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Description: This is a kit with all the oil that you mix and bless yourself. It is your gift to yourself to assist you in seeing the gift that you are.

Michael & Joe

An Oil Made By You


I went to see a friend after picking up the oil of Michael, or the servant’s oil, to show her the painting of Michael I was working on. We chatted for a time and I gave her some of the oil I had made. In return, she would give me some of the oil she was making when it was done. We said good night and I headed down the driveway towards the gate. I reached up and pushed the auto opener but it didn’t work. I thought the battery in the opener had gone bad. A year had passed since I changed it last. I tried again but no way would it open. I looked at the gate No wonder this gate wont open I thought out load. Michael had taken his place in the center of the ball of light as he always does. Normally I would have worried about the neighbors but I remembered that no one sees him unless he wants them to see. I stayed in the car and waited for him to do what ever he was going to do. It seemed like forever and I just got tired if waiting. I opened the door of the truck and got out. I walked towards him. As I did, I said I should have known you would show up just after I made the oil. I told you I would return after the first of your New Year. I see you waited until your oil was done too. I always return after that which I have given you has been done. Yes. I know you give me something else to do. I take it this has to do with the last oil you told me about? Yes. Joe this is the last of the oils. Well I hope it smells better then your oil did. To me it smelled like cleaning fluid when I first made it. However, after resting it does smell better. Oh by the way I have been doing a painting of you. I have seen it. I helped you with it. Untrue Michael I am quite good on my own. You are very good yet you would have been finished with it if I hadn’t inspired you.  I thought it was me coming up with all the new ideas for it. Michael just smiled. You would have been content to have just the image of me. What I have led you to do with it brings more. The star and the colors of the seven are there for a reason. There is more in the painting then you see. Are you telling me there is some kind of a hidden message in it or it does something? This is not why I have come. The oil of the Masters time has come. Okay, tell me how and I will get started. This oil is to be made by the sevens. Great was my reply. Tell me what to do. Tell the sevens to take the oils I give you and make them as a gift to themselves. They will take the mixing them so. Can you give me the amounts in a way that’s easy to understand? Yes. Take two milliliters of Frankincense with a drop of rose in it. Add one milliliter of each, oil of Nutmeg, Hyssop, Ginger, Clove and Lemongrass. Do this in the order the oils are given. Stray not from this. As you add each oil to the Frankincense and Rose, you will say, “As a child of God I bless this anointing oil of the masters and make it holy.” When this is done place it in a sacred spot to rest for twelve days. As you place the oil to rest say. “I lay this oil in Gods love with love to give love and receive love.” Then let it be for the time that was given. Return at the end of the resting and say before you touch it, “Blessed am I for the giving to I AM, a child of God.” You will say this again when you use the oil.  Michael said no more and I waited for him to move on. When he didn’t say anymore I knew it was my turn. What in the world are you talking about? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Joe. Just say it. It will. Okay, if you say so. I do.


