra, he was not. His knowledge of the healing arts would have surpassed anything medical science could have to offer us. There was softness to his hands, which looked as though the mere touch from any of his fingers could relieve the greatest pain. He came to rest just above the other angel, at the green stone's place, when he drifted over to the place of the yellow.

This one is Raphael and is of Healing.

The next angel to come down was to Philadelphia and looked African. In my mind's eye, I saw this one on the ranges of Africa as a Zulu warrior. He was physically magnificent and mentally alert. The white robe that flowed over his dark, strong body gave him the appearance of a chieftain or a Holy Man. I didn't know who this one was but I did know where he was going. This one Michael will be going to the church of Thyatira or the purple stone.

This is true. His name is Ratziel for he is of Wisdom.

He then moved down to the place of the blue stone and then over to Thyatira and the light changed there, too. Then I saw another angel descend and like the one that had just skimmed the place of Sardis so did this one with Philadelphia's place as he moved to the place of the purple.

Next came an angel that looked Asian or from the Orient. The light tint of his skin gave him almost a sterile appearance, as if nothing had ever touched him. His dark hair and eyes were so black they had almost a purple shine in them. This would truly be a Khan of Khans, for had he ruled the Mongolian hordes, Christendom would be no more. He then did the same as the last two. He moved almost to the place of Thyatira and then over to the place of Philadelphia.

Haniel is his name and he is of Victory.

The last angel was Native American in appearance and she resembled a princess. Because of her great beauty there was softness, tenderness, in her warm loving expression. Compassion flowed forth from her eyes. She appeared as a mother speaking to her child stating that the child was accepted for who they were without reservations or forethought. Then she descended to the place of Laodicea and moved to the red stone's place. I knew that was going to happen, Michael, but the last one is?

Tzadqiel, the one that is known for Mercy.

Okay, let me see if I have this right, so to speak. This is how I listed them:


Irish/Smyrna goes to Native American/Tzadqiel/violet = Mercy.

Polynesian/Ephesus stays in Polynesian/Tzaphqiel/orange = Understanding.

Arab/Pergamum goes to Indian or Pakistani/Raphael/green = Healing.

Indian/Sardis goes to Arab/Gabriel/yellow = Foundation.

African/Philadelphia goes to Asian/Haniel/purple = Victory.

Asian/Thyatira goes to African/Ratziel/blue = Wisdom.

Native American/Laodicea goes to Irish or Caucasian/Khamael/red = Strength.

This is the place they stand with the first seven.

I took a quick look around at all the angels to see where they were and it did seem to fit. But there was still something that was out of place here. So, Michael as I look at the angels and what each is about, I am a little confused at this. They don't fit with the churches as well as I would have put them.

You would have them not so?

Well, I would have thought that Wisdom was with Philadelphia and Healing would be with Sardis. But the main thing, with me being of the church of Smyrna, I kind of think Khamael would have been with me.

Joe. Would you give to that which is? These are not to give you more of what you are. They come to the place they stand to bring you what you have little of.

I still don't understand how it all fits.

Look to the seven angels of Revelation and you will see why they stand where they do. When you bind the gifts of the churches with those of the angels you will see the glory of God's plan.

Let me see if I can remember how it works. If I take gifts of Smyrna and mix it with the angel of ... I just don't understand, Michael. This is so confusing to me.

Joe. Do not make it hard to understand. Look to the first angel of Revelation.

Ok. Let me think. As I remember it, the first angel poured his bowl on the earth. That angel went to the spot of Laodicea and their light mixed. Sooooooo ... what?

Think. Can you not truly see why?

Look, are you here to help me learn or is this twenty questions? You could give me a hint couldn't you?

I ask you this. What is the first angel doing?

OK, let me think. The first angel is pouring his bowl on the earth. So, it is an earthly act or thing he is doing. Right?

True. Your church is?

My church is Smyrna, the leader; and it is female; and it is physical in nature.

Now do you see?

Let me run over this out loud with you. I started to run over in my mind just what the church and the angel had in common and thought I had discovered what it was. According to what I know about the churches and the angels of Revelation I said this is where I want to go - my church and the first angel deal with the physical. Given the angel came to the place of my church and then moved to the church of Laodicea, there is a connection there. As I look I can see that the angel came from Laodicea and rested on my churches place. Now then as I think of what the angel brings to the church and what they are in Revelation it has to be like this - the first angel is Physical and moves to the church that is Spiritual in nature and vice versa. So from this it has to be the Physical is given to the Spiritual and the Spiritual is given to the Physical. Ohhhhh. Now I see what is happening here. The seventh angel is really bringing the Spiritual to the Physical. In the Spiritual there is given unconditional mercy and love. In the Physical giving to the Spiritual, it opens up a place to manifest, that which isn't, and in simple terms, it's allowed to become.

Yes. And as you do, so will others. There is more for you to discover. Go to the next church and the angel.

This is going to be easy after the first and the last are done. The first will be last and the last will be first. Hum. Where have I heard that before? On to the next one. The next one is the church of Ephesus and the angel of Revelation deals with the emotions. Stop - that church is of the emotions too and you said it mixes with what it doesn't have but right here it does. So, what's the deal here?

Look to them both and you will see.

OK, so I know that it deals with emotions, and like anger, sorrow and hate, are dried up in the light. To me this is saying that once one knows what they are feeling they can choose how they feel rather than just react to it, if this makes sense to you.

Yes. You are saying it for others of your kind to hear. What do you see with the others?

Next I would go to the places of Pergamum and Sardis. This one leads me to think it is an exchange of healing for Pergamum and a clearing of the mind for Sardis. Pergamum is given a groundedness to be able to put things into reality and Sardis is able to open to higher concepts. With this they can see the abstract and not just in black or white. How does that sound to you, Michael?

You see how easily you come to know that which is unknown to you.

Tell me something will you? Do I really know these things or am I learning them? Michael looked at me and smiled and I guess that was the answer for me, but I got it.

The last two, tell me of them.

Well, as Joe sees it, this is the hardest of them all because it isn't very clear. These last two are at a very conceptual level. To me this is because they deal with the spiritual mind and emotions. If you look at Philadelphia as the mind, it is so advanced and able to know but it can't feel the love in it. On the other hand, on a spiritual level Thyatira is a spiritual love for the work they do. That is what is missing in Philadelphia. With Thyatira they have no sense of thinking in what they do. They do and create things without rhyme or reason as they work. When they are mixed with the parts that are missing in them or they are disconnected from them, they are able to cause things they only dreamed of.


Revelations-Nationality-Quality/attribute-Church-Name-Standing Place-Gift given other church

The first angel poured his bowl onto the earth and the physical began to heal itself. Irish-Strength- Smyrna-Khamael-Laodicea. The first angel is the physical and in giving to the spiritual church of Laodicea, it opens up a place for them to manifest that, which isn't. It is simply allowed to become.

The second angel poured his bowl into the sea, and emotion healed itself. Polynesian-Understanding-Ephesus-Tzaphqiel-Ephesus. The second angel is of the emotions and in giving to itself, allows awareness of the emotions, once Ephesus knows what they are feeling they can choose how they feel rather than just react to it.

The third angel poured his bowl into the rivers, and the mind became healed. Arab-Foundation-Pergamum-Gabriel-Sardis. The third angel gives wisdom and a clearing of the mind to Sardis, so they are open to higher concepts and can see the abstract and not in just black or white

The fourth angel poured his bowl on the sun and the spirit came fourth. Indian-Healing-Sardis-Raphael-Pergamum. The fourth angel of healing gives groundedness to Pergamum, so they are able to put their concepts into reality.

The fifth angel poured his bowl on the throne of knowledge and changed it into divine knowing. African-Wisdom-Philadelphia-Ratziel-Thyatira. The fifth angel adds spiritual wisdom to the spiritual emotions of Thyatira, so they are able to cause things they only dreamed of before.

The sixth angel poured his bowl on the great river of spiritual teachings, and they were seen to be untrue. Oriental-Victory-Thyatira-Haniel-Philadelphia. The sixth angel gives spiritual love to Philadelphia so that they can be the love in the work they do.

The seventh angel poured his bowl into the air, it is done, said a voice coming from the temple of the golden tent. Native American-Mercy-Laodicea-Tzadqiel-Smyrna. The seventh angel brings spirit to the physical giving unconditional mercy and love to Smyrna.

This is why I come to you. You say things such that others will hear and know.

Michael, I think the only reason I can figure it out is that you help me out. But you have to remember that not everyone has an angel coming to them to help. I hope I can serve to open the minds and hearts of those that don't.

You will to those that are ready to hear. Look you again to the angels and the places of the seven churches. See the greatness of Gods love for all of you.

I turned to see what he had in store for me this time. I watched the angels and the way they stood in their places and wondered why and what was to come now. I saw from the earth come more lights that were of all the colors of the seven churches and they began to attach themselves to the first seven. I could see the first seven lights move down to the valley floor and come to rest there as the other lights connected. Each new gathering of churches moved to a group of the seven colors and attached themselves to the growing structure. The colors came from all over the hills and flowed down into the valley. I wondered where they were all coming from. Each set of seven lights flowed over the valley floor to the base and rose up the structure to take a place in this huge matrix. As each new group of seven came into place, the structure grew taller and began to build a tree of the DNA strand I had been shown before. It grew and grew until it produced a canopy over us at giant proportions and if the sun had been out it would have given shade. This is where it became clear to me for the first time what this was all about. As I stood looking up I saw lights falling to the earth like shooting stars. The closer they got I could see they were in a matrix form like the pattern of giving and receiving. These were not just lights or stars, but angels. Just as the seven angels came to the first seven, so did the new groups of angels come to the other sevens. This was getting pretty intricate the way the groups of angels attached themselves with the seven churches simultaneously. What's really hard to explain is how they attached to themselves. It was as though an angel, in a group of angels, would settle in a church and then move to the different church they blended with. The color of light from that church given off would change. Now this is why it is hard to explain. Given that there are seven masters that represent each of the seven churches and there is only one that stands as the servant, which makes the eighth place. Each master, as they gather their seven, shall stand in the servant place. As they do this, the angel of their church leaves them and is joined with the new master of the servant’s color or church. So now what is beginning to happen is that the angels move to another place and the servant’s place changes back to that of the masters original color. There is an energy that flows from one angel to another angel and it is the same with the masters of the churches, but not for the servant. Thousands upon thousands gathered together and as they did a light began to fill the valley. OK, Michael, you need to tell me why the angels are attaching themselves to the churches and not to the servant or other angels? Even you are attached to me and stand at the place of the servant.

I will show you my true place.

With those words Michael moved down into the valley and took another place amongst the angels and the masters. When he came to rest in his new place, so did the other angels from the place of the servant in each group. I asked what this meant because we were now alone in the spots we held as the servant. I also noticed that there is something out of place now, Michael.

What looked like it would make sense is now looking scattered and out of whack.

What is it you see that is missing?

I looked to the Tree of Life, or the DNA strand, whichever you want to call it, and started my search. From high on the tree I followed it down to the base to see if I could come up with the answer. All I could see was that there seemed to be two holes in each of the connecting churches and angels. I told him it looked like there was an empty spot where I was standing and it was the same for the others that stood also in that place.

Your eyes see yet you do not know the sums of that which gives it splendor.

The only thing I can think of is as the servant they stand with you. And you upon completion of a gathering move to the center spot of the tree of life. At this point the servant stands alone binding the new seven and their angels to the Tree of Life. My attention was drawn to the base of this magnificent tree made of angels and souls. I looked to see what was a lush valley almost tropical garden filled with what I guessed everything that could grow. I wondered where in Texas this really was? On the other hand was I really in Texas? Granted I did drive to it or at least within walking distance but one never knows when it comes to angels where you truly are. One never truly knows how you got there and for that matter does one truly know anything, truly? Michael, how far does this valley go?

It runs all the way to the feet of God.

My heart skipped a beat when he said that. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. I can't wait to tell others about this place. Tell, my eye, I can't wait to bring others here.

You have been doing that since the day you told us to speak for you would hear.

I was just overwhelmed to hear that. You mean this is what I am doing with all of this, bringing people to this place.

Yes. Yet the road will be as long or as short as your kind will make it. The sevens will shorten it if they want to or they will make it as long as they can. This has been the way of your kind. Remember I told you something wonderful is going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it?

Yeah, I remember it. And this is it?

It is.

So what do I do now? Just start bringing the sevens here? If I can find my way back.

Joe you are welcome here whenever you wish. However, the others will need to find their own way here.

Hold on, this isn't one of those places where you have to die to get here is it?

No, those places are saved for cults and religions.

Very funny, Michael, I didn't think you had it in you. Really can I bring someone with me?

No. Yet you may meet them here.

How do they find their way here?

Many are close, yet they have stopped before they have come to the valley.

Okay I get it. You are not going to tell me.

They will find their way.

Great. Everyone is going to move to Texas now.

They need not, for it is just down the path from the house in which they live.

Gee just like in the Wizard of Oz. Is this the Garden of Eden that was spoken of in the Bible?

No. It is grander than that for your kind. In that book it tells of a garden you were cast out of for sinning. Your kind chose to leave, for God does not throw God's children out for any reason.

So, Michael, are you telling me there was such a place and we chose to leave?

What I am telling you is that your kind has the power to create it this way again. Joe, this is a garden that is coming to your kind.

Michael, old buddy, you got me all mixed up again. You say I can come here whenever I wish but I can't bring anyone with me. You also say I will meet others here and this isn't the Garden of Eden we were thrown out of. You say we chose to leave and still this is a place I have never seen.

Do you remember being told that when enough sevens have gathered that there will be a change in all that is? And also that the debt has been paid and the rewards of the Father will be visited upon all of the children?

Of course I do. So what does this have to do with anything?

When the empty places that you have seen have been filled then will this valley begin to cover the Earth.

