Angel Visits


My trust in Michael has paid off in as much as I now have the seven people he said were masters. They come from all over the place and just like he said I would find them and have what is going to be called a gathering. We set the date and are going to be meeting in three days. It was not easy putting it together because some had other things happening in their lives. One or two said they couldn’t be there for the whole time but would be there for the time they could spare. I told them that it was nice of them to offer to be there at all because this was not an invitation. This was, as I saw it, a command performance of the seven masters called for by the angel Michael. I found it curious that some of these masters that chose in were so unwilling to do what was needed of them. Some told stories that they would all get to see Michael as I did. Others said they would be ascended to heaven and speak with God. It was funny all the things that kept coming up for them. There were a few things that came up for all of them like all their stuff.

Reasons, excuses and considerations as to why it wouldn’t work for them came up over and over. I had, on the other hand, to reassure them everything would be fine. I was entrusted with these seven masters being at the gathering but had to leave the choice up to them. At last the plane tickets were paid for, the place made ready, and in a short time they would be here for the gathering. There was just one thing missing, Michael didn’t tell me what I was supposed to do.

It was late and I decided to go to bed that night when there was a light in the living room. I knew it must be Michael and I had many questions to ask about what he wanted done at this gathering. I walked into the living room and was so amazed by this angel. He was beautiful and giving off this deep feeling of love that filled my heart.

Joe. I will speak to you of that which is to come.

I was relieved to hear him say that and waited to hear what he was going to tell me.

The masters are coming to join to gather. You will serve them. You and they will call themselves master yet you will not be called master for you are a servant. They will be held high above you and you will sit lower then they. The time you teach will bring them to and make them ready to receive. For I tell you truly each is now and will be in the working of their sums. There is conflict within the seven before this gathering and will be after. It is for them to over come it. You are to do little else but hold the space that they may. The time you have will be for them to become as one. There is a friendship with some that will need to set aside. There is the conflict I spoke of that will come to be. You may not interfere in this. The masters will over come it or they will not. You will hold your tongue in this.

What you are telling me is they are going to deal with what ever comes up or they won’t. Does this mean if they work out their sums there so to speak that will be the end of it?

I say they will do what they will at the gathering. They will see that what they do will set the way their gatherings are to be. They will not be made to think they have to gather seven. For I say to you it is a gift that they may give selflessly. That which they take from their gathering be it sums or light will make the way for them. Some may choose not to gather and some may loose what they have learned before the gathering is done. Others may promise themselves they will gather and will not. Others will bind themselves to that which you give and will falter as time goes by. The choice is theirs as they reenter their world in the way they know it.

Are you telling me this whole thing may fall apart during the gathering or at any time after it?

I am. The ego is always there to tempt them, as is the unworthiness. You must stand in love for what ever they choose. Make clear to all you are there for them if they gather or not.

So Michael just what is my job here anyway?

Your job is that of a servant. You will give to them their greatness that they may see who they are. The church speaks to the gift of each that they will know their greatness. Then and then alone will you sit with them that they may be called to come forth and receive.

I am a little lost on what you mean sit with them and them being called.

I give to you the way you will sit with the masters. You as servant will sit in the east as the church of Philadelphia will sit in the west. Sardis will sit in the south and Laodicea will sit in the north.

I am not seeing what you are saying. Can you make it clearer so I can understand it?


He pointed to a space in the air. As he did I saw round dots of color that related to each of the churches. I could see how the seating arrangement needed to go.

Each master will sit as I have given you.

I see two blue dots. Is there a reason for this?

One of the blue places is for you the servant. The light comes from the east reflecting on the west. This light is wisdom, yet I tell you truly without this light there is only knowledge in the west. Knowledge without wisdom is but information that is unusable. The gift to the church of Philadelphia is the wisdom from the east.

So basically what you are saying is without the light from the east they are just smart and not wise.

This is so. Again it is so with all churches. Only a servant that is truly in service to the others can bring the light.

Just what makes you think I can do that? I mean how come given I am a red or Smyrna, I am the one that can get my ego out of the way.

Joe. You have for these past years been in service to the seminars as well to the people in them. The work you have done has trained you for this time. You know that which service is. You know how to set aside your ego for a higher purpose. You have learned well.

I see your point.  I do know how to make it about others and get myself out of the way. I don’t think this is all.

There is more you will learn for this gathering. As the masters sit as I have shown you one will feel called. When this comes to be you will stand in what I show you now.

Michael showed me another pattern that was different then the one we were all sitting in.

You will stand in front of the one that has been called. You will hold what they reflect back to them that they may know the wonder they are. The ones that were not called will stand as this. They will hold the space for the one.

Ok. So how long do I need to do this?

You will know, for you will see when the change comes over them. For some it will be powerful yet for others it will be as a gentle breeze. It matters not which, you will know. I tell you truly some may leave in spirit and it is for this before you bring them to sit with you. You must have from each of them one at a time their word when you call them they will come from where they are. This you must do.

This worries me to think one could go some place where they don’t want to come back from.

Worry not they will come.

You mean to tell me this is going to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

That which you teach these masters is what you know now. As you grow in knowing you will teach them that they may teach their masters. That which you give to them now, they are ready for. Yet I say to you that which they teach each other in this time of the first gathering must not be missed.

I don’t know how I am going to remember all this let alone get it all done.

You are at the first of many gatherings to come and I will be with you. You will use tuning forks to tune each church to what you call their note. You will use oils and music and song that they may know the church they are.  You will give blessings to each other and you will give the blessing you were shown. You will break bread with each other in the time you spend at a gathering.  You will burn a colored candle in honor of each according to churches. You will know other things to be done when you are gathering the masters. Our kind will be with you.

I will give it my best-shot Michael. I just hope I am enough to really serve these seven.

You will come from love and service to the masters as the servant you are. This is that which a gathering is made of. Rest for now you have much to do. Teach only love.

The light started to fold back into its self and took Michael with it until it was gone. He was right about one thing; if I was going to remember any of it I needed sleep. Off to bed I went.



It had been about a month since Michael had visited me last. He told me I had done well with the work I was supposed to do, and in moving to another state when it came time. He said he would return after the festivities, which I took to mean the Christmas holidays. It is well into February without a word from him and for me that was just fine because, when he shows up he always has something for me to do.

I talked to another master yesterday about a book we are doing together and he asked me if I had seen Michael. Steve, one of my first seven asked me the same thing. As a matter of fact all of the seven masters, he asks me every time they talk to me. Most of the time I tell them no, but after this morning that will change.

I was awakened by the gentle voice of Donna saying, here is your coffee, honey. During the week she brings a cup every morning to my bedside and on the weekend I do the same thing for her. As I lay there trying to wake up I hear her go out the door on her way to work and I also hear the rain start to fall and I say, God watch over her today and keep her safe. I worry about her on the roads when the weather is bad.

I dozed off for I don't know how long when I woke with a start. I heard a thunderclap that sounded like it was just outside the window. OK, I said to myself, I won't be getting any sleep with this going on. I might just as well get up. I reached over to feel the coffee cup to see if it was still warm and to my surprise it was still hot. I sat up, throwing my legs over the side of the bed, and picked up the cup. Taking the first sip I could almost feel my heat start pumping the blood to my brain. It wouldn't be long before I could start thinking again. There was a little chill in the room that I felt on my legs as I walked over to get my pants. I put one leg in than the other leg, and, as I pulled them up I looked out the window to see the rain coming down. I remembered yesterday afternoon when Donna came home how nice it was outside. We sat on the porch and talked and watched the dogs explore their new home. It was a perfect afternoon and evening in Texas.

As I looked out the window at the rain coming down I shook my head and walked into the kitchen for my second cup. I went in to the office to check for any messages that might have come in overnight when the phone rang. Donna was on the other end of the line telling me about how bad it was outside. She said hail was braking out windshields of trucks and cars on the road. I told her I asked God to take care of her and not to let anything happen to her. She was so funny saying in return that the storm was coming her way when it changed direction and headed to the city and away from her. She said that I saved her by having the storm lead away from her. I had to chuckle a little after we hung up at the very thought of it. Oh yeah, like I am that powerful and I can effect the storm, interesting but I don't think so.

