The Seven Wounds

Many of you have worked for years to heal some are just learning that you can. However, there is a there is a place all of this started. We started out in life wounded and the wound started out small yet over time it grew. It may have healed over yet there is a scar where the wound happened. There are seven aspects that are wounded. There is a way to heal and seal these wounds. First let me explain why we should have our wounds healed. Like I stated before we have our reaction or responses when something happens. Everyone has them. When something happens and you go back in your mind to a time something “like” this has happened before. Then you think back to that time and there is where you base your response or reaction. The problem here is the new thing that you are noticing happening never happened before. Nor is it anything like what you think it is. We have been wounded before and it is still there so that is where we come from.

When the seven wounds are healed, you have clear slate, space, to make decisions with. It has been said that we hold ourselves back. That is true, yet we hold ourselves back in the past. When your seven wounds are healed and sealed your body and mind let’s go of the past and allows you to move on in life by having a new way to choose.

Here is a brief synopsis of the wounds. The first wound is of the Heart (separation). When you are born you are separated from the only source of love you know, your mother. You begin to look for that love outside of yourself and become wounded. The second wound is that of the Mind. When mind has been wounded we doubt our ability to make decisions because of that we get stuck. Our mind does not want to be wrong, second guessing yourself. The third wound is of the Ego. Ego is survival – to keep you alive. Also governs self esteem. When wounded, it lowers our self esteem. We feel unworthy, not enough. We think, what’s wrong with me? The fourth wound is of Faith. Without faith you become cenacle. This wound has to do with our trust in others. The fifth wound is of Integrity. With our integrity, we have a sense of who we are and what defines us. Our integrity defines us. There was a time in our life our integrity was taken from us. There was a time we did not stick to our guns and sold out. The sixth wound is of Courage. Courage is beyond putting ourselves in dangerous situations and overcoming it. True courage is best diversified as doing the things you have to do because not everyone likes having responsibilities. The seventh wound is of Honor. When we talk about honor, it is not just about us. It is about how we treat others. When we honor somebody, we treat them with respect. It is not just about how people treat us. It is how we treat others. How we treat them is not so much how we feel about them. Our own personal integrity, how we treat and honor others.

As you can see there is benefit to having your wounds healed and sealed. Now the question is “how do I get my wounds healed and sealed?” The best way I know is to contact Dave Savedra or Carol Felix. We both have been trained to heal and seal these wounds. There is a cost associated with this. It was suggested that we charge 45.00 for each wound to be healed and sealed. We would like to make an offer to heal and seal all seven wounds for $222.00. Session will include a Seven Names of God tuning and anointing (85.00 value) You are worth the investment. You can move on and be who you were born to be. Call Dave Savedra at 408-504-8255 to book your healing.

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