So what your telling me is when I figure out what is missing in the Tree of Life and put it there, it will come to us?

No, what I tell you is when you and the others fill the empty places it will be yours.

Okay, I do have another thing to ask you. So, Michael, am I pretty much done with this stuff? I mean do I go on teaching, healing and promoting the book?

You have more books to write. You have other times to be with the other angels and learn. You have time yet to be with Shekinah in the changing of your heart.

Just what is that supposed to mean, the changing of my heart?

As you were told, you will be changed and others will see and know you for the gifts you bring.

This has me worried as to if anyone will know me after that.

Joe. You will be the same yet you will look other than you do now. The others will know you have had union with Shekinah and have been blessed.

So when will this happen? Because if your soon has been anything like in the past I won't hold my breath.

You will not have to. Our time is done for now. Return to your home and write this down. Send it to your sevens and then we will speak again. Go in grace and teach only love.

As he said this I could see the dawn break and the light begin to get brighter. The tree became like it was in a fog and I couldn't see it too clearly anymore. I turned to walk back to the truck and felt a peace about me. Wow. What a night this has been. The air on the way back to the truck was filled with a mist almost like a light rain. I climbed in, started the engine and sat there for a moment. I reached over and pulled out a cigar and lit it. I watched as the smoke rose to the ceiling and I opened the window. I put on my seat belt, then put the truck into gear and started down the road. The haze was all around me and I thought, Well, I am back in Kansas again. Down the road I went, just barely able to see the road while thinking how in the world would I ever get back here? It seemed like it took forever to get to the spot where Michael took me but the next thing I knew I was traveling down the road to my house. I remember thinking to myself, Ain't that the way it always is? It takes forever to get to Paradise but only a moment to leave it or loose it. I pulled into the driveway and parked the truck and got out. I slowly walked to the front door, opened it and walked in. Donna was standing by the kitchen looking at me. I just held out my hand as if to say don't touch me. She completely understood what I was saying and did as I asked. She told me she had never seen me so at peace.

It just keeps getting stranger and stranger.


It had been awhile since I had changed the tired on my truck. In addition, I could feel the muscles in my back start to tighten up again. I was thinking - I really hope this doesn't aggravate the muscles that I pulled in Tae Kwon Do. I remembered how hard it was to sleep the night before, being awakened by the pain. My mind was everywhere except where it should have been - on the road. I was paying enough attention to slow down as I came to this tiny little town. 35 mi. an hour is what the speed limit called for as I came around curve. I had seen a police car sitting in there from time to time as I've driven through just knowing he was there waiting to catch someone speeding. This time no officer of the law was lurking in the shadows. As I quickly came to the edge of the town, I began to raise my speed. From the 35-mi. an hour speed limit to 45, 55 then up to 65 as the white lines in the road moved past me faster and faster. Slow down was the words that came from a familiar voice. As I look to my right, I could see a light that always announced Michael's coming. Within moments, he was sitting next to me. Again he told me to slow down and then said too late. Quickly I scanned the road and to the sides ahead of me looking for some impending danger. Was it one of the creatures of the night like deer or raccoon about to enter the road? No it was much worse.

The lights from the car behind me appeared out of nowhere. They were closing in on me at a rather high speed and I thought to myself this is really no problem I'll just let them pass. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, came what reminded me of the light show in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. There were pretty red and blue and white lights flashing. Then I realized what Michael meant by it was too late. Oh give me a break I said aloud, I wasn't going all that fast. Damn. This is all I need. Then came a long wait. You know what I am talking about. You just sit in your car and think about how you are going to get out of the ticket. I looked over at Michael to see if he would offer some help. I could see there was none coming from him. I also knew that the police officer could not see him. I heard the footsteps walk across the gravel on the side of the road. In addition, I heard the authority in his voice as he said, May I see your license, registration and proof of insurance sir. The reason I stopped you is that the speed limit at night here is 65 and you were going 75. Yes sir I said. Wait in your car sir I will be right back is all he told me. So Michael this means I'm getting a speeding ticket right? Michael turned his head and looked at me. If that is what you want you will.

In my mind, I rolled over scenario after scenario as to what he could be talking about. Looking straight-ahead Michael, I said. Well bless his heart. Now this police officer was just doing his job. He held no malice for me, so why should I hold any for him?

As I sat thinking about how this officer puts his life on line every day to protect us. A sense of peace came over me and I said once again bless your heart. I heard his footsteps move a long the side of the car again on the gravel. He started giving the speech that all police officers give someone when they are about to give you a ticket. Signing this ticket is not an admission to guilt it only means that you have received it, yada, yada, yada. I am giving you a warning ticket he said. This is not a speeding ticket however your inspection sticker has expired and you will need to go before the judge and show him the receipt for having it updated. Well bless your heart were the words that came out of my mouth. I signed the ticket and as he started to walk away, I told him; I know you guys don't hear this often enough but thanks for protecting us. He said you’re welcome and please slow it down.

As I sat in my car putting my license and registration away, watching as he pulled around me and his lights faded into the distance of the road ahead. I put my car into gear and pulled out onto the highway. Only this time I paid closer attention to going the speed limit. You know Michael I guess I'd forgotten how powerful a “bless your heart” could be.

Yes, was all that Michael said in return.

I had a feeling you would be showing up about now. Given it has been awhile since I saw you last. There just seems to be so much going on now. There is a lunar eclipse, a Grand Cross, and a solar eclipse. People are kind of getting crazy, if you know what I mean. Not to mention there is a lot of fear going on. People are worried about solar flares and the end of the world. People are coming up with all kinds of warnings for other people. Hell Michael some people are even seeing the Angels that are coming to them with a warning if they do something or don't do something. What are you guys doing?

If someone hears a message from any of us and it is not of love, it is not us or the message was misunderstood. Would I have told you to teach only love if our kind would do other? Is the book of bricks that I gave you filled with don't do this and that's?

Now that you mention it Michael there isn't, so why all the uncertainty lately? You know Michael for along time I felt off-balance and sometimes confused. At times, I even feel nauseous and dizzy. I was talking with Donna and she was telling me how crazy things were at her work. She has really been worried about whether she is going to keep her job or quit. She said she didn't know if they were going to fire her or not. Things just keep falling apart.

I have told to you before she worries for nothing. Donna is not alone in this. A great many people are feeling the same. That which you would call energy is changing. The consciousness of this world is changing. It is leaving what has always been and becoming what could be and what is to be - the love that God IS, is beginning to enter every fiber and cell in the body. It moves down to the very structure of DNA. All things are changing. Take the next road to the right, stop the car, and walk with me.

I did as Michael asked; I slowed the car down turning to the right up the road we were on. You may stop any time.

I saw what looked like a patch of asphalt that had been put down for people to turn around on. I pulled onto it and stopped the car. I opened the car door, got out and walked round to the side of the car Michael was on. Walking off the pavement and onto the Texas soil with the sparse dry grass, which gave away easily under my feet. We walked to a spot where there was a fallen tree.

Sit and rest yourself as we speak. Nothing will harm you.

Michael must have read my mind knowing of the concern I had on what could be living in this tree. He must have seen me looking at the tree to see if there were spiders or scorpions crawling on it. As I sat down on the trunk of the tree, I noticed how it was the right height and my feet rested gently on the ground. Well, since you have me sitting down you must have something important to say.

I do. To long have you been from writing. To busy have you been with worldly things.

Of course, I have a need to make a living. I know you're not going to give me the winning numbers for Lotto.

No. I will not. Yet, this is in part my reason for being with you tonight. The work that you do is too important for you to be spending time on how to make a living.

Oh really. If it wasn't for Joanne and the class that she set up for me in Chicago I would more than likely be living in my truck. The money that I made from that is going out fast. The woman that was supposed to be setting up a class for me in Florida has not gotten the help that she needed or was offered, therefore that's not going to happen. The next thing I have coming up is in September at the end of month. I spent more than half of what I made there to build back up my inventory. In addition, with the bills and money I owe I'll be broke in no time again. At least the co-author has an agent working for him finding him things is to do.

Joe. You have someone at your beck and call willing to do this for you. Yet, you have not used her. She would do this out of the love for the work you do. You need but to ask her.

You are talking about Robbie, aren't you?

Yes. Others that you would hire would only do it for the money.

She did do the job last time didn't she?

She would again if you give her the opportunity to serve.

So, does this mean Joanne would have to go through her to set up the next class in Chicago?

No Joe it doesn't. What I say is she will find new places for you to teach your class.

Makes sense to me.

That which you and Joanne have put together in Chicago has opened a door that was closed there before. Those that truly heard your teachings in your last class will make your next class even greater.

Well Michael if this is your counsel I will go for it.

There are so many people wanting to help you and all you need do is let them.

OK. Michael I get your message. Sometimes I just don't know how I am going to get everything done that you have given me.

Joe, look at the things you have already done. Do you not have two books that carry the words I gave you? Have you not found a way for those who wish to set up a Gate of Grace a way to gather what is needed without being robbed? Even now, you are waiting for your tape to be finished that teaches people to meditate and to balance their energy.

I know that there seems to be so much more to do that I haven't done yet I don't know how I will ever get it all done.

There will come a time when you will look back at this time and wish you had it again.

So, what you're telling me is I am going to be a very busy boy.

Once again you know without me telling you things that are true.

Before I forget. There is something I just have to ask you about. Kathleen is gravely ill. Steve told her some time ago that she was going to die this month if she did something or something didn't happen. Now Michael I'm not asking you to be fortuneteller. I would like to know if she's going to be all right.

Joe, that is up to Kathleen. She has been told she has sums to work and working on these, she has been. It is up to her to choose if she would come home or stay. She is in God's love regardless of her choice.

This brings me to one other question I have. I've noticed there seems to be some kind of thing going on with people coming up with illnesses. I've noticed it with the sevens and other people that have been attending my classes. It is as if some of these people are having illnesses crop up. Therefore, this is what I've come up with. When some people except the gift they are it's like God saying you got the idea. Now that you know it you can come home or stay. When this happens a disease of some kind shows up. It looks like to me that God is giving them or us a ticket home. We can choose to over come our illness if that is what we really want to do.

Joe for some their traps are their illness. As you would say they manifest themselves in that way. Yet, look deeply for not all become ill some become frustrated in life. Others may go to resentment or anger or blame others for the things they do or do not.

I can see what you are trying to say in this. If I point the finger at somebody else making him or her responsible for the way things are in my life I don't have to do anything and I can just live in my trap. Is that kind of what you're saying?

Yes Joe. There are those that will create chaos and bad feelings for others around them. In this chaos, whether it be a real physical ailment for themselves or the imaginary action of the others, both will keep them from the work they do.

Well Michael, since you brought up. I have pulled my lower back muscles doing leg lifts. Can you give a guy a hand here and fix my back muscles for me so they don't hurt so much?

Physician heal thyself.

So why am I not surprised he said that? I know I'm the one that let my body go by not exercising the way I should. If I strained a muscle, I am the one that needs to work with it. It isn't as if I have some major disease and it is going to kill me. I have just used muscles I have not used in a long time. And like they say in New York forget about it.

Our time is short. I will show you again to things you have forgotten. You have begun to remember one yet not the other. I will show you these and you will remember. You will teach them in the healing class you teach yet you will not speak of them until you teach them in the class.

Michael took his time going over what he had shown me before and I remembered him telling me people would not be ready for this yet. Given that my introduction to healing class was just that, an introduction. When he was finished showing me, again I told him I would have loved to do this in Chicago when I was there.

Not many would have understood the power of these two things. The people that came to your class you have opened to an understanding or consciousness that will allow them to see the truth in this. Those people in turn will bring others after telling them what they have learned and they will be able to see this also.

I get it Michael. The ones that I taught in the class before know things now that they may not have realized before. Now that they know these things, they will share them with others and in turn the others will be open to understand.

This is so. It is time for you to begin the Book of Healing. Yet in order for you to do this so that people will understand you must first make clear to them a way for them to know the gifts and the traps they are.

Well I wrote up this whole thing on how to tell what church you are. I mean it's self-explanatory. I don't know how much easier I can make it.

Joe for you it is easy. I have been with you for over five years teaching you. I have sent others to teach you and you have learned much. Not everyone has been as fortunate as you to have the teachers that you have had. As you have learned you have discovered things that I have not taught you. You have put them in usable form that others might learn. The key that unlocks the door to the wisdom of the universe lies in your own gifts and traps. This is true for all learning with the knowledge that you have of all the churches with their gifts and traps. You would do well to write the Book of Gifts and Traps.

Hang on a minute Michael. Now you told me, I would be writing a couple more books. Are you telling me now I need to write another book? Or is this some kind of a pamphlet or mini book.

Joe. This of which I speak to know you would write in the Book of Healing. This will take far too long for people to receive it. This is why you must do it now.

All right Michael lets see if I have this straight, I am to write a small companion type book containing the information on the seven churches. Only in this one it should be more detailed so that people may more easily understand what is written there and how it applies to them.

You said you were not the man for this job. See how easily you know things without being told?

OK. I'll come up with a small book to make it easier for people to find out what their gifts and their traps are. Anything else you need or want me to do?

There is much to be done. Our time is over for now. We will speak again within ten of your days.

We walked back to the car with his light illuminating the way and beginning to fade. This was a sign to me that he was leaving but before he left, he said one more thing.

The time that I spoke to you of it is near.

He stepped into the light as it folded in on him and he was gone. As I got back of my car and started reflecting on what his last words were. Since it only concerns me and it is not bad, I am just going to keep it to myself. Just between Michael and me so to speak.