Why do you think so little of yourself and what you are capable?

I knew that voice; it was Michael's. I turned to see where he was but I couldn't see him anywhere around me. It did not come from any direction but from every direction. As I walked into the living room I could see his light beginning to form as it had done before. As he came into view, I could see him standing in the middle the living room. He was considerably taller then I had remembered him to be. The ceiling in our new home has a fifteen‑foot high ceiling, and his head almost reached the beam that ran across it. Did you get taller since the last time I was with you or are you just showing off? He smiled down at me and began to shrink to about seven or eight feet tall.

The space was here so I was using it. Come walk with me, we have much to talk about, he said as he headed out the glass door into the back yard.

The rain was coming down harder and I yelled after him, just a minute I need a raincoat.

No you don't. Come. Trust is a big thing with Michael and me. I have learned to do whatever he asks me because; over the years I have always been safe with him. I opened the sliding glass door and went outside. The rain was still falling hard but I wasn't getting wet.

This is like dodging raindrops without moving, I said to him.

Precisely. Michael walked towards the fence that we had put up to keep the dogs in. I started to go to the gate in the back, wishing we had put another gate on the side so I didn't have to walk so far to get out of the fenced in area of the yard. This way, Joe, follow me, was his instruction. I did as he asked while thinking. This is pretty cool. I get to walk through a fence. Michael went through the fence but when I got to it, that section wasn't there. Part of my new fence was gone. I walked through the open space after Michael. The rain was coming down harder and the sky was darker. Streaks of lightning flashed through the sky, and the crash of the thunder sounded soon after.

Oh this is going to be one of those learning times, when he shows up. I can just feel it, I said to myself. We headed out towards the back of the property, where I had placed a bench with angel designs on it.

You picked a good spot.

Yes, it just felt right. So, Michael, just what are we doing out here in the rain? True I am not getting wet, but don't you think it is a little crazy to be out here with the thunder and lightning. I don't think I would like to get struck. He looked down and smiled as we walked towards the bench. I could see pools of water on the ground as we walked across the grass.

As I came to a puddle, I started to go around it when he said - Don't. And I froze in my tracks. Don't what? I thought. Don't go around? Don't move? I raised my arms and said, don't do what?

Do not alter your path.

Well, okay I said and watched him turn around and face me. He was standing about ten feet in front of me and held out his hands for me to take them. I stepped toward him, and as I did I stepped into the puddle. The water moved away from my foot as it went to touch the ground. The grass that was covered by water just a moment ago was dry to the bottom of my foot. It was like I had on invisible goulashes. I could see the water around my feet but they didn't get wet. This is way cool, Michael I said, but what is this all about?

A large smile came over his face and I just knew something was wrong. I began to feel a tingling sensation and I saw the hair on my arms standing up. I remembered hearing Lee Trevino tell about the time he was struck by lightning, and I just knew this was what was going on now. Michael spread his arms out and up, leaned forward and towards me while looking up. I looked up to see what he was looking at when it happened. A white hot vain of liquid light was forming just above him. He was still smiling as it grew in thickness and in intensity. Now, like I said, trust is a big thing with us, so I just let happen whatever was going to happen. I really wasn't standing in water because I had checked again, so that had to mean something. Didn't it?

I watched as the white liquid was eating its way up through the sky lighting everything around us. Fear was not an option at this point but I ain't saying it wasn't there. That is when I saw something I had never seen before. Michael began to glow differently and began to take on mass like he was solid. I watched as his shoulders started to look bigger. As I stared at what was really going on, I followed the outline of what was emerging. I was amazed at what I was seeing.

I yelled, Michael, you son of a bitch, you got wings! I had never seen anything so beautiful as they rose from his shoulders and arched over me - like feathers of light coming from some divine creature that could only come from God. How many times people have asked me if Michael had wings and I had said no. This was just so great of an experience to be happening to me. I was just caught up in it all as sparkles of light, like those from a prism, shot out from each feather in slow motion. It was as if a starburst of rainbow snowflakes were going on out in all directions. The splendor and wonder of it all had me in awe. Michael brought his hands together and took hold of the liquid line of lightning and as he did it took form. As quickly as a bolt of lightning is born and dies, the bolt subsided from the sky. Michael was holding it in his hand, not like some twisted branch of light scattering out like tree branches. No, I could see clearly, it was like a sword of light. I felt no feeling of malice, violence, or that any harm could or would ever come from it.

Michael looked into my eyes and brought the sword between our stare. As I looked through the sword, I could see clearly we were connected ‑‑ as were all things. I began to understand why Michael had come and what this lesson was all about. With that thought, the sword was raised over Michael's head, as the tip moved up over his head, his wings began to vanish. The tip of the sword moved over his head and arched toward the ground behind him. He reminded me of a man that carried his sword on his back rather then at his side. Then it struck me as odd, but I knew something about him that I wasn't sure of before. I looked at him and said, you are him, aren't you?

You speak of the archangel. The one they call Michael the Archangel. I have served our God as such.

And the sword? Is that the one you guard Eden with?

His eyes were kind and gentle with a softness to them and he replied, The sword was never meant as a weapon to guard but as a light to guide. Most of you don't know where to look to see it.

Haven't seen it till just now, myself. And he just smiled back at me.

This is not why I have come, and we have many things for you to learn.

Why do I feel like I am going to get a lesson on healing and energy?

There are several different kinds of energy. Most people only understand chemical, electrical and other physical forms. Out of this understanding, your kind believes that energy is what does the healing. So you have a number of people believing that if you rearrange the energy, healing has taken place. Not true. Now let me make this simple for you. People, who can move energy by thoughts, actions, and deeds, would tend to believe that they are healers. The truth in the matter is all they are doing is rearranging, and it won't last. The very least it will do, is give one a false sense of healing. What you need to remember in any kind of healing is that energy is fluid. That means that it moves in motion, always in motion.

The basis for healing takes more than just moving energy. If someone is truly going to be healed, you need to have three things in place: number one - a desire to be healed; number two ‑ a knowledge of what is incorrect; number three ‑ a space in which healing can occur. These are the things I am going to teach you and in turn you will teach others. You have heard it said, 'No one has ever healed anyone,' and this is true. Even Jesus said that he never healed anyone. What he did say was 'Your faith has healed you, for I have done nothing.' What he did know was how to create his space for healing to take place. All the energy in the world cannot cause healing. So let me explain to you in simple terms how it happens. When I told you that the first thing needed is the desire to be healed, you must realize nothing will happen without that. Without the person wanting healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, they waste your time.

OK, Michael, I hear this. But if I see someone that is ill and I want to help them does this mean I can't do any healing without their permission? Because if this true, then why even bother? According to my understanding, when it comes to healing, given we are all perfect, whole and complete we should be able to heal anyone at any time just given who we are. Something else is bothering me about this whole energy thing. Now, you tell me that those who use energy to heal are like children playing with toys. So if it isn't energy then what is it? How do you describe what everyone has come to know as energy if it really isn't?

Joe. You are still seeing things, when you speak of energy, as though it were a force. Like so many other people, you think in terms of making it happen, as if you had some power within you to cause this and this is just not true. God has given each one of you all that you need to be whole. Most of you were taught over the years that if you get sick you need something outside of you to make you well again. You have chosen to believe this so nothing can be done by you to make yourself well. Once you go to a doctor, and they tell you what to do, you begin to feel better. What has taken place is that, in your mind connecting with your heart, you have allowed healing to begin. Your kind has a word that almost touches on the healing love that God has for you. The word is 'Grace.'

OK, Michael, I think this is opening up something for me. Correct me if I am wrong. Basically, what you're saying is that Grace is the atmosphere or the space that healing of any kind takes place. And what true healers do is access that space for those who are unaware of accessing it themselves.

Blessings be to you, for your eyes are beginning to open. You see that Grace is given to all, yet few remember that they have it. Once your kind has forgotten that, so too have they forgotten how to heal themselves. What you call divine energy is truly the Grace of God. Many have been taught that Grace comes from without and that they must follow rules in order to receive it. God gives Grace freely and abundantly to all.

