13 Principles of a Master

There is wisdom in each of the Principles of a Master. The 13 Principles of a Master are set along spiritual lines to assist a Master in living a richer fuller life.They are also a set of actions that give the Master things to do in life. They are about each person living his or her own life fully, rather than being about who others are and trying to "fix" them. The beauty of this system is what yuou live your life by these principles,not only will your perceptions of realiuty be altered, reality it's self will be altered around you. This can also be expressed: "As a man thinkith so shall he be".

  1. As a Master, I accept Gods love for me and know I am in Gods Care.
  2. As a Master, I align myself with the spiritual Principles set forth in The Book Of Bricks
  3. As a Master, I honor and respect my gifts and the gifts of other Masters.
  4. As a Master, I teach only love.
  5. As a Master, I am ever vigilant of my traps and not the traps of other Masters.
  6. As a Master, I examine on a daily basis my participation with my gifts and traps.
  7. As a Master, I will be watchfull for my selfishness and ego.
  8. As a Master, I carry the message to all that would seek it.
  9. As a Master, I deny no one healing or teaching because of my feelings for or about him or her.
  10. As a Master, I receive fair compensation for the teaching, healing, and the work I create.
  11. As a Master, I render a 7th to wherever I receive spiritual nourishment or did profit from the work of another.
  12. As a Master, I set aside time to commune with God in prayer or meditation.
  13. As a Master, I am forever striving to grow as a person and a usefulservant of God.

The above paragraph is an excerpt from pg. 69 of "Teaching The Masters" by Joseph Crane, DD. PhD.

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