Over the past days, I have been writing what happened the last time Michael came. I wrote it up once and it got lost in the computer some how. I had to sit down and rewrite it. I wasn't in such a hurry this time because I wanted to make sure I got everything. I was at Donna's taking care of the dogs and I had been having some strange things happen to me. I would go out to the store, come home and know something had been moved. At first I thought I must have done it without knowing or remembering having done it. That would have been the best way to explain it but when the hall light came on, I knew something was up. Ah, I said to myself there must be angels afoot. That's what someone I know always says when something strange is going on. I like it because it sounds like some thing Sherlock Homes would say. So I figured I would just sit back and see what developed.

Now, of course, this was after I looked around the house to see if someone was there that shouldn't be, but I hardly thought the dogs would let that happen. No one in any of the closets or under the beds so I guessed I was safe. This was the first night I was there and it did feel strange with Donna in Colorado doing the Thelma and Louise thing with Jeannie as they called it. I thought of it being more like Laurel and Hardy with the two of them going on a trip. I fed the dogs and made myself this wonderful dinner of spaghetti and a side order of chicken fried steak in the microwave. I always did enjoy TV dinners. The best part was the desert I got just for me, a whole cheesecake. Not as good as the one Larry Liberman makes but it would do.

After dinner, I watched something on HBO when I started to nod off. I stretched out on the couch bending my arm and holding up my head up with my hand. My eyes were getting heavy so I closed them to give them a rest. As I closed my eyes, I felt what was like an index finger running across my brow. With my eyes closed I thought it was Ebbie's tail that had waged over me as I reached to pet her my hand found only empty space and I opened my eyes. She was not there. I sat up and looked to see if one of the dogs could have been there. Poppy was sleeping in the hallway and Bogie was snoring in front of the chair across the room. I looked to see Ebbie sleeping in the living room. I didn't see Baron so I got up and walked to the bedroom and sure enough, he was sleeping there. I think it was because Donna was out of town and he always was close to her wherever she was. The bedroom was as close as he could get to her, so he was happy to spend his time there at night. I knew I felt something brush my brow, I was sure of it. I waited for something else to happen but nothing did. Well may be I just imagined it, I thought to myself.

The second night it happened again as I sat on the couch with my head laid back looking up to the ceiling, the same warm touch again loving brushing my forehead. Hum. This is getting interesting now I thought. This time I just sat still and it happened again. I felt the hand go over my forehead three times and then it stopped. I opened my eyes and no one was there. OK, I said in a loud voice whoever you are and whatever you want let's get it over with. There was no answer and no one came to claim it was them either. The next day I was checking my mail in the office and there came a hand on the top of my head. It was a big hand with long fingers covering my head very tenderly. I reached up and placed my hand on top of whoever's hand was there but all I felt was the top of my head.

As the days went by, I found myself being touched on the shoulders, arms, the back of my legs and even my feet being rubbed. Who or whatever it was did it in a loving tender way. I wondered if it was a ghost once, but it didn't strike me as a ghost. I don't know why but it just didn't.

Donna was coming back today and I was to pick her up at the airport in the afternoon and I wanted to clean up the house before I left. When I got up I made some coffee and chatted with Steve for a while as I waited for the coffee to finish brewing. I told Steve to hang on, went, got a cup, and sipped it as I went back to the office. We chatted for a few about Kathleen and then told him I needed to run. I had promised Donna I would take the recyclables to the pick up place in town and after the third cup, I was ready to start my day. I went out to the garage and saw the bags had been building up for awhile. She is so cute to have sprayed each bag with the red letter R so I would know what to take. God she is so anal I smiled to myself. The only trash bags in there and she has to put a big red R on them. I opened the big roll up door, went and backed up the truck to it. I got another bag and cleaned up the empty dog food cans to take them too. I started putting the bags in the truck and was about half way done when I heard the phone ring. I ran into the house to pick it up before it stopped ringing, just in case it was Donna with some last minute instructions about her flight.

Hello, I said and the voice on the other end told me I had won something. Oh. Goodie, I said. What did I win? They said something about a new car and I asked if they had my address right. They said back the address here and I told them that it was correct. I then proceeded to tell them I would be home till about 3:30 and to bring it over anytime and hung up. It was a gimmick for getting people to buy property.

I went back out to the garage and got the shock of my life, all and I mean all the bags were in the truck. I said to myself this could come in handy. I thanked whoever did it and went into town and dropped the bags off. The guy gave me a slip of paper asking if everything could be separated. It was something new they were doing and I told him you got it. I then drove back to the house to find the gate open and the garage door shut. I know I did close the gate and I left the door up because I was coming right back and didn't want to open the door again but I always close the gate in case the dogs got out of the house. Well, I thought maybe Donna came home early. I went into the house and she had not.

I had been meaning to clean the filter system in the pond for some time but I have to get into the pond to do it, so today was as good as any with lots of time before I had to go and pick up Donna. I got into some swimming trunks and an old pair of tennis snickers and out to the pond I went with Ebbie right behind me. Little did I know it would be the start of the angels coming to begin the next phase of my training. After taking the filter system apart, cleaning it out and putting it back together I had a great idea. I had gotten some lilies of all the colors of the seven churches, but they were randomly set in the pond. My brainstorm said to place them in the same placement as the stones in the gate. Some were where they should be but most were not. I started with placing the orange lily by the red and in front of the blue. Next I moved the green lily to its place and yes there is a green lily.

There, I said. All are where they should be. Standing in the water with all the little fishes nipping at the hairs on my legs, I looked around. Something was wrong with this placement. Let's see, I said to myself. Red is where it should be and the purple is and the violet and the orange and the blue. The blue? The blue is in the east, which is correct if there was a blue for the west but I only had one blue. I had another yellow where the blue should go. Donna said that any color or church could act as the servant and she was right but I had them set wrong. The blue should be in the west as the teacher and since I didn't have another blue, I would have to take the extra yellow and put it in the east. I brought the yellow over to the place of the blue, moved it to the side as I set the yellow in place. I picked up the blue lily just off the bottom as to keep it in the water as much as I could. Walking slowly through the water the pads trailed behind the pot and the blue blossom stood straight up soaking in the sunlight. I reached the spot where it should sit in the pond and slowly lowered the lily to the bottom. Once the lily was in place, I stood to look at it and saw something that was very strange indeed. I saw there was more then one shadow being cast as if there were two lights. I remember seeing this when there was more than one light bulb in a lamp. One of the shadows was to my right side caused by the sun because of its placement in the sky. The other shadow came from behind me and was not as high in the sky. It caused a darker shadow in the water and on the ground so I knew it had to be Michael.

I turned slowly to see the face of the angel I have come to know so well. As I turned around, I could plainly see this was not him. It was one of the angels that I had seen in the Gate when there were nine angels standing there. It was the one that looked like an Arab, so I did what I thought was the best thing to do. I said, As Salaam Aalkum.

Wa Lakum came in a voice as beautiful as the one Michael had. It is time for you to learn from me.

I knew just by looking at this angel he could teach me something. If this angel held true to form with his placement in the matrix he would have to be Gabriel. I thought to myself, Could this be the angel that visited Mohammed? I asked this angel's name as I had Michael's, and once again came the sound vibrating my soul with the knowledge of this one's name. The colors springing forth in my mind's eye lending pictures of whom he was. Emotions welled up almost to the point of tears at the peace that I felt, just like with Michael. This was an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life, to hear with your body and soul the name of an angel. To feel one's name move you, with the emotions I felt at the birth of a puppy when my mastiff brought forth her first litter. Others would tell you it was like the birth of a child but to me it is the same thing. Everything came back to me like when Michael had just told me his name for the first time. This one was much different then Michael because something was new within me. I couldn't call it a feeling because I didn't feel it. It was more like an awareness of an opening of the mind to a pleasure, if the mind can feel such a thing. I guess if you can have a headache and feel pain, you should be able to feel pleasure. There was a moment when I thought I knew the secrets of the universe had been unfolded to me. When Shakespeare asked what was in a name, I know he had never heard the name of an angel, otherwise he would not have asked.

You may call me whatever you like if it helps you to know me.

My thoughts returned to Michael telling me the same thing and all the trouble it caused me, before finding out he was the one that was referred to as the archangel Michael. I had joked about if I had it to do all over again I would have called Michael, Bob. So I said to this angel, I will call you Bob.

As you wish, was all he said, but I knew full well who he was.

Unless I am mistaken, you are the one known as Gabriel. You are the one that gave the world Islam.

I have served God as this one before.

Why did I know he was going to say that? OK. I will call you Gabriel, too. I am just happy your English name is easier to say than some of the other angels' names are.

Your humor is more delightful as I stand with you than it is as I watch and am told by Michael.

Hum, I thought to myself, the great Joe Crane comedian to the angels. What a hoot. I could see I was avoiding the reason for this visit as I did with Michael. Not knowing why an angel is standing in front of me causes me to avoid finding out the reason.

Our time is short and there is much to be set in motion that your understanding will be great. You must be able to know the things we will give to you.

I see you have a box in your hands. Does it have something to do with the gifts Michael told me would come?


I looked to the box in his hands and saw it to be made of gold and jewels with a place for a key. I couldn't see any seam for the lid to open, but I knew there was a lid to it. As his long dark fingers held it in his grasp, I could see his fingernails were like rays of light rather then the hard substances that ours are made of. My eyes traced his fingers back to his hands and then back to his wrists. His hands were powerful looking but his wrists were truly amazing. They were thick and big around, appearing to be from someone that had done a great deal of manual labor. His skin was what attracted my eyes the most; being he had the best tan I have ever seen. The richness of the color and the light being reflected or coming out of it almost pulled me into looking at it forever. As my eyes followed the arm to the robe he had on, I was astounded by the many colors of yellow there were in it. It was trimmed with gold and silver, if that was what it was covering his immense body. I looked my way up to his face and into the eyes again, the almost black of his eyes shown as the light off a black pearl with a strong light on it. The hair was black also with what looked like rays of light where the highlights should have been. I was totally taken in by all of this as I stood in the presence of the angel Gabriel.

So given you are the angel in the yellow spot of representing the church of Pergamum you must be here to get my mind right.

That is a way of saying what I am to teach you.

I was just about to fall for the whole kit and caboodle with this angel when it hit me; this guy is the wrong angel for the place he was in. Rafael is the angel of the church of Pergamum and not Gabriel. What do you do when an angel says he is what you know he is not? I knew the masters were going to have a field day with this one. I did the only thing I could think of, I blamed it on a friend.

Gabriel I have something to ask you because others will want to know. You say you are Gabriel and you stand in the place of Pergamum or yellow, as the colors go.

This is so.

Well, you see, Rafael should be standing there and he is the Arab, not you.

This too is true.

OK. I give up. You tell me how this works.

You know this.

I get it, you want me to tell you how it is the way it is. Well then, as Joe sees it, you are Gabriel and you stand in the church of Sardis, and are an Indian in that spot. You moved over to the place of Pergamum and when you did, you took on the look of an Arab. So then, I guess you could take on whatever you wanted depending what place you stood at. Ah ha! I got you there. Some of the other places in other matrixes you guys are all over the board. If you are telling me that you take on that nationality you couldn't be in another matrix as another nationality other then the one you are now.

I have come none too soon to help you in the way you think.

I knew I didn't get it right when he said that. In other words, what your telling me is I missed something along the way.

Yes. Think about what you are saying. Is it not that I could be here as I am for another reason?

Could be, but it escapes me at the moment.

Do you need what your kind calls a hint?

Now that would be nice, now wouldn't it?

Where is the well that we have come to you in?

The first time I saw all of you, it was in the back yard in the Gate of Grace. I didn't know who you were then but I do now. OK. Let's look at what I do know. Number one, you came to my matrix first looking the way you did as far as nationalities go. Then that one night when Michael took me up in to the hills somewhere, there were thousands of angels coming down and taking their place in one matrix or another one.

Did you not see where all were?

Like I said, there were thousands upon thousands of angels coming down and taking a place. I couldn't keep tract of all of you.

At Michael's last coming you were shown many places in the place you were.

Yes I was. Oh. I see now. Not all were in the same place but the one in the center, not changing at all. I think there is a reason for you angels being in the spots you are and the nationalities you are in those spots. I also think they may change as you fill up the whole matrix to accommodate some purpose beyond my knowing just yet. All I can come up with is that the nationalities are there to show a correlation between us humans and you angels.

You do learn quickly, go on.

I also think it is a foundation that is built with the first matrix and being that it cannot move. The places of the nationalities, I mean have to stay where they are standing.

There is your answer.

What is my answer? He said nothing to that. I looked and waited for more but none was forthcoming. Well aren't you going to tell me? No words came from him but he did let go of the box with his left hand. His hand was palm up and he reached it out to me.


I did as I was told. I looked at his hand and into the palm of it. I could see there was some yellow liquid in it. I figured it was yellow because of the light that was coming from it. It looked like a bead of sweat or maybe a tear. What is it? I asked.

This is the anointing oil of Pergamum I give to you.

It was so small, anointing oil of only a drop, if that much. I was honored to be getting anything but I would have rather he gave me the gold box. I started to pick it up like you would a pea or very small bead. Turning my hand trying to figure how to pick it up. He closed his fingers as if he was protecting the droplet of oil; only his index finger was extended.

Show me your hand.

I thought he wanted to see if my hand was clean, so I showed him my palm so he could see if it was clean, and then the back of my hand with my fingers spread wide apart. He took his index finger and pointed to the finger next to my little finger.

Gather the oil with this one.

I closed the rest of my fingers with only my pointing finger sticking out. His hand opened again as I moved my finger to do as he said. Ever so gently, my finger came closer and closer to the drop of the oil he offered. It reminded me of someone trying to pluck a drop of dew from a leaf. He rotated his hand to let the droplet fall onto the tip my finger. I looked at it, still in a droplet sitting on the tip of my finger. It was still yellow but not like the yellow it was in his hand. I looked back to him to see if he was coming to tell me what to do with it. He said nothing as I wondered if it had a smell. I brought it to my nose and to my surprise I said, Bananas! Damned if it didn't smell like bananas.

