The Secret of the Seven Churches

Each person is like one of the seven churches that is spoken of in the Book of Revelations. Not a building, but a way of being. They each have a wondrous gift to share with those of the world.

The following will help you in determining the gift you are. The words are from Archangel Michael, let them touch your heart.

Smyrna (Red)

"To the church of Smyrna, God said to teach illumination of self through faith, and they heard not."

The first church, Smyrna, is female in nature and as female it is intuitive. They possess the gift of teaching others to see the truth in themselves. The faith they call forth in others opens the door to insight. They know things without being told and have faith in what they know. They lead others to a better place in life, from darkness to light, where they go others follow. They are always being enlightened with God's love for them and others. The trap that is for them is made by themselves. They will listen to the lies of others about them and believe it so. They will lose union with their gift and sleep though they are awake. In this sleep they are truly lost for they cannot lead and they will not follow. For them to awaken they must listen to what God is telling them and know the power they are.

Smyrna takes the role of leader or a pathfinder. The way they do this is through the gifts that they are and their attributes. The attributes of Smyrna are illumination, faith, intuition and the balance between love and wisdom. They are truly ministers of justice and keepers of the peace. They are physical in nature, and know the true meaning of oneness and faith given to them in all that they do. Theirs is a driving force of courage and heroism. Their color is red and like the color red they stand out in a crowd. The day for this church is Sunday.

Ephesus (Orange)

"To the church of Ephesus, God said teach divine love and grow in spirit, and they heard not."

The second church is that of Ephesus. This church is female in nature and is a mother to all. This church has been called the church of Mary. Like the mother of Jesus their gift is the uplifting of others. The men and women of this church are people of divine love. Their joy is giving of themselves for the happiness of others. They can see the divine light that shines in everyone and everything. They speak of it freely, wanting Gods children to play and find the joy of life. They will support others in their work and will defend the greatness of those they love.

There is a trap for them in their very nature that they must be watchful of. Their desire to lift everyone and every thing up to its true magnificence is the nectar of life for them. They may find themselves as a butterfly fluttering from one flower to the next being lost in the excitement of the flight. As an old bride to a new husband the fire of the moment burns with passion and the children are forgotten. They forget the gifts they are and look to what they do to make them worthy. This church thinks it has need to suffer and do penance if all does not go well. Their freedom rests in the gifts they are and only when they see this will they give to themselves. The gift to themselves opens their hearts to the divine love they hold.

Ephesus is the church of the advocator and is truly a defender of divine love. Through a motherly love it wants only the best for others. They are instructors of healthy living and experiencing the fullness of life. This church is emotional, generous, and forgiving. It embraces duality by being able to see both sides of anything. Their day of the week is Monday.

Pergamum (Yellow)

To the church of Pergamum, God said to teach consciousness of natural knowing, and they heard not."

Pergamum is the third church. This church is male in nature and seeks truth and knowledge to give to his children. Like a father will find light to guide the way for his children in the darkness, this church is the one that makes the maps. Into uncharted territory he will explore the best paths lest his children should come to harm. Of all the churches this church will find the truth in the most cunning of lies. The sum of all wisdom is at their beck and call and that which is true they will find. The trap for those of this church is lack of faith in themselves. It is their desire to be certain of what they say is true and that will be their undoing. They become internal and lose the reason for their work and their gift is lost to them. They will give bits and pieces of the truth until not even they can put them together again to make sense. The way out of this trap is for them to give themselves the gift of natural knowing, connect to their own consciousness and reason. That is their gift that will set them free.

Pergamum is the church of the higher mind or the intellect. Of this church come philosophers, conscious thought, natural knowing and seekers of truth. They are holders of great knowledge and will reason out any sums. This church is mental in nature and in their thinking lays divine creativity. Their color is yellow. Their day is Tuesday.

Sardis (Green)

"To the church of Sardis, God said to teach awareness and reason, and they heard not."

Sardis is the fourth church. This church is also male in nature and those of this church are drawn to cure things. That which is bent they will make straight and that which is broken they will mend. They are truly the healers of the churches in the works they do. Their work consumes them and is nourishment for them. The trap that they fall into is they begin to feed on the gift they have. They become their task and are lost in the drunkenness of their authority, only to find themselves empty and alone. The path out of this trap is to give from nothing save for the love of God. The power they have comes from God alone and no other can fill it. This is the gift they have and must give to themselves.