Let me see if I've got this straight. It's occurs to me that force is something we use in order to have something not be. Grace, on the other hand, is something we allow to fill us. Once we do this, everything that should be whole within us is. So then it's our allowing ourselves to be well rather than making ourselves be well.

This is why I have come to you. You will lay aside things that you think you know to grow wise with that which is given you. Should you find yourself lost on this path of wisdom, you will stop and ask for your way back to the path.

Thanks, Michael. I would rather you teach me the way that it is, instead of the way I think it is. You know I know it isn't always the way that I think it is. Left to my own way of thinking, I am afraid I might screw it up. So go on with what you are saying.

Michael raised his hand and the space between two trees began to radiate with what looked like the silver liquid I had seen in my pond. The trees themselves looked as if they were two golden pillars holding a silver screen. As I watched, I began to see what appeared to be a human form taking shape. When it was completely formed, it was the strangest thing I had ever seen. Granted, it was human and had all the characteristics of a human being. However, it wasn't male or female. It looked more like a generic body. I could see it was breathing; the chest would expand and contract as the air went in and out. But the strangest part was when I looked into the eyes I didn't see any light, like the spark of life that is in all living creatures, almost as if it didn't have soul. I guess this whole thing struck me as rather odd. There were two things taking place here: it was alive and it looked like everybody and nobody. So, Michael, what is this, some kind of zombie or what?

Only you would say something in that way. You are great with humor. Look closer. What do you see?

As I gazed closer, it began to look transparent. Whatever I wanted to see came into focus. If I wanted to look at the heart, it became the most prominent thing in the body, but not just a front view or a side view or a back view or the bottom or top. It was as though I could see the whole heart at once. It was the same for the lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, the bladder or any other organ I looked at. It was the same with veins, nerves, muscles or bones. Yet with everything working, it did not seem to be alive.

What do you see, Joe.

Well, Michael, it looks like a perfectly healthy body. However, there is no life in it.

Can you see how this figure before you is perfect?

Yes I can.

This is the state of all humans. It stands in perfect physical health. This is how you can compare the health of all others. Now look again, for I have given this body an illness. Find it.

I looked to see if I could find what Michael was talking about. I looked the body up and down examining every part, but I couldn't see anything. Then I did something that I just know how to do. I closed my eyes and raised my hand in front of me. I looked through the back of my hand, with what we call our third eye, at the body standing there. I began to move my hand slowly down the body until I reached a spot about halfway down the right side and just right of the solar plexus I saw a red dot. The dot was about the size of a pencil eraser, and that's when it hit me. This body has no color. When I scan someone in this way, whomever I'm scanning has a colorful glow; pretty much like the colors of the rainbow. Each person has a different color, like the color of one of the seven churches. This one did not. So I went on scanning the rest of the body. No. There were no other dots. I dropped my hand and opened my eyes as I turned to Michael. OK, Michael, I'm done, I said. The only thing that I can find is a red dot. Do you want me to fix it?

Yes. Only look at this, which I show you.

I looked at the body again; only this time I saw what looked like seven balls of light. Each one was about the size of a softball, each a different color. I told Michael that these looked like what we call chakras. As I looked at the seven balls, I started to see other balls of light, but these were something I hadn't seen before. It looked like there were two more chakras above the head and two more below the waist: one at mid‑thigh and one below the knees. The last one kind of went around the whole body. Now this is where it starts to get strange. The pattern that Michael had us sit in, when we all gathered in California, started to appear. A matrix first showed up coming up from the feet and connecting, but not quite, to the new chakra at the calf. Off of that came another going to mid thigh. Then those two, in turn, hooked up with the red chakra, and so on and so on up past the head to the two new chakras that I saw. This was like a web of small dots throughout the body. When they reached the very top, the last chakra lit up like the liquid light I saw in the lightning. After this all the colored dots were gone. The light dimmed and the body came back into a clear focus. I could see the body as I did before, with all its working parts.

Wow, Michael, this is something new to me. And to see the Tree of Life run through the whole body is telling me I do have a lot to learn.

You do have much to learn.

You keep showing me things that I have no idea of what it means. So what's this thing with the matrix and the chakras anyhow?

That is for another time. Finish what you were going to do.

I remembered that I was about to do some service to the body. I started to walk towards the image.

Stop. From where you were standing.

OK, if you say so. It's not the way I usually do it. Most of the time I need to put my hands on the people, or at least I think I do. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

No, Joe, you're not doing anything wrong. Most people feel they must be touched for healing to take place. What you need to develop is your ability to heal without touching. For I tell you, this one you cannot touch.

I'll take you word for it, I said. Not really knowing what I was doing, I closed my eyes and focused on that red dot I had seen. I took three deep breaths and could feel myself fill with what I guess to be what Michael called Grace. I then allowed this Grace to flow from my heart to the dot. I could see what looked like a light halo, or aura, around the dot. The red dot began to lose its color and soon assumed only a white glow that was absorbed by the body, and was gone. Amazing. Did I do that Michael?

No. You didn't do it. You allowed it to happen. There are many like you who can do these things. Did you not teach your seven, and will not your seven teach others? There will come a time when everyone will have access to the Grace God gives freely. This time has not yet come. So you and others like you will give this to your brothers and sisters.

You know, Michael, this whole thing started out with you coming to me and calling my name. But don't you think it's gotten just a little bit out of hand? Every time I turn around, you have something else for me to do.

You speak as though I am giving you things to do. I have not come to give you more to do. I have come to show you what you can do.

Well as far as knowing something that I don't know goes, I just thought I was exceptionally smart, I said with a smile so that Michael would know I was only kidding. He looked it me with no expression whatsoever, just waiting for me to continue. OK, Michael, this is what I think I found out. The red dot is physical, the orange dot is emotional, that yellow dot is mental and green dot is spiritual. Now what I've been doing, when I scan someone, is I do it four times. I first look for red dots then the orange; yellow and green, given we all are fourfold in nature. On some people, I find no red dots, though I will find a dot of the different color. So what I'm beginning to believe about all of this is that it's not the illness itself that's problem. The illness is only a symptom of what really is going on when someone is sick. If whatever it is that's happening with people is only a symptom, it's kind of a crazy way to treat it. When I sit down and talk to people, I don't ask them what's wrong with them nor do I ask where it hurts. I'll sit and ask them what is your average day like and I will listen. The next thing I notice that happens is we begin to build a relationship of trust. And I just let people talk. You would be surprised at some of the things I hear. Well maybe you wouldn't. After we've talked, I feel a kind of connection between the two of us. Then I will scan them and see what color they are, like what church they are of. This has even gotten to be pretty easy for me to do now.

These are all the things that you know and are aware of. Yet, in the times to come, you will find that you know things you have only dreamed of.

Well, that is just what I need to hear. Knowing who you are, I don't think you are going to tell me all about it now. Another thing I think I know about the dots is that just because there's a dot there, it doesn't mean that that's where the illness or the sickness is. See if you can follow me and correct me if I get off track.

Speak what you will and I will guide you should you get lost.

OK, that's cool. Now from my understanding, different parts of the body relate to other things that are going on. Given that every cell in the body has a complete blueprint for a whole body. If the dot shows up, say for instance, on the liver, that doesn't necessarily mean that the liver is damaged. However if a liver is damaged, that dot will very probably show up somewhere else. Now what this is saying to me is that something is missing or is out of balance or disconnected. And how it shows up in the body is as a disease of the liver. So then, when this blockage is removed or the connection is made, it allows the grace to flow and healing begins. Now, Michael, what I think my job is going to be is to teach others to do this kind of healing.

There is so much you have to learn, and each learning will take you to another level. I will answer your next question before you ask. Yes, the instant the healing does take place and brings the body back to perfect health, this is what is called by your kind as a miracle. Long ago, everyone could do this to themselves. If someone found themselves with the ailment, they would simply heal it themselves. These healings would be in the blink of an eye. Yet through time and the loss of awareness, this is lost.