More than that is of this oil. Place the oil on the softness below your breastbone.

I took my other hand, pulled up my t‑shirt, and placed my finger with the oil there. I ran my finger in a small circle to rub it in.

That which is left, place on your forehead.

I moved my hand up to the place where my third eye should be and rubbed in the last of the oil. And this is for? I said.

This is to open the mind of your kind that you may see. The anointing oil is to heal the mind that it may be one with spirit. Your kind has come to believe that the mental is separated from spiritual and that which is must be understood through logic. Everything must make sense to you or it is not to be trusted. As the mind and the spirit work as one, you will know the love God IS. This oil will help you to know that which comes from God and which the mind makes up to reason away what it cannot yet grasp.

Gabriel stopped talking as if to hear what I was going to say next. I didn't disappoint him. I did know something about how some oils worked and what they were for. Gabriel, I think I know what is going on here with the oils. I know that oils have a vibration, as do all things, and when an oil is used, the human body has its vibrations raised. Each oil has a frequency of its own as does the different parts of the human body. The simplest way of putting it is to say it is like being a musical instrument. When it is in tune it will sound beautiful but when it gets out of tune it sounds awful and is not working, as it should. Once it is brought back into tune, the sound vibrations are pleasant to the ears.

You do have an understanding of oils; go on with that you are saying.

I smiled to think I did know something of what I was talking about to an angel. So, Gabriel, is this why you are giving me this oil? To raise the vibrations of the mind so we are open to greater concepts? Is this oil's frequency as powerful as rose oil's is given rose is the highest?

This which I give you is fourfold the power that comes from a rose.

That must make it about a thousand megahertz or better. I can see someone using it and they start buzzing all over the place.

Reason would tell you this, yet it is not so. Your kind, as you say, has grown to believe that more is better. What I have given is more powerful than rose for the purpose it is to be used. Would you use a mighty ship to catch one guppy?

Well no. I would use the best tool for the job. I do hear what you are saying about how we have come to think and we have gotten into overkill. I know what you are saying by more powerful than rose, for the job it does. Maybe the oil you gave doesn't have me buzzing like an oil with a higher frequency would. As a matter of fact, I don't feel any smarter than when we started.

Would you like to test what you just said?

Sure, this should be fun. How do we do that?

I said there is your answer and you said, what is my answer? Yes?

We were talking about the places where the angels stand and why the nationalities are where they are.

What do you know?

Stand is a clue to the answer, isn't it? It is more than just where you are standing; it has to do with what you are standing for. Each of you has something about you being the people you are like. We have been looking at only the gifts each church has and not the nationalities you are. I know as a people each has a gift, too. There is something about where each lives and comes from. I got it. I got it. There are seven churches, seven colors, seven notes to a scale, and seven masters with gifts. I also know it takes these seven to have everything work. It takes the gifts of seven masters to have a business be successful or a community work. I now see there are these seven different types of humans here on earth to have an earth that works. Each Nationality has gifts that are not so readily available to the others just like the churches. I guess bottom line in all of this is we need each other if we are ever to have the kind of world we want.

You are doing well.

I knew that without the oil.

You did in the mind and in the spirit, yet they were separate from each other. Tell me more of what you know.

I know that you angels are where you are for a reason, too. Not just in the matrix but in your coming to us now. In a way, you need us too, as we need you. Your kind changes places with one another to have what could be the gifts of the angel you changed places with. Also, you bring your gift to the other angel's spot and to the place that one of the seven masters stands. It is almost like you are a helper angel to us and to each other. I just had a thought about something. I would bet that we are coming together as angels and humans for a bigger picture. You angels commune with us so we can commune with others because we can't do it on our own. Now for the big kicker in this, you need us too and I can even tell you why. Angels are of the same oneness but have different gifts much like we do. Angels draw from one another all the time and by changing places you gave me the hint I needed to figure it out. Let me use a metaphor to help explain this so the rest of humankind may understand. If we look at it like breathing, one angel is the breath in and the other angel is the breath out. This works fine in our understanding but something is missing in this. We can understand the motion but what we have missed is the lungs. The breath you angels are doesn't have lungs to complete the flow. The breath is there and has always been, but unless there is the physical, it cannot be used. Angel and the helper angel, so to speak, are one with each other and they only lack the space for creation to take place. What else I know is that creation can only take place in what we call the third dimension. This is where we come into the equation. We cannot create on the level we are capable of because we separated ourselves from the divine nature, i.e., the Fall of Man.

The wisdom you speak is abounding.

When we separated ourselves from each other, we did the same with your kind. The only thing we really had left was the oneness with the love God, and we even forgot that in time. Now you and others like you are here to help us to become the oneness we all are again.

Do you see the oil is opening you to a greater understanding or are you just smart?

Oh my God. You have a sense of humor, too. Yes, I do see. I know some things on a deeper level and don't have the words to explain it. Will the oil help me to do this, too?

You and others.

Cool. How much oil, may I have?

It is for you to make.

How do I do that?

You can find what you need in your world. Gather the oil of a banana, glycerin and frankincense. Mix them as I tell you and place them where I tell you to for seven days. They will rest there through the evening and morning of the seven days. When the time is done you will remove them that they may be used by your kind. As you are visited, you will be given oils by the others to heal that which is, as you say, out of balance. The other angels will tell you how to make their oils.

Let me see if I have this. I am to make oils and see that others get them. Just where do I get the money to do this? The stuff needed is going to cost me and so will postage. In case you haven't noticed, I am not Mr. Big Bucks. I don't know how much to make or how much oil to package.

Donna has small bottles.

You mean the 5 milliliters bottles she gets oil in?

Yes. Fill them with the oil and place them where I tell you. Tell no one where that is, for others will come to take them before it is time. You may gather three quarters of twenty for your labor and that which you need to hold the oil.

What does that mean? If it is twenty cents I won’t even pay for the bottles, so that can't be it. You must mean dollars. Is that right? I said.

That is a fair exchange.

Cool. Then that it is. Gabriel told me where to place them and it was a pretty good spot come to think of it. He told me how to mix the oils as far as to what part of which to use with which part of the other oil. I do have one question about how the oil works.

Ask it

Does this oil from you raise the frequency to a higher level?

You have used it. What do you say it does?

My hit on it is that the oil sets the frequency to the level it needs to be at. Like the brain operates at a certain level and the oil brings the brain to that frequency. Once the brain is at that level we become open to receive.

Joe, what you say is true, yet there is more to it. The oil helps to link the thinking to the spirit until a time you can do it on your own.

Can you tell me when that will be?

Yes, yet there is more to this than one oil bringing the mind into spirit and being as one. All will be made dear in time. Do as I have asked of you and we will speak when the oil is made whole. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.

I watched as he folded back into the light as Michael did when he left. I don't feel any wiser nor do I think I am smarter then before he showed up. I know one thing though; I had better get out of this water before my toes look like white prunes. I wonder where I will get all the stuff I need to make this mixture of oils.


Mixing the oil that Gabriel had given me to make was not as easy as I thought it would be. The Banana oil was not in abundance and was hard to locate. Hours of driving time and numerous phone calls had only produced seven bottles. I said to myself, this must be some kind of a sign. I always say that when something strikes me as being odd. There are seven colors, seven masters, seven churches, and now only seven bottles. Sitting down to mix the oils filled me with a feeling of excitement. I set each bottle that was holding the different oils in‑groups on the right side. To my left I had a space cleared to set the oils that I mixed, so I would know which ones were done and which ones I had yet to do. I was not taking any chances on getting confused and making the same bottle twice.

The whole process went rather fast and I was finished in no time. I lifted the bottle to my nose and took a whiff drawing the aroma in ever so lightly. Smelling the odor of the banana was easy but there was something else too. The blend of the oils gave a quite pleasant aroma and I took another smell. Hey, I said aloud, this ain't bad at all. As a matter of fact, it's good; it's very good, indeed. Packing all the seven bottles into a bag I was off to the secret place where they would rest for seven days. It was a long drive that took about an hour and a half. I needed to place the oil there on the evening of the first day where it would rest until the morning of the seventh day.

It was already dark when I left and the oil had to be there at this time if I was going to take it to the seminar next week. I drove through the night dodging deer and a skunk or two along the way. I have to be crazy to be doing this stuff I thought. All the things I do just because an angel tells me to do it. Here we go again, I said, as I noticed a light start to form on the passenger's side of the car. I guess these angels must love to ride in cars and trucks. I watched as a greenish light grew brighter and a body formed in the seat next to me, Sardis I thought. That was the color of the church Sardis. I tried to see who this was and keep my eyes on the road at the same time. When he was completely formed, I could see he was the angel of Sardis. He looked the same as he did when he was with the group of angels that one night with Michael, the esthetic holy man from India radiating this beautiful green light giving me this sense of peace. I saw the gold box he held was much like the one Gabriel had and wondered what could be in it. You must be Raphael I said to him.

I have, he started and together we finished with the, served God as this before. He looked at me with kind eyes and knew I was joking with him. I bring you the second anointing oil.

Your timing is just great, I told him. Here I am on my way to place the other oil where I was told and you show up. It is like a guy can't get one thing done before you show up with something else to do. OK, so let me have what the next one is.

Take the oil of the olive the purest you find. Mix with it the oil of the lemon grass; you know where to find this. Mix with these the oil myrrh and add the cutting of a lime skin for the oil of the lime. Olive oil brings peace to the heart. Lemon grass oil is for the healing the heart. The oil of the lime skin brings joy. Myrrh gives foundation and balance to the human heart. Place this anointing with the other one for six days. Give me your hand.

I did as he said and he pointed to my index finger and told me to take the droplet that he held out to me. As I started to do it, he stopped me saying I was using the incorrect finger again. Again, I asked, what do you mean?

You took the oil with your pointing finger and it was the long finger you were to take the oil with.

So why is it I wasn't told then?

It was not for him to say to you.

But, you can? Oh yeah, I get it. If something is out it is the green that will tell you first. All things must add up and if they’re right or wrong, a green lets you know straight away which is which.

You are wise; me gift of Sardis.

Gift, my eye, I think it is more like a trap for them. I am being funny now. He was not impressed with it though.

Don't give up this work you do.

I started to laugh thinking of the old saying about not giving up your day job. You have a sense of humor, too.

We all do. Humor is the fight in the darkness. It fights the soul and spirit when nothing will. God has given this to all. It is God. Your kind is too serious, for even a turtle has a smile.

I had to think about what he was saying, and damned if he isn't right.

You do have a way of stopping what the angels have to say to you.

OK, go on with what you were saying about my fingers being mixed up. How should it be?

Each oil has a finger to be used. The oil of Pergamum is the long finger. The oil of Sardis is the index finger. Place the oil on the heart and on the third eye.

I took the drop of oil and placed it on my chest and on my third eye. I did feel a little of a tingle in my heart. I guess you could say it felt warm, if that makes any sense. I felt a kind of joy or happiness with this oil.

Our time is done. Teach only love.

There must be a message in what they say before leaving because they all say that. With that, he was gone, back into the light from where he came. I was driving to where I was to place the oil with the others. I said a little prayer like God I hope you know what you are doing because I sure don't. I looked around and thought this must be some kind of sacred place, to have me put the oils here, and I headed back to the car. I drove back to where I lived, half expecting another angel to come and give me another oil.

The next day, I started to work on getting things done for the seminar coming up this weekend. I was putting together Gate sets and printing out booklets that explain how to set one up. The day went by fast and soon I needed to leave town. It was a nice start that was soon to change. It started with a simple red glow and then blue, orange, purple, and finally violet. Needless to say, I started to worry how in the world five angels were all going to fit in the cab of a pickup along with me. As all the angels came into the material world sitting side by side, it came to me. The old thing about how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. Whatever angel I was looking at was whole and I could see the other angels but they didn't take up space. As I moved my attention from one to another, they seemed to lose or gain mass depending on the one I was looking at.

You have much to do and our time is short with you.

I knew they were going to come and give me the rest of the oils, but I didn't think it would be like this. You guys must really like truck rides, I said to them, but it went on deaf ears. They had their own agenda in mind and didn't say anything back. The angel with the red hair started the show and it was odd to see her with a violet light coming from her. She was the church of Smyrna, which is why I guessed she went first. I thought, so much like a red but if you are violet you should go last. Oh well. What do I know about how this works; every time I think I know what they are going to do they change everything. Khamael is the name of the angel of Smyrna, her long red hair and green eyes make her a real looker, if you can say that about an angel. Her soft voice had great power in it as she started to speak.

I give you the anointing oil of Smyrna. Mix the oil of the honeysuckle, frankincense, and rose as I tell you with that of grapeseed oil. That it may bring courage to the faint heart to manifest that, which has not been. The honeysuckle gives the sweetness of determination that once started is almost impossible to stop. Mixed with rose, it draws power for what others would see as a hopeless battle. Frankincense brings spiritual balance to them both and will heal the body. The grapeseed oil adds wisdom to the works of this church. Place the oil on the third eye, base of the spine, and on the instep in front of the heels of both feet.

I started to ask a question when the next angel came into mass, so to speak, or maybe the forefront would be a better way of putting it. A Native American woman, as young as a maiden and as wise as an old woman, started to speak. Her dark eyes shined with love pouring out from them with the compassion of God.

I come to give you the anointing oil of Laodicea. Take the oil of lavender, nutmeg and cinnamon. Mix these as I tell you in grapeseed oil. Take this oil to the place where the others lay in rest until they are born anew as the anointing oil of Laodicea. This oil soothes the burning heart and brings the gentleness of spiritual love. It will bind the physical to the spiritual with mercy and forgiveness. Place it on the third eye, the top of the head, and also on the bottom of the great toe of the right foot. Do this with the little finger of the left hand.