Sardis is known as the church of the healers. Those of this church are of a willingness to give of themselves to others. They teach awareness and divine wisdom. They bring enlightenment and insight. Their knowledge is mystical and can heal both physical and mechanical. They are at peace in the spiritual sense and are in touch with their five senses and through this they bring the health of all around. Green is the color of their vibrations and their day is Wednesday.

Philadelphia (Blue)

"To the church of Philadelphia, God said to open the gates of wisdom, and they heard it not."

Philadelphia is the fifth church. This church is male in nature with the gift of passionate wisdom. Knowledge is the driving force of this church as a gift to all God's children. Teaching is as the very air they breathe. These are the ones that hold the keys of wisdom that unlock the gates to let in the light. They are aware of body, mind, emotions and spirit and are in touch with both female and male aspects for themselves. They love all God's children equally, setting none higher or lower than the other. The trap for those of this church is the loss of any of the four-fold natures given to all human kind. When the balance is gone the giver cannot give and the teacher will not teach wisdom. The escape from this trap lies in the gift of the wisdom and love given back to themselves.

Philadelphia is the church of the teacher. Those of this church are the keepers of the gates of wisdom and their personal love is one of giving. They are one with Christ consciousness and they are perfectly balanced in the male and female. Of all the churches they are the most balanced in the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The color vibrating with their essence is blue. Their day of the week is Thursday.

Thyatira (Purple)

"To the church of Thyatira, God said to teach love as Jesus did, and they heard not."

Thyatira is the sixth church. This church is male in nature. The gift of this church is that of a father holding his children in love. The male and female give teachings that are soft and gentle of words. They open their ears and hearts to what the children say. There is no judgment in what they hear, only the love for those in turmoil and how can they be helped. As a father labors with his body to feed his children so does this church. This church is the master of the song, dance and creates with his hands things of beauty of which lessons are learned. The trap that this church may fall into is that of the material things. When they go searching for material and physical needs they may lose union with the gift they are to give. The wanting of riches leaves them poor in spirit and in gold. The song they sing is sour, the dance is that of the lame and the creation of their hands is twisted and unkind to the eye. The escape from this trap is to give their gift back to themselves. God will supply all that is needed for the fatherly care of his children.

Thyatira is the church of creation and those of this church are priests and spiritual teachers in the art of creation. They are ministers of divine love and they express that love through art, science and music. Contemplation and sincerity bring forth justice in the work they do. Purple is the color of this church and the day for this church is Friday.

Laodicea (Violet)

"To the church of Laodicea, God said to teach compassion and tolerance, and they heard not."

The last of the seven churches is Laodicea. This church is female in nature and as female it is a mother to all. People of this church have a natural sense of nurturing. This gift is given to both men and women as a path in life and in teachings. They are the ones that care for others as their children. They solve conflicts, being understanding of both sides with compassion never making one or the other wrong. Tolerance is the teaching they share easily and people listen to them and learn to live and work together. They are merciful to those that have wronged them and do not seek revenge. The tenderness in their hearts lights the world.

There is a trap that those of this church must look for in the work they do. So caring are these people that they will not teach out of the fear they might hurt another's feelings. When this happens they themselves think they are unworthy to give the gift they were given. They become silent and take no action one-way or the other. They become poor in spirit and forget they are wrapped in God's love. They cannot see the gift they have been given and find no riches in what they do. The way to free themselves of this is to give to themselves the gift that they have been given. When this is done they will be a light to the world.

Laodicea is known as the church of the Saints. Those of this church are the most compassionate, tolerant and tender of all the churches. They show mercy and unconditional love to all. They are truly bringers of light and are divine love givers. They are the joyful ones and in spirit they are confidant and faithful, and bring about completion. Their color is violet and their day of the week is Saturday.

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Violet Woody Phoebe Gilligan Diane Russell
Purple Norm Joey Ginger Baldwin Jones
Blue Cliff Gunther Marianne Andy Sipowitz
Green Diane Chandler Thurston Howell Danny Sorenson
Yellow Fraser Ross The Professor Greg Medavoy
Orange Sam Racheal Mrs. Howell (Lovey) John Irvin (PAA)
Red Carla Monica The Skipper Lieutenant Fancy

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