So, Michael, what you're telling me is that instant healing can and does take place all the time. But how can this be if we, for the most part, have lost the awareness of how to do it?

It's really very simple, Joe. When you have a healer that opens a channel of Grace with a person that knows and has faith that it can be done, one is healed. No miracle, nothing extraordinary, yet it does happen now.

I'd like to see that sometime.

This you will see and many others will see it too.

As I looked back up at the screen of silver for the perfect body, I could see it all start to fade away. As the body vanished so did screen of liquid silver. The bark on the trees was now brown and cracked like before. I figured that this session with Michael was about over, I looked over to him expecting to see him vanish to but he didn't.

Walk with me.

I watched as he walked away giving him only a few paces before a started to follow. This is crazy, I thought, and here I am walking around my backyard in my bare feet. I was no longer worried about the land mines that the dogs may have left. On this new property, there is something more dangerous to the bare feet than dog piles. This danger is call cactus. I have seen Michael many times and I've always been safe with him. But this yard was the first yard that had cactus. I just didn't know what his powers would be like here.

Joe, walk beside me. Let us see what this new land holds. You have chosen wisely, for the ground is high and will not flood. You have gardens to grow food you have trees to bear fruit and nuts.

We walked a little bit further around workshop building, across the back of the property, and headed back up towards the house. I asked if we were going back inside and Michael just shook his head no. We made our way up the side of the house along the fence line until we reached the front of the house. We came to an area where Michael pointed to the ground.

This will be where you will place your pond. It will give water to God's creatures and help cool you in the summer. Come let me show you where you will place the sign of the Seven.

I had no idea of what he was talking about. Now I know there are seven in a group, and each person has things that relate to him or her. Each has a color, a sound, a stone, and things like that. So I'd guessed what he wanted me to do was to set up a matrix that would be the symbol of my first seven. So I asked Michael why don't I'd just set this matrix up so that the house is in the center? His reply was quick in coming.

Joe, it is not fitting for your house to be in the center. That space in the center is for me and those like me. Whenever someone is open to hearing what they need, they have but to stand on their place and they will receive.

So you mean if someone comes to visit, they can come to this place and be in contact with the angelic realm?

Yes, Joe that is what I mean.

Michael walked from one point to the other pointing to the ground where each spot would be. As he pointed, he would say the name of the church and then walked to another place point and speak another name of the church. When he had finished he stepped into the center and began to glow. He looked at me with those kind and gentle eyes and began to speak.

Our time is done for now. When you have done these things, I will return. Be about the healing work that is before you. You will know how to put the teachings together so that others will hear.

Are you sure I can do this right? What if I make a mistake how will I know?

I will be with you. And that which you think you are discovering I am teaching.

Michael started to fade into the light as he has done so many times before, and moments later he was gone. It is nice to know that I have an angel guiding me in the things I'm to teach. It's even better to know that he will correct me if I get off track. And then again, the last thing I heard him say was, Teach only love.



I was sitting in the office answering some e-mail sent to me by my seven when the light of Michael’s returning started to announce him. It was late and I was just about ready to go to bed. What in the world could he want now, I thought to myself? I looked at the light until image of Michael was clear before I started to speak.

Well, Michael, this must be important to have you come so late, I said. I do wish this could have waited till morning because I am tired and had wanted to go to bed. Then, as I yawned, I felt something strange happening to me. My limbs that were heavy and the eyelids that were ready to slam shut a moment before felt like they had rested all night. I was wide-awake and ready for anything. OK, big guy, what do you want from me this time I asked?

You and another master are as children with what you do.

I started to think about all the things that we did when he was here, so I could get some idea of what he was talking about. I asked him what he was talking about.

Come with me.

I got up and went with him down the hall, he went through the patio door and I opened it to let myself through. I watched as he went through the fence and saw that a section of it was gone so that I could cross between the two posts. I knew where he was going and followed him to the where I had set up the matrix with the stones and posts. The darkness of the night was pushed back by Michael’s light and I could see all around us. It was bright but there were no shadows being cast from the trees or anything else for that matter. It was just light outside where we were. As we approached the matrix I could see the stones start to glow with their prospective colors. Each stone was its own color but more then just light. Each was like -- this may sound strange -- but each was like the liquid lightning I had seen last time Michael had appeared. And each was giving off sound waves, too. They were all connecting to one another, looking like laser lights going from one post to the other post locking each stone to the next. There appeared to be two pyramid shaped objects, one inverted into and intersecting the other. These, too, were made of light and seemed to dictate the shape of the matrix and the eight positions where the seven sat at the gathering. The whole thing was quite beautiful, and I could feel the vibration coming from it. How did we do?

Enter to the center, was all he said, and I did as he asked. I could feel the lines of light pass through me as I crossed them. I could feel the energy and the gifts of each color or church would be a better way to say it. I could feel the gift of each church as I went through its light. This was all new to me and I had a sense that something new was about to be shown to me.

If you are going to set these in this way, you must set them as they should be.

 I thought we did it right but I wasn't about to use that word with Michael. I remembered his lecture on right and wrong, and did not want to hear it again. Is something out of place? I asked, not wanting to use the R or W word.

You should trust yourself. That which you told Steve is the way of setting them. They have power now, yet not as they could. What is it you feel in the center?

I feel like a humming vibration is happening and moving through me. Something is happening inside of me but I don't know what it is. I feel a little numb in my head and off balance all in the same.

As it should be. You knew this when setting them.

I was trying to understand what he was talking about when he raised his hand and the azurite stone that was in Philadelphia’s place lifted off the post and floated in the air. It still had light coming from it as it rose high into the air. And then the post started to rise up as well. I watched as the post came out of the ground and turned sideways. This was really cool, like a levitation trick of some sort with the post just hovering in the air. I started to wonder if I had understood where Michael wanted me to place the stones. I thought I had done it as he said. He moved his hand down, and a piece of the post fell off. As it did it went into the hole that the long post had come out of. As it did, I wondered if he would have as mush trouble getting it back in without all the dirt falling back into the hole. Of course he didn't, he was an angel, and things go the way they want them. The small part of the post went right in. The part that was sticking out was the same height as the one that was in my place in the matrix. This meant that the post supporting the azurite stone was now the same height as the post supporting my azurite stone.

The stones will be all set the same or they will be set like this.

I watched as the stone that was suspended in the air was lowered down. I could see it getting closer to its place but not really feeling any different as it was lowered. I started to think, What's the big deal if this is all that happens? I felt the same, and the vibrations were the same, and so was the light. Just then, I saw the stone touch the post and I heard what sounded like music, or should I say a crack of music; loud but just this side of noisy. A flash of light came from the azurite stone that had just settled into place as well as all the other stones. The light was like a ball all around me, filling the space above and below me. It got brighter and brighter until it was so white I couldn't see anymore. I felt my knees grow weak until I could no longer feel them, and my head started to spin. Then is when I guess I white-ed out, as opposed to a blacked out.

The last thing I remembered was I saw seven angels just like the ones in revelations all around me. That's when I heard Michael say, Teach only love. When I heard this, I started to think again and my eyes could begin to focus. I could feel something cool on my legs and butt only to realize I was sitting down. Somehow I was placed on the bench outside the Matrix about fifteen feet away. As soon as I got it together enough to walk, I went into the house.



The day started out just fine until I got a call from my co-author about the agent and the editor. Some things were going in a direction I didn't think they would, and it was causing some problems. I got away from my desk and went outside for a walk. I walked out to where I am putting the pond in and looked at the work that lay before me. Too many rocks to dig and they were all so big. More like boulders then rocks. I walked past the house and headed to the back. As I did, I felt I should go to the matrix, since I was ranting and raving about the whole thing with the publishing. He was going to see some angel lady and see what he could get form her on it. I grabbed a stool I have to sit on when I think I will be there for a while. I set the stool down and sat to think this thing out. As I sat down the breeze that was blowing seemed to stop blowing but it didn't get hotter in fact it got cooler. I began to smell something like roses when I heard a voice that was so familiar to me by now. I looked in the direction that it was coming from and sure enough it was Michael.