Tzadqiel was the name of this angel that had given the oil of Laodicea. My attention was drawn away from the angels, as I looked out the truck window. I saw the scenery go by in a very strange way. Normally, when you look out the window you watch an even flow of the landscape pass by. I looked out the window to see it pass by like it was a picture on some kind of film, moving by me frame by frame as the truck went down the highway. This could open up a whole other aspect to what was happening. Could I be caught in some kind of time warp and really be going through it frame by frame? My attention was quickly brought back to the angels in the car, when the next one started to speak. This one was Tzaphqiel, the Hawaiian looking angel.

I give you the anointing oil of Ephesus to be mixed as I tell you. Take the oil of the orange, tangerine, and carrot to be mixed with that of the apricot. The brightness of the orange mixed with the darkness of the tangerine skin balances the emotions. The sweetness is encased in bitterness to keep it in balance. The oil of carrot serves to ground the emotions and the tartness of the apricot binds the oils together. Place this oil on the third eye, sacral, naval, and on the instep of the left foot.

Before I could ask which finger to place the oil on, the angel was replaced with the next angel.

I bring you the anointing oil of Thyatira.

This angel had a purple glow about him, causing him to like an oriental master of great power and knowledge. The box that he carried was more ornate than the boxes I had seen so far. This one was still mostly made of gold, but it looked as if a great deal of work went into the making of it. This box was for more then just to hold something, it was a work of divine art. I wondered what mysteries of the East it held.

Take the oils of myrrh for grounding the creative spirit. The raspberry leaf oil makes abundant their visions. Anise oil binds the spiritual emotion with the human emotion and flavors their works with love. Mix them with glycerin to make clean that, which is not clean. Place the anointing oil on the top of the head and on the third eye. Place it on the sides of the great toes.

This angel had to be Haniel, if they were running true to form. Before this one faded away, I need to ask about which finger to apply the oil. I shot out my question. Which finger do you use for anointing?

The African will tell you how to use them.

No sooner had he said that, he was gone. The blue light became brighter and this tall Zulu looking warrior was seated there. I just love the way these angels exude all this power. Their presence just seems to say, whatever you are thinking about doing, don't. Then again, on the other hand, they have so much tenderness and love that shines through; it can bring a tear to your eye. I said Jambo, which I remembered from a TV show I had seen that was supposed to be a greeting. He smiled and said good afternoon in the most proper English. I had to chuckle to myself because he did sound like James Earl Jones. I also thought, if this angel were to have been Darth Vader, the Federation would have won.

I bring you the anointing oil of Philadelphia and more. Take the oil of hyssop that binds all things with God and cleans that which interferes with that union. Take the oil of juniper berry as a solvent to clean that, which is made in the body and mind. Take the oil of sandalwood to open the lungs. This is to help you speak only love. Take the petal of a blue water lily for the gentle love God IS. Mix these with the oil of the grapeseed to bind them. Place this anointing oil on the third eye, throat, and on the underside of the great toes. Joe, you have questions as to how the anointing oils are to be applied.

I started to say something, but was cut off before I could ask.

Show me your right hand.

I did as he asked. I held out my hand with the fingers spread apart. He touched my little finger and said.

With this finger, place the anointing oils of Smyrna where you have been told. This is to bring health to the physical and to make you strong in that which you do. The next finger on the right hand is used to place the anointing on of Ephesus. With this finger take this oil and place it where you have been told, for it gives the balance to the emotions. When the emotions of this church are under control great works will they do.

He moved on to the next finger and said, with this finger, place the anointing oil of Pergamum, where you have been told. This oil opens the mind for greater spiritual concepts and brings balance to the mental and the spiritual. With the index finger take the anointing oil of Sardis and place it where you have been told. This oil aligns the human heart together with the divine heart. It brings peace, compassion, and love, which are needed by a healer.

Show me your left hand. I dropped my right and raised the left as he asked. He reached down and touched the little finger of the left hand. With this finger, place the anointing oil of Laodicea, where you have been told. This oil soothes the passion that bums in the heart and brings the gentleness of spirit for forgiveness and mercy, binding the spiritual and the physical together.

He moved on to the ring finger and said. This is the finger to place the anointing oil of Thyatira and place the anointing oil where you have been told. This oil grounds the creative spirit and cleans the path to the mind's eye for divine knowledge. This oil also binds the human emotion with the spiritual emotion for creativity with love. The great finger of the left hand, is for the placing of the anointing oil of Philadelphia. Place this oil where you have been told. This oil cleans the path to the divine mind and opens your lungs to teach only love. It calms the human mind that you may hear the divine thoughts.

I have one finger left on my left hand. Does that mean I have another oil coming or are there three oils coming considering the thumbs?

Michael will tell you what you have yet to learn. For now, place these anointing oils with the others for four days that they may rest and be life. You have been teaching of a stone that that stores energy from the gate.

OOPS. Have I been doing something wrong in how I teach about it?

No. What you speak of is true. Yet, I would give you a way for this that you would not have to find this stone.

Well, please do. The people that mine it have a patent and they make it hard to get it for the healing work.

Joe, when you cut the stones for Gate sets that, which falls to the bottom of the water, may be used to serve as the stone.

Too cool and the sediment is all I need to replace the stones?

No. Go to where you place the oils for the ground is holy. He pointed to my windshield and I saw a piece of ground there. This is where you may gather the sacred earth to add to the sediment. Use this much earth and this much sediment.

He showed me and told me to make it as a small medicine bag, about the size of an old tobacco pouch that cigarette fixings came in.

When it is charged in the Gate of the person using it, it will do as well as the stones. The earth will allow for the energy of the stone sediment to become stable for the gathering of Grace essence.

That made perfect sense to me. Because the stones had to sit for an hour in their places to stabilize, and if you mixed them up you had to start all over again. I guessed the earth made it stable so you could use it. I mean the stone I had been using took thousands of years to do it. Tell me something. Can people take some dirt, put it in their Gates, and get it to do the same thing?

No. Joe, the holy ground you are to use cannot be made. Make it as I have told you, for too little will not hold the grace and too much will do what you call short out.

That means like blow a fuse doesn't it?

You can say it that way. Our time is done for now. Teach only love.

Another visit, another day, in the life of a guy that was just supposed to write one book. I went on my way wondering what was going to happen next.


I was returning from placing the oils where Michael had said. Now they could do what he calls rest. I was thinking this was getting to be a real chore making these oils, wishing I didn't need to do this whole thing. As my truck moved down the road, I saw a light starting to form on the passenger side. I wondered which angel it would be this time. You can imagine my happiness when it was Michael for a change. As he began to gather mass, I was relieved to see it was really him this time. His platinum hair sparkled with light that waved much like water on the ocean. His skin was soft and I could see the muscles that formed under it. The light color of his skin didn't look like someone in bad need of a tan because you could say he radiated with perfect health. That is of course if you could call an angel healthy. He turned to me and looked with those blue eyes that always melted my heart no matter how I felt.

I told you it would work, were the first words out of his mouth.

What would work, Michael?

That which you call water to wine.

So now you are into I told you so?

No. Yet, your faith was not as strong as it could have been.

Well you did tell me not to do it before the class? I didn't know if it would work. Not for sure anyway. You must have known I did have faith in what you said about it. I must have known it would on some level or I would not have done it. So if I trusted you enough to do it, I must have faith.

You do split hairs well Joe. The class went well, as did the gathering.

It did, Michael, but it took a lot out of me. I was really beat after the whole thing was over.

Yet now the root of the tree is set. It will surprise you how quickly it will grow now.

I hope you are right. I was thinking about the other angels and the oils being made and how much is involved it making them.

You have done well. This is why I come to you at this time.

Oh crap, not again. What is it this time? I know all too well when you start off with that you are about to give me something else to do. When does a guy get a break here?

You are about to get a break. For I give you that which you and others will do.

Each time you say that you give me something to do, the others do what they want. Most of the time, I am the one doing the doing.

Not this time. There are four oils to be made.

So now I get to make these and get the word out to the other sevens.

Not so. You will make my oil and the others I tell you of will make the oils of the other three.

OK. What does this look like?

I will give you the oils to be made. You will give them to the ones to make them. You will make mine and the others will make the holy oils of the three aspects of I Am.

Well this should be fun; anything else on these oils while we are on it?

There is a woman that you know called Marta that asked you to ask me what goes in her oil.

Yes she asked me to do that when I was in Chicago. I told her I would the next time I saw you.

Say to her. She knows what goes in her oil.

That's it?


Cool then there is no explaining about it. Now can we get to this other thing? I see there are four oils that you have come with. I am willing to guess some of it.

Guess? You do not know?

Well, Michael, if I am saying something that rings true, then I know. But if not, I am just guessing.

Fair enough, as you would say.

OK. Here goes. I know there is but one finger left in the anointing oil process, and that must be yours. I think this is your oil that I will make.

This is the oil you will make.

There is just one thing out with this; at least as I see it.

Speak that which you see.

All the oils, so far, go in a place where a chakra is, or so it is said to be. These are energy fields, so to speak, in the body. And I teach of 12 of them, but most people only know of seven. Plus, I have no idea as to how to place oil on the other chakras.

These oils are and are not of this of which you speak. You say that so often.

I guess I do, Michael, and somehow you put it all together for me. Well, OK, lets get to it.

You will make my oil as I say, and place it with the other oils for three days to rest.

Go for it.

Take the oil of spikenard, niaouli, honey, sandalwood, and gold water.

Michael, you have no idea what I am thinking about the last thing you gave me.

Yes, I do, and it is not as you think. This is what you call colloidal gold made in water.

Oh, like the silver, only gold.

Mix them as I tell you but tell no one.

He told me how and I wrote it down.

This oil is to be placed on all the spots that were given for the other oils, with the finger that is left. My oil will bring all of these into balance. As I have come to you and the others like me are come to the other seven, I balance the well of souls.

Can your oil be used with any of the other oils or does the same rule of only three at a time go with this one, too?

My oil may be used at any time. Yet I tell you truly that the other three oils may be used only with mine, or by themselves.

Pretty powerful stuff, huh?

This is rightfully so.

Who else gets to make the other oils?

There is another man and two women.

I am just dying to know.

I give them to you as they are given to me. The first oil is given to Donna. This is the oil of what you could call I AM, or the Metatron. It is made in this manner: Take the oil of ravensara, mix with myrrh, birch, and rosewood oil. She will take them to a place sacred to her, and let it rest from sundown on Saturday until sunrise on Sunday. She will bless the oil as one would the water, saying - As a child of God I bless this oil with the great Love of God, the I AM. She will place the oil in her spot and leave it until it is done. The right thumb is used to apply it.

The next oil is made by another master and it is of the Christ or the Christ Consciousness. This oil is made of the mixing of galbanum, frankincense, petitgrain, and helichrysum. He will also take it to a spot he has chosen. Blessing it as the water, yet saying - As a child of God I bless this oil with the Christ works and the love in the Christ teachings. When this is done he will place in his spot from sundown on Friday to rest until sunrise on Sunday. The palms of the hands are used to apply it.

The next oil is to be made by Robbie in this way, for it is the oil of Shekinah. Take the oil of laurus nobilis, jasmine, elemi and clove. She will bless the oil as the water by saying - As a Child of God I bless this oil with the vessel of love that is Shekinah, is for all. She will take it to her sacred place for seven days it shall rest. This oil is applied with the left thumb.

OK. Michael that only leaves a few things unanswered and what you did answer is pretty vague. I have a basic knowledge of the who you are talking about from a source, but not all that much. How does this oil fit in with the oils you and the others have given us? Like what do they do? Where do they go?

What I tell you now you will hold until all the oils are made. They are given to you now to open and bind us together. When one of the seven has mastered the gifts and the traps they are, we will be in the Oneness, as it is meant to be. To use the oils, without mastering the gifts, will help one to reach mastery. Yet I say to you, when one has mastered their gifts, they will know the wonder God IS.

This I got to see. I can only imagine what that would be like. So the new oils are only going to work out of the gifts we are.

Joe you need to listen. I say that the oils will help one to live in the gifts they are and will help those using it to rise above their petty traps your kind hold so dear.

Boy, can I relate to that.

Some say that they have mastered the traps and live out of their giftedness. Yet I say to you, there is but one who lives in the giftedness he is.

Really? And which one of the Seven is it?

Not one of them. For they are struggling with being the gifts they are, yet not one has mastered their traps. Some are well on the way, while others are only beginning.

Yes I can understand that too, because some of the sevens have been with me for a long time now.

Time has nothing to do with where they are in their giftedness. It is the willingness to be in one's trap and learn from it. Not to deny they are in the traps. The one that is now living in his giftedness is not gathered yet.

I am sure the sevens will be glad to hear this. They have been working really hard to be in their gifts.

That which you call EGO is still in the way. Some will do the gifts of others saying they know better the way it is to be. The one I speak of is living in the gift he is. It is not his ego that causes him to be who he is. His gift flows freely to all he is with. His judgments are none. This man is the only one the oils will bind us to, as he stands.

OK. I think I know who you are talking about. The only one I can think of that hasn't been in the pattern of giving and receiving is me.

It is not you. For you will not stand there.

So does this mean I am like Moses and don't get to go to the Promised Land?

No, it is that you are visited by us to give the message to the world.

So what about my DNA? Isn't it going to be changed?

It has been changed. Do you not remember the time you found your self on the bench?

You mean after the whiteout?


But that wasn't the first time something like that happened to me.

I know the first time was in Big Sur.

I remember that was a time when I felt like everything was going to be OK with my life. Hey. That was years before you came to me. That was when my life started to change is what you are saying?

This is true.

Now if it is like that, then mine started changing way back when it took years. However, the sevens get theirs during the time they are in the pattern of Giving and Receiving?

This is true. Let us not speak of this now. The oils are for this time.

OK, Michael, but will you tell me who the one person is that lives in his gifts.

I will tell you yet take care in those you would tell. He is not to be interfered with, nor the work he does.

