The 7 Keys

(Given by the Shekinah)

"When your kind masters the use of them all it will truly be a heaven on your earth. I say unto you now, long have you not used them. Yet though lost, they have been with you all the time. I call them forth that you will know them. I speak as I am, for I am as you, as are we all, as is all." -Shekinah

Your kind has come to believe you are unworthy of it. You have lost the ability to truly love your self as the child of God you are. You cannot love one another as you did before you came here. These first two will make the way for this again. I give you the keys yet it is you that will have to learn to use them. -Shekinah

1-Love your self as God loves you. Love your self without hesitation or reservation as God loves you. Unconditional as due to the child of God you are. Because you are.

2-Love others as you would love God. To love others as you would love God, is loving God. For I ask you what parent does not want their child loved more then they? Is there one of God's children to be loved less? Did not Jesus teach this?

3-Honor and love this world that you live as the house of God. Your kind has come to believe you were given dominion over the earth and all living things. Yet this is not what was given. Your kind was given charge of the garden. You were to care and keep it. Long has it been forgotten the gift of the garden and all it would profit. As wanton children humankind has forgotten the garden is for all. The animals that were given sanctuary there have been cast out. The harmony of the garden is all but lost. I give you the third key that you may return to the garden.

4-Care for the well being of each other.

5-As a child of God I have the right to commune with God as the temple of the I AM.

6-I do nothing. The light of I AM allows everything. As I behave like the light, all things are possible.

* YOU are the seventh key.

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