He had a lot to say, but I will leave out the part about the publishing, just because it has nothing to do with you.

What is it that you do? he said. Do you honor the work I have given to you? Has it lifted your souls?

Michael, what are you talking about? Are you saying everything the sevens are doing is out of line, or is it the book, or is it me?

Joe, you are all in your traps. Only one of your seven has gathered his seven. Like your seven they lay sleeping though awake. They all think what they do will be done when the time is right. They hide in all they are not like needy children waiting for you, another, me, or an act of God to save them from themselves -- traps within traps. Yet they do not see they are the ones setting them. After they entered the pattern I had you set them in, that of the church they are, they wanted to go back to that which they knew to do their work, which is the first trap they set. And when it fails, they fall into the traps that each church is?

So what you are telling me is that they lost in 'the how-to,' so to speak.

No, they are blind to it. All they need is to be the gifts they are.

I get it. What you are saying is that they think they know something, and with that they think it will take care of itself. When it doesn't happen they think that it is something lacking in them. Then the trap that each falls into has them, and they forget the gifts they are. When this happens they do nothing to get out because they do not know they are in it. I, myself am in a trap too because I have done nothing to help them out of the traps.

Your fear comes from not wanting to push them or seem like you are telling them what to do. Your fear comes from thinking you would rule them. Yet this is not of you.

You may have a point there and I can see what you are saying to me. I want them to know how great each of them is by finding the way that works for them. If I start telling them what to do I am no better than what has always been. I become some kind of leader and they answer to me for what they do or do not do.

It is in that where your trap holds you. You are not to tell but to show the way for them.

Michael then showed me the Matrix the way it is with the people in it. One of my seven took the place of a stone and then one of another gathering did. Like fading in and out of each other. Each one became the other seven, and one at a time they took their place in the pattern for giving and receiving. I watched as each was changed somehow. I could see how each had a strand of spiritual light turned on. It went up their bodies like tiny matrixes; hundreds or thousands of them allowing each to become more than they were when they first arrived. I saw the way they were all linked together like one big matrix. Then I saw all of the first seven had gathered all their seven, and each walked away from the matrix, but each was like a matrix of their own. Then another’s seven did the same and my second seven did it too. As each group became complete they became the Matrix, each had a ball of light around them. I saw as they walked past people that they changed the people around them. I saw sevens adding to sevens and to sevens, and as they grew I could see something too. The Earth had a kind of fog all over it, and as the group gathered more upon more the fog was replaced with light, and all was clean and clear. I could see the energy shift with each completion of a new group. I could see the love that is God made clear so all knew of this love.

Michael did not speak. He just let me see this, and then it stopped. Everything in the back yard was as it was before this vision.

Do you see the greatness of all? Which I did? It is time to say to the sevens that the time is at hand. Go forth and be the gifts that you are. Gather your sevens and teach only love. Blessed are you in the sight of God, and in doing these things blessed you will be in the sight of man. Follow what is given in the Book of Bricks and teach it, and you will become tillers of souls. Give what I have given you to the sevens so they may grow. Teach only love.

With that he was gone.


I think you all know what he meant and where you should go now with your work. You may have thought too little of yourselves and thought you didn't know how to do the work. Still, as each group is gathered, the energy will grow and the love will flow. God we are so blessed to have this in our lives. We all at one time in our lives thought we were chosen to do something big. That we could make a difference in the world that we are for something great. Well, you can and you are. Knowing this, all the stories you tell yourselves about why you cannot won't wash any more. Really, have you noticed that when you are not in your gifts your life just does not work the way it did before you chose to be one of the seven? Imagine what your life will be like coming from your gifts. Think of how happy you will be living in it, breathing it and giving it. The good news is you have come very far on your path. The bad news is you have come too far to ever go back. Each of you knows the oneness that God's love is if for only a brief moment. I honor each of you for who you are and the work you are in. I am sorry that our lives will never be the same, so go forth and teach only love.



It was about twenty-four hours since I took Annie to the vet. It was to be a simple surgery, spading is no big deal. She was only six, in good health, and had never been sick. I was to drop her off on the way to take my wife to the airport. We talked about it being the best thing for her because we never intended to try to breed her again. I did some shopping and got home about ten o’clock and called the vet to see if she had gone in yet. The vet's wife told me that she had and was coming out of the anesthesia and was waking up just fine. She also told me Annie may be able to come home early and would call me as soon as she was ready to come home.

Setting the phone down after hanging it up I decided to look at my e-mail and see what was there. I was about half way through it when the phone rang. I picked it up and said hello.  Joe the voice of the vet on the other end said this is Kenny. Wow I said I didn’t think I could come get her this fast. Kenny started off with the words that struck terror into my heart. I am sorry he said. My mind would not allow me to even conceive what he was saying. Oh no Kenny, don’t tell me this. I am sorry he said again she is gone. I will be right up I said and hung up. I was out the door in a flash. Saying over and over this can’t be happening. I jumped into Donna’s car and down the driveway I went. I looked at the gas gauge and saw I was about of gas. Michael, I screamed you son of a bitch you better do something!  I backed the jeep up stopping to where my truck was.  I was in some kind of panic fumbling for keys with everything going wrong. I don’t know what I was doing racing down the driveway to the gate and it was talking forever to open. Get a hold of yourself I thought. You are no good to anyone this way and you could kill someone acting like this. It worked; I was calming down and starting to think how could I tell Donna. I had to get the facts as to what happened and make some sense of it.  I did the best I could to do the speed limit and arrived at the vet’s office. I asked as calmly as possible what happened. Kenny told me something about her being fine coming around from the anesthesia. He said he had some calls he was going on and wanted to check on her and the other animals before leaving. He tried to bring her back but she wouldn’t respond. Can I see her I asked him and he and his assistant lead me to the back. She was laying on the floor with a blanket over her. She was covered to the shoulder with the blanket like she was sleeping. Ahhh, my poor little girl I said. I knelt down beside her and glanced up to the vet and his assistant. I saw the vet motion with his head for the two of them to leave. I was grateful that they were giving me sometime alone with her. I am so sorry I said after they left. I just thought it was the best thing for you. I tried to tell her all the reasons or excuses for this happening to her. I don’t know if it was for her or me. I just felt like I owed it to her. How could I take it all back like it never happened? Please Annie come back to me I love you so much. I could feel her body was still warm. Maybe she could still really live again I thought. If Jesus could raise a dead man maybe I could raise a dog. That wasn’t asking too much was it. I would just say she came too and maybe she wasn’t really dead after all. I wouldn’t tell anyone if I could just have her back. I passed some grace to her in the hopes she would get up and live again. Nothing happened. Again I tried and nothing happened. I was crying very hard now my eyes would not see through the tears. I laid my head on her shoulder rubbing the soft fur with my face and hands. I don’t know how long I talked to her or all that I said but I could feel the coldness of death coming through her fur. I knew it was over then; she was really gone. I said good-bye to her and made a promise. When it came my time to go home, I would have a Vikings funeral with her as the dog at my feet. I guess it was my way of honoring her. There was something else I found out that day. My life the way I knew it was over.

I tried to sleep again last night hoping to sleep through the night. I would wake up over and over thinking about Annie. I figured enough was enough. I got up, got dressed and headed out of the house. I walked out to the place that Michael had me set up the matrix. I was angry that that Annie was gone and wanted some answers. All I could think about was how this could happen to us. I sat down on the stool, I put there to sit on when I went to meditate and buried my face in my hands while starting to cry again. Annie, Annie I said over and over again how could this have happened? I'm so sorry you are gone and I miss you so much. Then I started to speak to Michael or God or whoever was in charge of this whole mess. Tears running down my face and snot from my nose, I was bawling like a baby again. Only this time I was pissed and screamed through the tears.

Why would you let this happen? Didn't I do everything you asked of me? Didn't I let my work suffer to get done what you wanted? I don't ask for much and haven't for years. If anything, you damn well owe me.