Michael told me who it was and it was an automatic of course for me. Of all the people I know, he is truly one living in his gifts.

Now the oils.

OK. Let's do it. Should we start with your oil?

The oils are to be made from the finest oils you can find. These oils are all but the last of the oils given to your kind. The oils I give you now are among the most precious of oils. Skimp not on their making, for they are the most sacred of the oils given. These oils are not to be used by women with child. For the way of their work is being set in the womb and is being made ready to receive the soul.

Spikenard, in olden times, was used only by kings, high priests, and high initiates; this is the oil used to anoint the feet of Jesus.

Sandalwood I know. This one, Michael, is used for attaining deep sleep, for ailments of the skin, and for revitalizing the skin. It also stimulates the pineal gland, which is the third eye, in our way of speaking.

This is true, as is niaouli used for healing. Honey is as the sweetness of God's love, Nothing harmful will flourish in it, as when the honey ages, for it becomes as a crystal solid like the love of God. Gold is that, which, is used by man as the highest of metals given to honor someone. This gold water you use is to honor yourselves as a children of God.

OK. Michael how do we use it? I mean where does it go?

It may be placed on the areas where all the other oils are placed. This oil will bring them into balance.

So you are telling me that I can use it with other oils?

Yes. Place my oil on the place you would use another oil. This makes ready the place to receive the other oil of the church you choose.

Cool, kind of like cleaning before applying medicine on a cut.

Not as I would have said, yet you understand its purpose. My oil makes way for all oils.

So why didn't you give this oil before you gave the oils of the churches?

Your kind was not ready.

Now that I know where, tell me how.

He smiled and said, with this oil you will put a drop on the index finger of the left hand placing it on the spots you wish to use. You will say - As a child of God, standing in God's love, I am open to receive the gifts of the angels. This oil may be placed in a bath before using the oils of the other churches or a drop placed in blessed water and drank. Listen to me in what I tell you now. The four oils are given to you as they are to be used. In the order I give them to you. Will it hurt you if you use another one? No, yet you may miss some of what is given.

Does this mean I have to use it all the time before I can use another oil?

No, Joe, it doesn't. It is, as you say, the best way of doing things.

OK. I get it. We can use whatever oil we want, but to get the best result do it in the order it was given.

The oil of Metatron is made of the oil of the Rosewood and Birch. As with the Tree of Life, this oil sets the root in the earth for that which is heavenly. Myrrh is as the cleansing of the way of God's words to the soul. Ravensara is used to heal the way for bringing the voice of God to your mind. A drop of the Metatron oil is to be placed on the ear lobes to clear the way for the voice of God. With this oil you will say - As a child of God, I open my ears that I may hear the love God has for me. One drop of this oil may also be placed in a bath or in blessed water for drinking.

The oil of the Christ, or the Christ Mind, is made with frankincense. Once given to Him, it is given to your kind now. Of all oils, it is the one used most to raise the spirit and enrich the soul. Galbanum is one of the oils given to Jesus on a sponge to relieve his suffering. Helichrysum is an oil used to recall that which, was given. The oil of Petitgrain is to bring love to the heart, like the Christ's love for all. The oil of the Christ is placed with the palms of the hands on the head and on the heart. You will say - As a child of God I open my mind and my heart to the Christ Consciousness that I may live in the same light. This oil may be used by placing a drop in a bath or in blessed water for drinking.

The oil of Shekinah is made of clove, jasmine, and laurus nobilis for healing the body, mind, and emotions. Mixing these with the softness of elemi oil opens the soul as a vessel to be filled again. Place this oil with the thumb of the left hand to the temples and third eye. You will say - As a child of God, I stand before you to be created anew. This oil may be placed in a bath or blessed water to drink.

Well, Michael, this sounds like some powerful oils you have given this time. I know some of the past oils you said to use are expensive. The oils, this time, are made only from the expensive oils without an base oil. If we use the finest oils we can get, it will cost an arm and a leg just to make them.

Your kind has a saying. You get what you pay for.

I know that cheap is still cheap.

When men would sacrifice to God animals, though it was unfitting, did they not give the finest of the flock? Would you take corrupted oils to do these blessings and to commune with God?

No, of course not. I was just asking if it was all right to do it to keep the price down so everyone could have it. If it is sold at the same as the other oils, a person could go broke.

Take the oils and split them by five as you sell them now.

The price or the amount?

The oil is divided by five. There is more then enough to do its work.

Does this mean to sell it at the same price as the oils of the seven churches, but less of it?

Yes. It is a fair amount for all.

What if some chooses to give it away? Is that all right to do, too?

Did not I tell you to sell the oils you made at three‑fourths of twenty for each?

Yes you did.

Yet, you did not do this.

I wanted to give people a deal if they got them all as a set.

I tell you what is a fair price and you will do what you will. As the oils become more and more wanted by the children of God, so will your time be taken to make them. It is for you to say what is the price of your work. Now, I will tell you of our coming with gifts for your kind. Some will be visited by our kind and given that which is of the church they are.

Yeah. I hear you have been pretty busy lately. I have been getting a lot of messages that you are visiting people.

I have been with few, yet some say it is me though it is not. You will know it is me in the giving of ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ to them. I tell you this so you will know it is me that has visited. Say this to no one that has not been given in ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑.

I take it this is so they will not make stuff up in the sevens just to make it sound like you.

No, some being visited are being visited by others like me, yet it is not me. We are charged to be with some and not with others. Have you not been told that I did and said things that are unlike me to say and do?

Yes, I have.

Yet have not they said it was me.

That they have. So what you are telling me is that you visit only so many people. There are other angels like you with the same kind of energy so to speak. This lets people think it is you. Then again you did say you served God as he before. So I guess other angels can do the same.

This is true. Trouble yourselves not with which angel is come with gifts. Open your hearts to their coming. Is it not enough that one has been visited? Have the sevens fallen into the trap of the hierarchical order of angels? I will say this again. Angels are angels. Our time is done for now. Yet I say you will visited in the New Year with the last oil and with a great gift for all.

What is it?

You will be told at that time. I will say it was given before to one of the twelve and was lost. The time for this is come again. Be at peace and teach only love.

After giving all the oils to the three people I was told, I waited for them to make their oils.


Driving through the hills on my way to work I looked up at the sky. I was not surprised to see clouds filling it after mare's tails were blocking the star‑filled night sky. The wisps of water vapor led me to think by morning the sky would be thick with clouds. It had gotten a little cooler and we did need the rain here in Texas. Just because there were clouds in the sky didn't mean it would rain. My mind went to thinking about the conversation I had with one of the seven who told me there was a gathering over the weekend. The one that held it was of the church of Sardis or what we refer to as a green. When someone has a gathering and becomes what is called a servant they become the gate. They no longer require the set of stones to create a stable ball of grace. They, themselves, are a walking, talking ball of grace to help others to heal. Once a gate of stones is taken apart it will stay active for about 36 hours. The only way for a gate to shut down immediately is to do or try to do something that would harm someone.

If a person who has become a gateway for grace does something to harm someone, they shut themselves down as a gate. Whatever they could do as a healer using grace they no longer have access to that. The person who shuts him or herself down doesn't always know it. They may delude themselves with thinking they can still use the grace essence to help others heal themselves. Another thing that happens is that they take themselves out of the Tree of Life matrix leaving it unstable. Only when another of that particular church or color is replaced can it become stable again. The sad part in all of this is when it happens it becomes harder to reach the masses we need to produce a quantum shift in the consciousness. Now that the green had been replaced we were on our way again.

All of this was running around in my mind, plus the thought of the Shekinah coming to visit me. My truck climbed up the road through a pass cut into the limestone. As I crested the hill and started down the other side I saw something way down the road. At first I thought it was a motorcycle that had broken down. And being one that loves to ride, I slowed down to see if I could be of assistance, thinking it was a good thing I was in the truck, just in case he needed me to hall him and the motorcycle to the nearest town for repairs

Once I got closer, I saw it was a only a bike with saddlebags hung over the back fender, and it had looked bigger then it was. I almost passed it by due to its location on the downhill side. That is when I knew something had to be wrong. I came to a stop just a few truck lengths past the person with the bike. I looked in the rearview mirror to see what I had stopped for, but couldn't see anyone there. Strange, I thought, and turned around. No one was there.

I slowly got out of my truck to see what was going on. As I slide out of the seat and put my feet on the ground, looking to the left to see if I could see anyone at all behind the truck. Are you OK?'' I shouted. Is anyone there? I asked as I walked toward the last place I had seen the bike and the figure with it. I reached the spot and started to do a 360 turn to see if I could find anyone. I looked up the hill thinking maybe they were going that way. Then I looked across the road to see if they had gone to the other side. Then from behind me I heard a woman's voice saying, Blessed are you for aiding a traveler. I knew in an instant who it was.

Shekinah, I said.

I am come to speak with you.

Why did I know you would not be long in your coming?

The base is set solid of the Tree.

Well, that is good news. I turned around to see her. There was this white glow of light surrounding a beautiful face with red hair flowing like fire. The face was either in or at least very near a small cedar tree. Wow, this is like the burning bush thing, I thought to myself. I also thought, I don't see any of the others that had made up the body of the Shekinah. So I said, this time it is just going to be ……and was cut off.

Shekinah. I am as is Michael.

Where I asked?

Michael holds you in his love that you may speak to me.

I looked up for some reason to see Michael looming over me looking down to let me know everything was OK. I saw what was what I call his wings wrapped around the place I was standing. Like an umbrella of some kind shielding me from an unseen force. There is some kind of lesson in this that I am about to learn.

Blessed are you for you know this without being told. Michael said.

Oh yeah. I am getting very good at guessing what you are up to. I know when you show up in a new way there is something you have to teach. This was easy. Where do we go from here?

What is it you know so far?

I know that you are protecting me from something by the way you are standing. I bet it has something to do with the energy that comes from the Shekinah.

What more do you know?

I am on my way to see another master and work with her on some healing work she needs. I bet you are here to clue me in on something. I just happen to have my tuning forks and some oils I bought.

Yet you have none of the oils we have given you.

I know. I wanted to try these oils and a treatment I saw done a few times. It seemed to have some value in its ability to help in healing.

The oils do. Yet we are to give you a new way to use the oils of the seven churches.

You guys are always coming up with something new. I just got done explaining how the last set of oils worked and here we go again. So what is it this time? No. Let me see if I can guess. There have been some sevens asking if they can use the oils of the seven churches on other people. I have been telling them no because they are for anointing and getting the gifts of another church.

This is true. Yet there is more.

Can we not play guessing games and just get on with it.

Joe, said the Shekinah, Michael comes between us that you will not be marked before time. It is the same with the oils. They were given in the way they were for you to become accustomed to them. Each is a very gentle oil having gifts of its own. Each church's oil is mixed, as you were given, for a reason. The anointing is a process to build a path for the oils to flow. This is given for the sevens. For those who are not sevens, there is a way to receive the oils for healing.

You mean like do an anointing on someone else?

No. There is a way to apply the oils for healing.

Ok. I am game. Tell me how.

How is it you set a Gate of Grace?

I thought we were talking about the use of oils, not the Gate.

We are. It is done in the same way.

Well let me see, the way I do it is by finding out which way is north.

With the body, north is the head. The feet are the south. The right arm is the east and the left arm is the west.

That's easy to understand.

They will lay face down; with the oils you will build a Gate of Grace on the back.

Wait a minute; I was told you could not use any more then three oils of the seven churches on any given day. So what has changed?

Two things. The first is you are not doing an anointing; you are doing a healing. The second is you now have the oil of Michael.

I know his oil is to bring balance to the other oils. I do see some sense to this. It sounds to me that we can use all the oils of the seven if we use the Michael oil first.

Only for this which I am giving you.

Well then give it to me.

You work with sounds, said Shekinah.

Yes, I do a chakra balancing and attuning of the 12 chakras. I also use tuning forks to send frequencies to a place that may need healing. Then, at other times muscle check to see if sound is needed or oils. I also scan the body to find where something is out. Everything Michael has told me about, I use. I found out that after having a gathering I didn't have to use the Gate set‑up with the seven stones. Yet I still like to use the Gate whenever I can. It gives people a feeling of peace.

You that have gathered will not need to use the Gate. You that have not gathered will set the Gate to do this work.

OK, I said, if I have gathered or a seven has, we don't need to use the Gate to do this. And if they haven't they do?

Yes. Yet I tell you truly, you will wash your hands thrice in the oil of the Corn.

I know I am going to be asked this so I am asking you now. Is corn oil the only oil that can be used?

No. You may use the oil of the macadamia nut.

We can use whichever of these two oils we want?

Yes. Yet no others. You will then bless the oil by saying, 'As a child of God, I bless this oil that it may serve me in the work of healing I am about to do.'

After I wash my hands with the corn oil, I have the person needing work lay face down. Given I need to place oil on the skin I would imagine the back should be bare.


Then I start with the finger for the oils as Michael gave them to me. I would start with the oil of Philadelphia and work my way through the oils.

No. You will start with the oil of Michael. That is the reason for your receiving it. It matters not the fingers you use.

Oh ok I get it. Michael's oil is the oil to open the way for the other oils.

You begin you see.

Then I put the oil of the seven churches just like the energy would run if it were a Gate set with the stones.

This is so.

I would place the oil of Michael then Philadelphia, Pergamum, Ephesus, Thyatira, Smyrna, Sardis, Laodicea. Then what? I am done?

