You have all chosen to be flesh and blood, with a time to work out sums. You may have as many lifetimes as you need. Yet there is a point when all must be done. This time is known as the Grand Gathering when God’s children will be called home. A quickening has begun at this time before the Gathering, so you may add bricks to your mansion. So long have you been away from your home, that you have forgotten it. You have built a new home out of dust in a faraway land. This house you will not keep, for it is of worldly things. Many of you have labored for worldly things for long years, while setting aside your real reason for coming to earth.

I give this book so you may remember and build your mansions in Paradise. This is not a book of laws you must obey. Nor is it a book by which you may judge your neighbor. There is no punishment if you do not use it to make bricks. You are given this book out of love so you may make the number of bricks you want. Your time is short before the calling. And when you are called, your mansion will be complete. Not one brick will be added or taken away from your labors. That which you have built will be yours for all time. When your mansion is finished you will come home to it. God will furnish it with all the wondrous things your imagination can hold. You will share Paradise with all you have ever loved or were loved by. I tell you now. You must never set this book above one another. You will not hold it as holy or sacred. You will worship it not. It will not be kissed or held with affection in any way.

The Book of Bricks is written in three parts. Each is equal unto the other and none is greater or lesser in value. The first text is of Blessings. This part deals with emotional training. The second is the text of Giving. This part trains the mind. The third text is of Deeds. This part is to train the body. The three stand as separate legs of a tripod. Each is planted firmly on a solid spot. They rise upwards toward a center that holds the platform. On the platform is mounted a transom (the soul) to make sure your direction is straight and level.

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