Like I said I was mad about loosing her and someone needed to make it right. Then the sobbing came again to take over to wash away the pain. I felt a hand on my shoulder and a kind of peace came to me and I knew it was Michael. I jerked my shoulder away telling him, this really sucks, you know. I thought you were on my side and would protect Donna and the dogs. No wonder you have so much trouble having someone want to throw in with you. Do this, do that and give very little in return. I could feel Michael move from behind me to somewhere in front of me. I didn't want to look at him unless he had an answer for me.

Joe. What do you know of this? I looked up to see the beautiful angel I had seen so many times in the past standing there. Well I know one thing for sure. It really hurts. He looked at me the way he does without blinking, and only compassion on his face.

Michael, I know that when it is time to come home it is time. I know whatever you are doing or wherever you are, it will support you in getting there. That's just the way it is; and I guess it was Annie's time to come home. It was her time. I know it was and there was nothing I could have done to change it. But you should have told me. What good is having an angel if you can't help me out in times like this? You know, prepare me.

Joe you know no one can know their time or that of others.

Well, tell me one thing then. Would she have lived if we didn't take her to have her spayed?

Her time to come home was set. She came without a whimper as I folded her in my wings and brought her home.

You took her Michael?

As I will for you some day and all of your family.

I would have liked to have been with her when she left.

She lives now in spirit; for as I have told you - she has a soul.

Well, that's nice to know and all, but I would rather have had her here with me.

Annie's time with you is done for now and her time with me begins.

I watched as Michael stepped to the side and raised his hand to the light that foretells his coming. I could see something in the distance moving toward us. No it couldn't be ... but yes it was, trotting as it came into view. It was my Annie and tears filled my eyes again. She stopped at Michael's side and looked at me turning her head as if to get a better angle as to why I was crying.

She will be with me whenever I come to you, that you will know of Gods love for you.

As he said that she walked over to me and in front of me, placed her chin on my knee. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes that I have looked into so many times to again see the love she held for me. I reached to pet her head and I could feel the smoothness of her fur again as I ran my hand down her neck. Annie was the same loving dog I had always known but she seemed to be more majestic and regal. Michael how could you take her from Donna and me? It feels like we are being punished for something we did wrong.

You have done nothing wrong, either of you. You know God does not cause pain to punish. Can you see the love God has for you in having her come with me? I was sent to bring her home and she walks with me now. In the times to come, whenever I visit you, so will she. Many claim to see and speak with me, but only those that see Annie at my side are true in what they say. Here at my side she will be until it is time to return to you. Yet I tell you when she returns it will be for a while and you will feel the sting of her leaving again to come home.

When she comes back? Do you mean to tell me she will be coming back to us as a puppy? That she will be alive again as a mastiff? How is this possible?

Yes Joe. Your Annie will be returned to you and Donna. She will walk with me till she does, for this is all of Gods plan.

Did you hear that Annie? You are going to come back to us, I said as I bent down to kiss her. She rose up her head and licked my face as if to tell me she knew this. When Michael? When will I have her back?

You will know the time is close when you see her no more with me. She has been with you before and will be again as have the other children you care for. Blessed are you that you are to have so many to love and be loved by. I tell you truly; when one of the children come home they will return to you quickly. Each person is given a chance to care for children such as these yet many hold not the love for them as you and Donna.

Michael, Donna wants to know why she died; like what was the cause? Was it a heart attack, stroke or an aneurysm? She needs to know so she can make some sense out of it, just so she will know and can accept it.

Joe tell her that there was nothing that caused it but for her time. She felt no pain. She saw me and came leaving her body behind as you would leave a car to greet a friend.  What you write down of this will help others to see of God's love for all things. Nothing is taken from you that does not come back in love. Animals have souls too; that return to help your kind learn to love on the highest level. You will be getting more than Annie to care for. Tell Donna that Little Bob is even now on her way to you. Look for her coming. It will be soon and you will know her.

Is she to be a mastiff to or something else?

Mastiff. Come Annie our time is done for now.

Her tail waged as she stood up to leave and she grabbed my arm to pull me the way she did when she wanted me to go someplace with her. I could feel her teeth on my skin just firm enough to hold but never hurt.

No Annie, he will not be coming with us now and we will be back in seven days to see him again.

Michael, I said, thank you for letting me see her again. Can you have Donna see her too?

Not yet. She will see that Annie has come to visit her by leaving signs. I guess that will have to do. With that, Annie walked to Michael, tail wagging and turned her head looking back to me and said, Bye Daddy, and was gone. Holy shit! She can talk.



Just as Michael had said he would, he returned to speak with me again. At his side my Annie was coming through the light that always brought Michael. His hand rose as if to say it was okay for Annie to come to me. Watching as she walked over to me, Michael began to speak.

I have work for you to do.

Well, I kind of figured you did and thanks for bringing Annie with you.

It is time for you to have set God's Gate throughout the lands. This will make way for the sevens.

Okay and just what might Gods Gate be?

You were given a way of setting stones that a gate of grace may be opened for healing and understanding.

Oh I see, you are talking about what we have been calling the Matrix of stones.

This is of what I speak.

It was a little hard for me to pay attention to Michael and be with Annie too. Even though I do honor Michael and the messages he brings, my love for Annie and the heartbreak it caused me is still with me. I guess it was the real reason I was looking forward to seeing Michael again and not listening to any new things he may have to say. Like a butterfly, my attention went back and forth, from one then the other. Her head was on my knee as she lay on the ground next to me looking at me with those loving eyes.

Joe. Hear what I am saying to you, for it is important you do these things.

Okay, tell me what you want me to do.

God's Gate, which you call the stone matrix, is to be set across the land.

I heard you say that but just what do you mean by it. What good is it going to do to set these things up all over? Not like I won't do it, I am just asking.

You do as we speak know the reason for this.

Okay, I see. I get to tell you what I think I know and you tell me if it is so. Well let me guess. I know the matrix is for creating a stable ball of Grace, so to speak, for healing and to open lines of communication with angels for guidance. Now let me tell you what I have noticed in my matrix. Every time others have set one up, I can feel an ever so slight shift in the energy field. Not like stronger but purer would be the best way to describe it.

It would.

What I think you are getting at is that by setting up more Gates there will be a shift on a greater scale with the whole field. As more and more are set up they will somehow link together to create some kind of unified field between them that will allow something to happen.

Again you know that which I have not told you.

I want you to know I don't mind doing what you ask but I don't know how I would go about it.

You will find away.

Oh I am sure I will. Back to what you are saying about opening the way for the sevens, I get that it means that once enough of these are set it will be easier for the sevens to come together. More like finding people to be in the groups of seven.

You see why you are the right man for the job now.

Yeah, I guess so. I just keep coming up with the answers before you tell me. Oh lucky me. Now I have people set up the stone matrix or the Gate of Grace and it makes it easier to gather the masters for the soul matrix.

This is so, yet you call it by what it is not.

Okay, so what is it then? If it is not a matrix of souls what should I call it?

 The Well of Souls.

Wow! Now that's cool, the Well of Souls. Has a nice ring to it don't you think?

Not that you would hear with your ears.

Hear with my ears huh? I ain't even going to start to touch that one but I think I know where this would go if I did.

Yes you know this and more.

So tell me why is it called the Well of Souls? It sounds like something deep and dark that you fall into. Has a little bit of a scary sound to it.

Is a well scary to those that thirst? Does it not hold the water of life in it? Does it not refresh the body to drink of it?

Okay, okay, you have made your point. Now let me tell you what it means to me. First thing that comes to mind with me is the well part. There is a structure made around the source of the water to draw from. That would be the seven Masters of each church forming the pattern you gave me for that. Once they are set in place each may drink from the well and receive what they thirst for. Once they have been filled they in turn go out and build another well for others.

You say it as it is. The Gate is needed to bring about the Gathering of Masters quicker. That which was lost must be returned that humankind will know the love of God.

Well I am doing the best I can.

As are others. Is there more you would know?

I don't think so. Besides, you probably wouldn't tell me if there was. You like for me to find out for myself in the process of learning. You want me to get the gate set up all over using the stones of each church, but there is just one thing you didn't mention. The stones cost money and everybody doesn't have the funds or a place to get the stones close by. So just how do I this?