You have done well with what you have learned. Yet I say to you, perform this healing work in this way. You May use your tuning forks to open the flow of Grace through the body. When you are to start you will say, 'As a child of God I offer you the oil of Michael to prepare the way for the oils of the seven churches.' They will say to you, 'As a child of God I accept the oil of Michael.' When this is said,, you will place the oil of Michael on the right side of the back. You will then say, 'As a child of God I offer the oil of Philadelphia.' Again they will say, 'As a child of God I accept the oil of Philadelphia.' Place the oil on the left side of the back across from the place of Michael's oil. When this is done, you will say, 'As a child of God I offer the oil of Pergamum.' They will say, 'I accept the oil of Pergamum.' You will place this oil on the left side of the back where the place of Pergamum is in the gate. Say, 'As a child of God I offer the oil of Ephesus.' They repeat back, 'As a child of God I accept the oil of Ephesus.'

You will then move to the place of Thyatira saying, 'As a child of God I offer the oil of Thyatira.' They will say, 'As a child of God I accept the oil of Thyatira.' You will place the oil on their back as you would with the Gate. The next oil to be placed is Smyrna. Say, 'As a child of God I offer the oil of Smyrna.' They will say, 'As a child of God I accept the oil of Smyrna.' Place the oil on the back in the place of Smyrna.

Move down to the spine to find the place of Sardis. Say, 'As a child of God I offer the oil of Sardis.' In return they say, 'As a child of God I accept the oil of Sardis.' After they have spoken, place the oil where the place of Sardis is in the gate. Before placing the last oil say, 'As a child of God I offer the oil of Laodicea.' They say back to you, 'As a child of God I accept the oil of Laodicea.' When they have answered you will place the oil on the place of Laodicea in the Gate.

I understand how it all works. I'm doing this healing by building a Gate with oils on the back. Which can happen now because I have the Michael oil to balance out the seven churches.

This is true and there is more that you will do. Once you have built the Gate in oils on their back, you may use one of the oils of I Am.

Really! How does this work?

Every oil has its purpose in a healing. You use the oil of Metatron for the mind if that's where the healing is needed. You would use the oil of the Christ if the healing is of the emotions. The oil of the Shekinah is used to heal the physical body.

So tell me some thing, like where do I put these oils?

Place the oil that is needed in the center of the gate you have just made with the oils. Yet you must say, I as a servant of God, offer the oil the Shekinah for the healing of your body.' They say unto you, 'As servant of God I accept the oil of the Shekinah.' When this is done place your right hand over the center of the gate touching the skin. Hold your hand there to seal the work you have done. You will then say, 'May the oil of Shekinah heal your body and bless your heart.' You will know when to remove your hand. Should you use the oil of Metatron, say, 'I, as a servant of God, offer the oil of Metatron for the healing of your mind.' In return they say, 'As a servant of God I accept the oil of Metatron.' When this is done, place your right hand over the center of the Gate touching the skin. Hold your hand there to seal the work you have done. You will then say, 'May the oil of Metatron heal your mind and bless your heart.' You will know when to remove your hand.

Should you use the oil of the Christ, say, 'I, as a servant of God, offer the oil of the Christ for the healing your emotions.' In return they say, 'As a servant of God I accept the oil of the Christ.' When this is done, place your right hand over the center of the Gate touching the skin. Hold your hand there to seal the work you have done. You will then say, 'May the oil of the Christ heal your emotions and bless your heart.' You will know when to remove your hand.

This will help a lot of the sevens to do their work and you can count on me using it on a friend today.

You will see the wonders of the healing she receives this day.

This I have got to see. Thank you for this.

It is given to the sevens to make their way in your world. My time is done for now. We will speak again.

She spoke again to me with a sound I hadn't heard in over five years. I knew it was Michael's name spoken in the language of the angels. God I had almost forgotten the awe filled beauty of it. It was almost worth the visit just to hear it one more time.

Michael shall speak with you more. Be at peace and teach only love.

The Shekinah seemed to move back into the light that surrounded her and was gone. I finally got what it must have been like for someone in the Bible to see this burning bush thing. It is an awesome thing to behold. However, I wonder why Michael was holding his wings around me. What did she mean by not marked yet?

Joe, The familiar voice said. I looked up to see Michael's face looking down at me as I swiveled to face him with my head still looking up. Once I was facing him, I watched as his wings began to fold back behind him. I caught a quick glance at what appeared to be a hint of a sword but couldn't be sure. I thought to myself, He did look like the painting I did of him. At least people will get some kind of an idea of how beautiful an angel really is. But it is nothing like standing in the presence of an angel.

You have done well in the work you have been given. You have learned much. Yet I tell you now you are soon to receive the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Oh really. I don't know if I want that honor because the last time someone that had them got nailed to a cross. Then the one he gave them to also was nailed to a cross, but upside down. Maybe I should just say, 'Thank you, but no thank you.'

Joe, your humor is wonderful. It will not happen to you.

Ok, Michael, what do these key things look like?

When Jesus was about to give Peter the keys, Peter asked Jesus where is the Kingdom. Jesus said it is within you and all around you. It still is. Your kind has locked away what is theirs. What you will be given will open it again.

There is some thing here I am not seeing.

Exactly. Yet I tell you truly you will as will others.

I felt a soft touch of fur covering a powerful skull rise between my hand and leg. I knew it was Bogie back with Michael. I looked down at my big son, as I called him from the time I got him from the breeder. He paused for a moment to let me stroke his head and down his back. He walked to Michael and stood at his side.

Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.

Michael, along with Bogie were folding back into the light and were gone. I looked around to see the sun beginning to come out from behind the clouds. I walked slowly back to my truck, got in, and headed back on my way to town.

I stopped by the office to get the oils I needed to help my friend. I went into the coffee shop to get a mocha to speed me on my way. I went into the warehouse and got the oil of Michael and Shekinah knowing my friend had the oils of the seven. On out the back I went and into my truck heading down the road. I arrived at the driveway and turned in, I went past the lily pond I had made for her. I stopped the truck at her house and went in. I called out to her and could hear the voices of her, Robbie and another chatting in the back. I walked to the office she had set up and announced myself. She looked up at me from where she was sitting and just said fix me please. I told her to get the seven oils and go to where we could do the work on healing.

Robbie exclaimed you have had a visit haven't you.

Yes, I told her, and I will need your help with this. I need to set the bottles of oil up while she gets a glass of water. I went into her huge bathroom with its plush carpeted floor. I set out the bottles as I was given them to use. I went out into the other room and told Robbie to get her ready. I needed her to lay face down on the floor and to have her back bare. I said I needed some oil to wash my hands with, so I went into the kitchen. I walked back to where the two gals were and knelt down beside her. I told her what I was going to do and to say what I told her to after I said what I was to say. She understood and we went on with the process. I started with the oil of Michael placing it where it should go and saying what I should say. She said in return what she was told to say. After placing the last oil for the gate of oils I picked up the oil of Shekinah and said what I was told to say and she did as I told her. When she finished saying her part, I placed my right hand on her back. I didn't know just how it was to work but I do what the angels tell me to do and it just works out. I could feel the skin that was the center of the gate of oils I had just made and sealed it. I said the last part and I saw my friend jerk a little. I held my hand there until I knew I was done just as I was told I would. She asked me to put my hands on her face and on her head. I did as I was asked too. While I was doing that she told me when I put my hand on her back it was like electricity ran through her. I left the room and let Robbie help her to get ready to go to San Antonio. I told her to let me know how she was feeling when she got back. I left and went back to the office to finish up on some work there. It was about an hour or so later Robbie called me to tell me that they didn't know what I did for our friend but she was just fine. No aches or pains, and most importantly of all, no fever. Cool, was all I said.


Use the tuning forks to clear and align all the chakras. Corn oil or macadamia oil is then used to coat the hands. Bless the corn or macadamia oil. To bless the oil say, As a child of God, I bless this oil that I may do the work of healing. Rub the oil into the hands before beginning the healing. Let the oil soak in before applying it a second and third time. Any finger may be used to apply the oils since we are using the oils to heal rather than anoint. Anointing requires specific fingers with specific oils.

1. As a child of God, I offer you the oil of Michael to prepare the way for the oils of the seven churches. The person healing responds, As a child of God, I accept the oil of Michael. Then place the oil of Michael in the East (the head is north or on their right side). You will be creating a Gate of Grace with the oils on the back of the person you are assisting.

2. Then say, As a child of God, I offer the oil of Philadelphia. The response is As a child of God, I accept the oil of Philadelphia. Then place the blue oil in the West or their left side.

3. Then say, As a child of God, I offer the oil of Pergamum. The response is As a child of God, I accept the oil of Pergamum. Then place the yellow oil in the Northwest – left side.

4. Then say, As a child of God, I offer the oil of Ephesus. The response is As a child of God, I accept the oil of Ephesus. Then place the orange oil in the Northeast – right side.

5. Then say, As a child of God, I offer the oil of Thyatira. The response is As a child of God, I accept the oil of Thyatira. Then place the purple oil in the Southwest – left side.

6. Then say, As a child of God, I offer the oil of Smyrna. The response is As a child of God, I accept the oil of Smyrna. Then place the red oil in the Southeast – right side.

7. Then say, As a child of God, I offer the oil of Sardis. The response is As a child of God, I accept the oil of Sardis. Then place the green oil in the South or towards the buttock.

8. Then say, As a child of God, I offer the oil of Laodicea. The response is As a child of God, I accept the oil of Laodicea. Then place the violet oil in the North or towards their head.

Then use either the Shekinah oil for healing the physical, or the Christ oil for healing the emotional, or the Metatron oil for healing the mental.

9. Then say, As a servant of God, offer the oil of the [Shekinah or Christ or Metatron] for the healing of your [body or emotions or mind]. The response is, As a servant of God, I accept the oil of the [Shekinah or Christ or Metatron]. Then place the healing oil in the middle of the gate of oils. Afterwards place your right hand over the area where the oil was placed and say, May the oil of the [Shekinah or Christ or Metatron] heal your [body or emotions or mind] and bless your heart.


I walked out to the gate because I thought something was out there. There was, it was Michael.

Blessed are you with the work you have done. The masters who have gathered are 12 in number. This brings the time of darkness to the light. Those that would shine have taken the light inward. This is what you would call a good thing.

Ok Michael, just how do I see this as a good thing?

Simple Joe. You are at the place where your classes are being canceled, are you not?

Yes. I have lost a few. I just took it for people not being ready to hear what you have given me to teach.

The 12 pillars have been set and are the masters who have gathered. In the setting of these, they have become their own light. They have become as a vessel that is full. There is no room for light to enter them.

And you are telling me this is a good thing?

In your words, 'It is a very good thing.' Have you forgotten the story of the fishes and loaves? When the people were finished consuming what was given to them, there was enough left over to fill 12 baskets. It has taken almost 2000 years to become empty again. That is the way it is now. They will only nibble at the food for the spirit we give you for them.

I know you are not telling me it will take another 2000 years before they are empty again.

You have gone about it, as you say, 'the wrong way.' You would be about taking what you teach out to the world. You become disheartened when a class is canceled. You feel a loss. Yet I say to you, who is it at loss? You - because you cannot teach? Or those that are not there to learn? When they hunger they will call to you to come teach.

Well there are others that can teach what I taught them. So the teachings get out.

Yes. They do know what you gave them yet little more. Each will add to what they teach from what they know. Yet I ask you, from what well do they drink?

Beats me.

They have drunk from the well our kind has brought with the Water of Life. They do not thirst now. They drink what little you were allowed to teach, and think they are in a sea. The flow with which you have given the water has in itself become too much. It washes over them and falls to the desert's floor. When the teachings become as water to the one dying in the desert, they will be ready to drink again. Do you not see this?


You have been teaching as you were given, and they were not allowed to become empty. You gave, each time, something new and kept filling them. Look to the classes you were to do. Have you done them?


For now I tell you to honor the teachings, which are set for you to teach. Finish the Book of Healing with that which I have given you. You will teach no more of what we give you until you are told to. This happened because those that were to have it be are as vessels that are full. They can hold no more. You must give them time to empty themselves. You must stop the flow. You must restrict and resist the flow so that the vessel may become empty again.

So what do I do now? Just go into hiding and don't have any contact with anyone? What about the new business and web page Robbie and I have started? Do we just give up on it?

No, Joe. You can talk to the sevens about all that has been given. People will still need to get the tools you would sell. It is fitting for the one you chose to do the work you need on your web page as you call it. Trust him for he will be guided that you all prosper from his labor. You will give that which we say to give in the Angelic Book of Healing. Yet you will not give much of that we will now give and teach you. It is time for you to stand on your own with us. Let the others make the way for the wonders we give you to teach. They have more than they are ready for now. They have not the opening to understand all that the oils can do. Nor are they ready to learn how to use the tuning forks and the Gate to take them to where they can heal at a glance.

You are talking about instant healing, aren't you?

Yes and about that which you call AcuTuning. For you have the basic understanding of it. You will learn which tuning fork to use and where to place it. You will learn which oil to keep it open that it may heal. When you have learned this, you will learn to do it with grace. By the time the book is done they may be ready for some of what is given in it.

Does this mean what I put in the book is not to go out now.

Yes. I will tell you what is to go into this book.

Well, I may have a problem with that. You see I have one person editing it and then another is putting it together for the publisher.

Speak to them and say. Do not give out that which is written and do not do the things that are written.

Well. Duh. Why didn't I think of that?

You would have. You will be given that which we would have you do. Worry not of the vessels that are full for they will become empty soon enough. Did it not speak of this time in Revelation?

I am sure it does but I don't know where.

It matters not. Walk with me for I have need to teach you the first of that which is not to be given now.

I walked with Michael and listened to what he had to say and teach. He explained a few things to me and showed me a few more. Wow! is all I can say.

It is not your job to find the student to teach. You are to teach when the student is ready to learn. Be at peace and teach only love.


I have not come to talk to you of this was what Michael had to say. I knew it was going to be something big because he looked down if an angel can get the blues.

So what is this all about Michael?

Have you not noticed that which has been happening? Do you not wonder why those who are sevens, and you, are having what you call a hard time? Have you not wondered why you are having the trouble you have had?