Tell me what is this supposed to do and where does it go? Each will know where and how to place it. You will find it different for each one using it. Is this oil not a gift to you from you? Use it, as you will. That still doesn’t answer what it does. Is there a finger we should use to place the oil? This oil has no one finger to use for it is a bond to all. Take a drop of this oil and mix with a drop of the oil of your church. You will see the gift you have given to you. You may place this oil over the other three oils as well. That which I told you about a woman with child holds true with this oil most of all. Can you use this oil on someone else? No. It is your oil. Do you not listen? I just wanted to make sure. I will tell you this. You may use this oil to awaken one that is unconscious. Two drops rubbed on the top of the head and they will awaken. This is the only time you may use it on someone other than yourself. Tell me something will you? Why are you giving us all this stuff now? We have given you what some of the sevens are ready for. Others are not ready. This is why you were given the oils in the order they were given. You were given the oils of the seven churches to help clean the path each is on to make ready for the next step. I gave you then my oil and the three oils. Now I give you the oil of the masters. As some of you grow there is a need to have what you call tools to help you. These tools we give you will help to clear the path. Cool that means we will get whatever we are to get sooner. You will if you have done the work you need to do in the church you are. As with any tool you must be ready to use the tool before it is to help you. Well, in this case it looks like you have to be able to make the tool. There is truth in what you say. I thought so. I knew there was a catch in this. If you didn’t do the groundwork in the beginning and follow the instructions as you went along you won’t get much out of it. Not true. You will be helped yes, yet it will be as nothing to those that have. Like paying your dues as we say will get you where you need to be. Other wise you fake it until you make it. You have to learn something along the way until some day you get it. Again, not as I would have said, your understanding is near the truth. I do know what you mean even if it sounds like you have to learn to walk before you can run. Much closer to my words. I do have something to talk to you about. Speak I will listen and give you council. It has to do with the things you have given me. Ah. You would speak of the selling of these things. Yes, I am Michael. I have been told things like I shouldn’t be selling what you have given me. Well, it’s more like I shouldn’t make any money on it. I haven’t been told I shouldn’t sell prints of the picture of you I have painted. I thing the exact words were Michael should be not for sale. Did I not tell you, that you would be taken care of? Does the grand order of the self-righteous ones dictate to me in what manor I will keep my promise to you? Very funny Michael. I knew you think so. You will hear this from many. Let it bother you not. If there is any that would to the work I have given you for nothing in return, Let them. They will be as the ones used by religions today. You shall receive a fare for the work you do, I have given you that which you may collect for your labors of. I have given you that which others may collect from their labors. Your kind has become lazy and wanting. Do they not see that receiving for nothing begets them little? Do they not see the damage they do in giving to those that will not give to them selves? I tell you one last time and we shall not speak of it again. I say what it is you will and will not do and sell and not sell. I have left it to you what is fare to you for your labor. Had I found fault in this I would have told you. I am just getting sick of some of the sevens telling me what I should do. I love and respect them. I care about how they feel about the work. It really matters to me. I want to be on good terms with all of the sevens. You will not always please all the sevens. That is why you were chosen for the work. You will not listen to the counsel of others and you will do that which you know is best. You will not bow down to the will of those that tell you they are right. You do not go against that which I have given. Your faith remains strong in the face of all else. You will find those that give you the most grief are the ones that have wanted out of the work of have left it. The work of the sevens is not easy. There is fear that holds them back. It is easier to walk away from the work then it is to do the work. It is easier to have the ego tell stories about it then it is to surrender to what needs to be done. Did I not tell you that many are chose but few will choose? You mean like really chose to be the work. More like I chose in, until I have to give up the way I see it should be. If the work you have given us is too hard some will make up something to justify their leaving. No one has to stay and do the work. All are free to go if they chose. Bless their heart and let them go. They are the work or they are not. It is up to them to stay or leave. I warn you though you are not, you will be held to blame for some leaving. I know some have already left. Those that have left to go about changing the world in their own way, you may ask of them, what have they done to make it better? Who is better off after the time they spent doing it their way? Who has been enlightened by being in their presence? What words of joy and love have they given to Gods children? This is not said to punish them or to rebuff them. It is given to them to see they are a child of God and their personal responsibility is to teach only love. Wow. That is a little harsh isn’t it? Truth is at times. Change is hard for your kind. They will fight it as it says in Revelation. Some will stay and some will leave. It is not for you to choose which ones do which. You are the child we have chosen to give the message, no better than any of the sevens, yet none of the seven is better than you. You know Michael I see it as if some times people put turmoil into the mix and make that the important thing. Almost like starting all these little fires just to put them out rather then to do the things that need to be done. No you say it as I would. You have been told it would not be easy for you. I told you this from the start. Some think that Revelation is the story of the work yet it holds true for each person. Read it for it is the path your kind is on. Some think it is not about them. As you say it is the microcosm of the macrocosm. I didn’t think you knew that term, pretty cool of you Michael. Those that would read as if it speaks of them will see it does. This is why the book of bricks was given. It will help one to pass through the Revelation. I know it all ties in with the whole picture and at times we focus only on a small part. Think of these two writings as hands. One is the right, the other is the left, when they work together the work is done. I think I know what you are saying. The writings are the hands and the oils are the tools. Now do you see why you were chosen? You know that which you are not told. It looks like we all have some homework to do. I think it would be a good time to break out the books. These are the charts for those lost at sea. The wind blows them yet they have not set a course for they know not where they are. The star of the gate will guide them. The course that been set in the book will bring them safely to port. Oh Michael what a beautiful way of putting it. I can see in my mind a picture of it now. Is your mind at rest? Have you come to understand what I have said? Not with everything but I know I can figure it out. What else do you have for me? Our time is done for now. You prepare for the coming visit. This will change things as you know them. You will not be the same. When is this going to happen? Soon. Be at peace and teach only love. He stepped back into the light as it began to fold in on itself and he was gone. Slowly I walked back to the truck with my mind spinning with all he had to say to me. I wondered if I could remember it all and how some may take it. Then I remembered something else, it isn’t up to me. All I do and have done is give the message I am given. Write it down and send it out. That is what I said I would do and after that I am done, until the next time.

2003-17 Angelic Gate.
Till 144,000 Stand As One