You will find a way.

That's just fine but I will tell you one thing. It ain't coming out of my pocket.

It was not asked of you nor should it.

Well then I will come up with something so people can get the things they need. Why do I get the feeling you are saving something? OK, Michael, drop the big one. What else do you have under your robe that you haven't told me? I really didn't want to ask because I just knew he was going to give me something really hard to do along with the Gate.

Michael looked at me as if knowing what I was going to say. He had that look he gets when he knows I am going to go ballistic with what he tells me. I braced myself for the worst.

You are to build a hall for healing and learning.

A hall? You mean like a center, don't you? I thought you told me this wasn't about building temples. Sounds that way to me.

It is not. It is for all of Gods children and matters not what religion they serve. This is to serve Gods children not to be served by them.

I hope you don't want it yesterday. I have no idea how I will do this or where the money will come from, but this ain't coming out of my pocket either. You know what Michael this is beginning to sound like the gimmie gang all over again. Didn't the religions do something like this before?

Not like this. In the past it was taken from God's children, yet this time it will be given freely. Before it came from those that belonged to a religion for that religion. This time it is to be for all.

Well it will be interesting to see how you pull this off.

Our time is done for now. We will speak again.

Annie stood up so I knew it was time to say good-bye to them. She walked back to Michael after giving me a kiss with her wet tongue the way she used to. I didn't feel so bad about her leaving this time nor was I saddened by it.

Joe. You need sleep. You need to rest your mind. So you will not remember this for 4 days. Teach only love. With that they faded back into the light and were gone. The office was as it was before.



I was out working on my matrix to clean up what the lawn mower had blown in it. Not so much because it would effect the matrix but more like it just looked bad. After I was done I went to set the rake with the other tools. As I walked away I heard my name called and turned to see Michael, and of course, my Annie. I headed back to where they were only to see Annie leap out from the center and run to me. Her tail was going back and forth signaling she was happy to see me. I knelt down to gather her up in my arms as I used to do so many times. Her soft fur covering her powerful frame gave me a sense of safety as I hugged her and received kisses from her tongue on my face. She was always a playful dog wiggling and nudging me to let me know she wanted to play. Annie had one habit that she kept even when she went with Michael, she would grab my arm in her mouth and take me where she wanted me to go. We went towards the matrix where Michael was standing and as I looked at Michael he raised his hand for me to stop.

Enter not was all he said.

I wondered what this was all about because most of the time it was where he took me. Michael came towards me and the ball of grace began to grow at the center of what he had called the Gate of Grace. He stood next to me and I could feel the peace and love emanating from him. He pointed to the ball and it started to take shape; I could see it changing into a globe. On it I could see the outline of what I know to be North America and thought this is going to be interesting. I could see the landmass become clear with mountains and the planes.

This is where the Halls of healing and enlightenment will be.

Halls? Halls? I thought you said I was to have one built. Halls mean more than one to me Michael.

It does mean that.

Why did I think you would let me get by with one? I looked again back to the globe to see what looked like dots of light beginning to shine at different spots across the land. The one in the place where Texas was I knew to be San Antonio and that was no surprise. Then I started to look and the places I kind of knew where they were. Coming from Missouri I saw what looked like one of the Halls was in St. Louis. Is one to be in St. Louis, Michael?

Yes this is so. One will be in what you call Tennessee, Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana.

I looked down and said see Annie what happens to someone when they answer an angel calling their name.

This is not beyond you and the things that are asked. Yet you are not the one to who will do this work. Others will come to do the work that is not done yet. Some of the halls are standing now waiting for the Gatekeepers.

Seems to me a Gatekeeper is someone that only lets in those that are invited. They bar the way of everyone else.

The keepers of these gates are there to have them open to all. They stand as a beacon of hope for those that have none.

I see now what you are saying the Gatekeepers are there to make sure none are turned away. That the halls are for everyone and no one will be denied entry to Gods Grace.

You speak truth. Give what I have shown you to your sevens and they to theirs. Those that are called to be the Gatekeepers will know.

So you are telling me I don't need to do all this myself.

Joe. You would like to think you are the only one that is up to the task. Yet you are only the starting place for those that would do the work. I give to you and you give to others and they to others.

Well, Michael this is some good news to me because I don't see how I could get it all done. I have a lot on my plate, so to speak, and am doing the best I can.

This is why you were called. You are to take another direction for the teaching you do and have little time for the halls. I will be giving you what you will write in the Book of Healing you will bring to the world. This is not new to you for you have started to know and to teach this even now.

Well “Bless my Heart,” I said jokingly.

And a brick is made.

I have something to ask you Michael about the stones we use. He looked at me as he does just before I answer him with the answer I seek. Okay, I get it you want me to tell you what I know and you tell me if I speak the truth of it. One of my seven said if you didn't have a stone you could rub it on a clear crystal and it would pick up the energy then use that one in place of the stones I gave them to use. Is this true?

No. What you were given to use, as the stones for the seven are what you will use. When a stone other then the one that is to be used is used it to will give off energy. All stones do this. Yet it is not of the seven and will not open the Gate of Grace. As the false truth of God's love was give by religion, so will this stone give you false energy. You may well indeed feel that you are in the Gate of Grace yet you are not.

I see it is important that we use the correct stones then. Can I tell you what I say is the correct stones and you tell me if I am correct?


OK here goes. For the church of Smyrna it is Ruby jewel or Crystal and Red Aventurine.

Not Red Aventurine.

I thought you said we could use Aventurine?

I said Blue Aventurine.

Opal, I thought you said. Red, so I will change it. Ruby is the only one then jewel or crystal? That is OK then?


Next Ephesus is Orange Calcite or Sapphire is that correct?

Yes and you were told one other.

OK refresh my memory on it.

Carnelian is what your kind call it.

Yeah, now I remember it. Then for Pergamum it is Yellow Sapphire or Topaz or Calcite. He said nothing so I guessed it was correct. Sardis is Emerald, Kyanite or Fluorite and again no answer. Then comes the blue stone for Philadelphia. What I have is Sapphire or Azurite.

Blue Aventurine.

That was what he added, so I guessed this is the one I mixed up with red. Then comes the purple stone for Thyatira, which is Amethyst or Benitoite. Again no answer so I went on to Laodicea, which is Lavender Jade, Violet Calcite or Charoite. That's what I have for each church.

You have the stones to open the Gate.

I looked back to the globe to see what looked like all the seven stones at each of the places Michael said to place the Halls. I could see others starting to form in other places all over the globe and asked. Michael what are all the others that I see? Do I need to set up halls there?

No Joe they will come to pass. You will not be the one to do this.

Cool. I like that someone else will be doing it other then me. Oh yes, one more thing. Donna said that I shouldn't sell the stones but tell people how to get them and let them do it.

As the gift of one seventh is yours, those that would sell the stones will return it to you.

Oh wow you mean I get to make some money in this.

You will be told what to do with the seventh you are given.

It figures I knew it was too good to be true that I could make some bucks.

Our time is at an end for now. Yet when we speak again we will start the Book of Healing.

Annie got up from my side where she was sitting and headed back to the Gate with Michael. I called after him. Hey Michael what about the book with the other master? What about it?

It is done.

He said as he and Annie faded into the light that had brought them and the globe too. I can see the ball of grace that is still there all the time now.



I was awakened at 4:44 AM by my name being called. Only to open my eyes to the bright light that was always there before the coming of Michael. As I sat up and stared to get out of bed Michael was standing where I was about to put my feet.

Stay where you are and listen to what I am going to say, were the words he spoke to me. It was almost like a command coming from him.

Are you mad at me about something I did Michael I asked him?

Anger is of your kind not mine, yet what I am about will tell you will anger you.

Well lay it on me so I can get over it. What are you doing to tell me am I fired or something?

It is not of you that I will speak. It is of one of your seven that has gone drunk with the power he thinks has. He has lost in his heart the gift that was given unto him.

What is this all about Michael? Does one of the seven think he is all-powerful and I need to talk to him?