Well come to think of it, I have. I just thought it was some kind of test to see if I would keep the faith.

Joe. You know you are not tested.

I guess but sometimes, I wonder. I look at what is going on with the business and how slow it is going. I see a friend going through a lot of doubt and pain in her life.

She is ready to move on. Her time of lightlessness is about to end. She can ill afford to remain there and will move into the light.

I thought it was supposed to get better for the sevens. Oh yes. I have noticed it all.

This is why I have come.

Great, it is about time I got a hand with this. So what are you going to do about it?

I am not with you to do anything. I am here to tell you sad news for the sevens. There is a loss at the base of the Tree of Life. One of the seven has, by action and deed, taken himself out of the base of the tree.

Are you kidding?

No. Remember when you were teaching on the Gate of Grace? You said the Gate would stay stable for a number of hours after you take it down.

Yes. I said the Gate would stay open even if you take it down. The way only the Gate will close immediately is if you try to use it to do harm to someone.

This is also true of the Well of Souls. You teach that once you have a gathering as a servant you become the Gate.

Sure I remember that too. So what is this all about?

You are without a green in the base of the Tree.

Hang on Michael. You told me once a seven always a seven. Another left to go his own way and nothing happened.

He took another path and did no harm to someone knowingly. He is still a Gate and a light. Yet the green has closed the Gate he was. I gave him a warning to protect him from himself and he heeded it not.

So you are stepping in to stop it?

No, Joe. I am come to tell you he has stopped it. He has taken himself out. He is no longer a Gate. He has lost his ability to heal anyone. He has given it up for the trap that he loves so dearly. The only one he may work on to bring in the healing grace is himself. All those he would work with will come to nothing of importance in matters of healing.

He will not think so. I know him, and he thinks he is a healer. I know he will keep on doing his healing work.

He fools himself. He no longer can help any to heal, for his power of healing is gone. He gives a cup of sand to those that thirst for healing water.

He said he has new healing processes that were given to him.

As you would say in your wit, 'Not any more.'

Hang on, Michael. Isn't there anything he can do to make it right? I mean we need to have a green in the base of the tree.

Another will take his place.

So where does this leave him? Is he out forever or what?

He has one of your years to heal himself.

If he doesn't in this time then what, is he no longer a seven?

No. Yet, I tell you this. If he has not healed himself in the time given, his trap will take seven of your years to heal.

What happens then? If he does, I mean.

Once he is healed, he must start again. He will be gathered again and he will be a servant again to another group of seven that he may again become a Gate of Grace.

What do we do as sevens?

You will do, as you will. Yet I say to you, beware of the traps you hold. The Book of Bricks tells you what to do. That is why it was given. He has been forgiven and is now to be held accountable. He is not to be held for punishment for he has set the sentence that he will serve. He was told all he has comes from God. Yet he thinks it is he doing the work. Say unto him this: 'The sweet taste of honey in the healing touch is now become bitter. The golden color has become as dark as the decayed bog of a swamp. God's work will not be interfered with. Physician, heal thyself.'

Joe, the Shekinah was to come to you. Yet the Tree of Life has not a stable base. The opening has been closed and must be opened by adding another green to the base. When this is done you will be visited.

Let us talk of other things.

After we finished, Michael left as usual with a Teach only love and Bless your heart. He folded into the light and was gone.


I was awakened needing to go to the bathroom. I looked over at the clock as I set up in bed to see what time it was. I chuckled to myself when I saw the time. Sure enough it was 4:44 and I felt this was more of an earthly need rather than a message from an angel. When I was finished I grabbed a smoke and went to let Ebbie out. I knew if she went out now she wouldn't wake me up again after I got back to sleep. I opened the front door and saw the front yard filled with light. Damn, I said to myself, I thought I turned it off.

There are two lights out front, one coming from the porch and the other one is two spotlights which really light up the whole yard. The switch to the spotlights is on the outside of the house. I lit my smoke and went to sit down glancing at the switch. I saw it was turned off. I looked to see where Ebbie was and saw her looking back to my left from where she was standing.

It is time to talk again. It was Michael and I turned to confirm it with my eyes.

Boy, oh boy, Michael you couldn't have come at a better time, I said as I looked into his eyes. I just walked away from the business and have no idea where to go from here. I left everything with them and have to start over.

The only thing you left behind was fear. You kept your faith with all that was given to you from us. Those that stole from you will come to naught. They seek riches in the labors of others. I tell you truly all they have built will wither on the vine. That which they plant will not grow. They will throw what little they have and more to save their works. Yet it is their works that is the undoing of the fruits they say they grow. Did you not see the light dwindling? Did you not see the desperation in their actions? As a drowning man grasping for a straw that will hold him above the water, so were they doing with you and Robbie. She saw the light was gone and walked from the darkness. You thought you could resurrect this dying thing. You would save from the outside that which they were destroying from the inside.

Yes, but Michael there should have been something I could have done. It all started out with such promise to fulfill the work we are doing. I could write and teach and they would do the business. Now they have everything we made and we have to start over with no funds to do so.

You did all that was needed to be. You gave to them a light, yet they hid from it. I tell you it is as was said in Revelation that some would see the light and go back to what they knew before. Did you think this was not one of the meanings in the Revelation teachings?

I didn't think it was for a time to come.

Yet it came, did it not?

You can say that again.

You that are sevens and the ones that are not, live in the time spoken of. All the wisdom many look for is in the Book of Bricks. Those that come to a gathering are changed. Some will grow to live in the gifts they are. Others will run from the gifts, for they fear them. They will seek to find sanctuary in the old ways they have lived. There is no comfort there, yet they know it well and fear it not. It is not that you free yourself from your traps. It is that your kind knows they are there to help you grow. Use them as they are meant to be used - as a challenge not a snare. You worry about money that you may build back what was stolen. You fear that you will not be able to do the work. I say this in what they kept. The stones they have are but rocks that cover a road. Rocks do little more but keep the mud from your feet. The oils that were given you to make that others may anoint themselves and bring healing grace are now worthless. The only light they will give is that of burning on a wick in a lamp. As it is with the gate, it is with the oils. Using it in the presence of other then love closes the connection to the Grace. Did you not see when you set a gate from where it was kept? Did you not become uneasy of mind and foot when you set it?

Yes I did, and it was like it had to start over again. Come to think of it. When we went to the Whole Life Expo in Florida all the gates and oils seemed to be sluggish. Everything we brought with us was out of kilter except the tuning forks. The tuning forks were the only thing that didn't spend much time in the building. It was almost like they were unaffected by the energy that was there. As I look at it now I can really see this.

That which they sell is dead of light and grace. They have made them so. Only being given to you or Robbie and your blessing will bring the light to them.

You mean Robbie and I have to bless them before they will become active again?

The touch of your hand will do this.

That's pretty cool. I just didn't want it to get on anyone else.

Nothing is there to get on anyone for what they hold is dead.

Hey, what about the orders we took? They need to be sent out? Does this mean the people are getting dead stuff?

The orders you took in faith, if filled will be blessed in grace as if it came from you. Yet I say to all, nothing from them will be done in honor of our Covenant that does not come from you.

Let me see if I have it straight. If I took an order from someone and they send it out, it will be ok. After I left, none of it is any good unless Robbie or I touch it.

This is so. They are not the only ones that honor not what I have given to you. Others are as thieves in that which they say comes from you, from us. They do not give to you that which is yours. They bind themselves to you by word, yet not a part of what they collect in the name of that which you did teach comes back to you.

Well. Bless their hearts. Where does this leave me now?

Look at the blessings they have given you. You are not bound by paper or word. You are now free to do the work we have given you. You are held not back by the darkness they have brought. I tell you truly that there are those seeing you in need and will render to you that which you need.

I have an idea you could give me the winning lotto numbers. I could see in his eyes he didn't think it was funny and didn't even respond.

This is in part for my coming, yet there is more for you. I have come to tell you of the coming of others that will teach you in the ways of the oils and herbs for healing. You will know of words left unspoken that will heal. Some will be placed in our book of healing. Yet I tell you truly the words you write will not be changed to suit the way of speaking of your kind. Our book will be written for an understanding of the soul not the mind.

Oh great. You are telling me nobody will understand it.

NO. I say to you, your spelling may be changed. For you are not a master of letters and that is being kind.

How funny. You say it just like someone else says it. Some people understand what I write even without correcting the spelling words.

Yet, Joe, you most do not.

You are right on that point. Now then, I am hearing what we call grammar or sentence structure in the way we speak will change the meaning. The spirit or soul will not hear it if I do?

This is true.

Will you let me know if I change it to where it is not clear to the soul? On the other hand, should I just not change anything I write?

Again I will be with you that you will know. I will say to you what will and will not be said.

Cool. Thanks, Michael.

Our time is done for now.

Wait Michael. What do I do about the people that still have the business?

Do as it tells you in the book of bricks. Forgive; yet hold those accountable that they may learn from this.

I know. And bless their hearts.

Yes. Bless them for they truly know not which they do, Joe. That which you do is great. It will go on. Be at peace and teach only love.


I was in the front weed whacking, when it was cut short by a voice telling me to go to the Gate. Robbie has her Gate set up way in a corner of the backyard. I dropped what I was doing and opened the gate to the backyard. Ebbie who was watching me work got up from her place in the shade and followed me. The Gate was lit up with color and I could see there was an angel in each place of the seven stones. Oh great, I thought. This is going to be one of those visits. When I see more than one angel I know something big is going to be given to me. Michael was the first to speak to me. When I was maybe fifteen feet from the Gate, he told me to stop where I was.

Stop for you have need to see what you are to be given.

OK, I said. And as soon as the words came out of my mouth I saw a figure of a man start to form. It was like a clear plastic light holding a form. Good, I thought to myself, it is going to be a healing lesson.

This is what you would call recovery more so then healing. Witness and remember this. Michael pointed to the figure standing in the center of the gate. I turned my attention from Michael to it. I noticed the figure was facing north so I moved around to get a front view. When I stopped, I saw the two blue stones, or the light from them, lift from the place in the Gate where they were sitting. The blue light from the east moved to the right foot and sat just above the ground inside the arch of the foot. The blue light from the west moved to the same place of the left foot. When the left foot was set, the other stones joined them and made a small Gate in and out of the body. The stones that were not inside the body were so very close it was hard to see how far out they were. As each of the stones came to their place they made the sound of the note they are.

This is cool, I said. I watched as each stone in turn turned a blue color and went back to the color they were. One at a time starting with the original two blue stones, colors of light came from the Gate in the yard, or maybe from the angels that were standing there. They joined with the blue stones at the feet to each make a new Gate. When the new Gates were set, there was the same sound to go with the new formations but it was stronger. Not louder, but stronger, more vibrant. Then another group of the small stones or lights were sent. The yellow stone in the first Gate to be set at the feet turned blue and other stones were added to it as if it were the stone in the east and a new Gate was set with a new sound that was higher than the other three that were set first. With this, the same thing happened to the orange and the purple and so on. It started moving pretty fast now and I lost track of which set went to what stone but I got the idea as to what was happening. But I heard a new sound each time a new gate formed. It was like the note or tone started where the new Gate was added too. Like going up an octave is the best way to describe it.

As the Gates were added, they turned to be in the correct positions according to where the servant stone set in a particular gate. This looked like a strand of DNA, but it only went so many levels high and stopped. Michael, I asked. How come it stopped?

There is but a limited number that rests in one of your kind.

Are you going to tell me how many that is?

Seventy-two is the number.

So each of us has seventy-two sets of Gates in us?

Joe, these are not Gates. These are what your kind would call meridians, yet are truly points of grace. Look again.

I did, as the body began to rotate like being on a table in an x-ray room. You stand on it and put your back against it and they tilt it back until you are lying down flat. When the body was flat I could see a hole through the Gates that filled the body. A tube, I thought, that lets the grace of God flow through.

You are wise to know this in your thinking. There is more to see, Michael said as the body turned to give me a side view. Then at the heart I heard a note as a ball of green light formed. Then below it I saw a yellow one with a sound then above the green ball I saw a blue one do the same. This went on until there were the eleven chakras; as I called them, form.

Do you know this, Joe?'

Of course I do, Michael. This is what I do when I align the twelve chakras. So what does this have to do with seven of you coming today? As I finished the question, the Arab-looking angel stepped forward, if you could call it that. It was more like he just became more present than the other angels.

You and others may know the number of the Tree of Life that the Kingdom of Heaven is here on Earth. There are seven keys to the Kingdom of which the world holds to unlock it. The way of understanding this is in the language of mathematics for your kind. You will need much help to know this, for it is beyond your thinking. Yet we say unto you the answer is there. You will not know the sums of what we give you. Give them to another for it is in his understanding. We give to you this to understand. The number 144,000 holds more then meets the eye in a story. It is more than the song that is known. This number holds in it the way to the sums. Take the number and divide it by seven five times and once by 8. This will give you the seventh number. The sum of the first gives you three numbers. Which is a key to the other numbers. Yet I say seventy-two is what holds the way to the Tree. The times of the keys to the kingdom are set in this as well.

I hope he will know what you are saying. I don't have a clue how this all works. I know, I know, you just give us hint and we take it from here. I need to ask you something…

Like a mind reader Michael said, what he said is true. One may call the Gate energy into being, yet only they may use it for themselves. What was given for the oils holds true. The other that you would ask is of the Gate. The Gate is as it should be. It is in need of nothing. The diamonds of which you were to speak of add nothing to the grace of the Gate. The one who does this may feel it does add, yet it is only the way he focuses the grace. It is no more powerful than it is with the one who uses a flower to focus the grace. These are all tools for healing work, nothing more. Each may do with it as they will. The Gate of Grace is the Gate of Grace.

When I looked back to the man with all the Gates in him, I saw something else but was told not to tell what I saw. He would find the answer to it. Then they said at the same time, Teach only love, and were gone.

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