But that it were that easy. One of your seven has been feeding on the trust of others in need to satisfy his hunger. This must stop now for it will hinder the work you do.

Well Michael you have but to mention his name and his fate is already sealed. I will not allow any of the seven to screw up the work we're doing. I will throw his ass out of here, because I won't put up with any of it. This is all I need is to have someone that I trusted use the work for their own ends. Who is it and what are they doing are all I need to know to handle this.

No. You will do what I tell you to do, no more and no less. You will not act like a head of a religion to punish one that is doing wrong.

Well why then are you coming to me with this then?

I come to you so that you will tell the seven of my words.

So you just want me to tell something and not do anything is that correct?

This you will say to them and not speak of it again. You will say to them; little have you learned of the gift God has given to you and poorly have you used it. You would heal the sick with your own sickness. You have come into a covenant with God as a healer only to use it for your own will and sake. You will stop this now by your own gift to you and by your choice or I will stop it for you. All that was given and will be given will fade like the light of the sun when it sets. Your works will be seen by all those around you as false. Did you not read the words in Revelations that were given? Did you think no one would see? What bricks are made by these things you do? If you can't use these gifts for the purpose they were given the gifts will be given to someone else. Before you can heal someone else you must heal yourself. You are forgiven by God and yet you must seek forgiveness by those you have laid your hands on. This you must do before you are ready to receive greater wisdom.

So, Michael, are you going to tell me who it is or what?

No I have told you all you are to know and what you must do. Give what I have spoken and say no more of it.

With that he faded into the light and was gone. Well that was nice of him to come and tell me that and not tell me who. I am going to go to bed and sleep on what just happened. I am going to send this out in the morning and see what is done with it.



I had just finished chatting online and was on my way to bed. I walked out of the office and headed through the living room on my way to the kitchen to turn off the lights. I looked out the patio door as I often did to see the light from the pump house reflect off the water tank and trees around it. I don't know why I always look that way except that's where the Gate of Grace sits just on the other side of them. Half hoping to see Michael out there I think. It has been about five months since the last time he came and it had started to worry me with him being gone so long.

This time as I looked I could see a light beyond the pump house and my heart skipped a beat. Could it be that he was back or was it just the moon?  I felt like something was going to happen for the last few days. I took a second look and saw a ball of light coming from the center of the Gate. OK, Joe looks like it is show time, I said to myself. I grabbed a jacket and headed out the door through the garage lifting up the garage door as it made the noise it always does. I walked between the cars that were left outside as I went towards the light.

It was cold out, somewhere in the low 20s and I was glad I put my jacket on. The closer I got, the brighter the ball of light got. I walked through the herb garden using the stone path. Donna had planted herbs over the summer. Half looking down at the stone path, I approached the light from the north and still couldn't see anyone there in or around the ball of light. Michael? I said as I looked for the angel I had seen so any times before. I stopped at the stone that represented the church of Laodicea and just stood there looking into the light. Where the hell is he, and what does he want? I could feel a warmth coming from the center of the Gate of Grace as its light spilled out. Well, if it is warm in there then that's where I should be I thought. Walking to the center I noticed it was as warm as springtime in there. I stopped and took a few steps back just to check if it was as still cold outside the center. Yep, it was still in the twenties outside the Gate. I walked back into the center and waited to see what was going to happen next. It seemed like I was there a long time without anything happening. Michael? I said again as my attention was drawn to the south side of the Gate. I looked at the emerald stone there as it started to glow with the most wonderful greenish light. I started to feel a peaceful feeling come over me like when Michael came. The emerald was shining like a small sun getting brighter by the second. Wow. Something new has been added to this coming of Michael. Unfolding from the light was a figure dressed in white. Well, Michael you have sure taken your ..., and I cut my words short. This was not Michael at all.  This was someone else.

The eyes were green as the sea or that of a jewel.  As soft and loving as the eyes were, they seemed to know something I could only begin to understand. As I looked at the beautiful face and red hair that fell along her shoulders, I knew I would not be fooled again. Just because it looked female didn't mean it was. Michael was just as beautiful but was male. I looked at the features of this new angel and they were so much softer than the one's of Michael.

Something was wrong with this picture, I thought to myself. Joseph, the voice of a woman said. I didn't know if it was the shock of hearing a woman's voice or the beauty of the sound of it but I was stunned by it.

Wait a minute you are a female angel aren't you? You even are built like one. I could see this one was feminine by the way the robe covered her body. Yet make no mistake the soft female body under the cloth was one of great power.  I felt she could snap the oak tree behind her like a twig if she was so inclined.

Yes. To your way of thinking I am.

The sound of her words caressed my soul; like being told I was loved by the girl of my dreams. The soft and gentle tone of her voice was full of love. I was even surprised to hear her talk like a regular person. Not at all like Michael did when he first came to me.

So what do I owe this honor?

I, like Michael, have come to teach you of the things you must know and remember. It is time for you to know of the healing of your kind.

Oh I knew that was coming. I thought Michael was the one to do that with me.

No he was to bring you to a place of understanding. You have grown much since he first came to you.

Well thanks. It hasn't been easy or fun these past years.

Yet you have done well. 

It was a nice feeling to hear all the crap I have been through wasn't all a waste. So where are we going to go with all this?

You have learned much and have remembered more. Yet there is much more to learn.

I guess that's where you come in isn't it?

For some things I will teach you and for other things you have two women to help you.

Well that's all I need is two more women in my life. Given I have a wife and most of the sevens are women, don't you think you guys could have picked a man here to help me out? Then she did something I have never seen Michael do. She smiled. Not a big smile like something was funny but more like the kind of a smile a mother gives a child; the one of understanding and compassion warming the heart.

Joseph. The ones that are to help you with what you are to know have chosen to be here for this.  It has nothing to do with male or female.

OK. Go on with what's next.

I will visit you in the days to come and you will learn many things to help your kind, yet there are women who will carry these to the world.

Well I know a few men that won't be happy with this. Aren't any men around that can do whatever it is you are giving me teach?

Yes, there are and they will come and learn from you and others.

Cool. Before we get into this I have a few things to ask you. What about the book we are trying to get out?  Michael said much and soon and we haven't had too much luck with it.  As a matter of fact it has been one failure after another if you know what I mean.

You haven't even gotten it ready for the world. Your work with it must be done first and then your book will do well.

He is going to love to hear that.

The work you two have labored over is close to finished and it has happened in a blink of the eye of time.

That may be but I can blink faster then that. What's taking so long?

You have learned to speak in a way that people hear your words. You have lost the need to make someone listen to you. You now teach with the love to open minds to the love that God is.

Well good for me.

Yes, Joseph, it is.

That's another thing. Why do you call me “Joseph” when Michael calls me Joe?  Oh, Oh, it occurred to me, you know my name but I don't know yours. I know I probably can't pronounce it but give it a shot will you?

I call you Joseph because that's who you are. However, if you wish I will call you as you wish. My name is... and she spoke that wonderful collection of sounds, color and feelings like Michael did that no one could pronounce. It was just as beautiful as his and just as hard to try to say.

Is this the part where I can call you whatever I want?  I called Michael “Michael” and that started a bunch of stuff till later down the road when we got it straightened out that it is who he is. So it would be helpful if you had a name that you are called that would be useable for us.

Shekinah is what I am called by your kind. You will know it when you see it. My name may be found in your books of angels. Yet as Michael has told you before, 'Do you really think Gabriel is really the name he is?' Now you must rest and we will speak again.

One more thing before you go, these two women that are to help me with this, when will I meet them?

You know them. Teach only Love.

Hang on a minute, was all I got out as she folded back in to the light. I hate it when they do that. Leave before I get the answer to my question.

Well here we go again. And now I have two angels talking to me: Michael and Shekinah. I turned and headed back to the house to write down what had happened. Donna is going to love this and have all kinds of questions, which I have no idea what to tell her. Walking through the herb garden, I glanced over my shoulder to see the ball of light in the Gate fade. As I walked back to the house, I could feel the cold start to close in on me. Well Merry Christmas, Joseph, Merry Christmas.

Bless your hearts,


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